Sunday, December 20, 2015

What Will £750,000 Find That 8 Years, Police Investigations Involving Two Countries and Millions of Pounds Hasn't Found?

If a multi year, multi million pound police investigation has turned up nothing, what do the mccans think they will find with the allegedly remaining £750,000 and some dodgy private investigators?

What should be asked is, if 10's of millions of pounds have turned up not one iota of  evidence of
the alleged abductor, if no trace of Maddie has ever been found ( including the barely there presence in 5a), not one credible/remotely believable sighting of Maddie has ever been found, then the obvious conclusion is:

If there was no abductor and thus no abduction, and Maddie is still clearly missing, then the obvious conclusion is that Maddie met her demise at the hand of one or both of her parents and, possibly one or more of the tapas 7.

One or both of her parents and one or more of the tapas 7 are involved in her disposal.

The parents and most, if not all the tapas 7 (possibly not Diane Webster) as well as dear clarrie are involved in the subsequent cover up , perverting the course of justice, obstruction of justice.

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  1. But what happened to her remains - do you think she was cremated as Goncalo Amaral suspected?


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