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What Is Done Cannot Be Undone

From an article in the daily mail.

Amy Elizabeth Fleming (pictured), 60,
A 60-year-old Florida woman has been has been charged with the murder of her young son, Francillon Pierre.

Amy Elizabeth Fleming was arrested last month for allegedly killing her son, Francillon Pierre, when he was just three years old in 1986. 

According to The Charley Project, Francillon was last seen at the Broad Acres Swap Meet in North Las Vegas, Nevada, on August 2, 1986.

At the time of his disappearance, the child had been living with his mother, who was known as Amy Luster, and his stepfather, Lee Luster.
His biological father's name is Jean Pierre, Amy's former boyfriend.
The year before Francillon disappeared, Amy and Lee Luster were charged with child abuse.
They had allegedly beat Francillon so bad that they caused 30 to 40 welts to form on his body.
The Lusters were awaiting trial when the little boy went missing, according to the Project.
At the time, the couple told police they believed the boy's father, Jean Pierre, took the child back to Haiti.

Francillon (left) was last seen at the Broad Acres Swap Meet in North Las Vegas, Nevada, on August 2, 1986. Francillon's age-progression photo is seen above

They had also claimed that they had taken Francillon to the swap meet and lost him there.
Authorities later searched Pierre's home in Haiti, but found no trace of Francillon.
Pierre was then asked to fly to the US to take a lie detector test, which he passed.
He was eventually ruled out as a suspect.

They had also claimed that they had taken Francillon to the swap meet and lost him there.
Authorities later searched Pierre's home in Haiti, but found no trace of Francillon.
Pierre was then asked to fly to the US to take a lie detector test, which he passed. He was eventually ruled out as a suspect.

Almost a year after Francillon's disappearance, Amy and Lee Luster moved to Florida, telling police that they still believed Pierre had taken the child and wanted to be closer to Haiti.
The Nevada Department of Probation and Parole gave them a 30-day travel pass to find work and a home in Orlando or else return to Nevada.
Amy and Lee were considered suspects in the case but they were never charged, until December 2018.

Enlarge this image

It's unclear how investigators were able to break the case. But the North Las Vegas police will be releasing more details about what led to Amy Fleming's arrest during a news conference on Monday. Police said detectives have spent more than a year working Francillon's case

A warrant for Amy's arrest was issued on December 13. A month later, she was booked into the Palm Beach County Jail for allegedly murdering her son, according to The Columbus Dispatch.
Her second court appearance is scheduled for Monday.    
It's unclear how investigators were able to break the case. 
But the North Las Vegas police will be releasing more details about what led to Amy Fleming's arrest during an afternoon news conference on Monday.
Police said detectives have spent more than a year working the case. 
Read more:

There we have it, or rather, should i say, there you kate and gerry have it.

30 years down the line and she has been charged with murder.

30 years kate and gerry.

Read it again, THIRTY YEARS.

You have struggled from the get go to come up with a plausible explanation as to what happened to Maddie.
An abduction by a paedophile abductor to explain why she was missing.

A jolly good wheeze you thought, plausible and you thought it would be believed.

You came up with the plan that you were leaving the children home alone at night and doing half hourly checks on them, everyone was taking turns, well those that were allegedly present each night, checking their own children and occasionally yours, whilst you being the selfish folk that you are, claimed you were checking your children every half hour and NOT CHECKING ANYONE ELSE'S CHILDREN.
I suppose this epitomizes your narcissistic selfishness.
You had to admit to 'child neglect', leaving the children home alone in order to allow time and opportunity for an abduction to take place.
You had to admit to alleged child neglect with all the risks that entailed such as being charged and facing years in prison.

