Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year

I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.

I wish all who visit here, whether they comment or simply read, a happy Christmas and a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.

May everyone's hopes and wishes come true, may they use what they learn here wisely and with compassion for it is a powerful tool.

May those who seek the truth find it.

May those who seek to deceive have their deception revealed.

May those who seek justice be granted the justice they desire.

May those who seek to avoid justice be denied their desire.

May those who wish to learn be granted their wish and the time and patience to fully understand that which they have learned.

May those who wish to mock or pour scorn be silenced and see the error of their ways.

May you be the recipient of kindness and good will from strangers and love from your family and friends.

May you be the deliverer of kindness and goodwill to others and love to your family and friends.

May the coming year be all that you wish for, all that you strive for and all good things that you have earned and deserve.

Thank you  all for your friendship, your contributions, yours thoughts, your ideas and suggestions, your patience, your humor, for being you.

I appreciate you for being who you are, you who have made me think, you who have made me laugh, you who have stood up for what you believe even when i disagree, your honesty, your company.

You have all touched me in many ways and i thank you for this.

Have a wonderful Christmas and New year to you all and yours.

Hugs and smooches all round

Tania xx

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Could Maddie Have Had An Accident And Died?

If it were an accident, and accidents do happen, even if the parents are right next to the child, they would not have been charged with anything.

If it had been an accident that caused Maddie's death, why would the tapas 7 go into silent mode?

If it had been an accident why not call emergency services?

If it had been an accident why would they not want an autopsy performed?

If it had been say, an accidental overdose, they could have claimed Maddie ate the pills thinking it was candy whilst kate was having her first shower or, she woke up to pee, found the pills and ate them then went back to bed.
They carried on with their 'checks' seeing her in bed and thought she was sleeping and found her dead the next day in bed.

The same thing as above except, Maddie woke up, went into the sitting room and died behind the sofa.
They woke up and didn't see Maddie in her bed, they searched the apartment and found her dead behind the sofa.

In either case they would have called 911 even though they were doctors in the hope that perhaps their daughter wasn't dead (even when it is clear the child is dead blue,cold etc, a parent will always hope their child is still alive due to parental instinct, especially moms)

Since the children were all being babysat by the missing adult, they could have claimed Maddie ate some pills found somewhere and the result as above.

We regularly hear about children being poisoned or dying because they ate a liquitab laundry detergent or ate some of the parents prescription pills, or even they ingested some of the parents illegal drugs or methadone

It was an accident and no charges would or could have been laid against anyone.

There may have been some condemnation  for leaving pills or poisonous substances lying around in reach of a child, especially since they were both doctors, on the whole though there would have been sympathy.

If it had been an accidental overdose, questions may have been asked by the GMC as to why they had such drugs in their possession if if wasn't an OTC medicine, why it was not kept secure and out of the reach of children, if it was a prescription medication why it was needed and how did the children get access to it?

The GMC would probably slap their wrist and tell them don't do it again or, at worst,  have them supervised for a period of time or undergo retraining.

The practice where kate worked may ask she undergo retraining and be supervised for whatever length of time.

They would still employ her  as she had done nothing wrong.Friendships could have ended or been strained as the mccanns blamed the babysitter for not paying enough attention, leaving toxic substances within reach possibly, given the litigious nature of kate and gerry, suing said babysitter or, their own marriage, which was already on the rocks, would have probably ended as each blamed the other for Maddie's death.

What happened to Maddie that was so bad, they could not allow emergency services to try and help her?
What happened to Maddie that was so bad, they could not allow an autopsy to be performed?

If Maddie was killed deliberately or accidentally by a member of the tapas 7 why would they not call emergency services and allow an autopsy to be performed?

The parents could have claimed ignorance of the peccadilloes of one of the group and are as shocked and horrified as everyone else, that the person they trusted to look after their children could have killed one.

They would have no reason to be
deceptive and uncooperative if they didn't know or suspect one of their friends was a danger to their children.

Had Maddie been sexually abused by one or more of the group and the mccanns didn't know, they would have no need to be deceptive and uncooperative.

The mccanns would have a reason to be deceptive and uncooperative if they knew what was happening to Maddie and possibly other children and did nothing to prevent such deeds, protect their children or failed to report the perpetrator.

The mccanns would have a reason to be
deceptive and uncooperative if they themselves, either one or both were physically abusing Maddie.The mccanns would have a reason to be deceptive and uncooperative if they themselves, either one or both were sexually abusing Maddie.

