Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Unexpected Language From The mccanns And Their Family And Friends

What i have noted about this case, is the unexpected language from Maddie's family including grandparents and aunts and uncles.

When someone dies, no matter how horrible they are, people will always try and find something nice to say about them.

It is natural and expected.

It can be something as simple as a neighbor referring to their murderous neighbor as quiet even though he murdered multiple people before dying.
A parent saying their daughter was a good girl, even though she killed her own children before killing herself.

What is not natural and is unexpected is when family subtly demean the victim.

It is as if they are blaming the victim for whatever happened to them, they deserved whatever happened.
This is even more so when the victim is a child.

No one deserves to die at the hand of their loved one.
No child deserves to die at the hand of their parent

What is often seen is the killer will cast dispersion in relation to their victim.
It is the victim's fault they got murdered.
If they had been good, better behaved, obedient, quiet, smarter, prettier, their biological child rather than say an IVF baby/step child/foster child/adopted child, a boy, a girl, blonder, lighter, taller, perfect they would have lived.

Here, with kate and gerry and, alarmingly their own parents and siblings, we have Maddie described as almost perfect when born, they tell us she was demanding, jealous, colicky, had a temper, would scream, she would pinch and poke her siblings.

This is a serious red flag.

It seems that no one in the families liked or wanted Maddie.

She spent her first Christmas when the twins were born with  her grandparents,


Kate refused to answer the question regarding if she wanted to hand care of Maddie to one of her other family members,


Is this because Maddie was an IVF baby?

Is this because perhaps Maddie isn't  a mccann biological child?
This would go to giving a lot of motive should it be true, and explain why she was killed.

Was Maddie seen as the red headed step child and blamed for everything wrong in the marriage and family dynamics?

Was Maddie seen as imperfect and she spoiled what is seen as the perfect family, mom dad and a beautiful blonde haired boy and girl twins?
Two respected professionals with a nice house and high social standing.
She didn't fit in so she had to go?

She competed with one of the parents for attention and lost?

She was too much like kate, kate perhaps having mental health issues, and Maddie was killed for altruistic reasons?
She could not be allowed to grow up and end up like kate?

What is concerning to me is, the lack of statements from Maddie's grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins, demanding Maddie's "abductor" (read killer) be caught.
Telling us how wonderful Maddie was.
How much she is missed.
Asking people to come forward and talk to LE if they think they may have seen or heard something.

Heck, even the rest of the tapas group, I would expect to speak out occasionally, and ask for people to come forward if they think they may know something.

Instead, we have deafening silence from everyone except kate and gerry and, their spokespoodle clarrie.


Is it because the families know or suspect the real truth about who did what to Maddie and  are circling the wagons around kate and/or gerry in order to protect the family honor and reputation?

Is it a case of what is done, is done, we need to keep the family together and protect the twins?

The twins are safe from risk of harm, for now though this may change depending on the future.

The problem for the families and the tapas 7 and, yes, even clarrie, is, when the truth comes out, as it will, they could all face possible charges of obstruction of justice, aiding and abetting, fraud along with anything else that can be thrown at them that may stick.

If it comes to pass that the tapas 7 , the families and clarrie realize they could end up doing some serious time, then it will be first past the post to talk wins the prize.

Kate and gerry will have no qualms about throwing everyone under the bus to save their own skins, including each other.

They also need to remember that kate telegraphed her intent to press a button and they would ALL be together.
She has just admitted to the world she is willing to murder the twins, gerry (justifiable homicide in his case?) and then commit suicide, the only way they could ALL be together , since Maddie is long dead.

Anything unexpected in a statement must be noted and examined and investigated further.

It could mean nothing.

It could mean everything in relation to solving a case.

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