As i repeatedly say:

NO ABDUCTION = DAMNING QUESTIONS AS TO WHAT YOU, KATE AND GERRY, DID TO MADDIE.Had you been charged with child neglect resulting in harm it would have gone as follows.
Your lawyers knowing the law would have advised you as to what the possible penalties were in relation to the charges of homicide, concealment  of a corpse and filing a false police report.
You would also have been told they could not charge you with neglect and then later be charged with homicide, concealment  of a corpse and filing a false police report.
Knowing this you go to court and take the stand.
When you  are presented with the charge of child neglect resulting in harm IE. Maddie being abducted, you can then say the children were not neglected.
The children were not left home alone each night, they were being babysat by the missing adult from the group each night all in the same apartment.
There was no neglect and the case is closed after the prosecution drop their case and you walk free.
Granted your reputations are in tatters and you would likely lose your jobs or be  severely censored by the GMC for bring the profession into disrepute.
You lose friends and possibly family and possibly the fund.
Your excuse for claiming what you did was that Maddie did indeed die of an accident, perhaps after accidentally swallowing some of your pills, died during her sleep and you panicked.
You had to claim neglect to allow for the non existent abductor to commit his non existent crime.

We all know that the children were never left home alone as claimed.

Claiming you didn't want to use the evening creche or babysitters because you didn't want strangers looking after your children whilst also leaving said children in the care of strangers each day in the creche makes absolutely no sense.
The very same creche whose staff would have been providing the evening creche and also allowing the creche staff to be hired out for €10 a night.
You would have known this.

Anyone who works in medicines doctors, nurses being the most obvious are all too aware of what can happen in a fraction of a second to a child even with the parent next to them.
This knowledge alone makes medical parents hypervilgilant when it comes to their children.
They simply would not have left their children home alone, ever.
More so, given we know they had sick children and sick adults due to some tummy bug (allegedly)
We know that each night one of the group was missing from the table for dinner either because they were sick or because a child was sick.
We know this missing adult was in fact babysitting all the children in one apartment.

How do we know?

Because you, kate and gerry told us when you spoke using the process of free editing and leaked this when you spoke of what happened the night before, the Wednesday when Maddie allegedly  asked why they hadn't come when  she/ the twins/ combination of depending on which interview were crying.
Your response when speaking about the alleged crying incident was and i quote from an interview broadcast: 01 May 2008:

 Gerry McCann: Anybody with young children will understand that children cry; they wake up at night.
During that week there was one night, errr… and we can't give too much detail because it's part of the investigation file but there was one night where Madeleine came through and one of the other, errr… twins were crying, so, you know, and when she did mention to it… it to us and we asked her about it and she just dropped… she was completely fine and we thought,
'Was it when they were bathing, getting them, you know, first putting them down in that period when they're really tired.
Of course, with hindsight, in the… in the context of what had happened; of Madeleine being abducted, it's put in a very different light and it's put in a very different light to us and, of course, we emphasized that to the police."

Firstly note  he speaks about getting them ready for bed and he says this:

"Was it when they were bathing, getting them, you know, first putting them down in that period when they're really tired."
This is a man who claims he and kate left the children home alone in apartment 5a and then he and kate left the apartment  went to dinner in the tapas bar and did half hourly checks.
The problem here is, if he and kate were doing the bedtime routine, the bathing and putting to bed, then the question would never have arisen because kate and gerry were there, would have heard the crying and presumably although with their parenting, possibly not, and responded to soothe the children.
Had he or kate been putting them to bed the question would never have arisen as they would have been present when the children were crying, for whatever reason.
So, as we hear from gerry, they did not hear any crying nor did they respond, the questions then become:

Who was bathing the children if it wasn't kate and gerry?

 Why was someone else bathing the children when kate and gerry were allegedly present in the apartment, perhaps getting ready for dinner, remember kate's 2 baths/showers once before payne allegedly showed up to see if kate needed help and later once gerry came back from tennis, she bathed and they had a bottle of NZ wine?

Why would kate need to bathe again after a man visited her, especially with the large disparity in the length of time he stayed and where he stood in the apartment?

Since kate and gerry did not hear the alleged crying, nor respond to said alleged crying if they were all in the same place, where were the children being bathed?

If the children were, as claimed, in apartment 5a being bathed and put to bed, where were kate and gerry?