The autopsy would have revealed the truth, something they could not allow to happen.

Signs of long term and ongoing sedation, samples of hair would reveal such and what drugs were used.
Blood samples would reveal if Maddie had been sedated ( they would also then want hair samples and blood samples from the twins, this would help in part to explain why they refused the twins to be taken to hospital to be checked out and then having their hair cut months later)

When anything is introduced into a statement it means it is sensitive to the subject, they have a reason to include it, the trick is to find out why the subject felt the need to include it in their statement

Signs of long term  and ongoing physical abuse such as scars, broken and healed bones, cuts and bruises would have prompted questions and demands to see the children's medical records to see if they had been to ER or seen their own doctor (especially if she had a coloboma which can also have other associated health issues, health issues that can be a result of her just being an IVF baby, or other health issues such as autism)
All of which could partly explain physical injuries.

Signs of long term or ongoing sexual abuse which could never be explained away as accidental.
Things such as repeated urinary tract infections, injuries to the genitalia and/or anus.

All of which would have lead to awkward questions of the parents and their friends and those who had access to the children.

It all comes back to:











Monday, December 21, 2015

The mccann's And The Metropolitan Police Investigation

As far as i am aware, the Met cannot and does not have any influence in regard to Maddie's death and disposal investigation.

The case is and always has been under the jurisdiction of the Portuguese Police, only they can arrest and bring charges against the mccanns and chums in relation to the homicide, concealment of a corpse and filing a false police report.

Even if the Met end their investigation, the Portuguese one is still active and, as it should be, they are saying nothing regarding how their investigation is going.

Something which bothers and annoys the mccanns intensely.

How can they spin an investigation in their favor, counter any leaks that point to their guilt, when they do not know what has been found.

At best, all the mccanns can do in relation to the Met ending their investigation is talk the talk and hide the money and then claim it is/has been spent on hiring private detectives.

I suspect that having learned lessons from their previous private dickheads, they won't be hauling them out into the public eye and having them spout garbage anytime soon.
We all saw how that ended.

Private detectives like to keep a low profile since to be outed makes their job harder if everyone knows what they look and sound like.

The mccanns will not be spending any actual money on their supposed search since the Met could not arrest and charge then with homicide, concealment of a corpse and filing a false police report.
At best they would advise their Portuguese colleagues of what they have found and then have the Portuguese apply for a EAW (European Arrest Warrant)

The Met could only arrest and charge them in relation to the fraudulent fund and possibly obtaining money and services by deception and maybe, just maybe, obstruction of justice and perverting the course of justice in regard to the fund.

This would also likely involve charging clarrie as well.

The mccanns are talking garbage knowing they have no need to spend any money.

They would only 'may' spend money should the Portuguese investigation be shelved.

It is typical distraction by the mccanns and also typical of their annual Christmas appeal.

Look over here, not over there.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Could It Have Been An Accidental Death?

If it were an accident, why would they need to cover it up, dispose of the body and file a false police report?

Think of it like this, if it were truly an accident, why would they make it look like a homicide?

The only reason they acted the way they did is because it could not have been explained away as an accident.

There was something so incriminating they could not explain it away, nor allow a post mortem to take place.

Had she died from an accidental overdose of a sedative, it could have been explained away.

Maddie ate the pills thinking they were candy and died whilst the mccanns were sleeping in the apartment.

She woke up and due to the pills which the mccanns didn't know she had eaten, fell behind the sofa and died. 

They only found her the next day when they woke up.

Maddie could have woken during the night gone into the sitting room, had a fit, banged her head and died and they only found her the next day when they woke up.

They could have checked her during the night whilst they were eating and drinking and thought she was asleep when she was really in a coma/dead.

There was something that happened that could not be explained away.

Evidence of long term and ongoing sedation?

Evidence of physical abuse that could not be explained away as the usual rough and tumble of accident prone toddlers?

Evidence of old and healing injuries that had not been treated by their own doctor or in a hospital?

Evidence of sexual abuse which could never be explained away as accidental?

There was something so incriminating, that the mccanns and chums were forced to claim they neglected their children on a nightly basis and risk possible jail terms of up to 10 years (neglect resulting in harm) rather than have the truth be revealed and face a possible life sentence.

What Will £750,000 Find That 8 Years, Police Investigations Involving Two Countries and Millions of Pounds Hasn't Found?

