Monday, December 14, 2015

She's Cowering In a Wardrobe Or Something" kate mccann on Oprah

"I had I suppose this temporary thought that perhaps she's cowering in a wardrobe or something"

Oh dear kate you can't help but leak marbles.

Cowering means to hide in fear from something scary or threatening or domineering.

Why did you use the word COWERING rather than the expected HIDING?

We learned that Maddie hid from you in the bushes one night, something that has yet to be explained away.

Why, do you think, would Maddie be
COWERING in the wardrobe?
If she was scared of something then, on hearing you come into the bedroom, she would have called out or you would have heard her, perhaps crying and scared.

Instead you use the word
COWERING is not something I would expect to hear regarding a child having a bad dream or simply being awake and alone in the apartment (I don't believe they were ever left alone in the apartment)

Now, a child who is terrified of being punished for something would run and COWER in a small space.
A child who is terrified of something that was being done to them or about to be done to them would run and hide,
COWERING in a corner of cupboard/wardrobe.

Given that there were massive bruises on your wrists and arms kate, none of which can be explained away by punching the walls, the bruises being in the exact spots that a hand would grab when restraining someones hands or arms.

Your words leak and tell me you and gerry have anger management issues, you are always furious, raging, incandescent in your statement and even your actions (remember you shaking an imaginary Maddie when you spoke about wishing you had questioned her further about the crying?)
Normal parents don't shake their children, you, as a doctor should and would know this, yet, in your actions you leaked the truth.

You complained about how demanding Maddie was, crying non stop and you feared she would attack the twins ( it is extremely rare for a child to attack a younger child, though accidents can and do happen when the older child forgets they are bigger and stronger and knocks the younger child, or doesn't hold their younger sibling properly)

Your use of the word
COWERING reveals more than you want the world to think about your family dynamics.

Remember also you spoke of Maddie's FEAR OF PAIN.
You later changed it to FEAR AND PAIN when we pointed out the leakage.

The problem though is, once words are said, they cannot be unsaid, and, once again you leaked more about your family dynamics than you wanted the world to know.

It's simple really.

The truth can be revealed in the slip of one single word out of many, possibly hundreds or thousands.One single word is all it takes.

Kate you have given us multiple examples of one single word that reveals the truth of the lie.
You have given us multiple examples of a couple or three words that tell the truth of the lie.

Remember these?

"Police don't want a MURDER in Portugal"

"and you just want to press a button, and we're ALL GONE, and it's ALL FINISHED, and we're ALL together and GONE"

"it wasn't as bad as the night WE FOUND HER".

"there's no evidence to implicate us in her DEATH"

"I wish I could roll back time and go back to the day before Madeleine was abducted. I would SLOW DOWN TIME. I would get a REALLY GOOD LOOK AROUND and have a REALLY GOOD THINK
And I'd think: WHERE ARE YOU?
Because SOMEONE was WATCHING MY FAMILY very, very carefully.

Note the last example.
She doesn't tell us she would not have left the children alone ( they didn't,  I will use her own claim)
She doesn't say she would have used the evening creche.
She doesn't say she would have used a babysitter.
She doesn't say we would have eaten dinner in the apartment.
All of which is the expected.
Note the qualifier Very, which is used twice making it sensitive to kate and also weakening her statement
Instead she would simply look around and have a good think.

She has to say what she did, as whatever happened to Maddie could and would not have been prevented by turning back time and becoming a responsible parent.

Kate would you care to respond to my question regarding COWERING IN THE WARDROBE?

Perhaps you could get one of your minions to come up with a reasonable explanation, clarrie might do, he though has a habit of dropping you right in it even more than you do so yourselves..


  1. She covers her back all of the time..... Maddy hiding in the bushes km really trying to justify maddys dna in the bushes.
    Maddy coweing in the wardrobe, again trying to justify maddys dna in the wardrobe but this time she slipped up by using a very telling word cowering.

  2. Kate's use of the word "cowering" breaks my heart for Maddie.

  3. I cannot believe she (kate)uses strange words which is why her and Gerry are always together and grips hands as if he can squeeze if she blunders !!!!


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