 Why were kate and gerry getting ready in a different apartment from where their children were if the immediate above applied?

 We know all the children were being babysat by the missing (allegedly sick) adult, it is highly unlikely they would all be in their own apartments so, in whose apartment were all the children sleeping until their parents collected them late at night?

I would think they would all be in the biggest apartment which would be paynes, it would also fit in with the statements from the Drs Gaspar regarding payne and gerry having an inappropriate discussion , with gestures, about what Maddie would do.

Next we have confirmation that all the children were sleeping in the same apartment/room.
Gerry leaks this:

Madeleine came through and one of the other, errr… twins were crying"

Did you spot it?

Gerry was about to say one of the other children, thus telling us all the children were in one apartment, before self censoring, stopping himself and saying other twins.
Too late gerry, you said one word too many.
There were no OTHER TWINS gerry only yours, Sean and Amelie.

This means the tapas 7 are complicit in whatever happened, although diane webster may have been kept in the dark since she was the mother to fiona payne and granny to her kids and perhaps not as trusted or reliable as the rest of the group, not a part of whatever shenanigans the group were up to.

The tapas are complicit since they covered up the fact the children were babysat by the missing adult.

We know Maddie died before the Thursday night when she was allegedly abducted because the dining routines changed.

Instead of all eating at the Millennium  for breakfast as it was included, the mccanns had breakfast Sunday morning and then ate breakfast in their own apartment.

We also know that instead of everyone eating lunch in one of the apartments as planned, the mccanns ate lunch in their own apartment only meeting up with everyone in the tapas bar for dinner.

Anyone would think they were trying to hide something, to avoid awkward questions, probably from diane webster as to where Maddie was ?

We also have the almost forensically cleaned apartment that did not look as if children were present.
Children are sticky, drooly, messy creatures and their sticky fingerprints, saliva, urine possibly even faeces would have been everywhere especially bedroom, and the place should have been covered with their DNA especially bedding yet little to none was found.

In effect, Maddie had been erased from the apartment.
Her bed which she had allegedly slept in was made up whereas the bed under the window where she wasn't sleeping looked slept in as it was messy, just like a nearly 4 year old would leave it.

Why though did the mccanns insist that Maddie was in the bed by the door that was almost perfectly made, even to the turned back corner rather than the bed that looked as if it had been slept in under the window?
They apparently shared a toothbrush was another excuse for no DNA.
There wasn't even clothing which would have carried Maddie's scent especially the clothing that she would have allegedly been wearing on the Thursday she was allegedly abducted.
Gerry had to return to rothley towers in order to get something with her DNA on!

What was also missing then and has been for the last almost 12 years is forensic evidence of an abductor, finger prints, shoe or foot prints, hairs, fibers, sweat, perhaps even semen or other bodily fluids.

Instead, the forensic evidence which had been found which should not have been present, is blood and bodily fluids in the apartment and hire car and the scent of cadaverine as indicated by the dogs Eddie and Keela.
Evidence which was explained away eventually as Maddie may have had a nose bleed, rotting meat and fish, dirty diapers and sweaty sandals with gerry even citing the case of eugene zapata when his wife went missing and cadaver dogs were brought in and indicated to some locations. the judge declaring them as unreliable as no body was found.

This backfired on him spectacularly when zapata later confessed to killing his wife and the dogs had been right.

 We also had explanations as to why body fluids and cadaverine had been found as kate dealing with multiple corpses before the trip (from her family) and to it being planted in order to frame her which by default acknowledged Maddie was dead
The latter meaning that someone had had access to Maddie's remains and taken material from said remains ,planted it in order to frame the mccanns.

This then begs the questions as to what were the mccanns involved in that meant they would/could be framed for homicide, concealment of a corpse and filing a false police report?

It also begs the questions as to why Maddie's remains could not have been 'found' by someone reporting it anonymously or placing it in a location where it would be found.?

Remember kate had that 'dream' whilst gerry was away in America and called Police Inspector Ricardo Paiva crying,to say she had a 'dream' that Maddie was on a hill and they should search there.