If a multi year, multi million pound police investigation has turned up nothing, what do the mccans think they will find with the allegedly remaining £750,000 and some dodgy private investigators?

What should be asked is, if 10's of millions of pounds have turned up not one iota of  evidence of
the alleged abductor, if no trace of Maddie has ever been found ( including the barely there presence in 5a), not one credible/remotely believable sighting of Maddie has ever been found, then the obvious conclusion is:

If there was no abductor and thus no abduction, and Maddie is still clearly missing, then the obvious conclusion is that Maddie met her demise at the hand of one or both of her parents and, possibly one or more of the tapas 7.

One or both of her parents and one or more of the tapas 7 are involved in her disposal.

The parents and most, if not all the tapas 7 (possibly not Diane Webster) as well as dear clarrie are involved in the subsequent cover up , perverting the course of justice, obstruction of justice.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Ding Dong, Ding Dong. Cue The mccann's Annual Christmas Begging Bowl Sob Story.

Madeleine McCann's parents to launch new private search with appeal fund's remaining £750k

Kate and Gerry McCann have set the money aside for another private search for their daughter with the £12million Scotland Yard operation set to wind down

Getty Kate and Gerry McCann
Still searching: Kate and Gerry McCann with an image of how Maddy might look now

Madeleine McCann’s parents are poised to launch a new ­private search for their daughter with the remaining £750,000 in their appeal fund.
Kate and Gerry, both 47, aim to begin a fresh initiative to solve the nine-year-old mystery as the £12million Scotland Yard investigation winds down.
Plans are under way to use what is left of the No Stone Unturned fund, boosted by sales of Kate’s book Madeleine, to hire private detectives to probe several unanswered questions.
A source told the Sunday People : “There is £750,000 in the account. That money has been ­preserved because Kate and Gerry knew they may want to reopen an ­investigation at some point.
“They have always said they’ll do ­anything they can to keep going. That ­commitment remains.”

PA Madeleine McCann
Missing: Madeleine McCann vanished from the family holiday apartment in Portugal in 2007
The number of British officers working on the ­investigation , named Operation Grange, has been ­reduced from 29 to four.
Read more: Gerry and Kate McCann reveal the reasons why they miss Maddie
The operation has cost £10million since it was launched four years ago following intervention from the Prime Minister.
A further £2million has been ­guaranteed by the Home Office until April.

PA Gerry and Kate McCann
Not giving up: Gerry and Kate McCann
The source added: “We don’t know exactly when Operation Grange will end but while it continues it has the finest technology and analysts.
“Private investigations are expensive and do not have anything like the range and capabilities available to the Yard.
“The McCanns still feel there are a lot of questions that remain unanswered but they still have full confidence in the Metropolitan Police .”
Madeleine disappeared from their ­ holiday apartment in the Portuguese resort of Praia da Luz in May 2007, shortly before her fourth ­birthday. Since then her parents have campaigned tirelessly.


“They have always said they’ll do ­anything they can to keep going. That ­commitment remains.”
As long as it does not include kate answering the 48 questions.
Kate, gerry and all the tapas 7 taking part in a police reconstruction.

Note there is a limitation as to what they can do to keep going.
They will do what they can rather than doing everything to keep going.

The limitation on what they can do is due to guilty knowledge, guilty involvement and fear of the consequences such as arrest, prosecution, jail, loss of custody of the twins, loss of their job, loss of their home, loss of their status.
THIS is close, THAT is distant.

For there to be a THAT there has to be a THIS as well

A source told the Sunday People : “There is £750,000 in the account. That money has been ­preserved because Kate and Gerry knew they may want to reopen an ­investigation at some point.

For source read clarrie.

That is distancing, this is close.

That money has been preserved (£750,000) what about any other money?

Why did they know they had to 'preserve' that money?

Given the PJ and the Metropolitan Police were investigating the case and currently still are, how did the mccanns know they would need the money to reopen an investigation?

Did they know Maddie would not be found?
Did they know no 'abductor' would be found?

Not the inclusion of the qualifier MAY

A qualifier is a word then when removed doesn't change the meaning of the sentence.
Here we have a considerable weakening of the sentence and statement as a whole.

He doesn't tell us that if the investigation is closed by the PJ and the Metropolitan Police the mccanns will then pay to hire investigators to try and find where they dumped Maddie.

He tells us only that they MAY reopen
AN investigation.He doesn't tell us they would reopen THE investigation, only AN investigation.Any investigation by the mccanns investigators has been restricted to only looking for an alleged paedophile abductor and that the mccanns and friends are not to be investigated at all.

