Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Child Care À la mcann

It is also worth noting that they had family flying down whenever they had spare time to help kate with the children.
Then there is also the nursery helper Sharon Lewin  who ended up  helping kate with the children at home.

Sharon Lewin Statement 21st April 2008

It seems to be that no one trusted kate to be left alone with the children for any length of time.

Could this be why there is silence from the families?

Guilty knowledge that, they knew there were issues in kate and gerry's family.

Guilty knowledge that, by saying nothing, they may have contributed to Maddie's subsequent death, disposal and cover up?

Guilty knowledge that, by leaving kate with the three toddlers, essentially unsupervised, it led to the eventual death of Maddie

Now that Maddie is no longer alive, kate became less volatile, she could manage with two, especially knowing we, the public were closely watching along with social services and LE.

The mccanns would never admit to being investigated by social services or that the twins were possibly on a protection register, oh no, it wouldn't fit in with their perfect happy family image, hence the mccanns inviting social services in for a cuppa and a biscuit.

I do wonder though, how many families of genuinely missing, abducted by a stranger children were visited by social services?

Is it a case now that the families feel what is done is done, the the twins are currently in no danger as they have grown older and have become easier to deal with.
(I do wonder what will happen once they hit the terrible teens)

They perhaps are keeping a closer eye on the twins, even if from a distance, and also monitoring the relationship between kate and gerry and, when it seems fireworks are in the air, perhaps stepping in.

We know the marriage was in trouble before the fateful trip and money was tight, all grounds for rows and fights.
Now they have money and can currently meet their financial needs, they will tolerate each other.

They are tied together since if one broaches separation and divorce, any custody fight could end up with one parent  speaking the truth of what happened to stop the other getting custody, especially if there are mental health issues in play.

The classic if I can't have them I am making darn sure you can't either, and we all know how that has a tendency to end up as.

The other is well, if I am going down I am not going down alone, and then proceeding to name names and deeds and taking everyone down with them.

At the moment, legally, they are in limbo.

When Dr.Goncalo Amaral wins and the mccanns are liable to pay huge fines, compensation and a whole gamut of legal fees for both sides from multiple cases, then I see the twins being at risk of genuine harm.

Even should he lose some or all, the mccanns are still liable for all the costs incurred from their attempted banning of Dr, Amaral's book

With the mccanns it is all about appearances,  having the right jobs, the right house in the right area, the right car, the right social circles, the right memberships of the right clubs.

What will happen when it all comes crashing down, when their supporters (most of whom have already jumped ship and distanced themselves) turn their backs and disown them?

Everything they worked for  all down the drain.
Kate, who it is known, worked hard to become a doctor, and now is no longer practicing in any shape or form.

Kate who never returned to the locum job in the practice she was employed at ( I wonder if she resigned or, they told her  to not return due to her self confessed neglect of three toddlers)

They become simply another pair of abusive  parents.

No matter how they try to spin it, so far they have failed to nullify the neglectful parents stigma.

They had to 'admit neglect' in order for there to have been an abduction.
It was a stain on their character they hoped would be washed away by public sympathy.
Spend enough money, call in enough favors and  nothing will happen.
For them, anything and everything can be bought with enough money or threats.

They are both narcissists enabled by their parents, especially kate being an only child.
Is the silence from their families guilt, because they raised their  children to be completely selfish narcissists who believe the world owes them everything, who raised them to be the center of their own universe?

Is it a case of, if we had been stricter, raised them better, none of this would have happened?

Maddie is dead because of what we did and didn't do to and for kate and gerry?

Time will tell.

Their dam is cracked, and, sooner or later the water of truth will breach the dam of lies and all will be seen and known for what it is and was.

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