Kate's Dream About Maddie On A Hill

This came out in the trial where they were suing Dr. Goncalo Amaral and trying to get his book banned and damages awarded to them and their children

Insp Paiva told the hearing in Lisbon: “Kate called me, she was alone as Gerry was away and she was crying.
She said she had dreamt that Madeleine was on a hill and that we should search for her there.
She gave the impression that she thought she was dead – it was a turning point for us.”
The senior detective said the land was searched but nothing was found. “That is when we decided to send the specialist dogs in. British police informed us about how they could detect the scent of death.”

When  gerry heard about kate calling the police and telling them she dreamed Maddie was on a hill, he was not impressed.
His reaction and response was almost comical

"I would like to make absolutely clear that Kate has never had a dream, that Madeleine was buried somewhere. And, I don't know if something has been lost in interpretation, but that didn't happen."

Gerry Denies Kate Had Dream About Maddie On A Hill

I bet that was fun when gerry found out what kate had said to the Portuguese police.

That the mccanns proffered the various possible explanations for what was found meant they knew Maddie was dead and, as innocent parents , they would have been screaming the place down, inconsolable and demanding the police find who did this to their daughter and also be out searching for her remains.
Since they didn't it means they already knew their daughter was dead.

To allow for time to dispose of Maddie after her death and to allow time for the clean up and also figuring out a story, Maddie could not have died Thursday evening.
There simply would not have been time for the cleanup and working out timelines and also for everyone to be at the table that night unlike the rest of the week.

They did the checks that Thursday night as it would have meant leaving the children home alone.

We also know Maddie did not die from an accidental death as gerry himself told us:

"And if she died when we were in the apartment, or fell, why would we cover that up?"

And if she died when we were in the apartment, or fell, why would we cover that up?


Since they did cover it up, by their language and behavior it was not an accident.

Kate went even further, confirming Maddie's death was non accidental when she said:

Daily Mirror Interview.

 "They want me to lie - I'm being framed.
Police don't want a MURDER in Portugal and all the publicity about them not having paedophile laws here, so they're blaming US"

I'm Being Framed, Police Don't Want A Murder In Portugal

Sadly the original  article in the Sunday Mirror was whoosh clucked.

Why say murder when the story is abduction and that Maddie is still alive?


Then we have the Portuguese Supreme court pronouncing the mccanns had not been cleared of involvement when the mccanns sued Dr Amaral over his book, winning the initial court case and then losing every subsequent appeal.
Page 70 contains the relevant bit of the verdict

Portuguese Supreme Court Judgement Against The mccanns

The mccanns are currently appealing to the ECHR.

The problem they have also is that the Supreme Court cited the ECHR in its verdict.
Initially it was claimed they were targeting Dr. Goncalo Amaral until they finally got the message that they could not  sue an individual, they could only bring a case against a state or government.
They were trying to stop having to pay anything towards Dr. Goncalo Amaral, costs etc.
A basic look at what can and cannot be done at the ECHR showed that

the Court cannot quash, rehear or revise decisions taken by domestic courts.The mccanns would have to pay what they owed.

As a  result and presumably someone with legal knowledge got their attention, they then claimed they were in fact taking Portugal to court and that the paperwork had allegedly been filed.
Nothing is showing for the mccanns currently nor will it likely ever be since very few applications make the grade and are heard.

It can also take several years to progress through the system.

Those who fail at whichever hurdle, usually the first are not told why.

ECHR Questions and Answers

Unsolved cases do not get closed, they become cold cases and over the years they will be reopened and looked at by fresh eyes and where applicable using new advances in forensic technology.

What could not be seen or examined 10 years ago is now seen clearly.

A murder does not advance for it cannot, It is frozen in time at the moment the murder was committed.

A murder cannot be undone, the murdered cannot become live again.
Forensic science  advances, it is forever moving forward, growing,almost  living.