Because is highlighted in blue making it sensitive.
Because is used to explain why something happened or was done.
It preempts the question 'Why was the money being preserved?'
The are thinking ahead and answer the question before it is asked which makes it sensitive and warrants further questioning.

“The McCanns still feel there are a lot of questions that remain unanswered but they still have full confidence in the Metropolitan Police .”Note, he speaks only of the Metropolitan police and fails to mention the Portuguese investigation in relation to having full confidence.

This indicates sensitivity.

They may have some input/control over the UK investigation, they have none with the Portuguese.

At best, in the UK they would face charges in relation to the fraudulent fund, other charges may be possible in relation to  neglect
of the children both in Portugal and also since they returned to the UK and social services got involved.

In Portugal they would face charges of homicide, concealment of a corpse and filing a false police report, other possible charges could relate to fundraising in Portugal, the boxes and buckets, obtaining money and services by deception and so on.

It is
interesting to note he mentions a lot of questions that remain unanswered.


Until kate answers those 48 unanswered questions, they will hang round her neck like a millstone.

The word "but" should always be observed carefully, particularly observing the words that follow the word
"but" in comparison to what preceded it.
It can refute what preceded it, or can be used to compare, or even negate what preceded it.

The claim she was advised not to answer the 48 questions by her attorney on the grounds it may incriminate her is in itself incriminating and implicating.

If she and gerry were innocent of involvement in the death, disposal and subsequent cover up, then there would be nothing incriminating to arrest and charge them.

Innocent parents do not have to worry about saying anything incriminating.
They would answer each and every question put to them.

However, guilty parents do have to worry about incriminating themselves.
Their attorneys will advise them to say nothing, to not answer even the most innocuous of questions as there is great risk of open mouth insert feet and incriminate oneself.

Kate is between a rock and a hard place.
If she refuses to answer the questions she implicates and incriminates herself.
If she answers the questions she implicates and incriminates herself as all the discrepancies are revealed.

As it stands, her refusal to answer the 48 questions makes her look as guilty as heck, especially with the excuse given.

It has, and will, continue to haunt her until Maddie is found and all those involved are behind bars.

also the qualifier FEEL which weakens the statement.

I would ask what questions they feel have been unanswered?

I would ask if they consider the questions unanswered include the 48 asked of kate?

I would ask if kate would be willing to answer the 48 questions she refused to answer as well as any new ones.

I would also ask gerry and the tapas 7 the exact same questions along with any others i could think of.

I would also ask gerry why he answered all his questions yet kate, who allegedly discovered Maddie was missing refused to answer all hers bar one.

If i wasn't such a suspicious Hobs, i would think it was so their answers could not be cross checked and all the discrepancies revealed in all their glory and a swift end to the investigation.

Now, this wouldn't be something akin to the truth would it?

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Retrofitting, Leakage and Avoidance Of The Truth

The mccann's do a lot of retrofitting to explain away any discrepancies.
The problem is, by coming up with an explanation for something said or unsaid, for explaining why something was done or not done, they then have a gap which was previously explained away, and now need to come up with something plausible to explain it away and fill the new gap.

Since they have been deceptive from the start, there will always be holes in their version of events.
Truthful people will have few if any gaps and they can relate the event forwards,backwards and from any point in between.

It is experienced memory.

Deceptive people will have gaps, temporal lacunae, they cannot, with any reliability, recite their event backwards or from a particular point they can usually only go forwards.

This is because it is NOT experienced memory, it is a story

If one looks closely enough and listens carefully enough, one will see a truth shaped hole.
The subject tries to avoid saying anything that could be remotely incriminating, remotely truthful as the truth is sensitive to them, thus they avoid any sensitive words as they spin their spiel.

The sensitive words are words that innocent parents would use, as there is no sensitivity, there is no guilt or comeback on what they say.

With the mccanns and their chums, they avoid the sensitive stuff as it causes stress and the body and brain do not like stress.

As a result we hear verbal diarrhea, stuttering and stammering, nonsense words and gobbledygook as they try to explain away words and actions without saying anything incriminating.

For such well experienced professionals, used to dealing with the public, and explaining complicated stuff to the public, they come across and almost incoherent and unintelligible as they spin themselves into circles of deceit

This results in truth shaped holes in their language.