You, kate and gerry, also have the problem of wondering if you can trust your friends, your accomplices to stay quiet.
Are the pangs of guilt eating away at them they way they are at you kate?
Is whatever hold gerry has over the tapas 7 still strong enough to keep them silent?
What about the twins?
Can you trust them to stay silent regarding what they have seen, heard or remembered since that vacation?

A secret is not a secret if more than one person knows?

Could tomorrow be the day the walls come crashing down?
Could you last 30 years  or more concealing the death of Maddie?
Do you think the tapas 7, your  now very distant friends, if friends at all could last 30 years?
What happens if divorce rears its head and a custody battle ensues, guilty knowledge can be a mighty fearsome weapon to use?

Thirty years kate and gerry and justice for this little boy.
30 years kate and gerry.

Look at this kate and gerry.

30 years = 10,950 Days30 years = 262,800 Hours
30 years = 15,768,000 Minutes
30 years = 946,080,000 Seconds


Slowly counting the time, inevitable, unchangeable, never ending, constant.
Your finite life slowly being counted down, inexorably to zero.

Imagine spending your dotage in jail.
It is bad enough now that everything you worked for kate is down the pan.
How many years was that?
It is bad enough that gerry is stuck lecturing with the risk he may not get tenure in  classes where his students hate him after being stuck in a dead end job in a hospital doing a back room job  where the staff loathed him.
It is bad enough that your reputations are non existent, your friends are few, your supporters have disappeared over the horizon and you are adrift and lonely, wondering what those you do know are saying behind your backs?

Imagine your physical body in a physical jail in Portugal for however many years when perhaps if you had been truthful from the start you would have some semblance of a life when you got out then there is the problem of the fund and for that you will be prosecuted in the UK.
Should you be released from Portuguese prison  to then end up in a UK prison, again had you been truthful from the get go you could have had some semblance of a life when you got out, perhaps even starting over but not in the jobs you both studied and trained so hard for.
It would have all been over and done with, instead of it all being behind you and letting you move on, it is now all ahead of you, waiting, watching, the moment will arrive all too soon and it will be too late for you to do a deal, to beg forgiveness, not from us, rather from your surviving children, whom you lied to from the get go, whose innocence was ripped away by you for your own selfish needs, who may even need therapy to come to terms with what you did to their sister and to them.

Then there is the mental prison you are already in.

Almost 12 years of hell wondering if today is the day the police come knocking at your door, wondering if your probably now ex chums have had a word with the Police or even if the twins, who will have read everything about the case and their missing sister and your non searching and non cooperation decide to have a word with the Police to say what they remember, saw or heard over the last 12 years.
Your friends in high places are no longer in power or high places and your rich financial backers have withdrawn their finances and distanced themselves from you.
Heck even the Vatican removed Maddie from their website.
You can be sure the Vatican's investigators would have done some investigating of their own when they found out what you did and didn't do in relation to your daughter.
I bet that hurt, given your statement that Rome was preparing itself for you as per your diary"Clarence spoke to us about a possible visit to the Vatican. Rome is already preparing itself. Francis Campbell was spoken to" Kate McCanns' diary, 27th of May, as reported in Correio da Manhã 26 July 2007

The Pope was effectively turning his back and his support on you.
Until you confess the truth, you are in an inescapable prison of your own making.
You struggled the first few days and weeks and escaped by the skin of your teeth once you were made arguido.
Since then things have not gone in your favor, money is running out, you are loathed by all but a few supporters who for whatever reason and against all the evidence, think you are innocent.
Just how long can you last?
How long can you take that little worm of guilt hiding in your brain eating away at you?
How long can you hope that none of the tapas 7 turn against you?
How long can you last wondering if your other half isn't going to throw you under the bus?
How long can you take the knowing looks, the whispered remarks before you crack?
How long can you continue to lie to your children, knowing they have and will continue to search the internet for news, stories, information, the translated PJ files?


Saturday, December 22, 2018

Was kate Leaking Information To Help Maddie's Remains Be Found?