They also leak the truth whilst trying actively not to, the mouth speaks before engaging brain resulting in verbal oopsies.

Kate talking about murder:

"They want me to lie - I'm being framed.

 "Police don't want a MURDER in Portugal and all the publicity about them not having paedophile laws here, so they're blaming us."'

Gerry telling us:
is NO evidence to implicate us in her DEATH',
Tanner telling us "I carried..." in the panorama interview when talking about how the 'abductor' she saw was carrying Maddie.


Then we have the delightful clarrie dropping the mccann's right in it
Can I suggest you actually quote me accurately. I said: ‘I believe Kate and Gerry are not responsible for Madeleine’s death’.”
Then rachel oldfield happily telling us in her rogatory interview

Yeah I was just going to say that, you know Kate and Gerry are both Doctors and you know there were three other medics in the group, erm four others actually sorry, four others, erm you know so if by any chance they’d accidentally done anything to Madeleine or she was ill or erm you know something wasn’t quite right, I mean they wouldn’t have just left her and sort of tried to cover it up as an accident or you know, they would of sort of you know, come and got Matt and Russell and Dave and Fi, erm I mean you know, not just because they are Doctors, because you know they’re parents and you’d kind of go to anyone to see who could help but if you’ve got, you know Doctors as friends who were there as well, erm you know there were kind of six people there who if Madeleine had accidentally been bumped on the head or you know whatever the theories are supposed to be, erm you know, there were plenty of people there who could of you know, tried to revive a child, erm”.

Then we have exhibit #1 kate's bewk.

Maddie's name was all in lower case whilst kate's name was all in upper case indicating priority and importance.

A book that was more about kate with gerry and the twins as afterthoughts, than about Maddie, For whom the book was named after.

I bet her lawyers were thrilled when they learned kate had written a book after they had told her not to answer 48 questions in case she incriminated herself.

Kate can't help herself, the stress of lying, the stress of being trapped in a loveless marriage, the stress of guilty knowledge is taking its toll on her.

I think, if kate was interviewed by the right person, someone who listens and doesn't judge, who is approachable and patient, someone who is empathetic and she feels comfortable with, kate would open up and talk just to relieve the stress and allowing her to start grieving properly and also to get the help she needs.

The brain wants to talk, to relieve the stress, to confess.

I and many others are willing to listen.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Child Care À la mcann

It is also worth noting that they had family flying down whenever they had spare time to help kate with the children.
Then there is also the nursery helper Sharon Lewin  who ended up  helping kate with the children at home.

Sharon Lewin Statement 21st April 2008

It seems to be that no one trusted kate to be left alone with the children for any length of time.

Could this be why there is silence from the families?

Guilty knowledge that, they knew there were issues in kate and gerry's family.

Guilty knowledge that, by saying nothing, they may have contributed to Maddie's subsequent death, disposal and cover up?

Guilty knowledge that, by leaving kate with the three toddlers, essentially unsupervised, it led to the eventual death of Maddie

Now that Maddie is no longer alive, kate became less volatile, she could manage with two, especially knowing we, the public were closely watching along with social services and LE.

The mccanns would never admit to being investigated by social services or that the twins were possibly on a protection register, oh no, it wouldn't fit in with their perfect happy family image, hence the mccanns inviting social services in for a cuppa and a biscuit.

I do wonder though, how many families of genuinely missing, abducted by a stranger children were visited by social services?

Is it a case now that the families feel what is done is done, the the twins are currently in no danger as they have grown older and have become easier to deal with.
(I do wonder what will happen once they hit the terrible teens)

They perhaps are keeping a closer eye on the twins, even if from a distance, and also monitoring the relationship between kate and gerry and, when it seems fireworks are in the air, perhaps stepping in.

We know the marriage was in trouble before the fateful trip and money was tight, all grounds for rows and fights.
Now they have money and can currently meet their financial needs, they will tolerate each other.

They are tied together since if one broaches separation and divorce, any custody fight could end up with one parent  speaking the truth of what happened to stop the other getting custody, especially if there are mental health issues in play.

The classic if I can't have them I am making darn sure you can't either, and we all know how that has a tendency to end up as.

The other is well, if I am going down I am not going down alone, and then proceeding to name names and deeds and taking everyone down with them.

At the moment, legally, they are in limbo.

When Dr.Goncalo Amaral wins and the mccanns are liable to pay huge fines, compensation and a whole gamut of legal fees for both sides from multiple cases, then I see the twins being at risk of genuine harm.