I wonder if kate was the one leaking info via 3rd parties in order for Maddie's remains to be found and allowing her to thus be able to grieve publicly with Maddie's death laid firmly at the feet of the alleged paedophile abductor.
Presumably there would be injuries found which would point firmly to a paedophile otherwise why not just blame stranger abduction or abduction to be cared for by a childless family as one thesis purported.

The alleged paedophile would be blamed even if never found, whilst the blame for the real perpetrator or perpetrators would never be assigned to the mccanns or tapas 7.

They had to make the claim to cover their tracks and any incriminating evidence found.
The delay before other explanations came out such as the sedation would be blamed on the abductor keeping Maddie alive for a length of time before she died or was killed.
This is why initially they claimed no sedation nor did they have the twins tested that night since, long term sedation signs as revealed in the hair could not be blamed on an abductor, but 3 months odd down the line they came out with the maybe the abductor did sedate the twins, knowing that pretty much any evidence in their hair had been cut out and anything in their blood was long gone.

Had Maddie been found after a few months which would fit in with kate's vision, her dreams etc then the abductor takes the fall and the mccanns and chums are scot free.

The problem they have is that if Maddie was cremated along with the old lady who was laying in the church, there is no way they can blame anything found on any abductor, there is no body to reveal anything that could clear the mccanns.

Finding a body in whatever condition could be explained away although for some things they may have a problem or two, especially if evidence is found on or in the body or in and around the immediate area such as hairs or fibers, perhaps linking the body to the hire car or maybe the missing blue bag that gerry didn't have or the disappearing pink blanket. Both would point the finger of guilt at the mccanns and chums.

Kate wants it over as the guilt is eating her alive, the stress of the guilt is so strong she told us she was willing to commit murder suicide to escape it all.
Gerry being the great I am wants to maintain the charade.
He sees the money and fame (infamy) He believes he is smarter than everyone, even to the extent that he leaks clues believing the Plod are too dumb to see them or understand what they are seeing and hearing.

Kate wants it over and he doesn't.

At one point they both wanted the same thing, especially as money was pouring in and they were in financial difficulties long before the vacation.

Now, as time has passed she is getting tired.

Perhaps they both thought a few months of suspicion , a few interviews, they get cleared and they are free and easy.

Instead, despite all their claims and even law suits, they have been publicly revealed as having not been cleared of involvement.

They are now resorting to the ECHR where they are giving the impression to the media and their few remaining supporters that it will be them against Dr. Amaral when it is not so.

The ECHR cannot and will not get involved in lawsuits or civil cases, nor will it cancel verdicts or judgements enacted by the courts right up to Supreme Court.

Those verdicts will stand and the mccanns and the twins are liable for all court costs for themselves and of those they sued.

This could runs into tens if not hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Carter-Ruck are not cheap and i can't see how or why they would do pro bono work in what amounts to a homicide, concealment of a corpse and filing a false police report as based on the PJ files and in Dr. Amaral's book.

The mccanns can only make a claim against the state of Portugal claiming their human rights have been harmed.
Given that the PJ bent over backwards in accommodating the mccanns and chums even to allowing them to leg it back to the UK post haste in the case of the mccanns and not demanding they be extradited back or having them and the tapas 7 arrested and a warrant  issued forcing all 9 back to Portugal to take part in a reconstruction or answering questions under arguido status, where they are allowed to lie and refuse to answer questions, when under a non arguido status, as witnesses, they are not allowed to lie or refuse to answer questions under penalty of a couple of years in jail.

Had they come clean the 11+ years ago they would now be likely out of prison.

Granted they would have lost their jobs and their children, possibly living with family members or maybe not given that some of them given their statements and distancing may have other issues making them unsuitable, their home and friends.

They would be free with what ever terms the courts laid down regarding probation or on license, then again they would then be facing charges over the fund if it had even be started or at least a small proportion of what it reached.

They could start over, in work of lower pay and of lesser skill since no one really wants to employ a child killer/child molester or a job where they are restricted contact with children or vulnerable adults.