Even should he lose some or all, the mccanns are still liable for all the costs incurred from their attempted banning of Dr, Amaral's book

With the mccanns it is all about appearances,  having the right jobs, the right house in the right area, the right car, the right social circles, the right memberships of the right clubs.

What will happen when it all comes crashing down, when their supporters (most of whom have already jumped ship and distanced themselves) turn their backs and disown them?

Everything they worked for  all down the drain.
Kate, who it is known, worked hard to become a doctor, and now is no longer practicing in any shape or form.

Kate who never returned to the locum job in the practice she was employed at ( I wonder if she resigned or, they told her  to not return due to her self confessed neglect of three toddlers)

They become simply another pair of abusive  parents.

No matter how they try to spin it, so far they have failed to nullify the neglectful parents stigma.

They had to 'admit neglect' in order for there to have been an abduction.
It was a stain on their character they hoped would be washed away by public sympathy.
Spend enough money, call in enough favors and  nothing will happen.
For them, anything and everything can be bought with enough money or threats.

They are both narcissists enabled by their parents, especially kate being an only child.
Is the silence from their families guilt, because they raised their  children to be completely selfish narcissists who believe the world owes them everything, who raised them to be the center of their own universe?

Is it a case of, if we had been stricter, raised them better, none of this would have happened?

Maddie is dead because of what we did and didn't do to and for kate and gerry?

Time will tell.

Their dam is cracked, and, sooner or later the water of truth will breach the dam of lies and all will be seen and known for what it is and was.

Unexpected Language From The mccanns And Their Family And Friends

What i have noted about this case, is the unexpected language from Maddie's family including grandparents and aunts and uncles.

When someone dies, no matter how horrible they are, people will always try and find something nice to say about them.

It is natural and expected.

It can be something as simple as a neighbor referring to their murderous neighbor as quiet even though he murdered multiple people before dying.
A parent saying their daughter was a good girl, even though she killed her own children before killing herself.

What is not natural and is unexpected is when family subtly demean the victim.

It is as if they are blaming the victim for whatever happened to them, they deserved whatever happened.
This is even more so when the victim is a child.

No one deserves to die at the hand of their loved one.
No child deserves to die at the hand of their parent

What is often seen is the killer will cast dispersion in relation to their victim.
It is the victim's fault they got murdered.
If they had been good, better behaved, obedient, quiet, smarter, prettier, their biological child rather than say an IVF baby/step child/foster child/adopted child, a boy, a girl, blonder, lighter, taller, perfect they would have lived.

Here, with kate and gerry and, alarmingly their own parents and siblings, we have Maddie described as almost perfect when born, they tell us she was demanding, jealous, colicky, had a temper, would scream, she would pinch and poke her siblings.

This is a serious red flag.

It seems that no one in the families liked or wanted Maddie.

She spent her first Christmas when the twins were born with  her grandparents,


Kate refused to answer the question regarding if she wanted to hand care of Maddie to one of her other family members,


Is this because Maddie was an IVF baby?

Is this because perhaps Maddie isn't  a mccann biological child?
This would go to giving a lot of motive should it be true, and explain why she was killed.

Was Maddie seen as the red headed step child and blamed for everything wrong in the marriage and family dynamics?

Was Maddie seen as imperfect and she spoiled what is seen as the perfect family, mom dad and a beautiful blonde haired boy and girl twins?
Two respected professionals with a nice house and high social standing.
She didn't fit in so she had to go?

She competed with one of the parents for attention and lost?

She was too much like kate, kate perhaps having mental health issues, and Maddie was killed for altruistic reasons?
She could not be allowed to grow up and end up like kate?

What is concerning to me is, the lack of statements from Maddie's grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins, demanding Maddie's "abductor" (read killer) be caught.
Telling us how wonderful Maddie was.
How much she is missed.
Asking people to come forward and talk to LE if they think they may have seen or heard something.

Heck, even the rest of the tapas group, I would expect to speak out occasionally, and ask for people to come forward if they think they may know something.

Instead, we have deafening silence from everyone except kate and gerry and, their spokespoodle clarrie.


Is it because the families know or suspect the real truth about who did what to Maddie and  are circling the wagons around kate and/or gerry in order to protect the family honor and reputation?

Is it a case of what is done, is done, we need to keep the family together and protect the twins?

The twins are safe from risk of harm, for now though this may change depending on the future.

The problem for the families and the tapas 7 and, yes, even clarrie, is, when the truth comes out, as it will, they could all face possible charges of obstruction of justice, aiding and abetting, fraud along with anything else that can be thrown at them that may stick.

If it comes to pass that the tapas 7 , the families and clarrie realize they could end up doing some serious time, then it will be first past the post to talk wins the prize.

Kate and gerry will have no qualms about throwing everyone under the bus to save their own skins, including each other.

They also need to remember that kate telegraphed her intent to press a button and they would ALL be together.
She has just admitted to the world she is willing to murder the twins, gerry (justifiable homicide in his case?) and then commit suicide, the only way they could ALL be together , since Maddie is long dead.

Anything unexpected in a statement must be noted and examined and investigated further.

It could mean nothing.

It could mean everything in relation to solving a case.

Monday, December 14, 2015

She's Cowering In a Wardrobe Or Something" kate mccann on Oprah

"I had I suppose this temporary thought that perhaps she's cowering in a wardrobe or something"

Oh dear kate you can't help but leak marbles.

Cowering means to hide in fear from something scary or threatening or domineering.

Why did you use the word COWERING rather than the expected HIDING?

We learned that Maddie hid from you in the bushes one night, something that has yet to be explained away.

Why, do you think, would Maddie be
COWERING in the wardrobe?
If she was scared of something then, on hearing you come into the bedroom, she would have called out or you would have heard her, perhaps crying and scared.

Instead you use the word
COWERING is not something I would expect to hear regarding a child having a bad dream or simply being awake and alone in the apartment (I don't believe they were ever left alone in the apartment)

Now, a child who is terrified of being punished for something would run and COWER in a small space.
A child who is terrified of something that was being done to them or about to be done to them would run and hide,
COWERING in a corner of cupboard/wardrobe.

Given that there were massive bruises on your wrists and arms kate, none of which can be explained away by punching the walls, the bruises being in the exact spots that a hand would grab when restraining someones hands or arms.

Your words leak and tell me you and gerry have anger management issues, you are always furious, raging, incandescent in your statement and even your actions (remember you shaking an imaginary Maddie when you spoke about wishing you had questioned her further about the crying?)
Normal parents don't shake their children, you, as a doctor should and would know this, yet, in your actions you leaked the truth.

You complained about how demanding Maddie was, crying non stop and you feared she would attack the twins ( it is extremely rare for a child to attack a younger child, though accidents can and do happen when the older child forgets they are bigger and stronger and knocks the younger child, or doesn't hold their younger sibling properly)

Your use of the word
COWERING reveals more than you want the world to think about your family dynamics.

Remember also you spoke of Maddie's FEAR OF PAIN.
You later changed it to FEAR AND PAIN when we pointed out the leakage.

The problem though is, once words are said, they cannot be unsaid, and, once again you leaked more about your family dynamics than you wanted the world to know.

It's simple really.

The truth can be revealed in the slip of one single word out of many, possibly hundreds or thousands.One single word is all it takes.

Kate you have given us multiple examples of one single word that reveals the truth of the lie.
You have given us multiple examples of a couple or three words that tell the truth of the lie.

Remember these?

"Police don't want a MURDER in Portugal"

"and you just want to press a button, and we're ALL GONE, and it's ALL FINISHED, and we're ALL together and GONE"

"it wasn't as bad as the night WE FOUND HER".

"there's no evidence to implicate us in her DEATH"

"I wish I could roll back time and go back to the day before Madeleine was abducted. I would SLOW DOWN TIME. I would get a REALLY GOOD LOOK AROUND and have a REALLY GOOD THINK
And I'd think: WHERE ARE YOU?
Because SOMEONE was WATCHING MY FAMILY very, very carefully.

Note the last example.
She doesn't tell us she would not have left the children alone ( they didn't,  I will use her own claim)
She doesn't say she would have used the evening creche.
She doesn't say she would have used a babysitter.
She doesn't say we would have eaten dinner in the apartment.
All of which is the expected.
Note the qualifier Very, which is used twice making it sensitive to kate and also weakening her statement
Instead she would simply look around and have a good think.

She has to say what she did, as whatever happened to Maddie could and would not have been prevented by turning back time and becoming a responsible parent.

Kate would you care to respond to my question regarding COWERING IN THE WARDROBE?

Perhaps you could get one of your minions to come up with a reasonable explanation, clarrie might do, he though has a habit of dropping you right in it even more than you do so yourselves..