They would have to sell the house to pay their legal fees of course so back to living in a private rent or council house.

Free yet in a prison of their own making.

Kate would get the help and therapy she clearly needs.

Instead 11+ years down the line, they are in the same situation now as they were when they first started the alleged abduction story, still suspects in Portugal in homicide, concealing a corpse and filing a false police report.

On top of that they are likely facing serious fraud charges relating to the fund, instead of things getting easier as they perhaps planned, things have gotten harder.

She is no longer a GP, something she spent a lot of years working hard to get and d now working in medicine but doesn't say what as, and no one has says they have come across her in their role as patient which points to a back room job.

He is no longer a heart consultant, he was trapped in a dead end job with no prospect of promotion and consigned to the back room reading scans with minimal involvement with patients, hated by the staff he worked alongside and now jumped before he was pushed?

Now a professor  in Leicester Uni  hated by the students he teaches, disliked by other staff members basically tolerated at best.

Also, he may be on a fixed term contract and also a probationary period before being made permanent usually 3 years.

From Lecturer level most university positions are permanent. There is normally a probation period of three years for all permanent positions, after which the position is permanent but not tenured. This means that you are not secured promotion and also that you can loose your position if the department shuts down or funding runs out (although the loss of position due to redundancy is fairly rare).

If he is on probation it will be interesting to see if he is made permanent given he has not been cleared by the Portuguese police of involvement in the homicide, concealment of a corpse and filing a false police report as well as creating a fraudulent fund and other benefits gained through fraud.

If, for example, he is on probation and they decide because of Maddie not to make him permanent, what would his options be?
Fixed term contract at the same uni?
Fixed term contract at another uni?
Try to get work in another UK hospital?
Try and get work at another uni abroad?
Try and get work in a hospital abroad?
Working behind the scenes in medicine a la kate?
Shelf stacking in Tesco?

Time will tell

Tick Tock kate and gerry, Tick Tock

Saturday, December 1, 2018

A flurry Of Old News. What Are They Trying To Hide?

Re: Kate and Gerry McCann lose High court battle over cancellation of Leveson.....

Wiill the Mccanns have to pay legal fees?

Oh, I do hope so.

I suspect in this case if either options were offered though, they would have gone for no win no fee given the complexity of the case and the costs and if it was offered or even pro bono.

At least I would hope so.
Would the mccanns really risk the fund as it stands now on yet another legal court case?
Would the board, stuffed with their carefully selected  members let them since the fund was set up to find Maddie and support the family as one of it's other rules

I wonder if carter-ruck were involved?
If so would it be pro bono as kate has alleged or a nominal fee or even full fee?
Since there were 4 plaintiffs (5 if the mccanns were counted separately) would the costs be split 4/5 ways?

I cackled when i heard them complaining about media intrusion when the mccanns had been happily using the same media to get their version of events spread throughout the world, the very same media who helped them with the mockumentary, the same media who promoted kate's book.
The very same media who the fragrant, saintly duo paid £500,000 over the course of a year to keep them on the front pages.

£500,000 which should have been spent on finding Maddie, well, not exactly finding Maddie since they knew where they had dumped her remains, but giving the impression they did and cared for her.

No matter how they did it, however dignified with prayers and whatever, perhaps an apology for what they did to her in order to salve their conscience claiming inwardly or even outwardly that Maddie would forgive them, she would not blame or hold them accountable.
She would want the twins to lead a happy and well loved life believing their big sister had been abducted and was being loved and cared for by her abductor.

The mccanns would and did convince themselves they had been forgiven by Maddie, they had to in order to assuage the guilt, kate a great deal and gerry not so much.
This was revealed when kate spoke of murder suicide so they could all be together.

Kate said, "It really isn't easy," coping. "Some days are better than others. ... There's days when you think, 'I can't do this anymore,' and you just want to press a button, and we're all gone, and it's all finished, and we're all together and gone. Wherever. But you can't, you know. Just occasionally you'll have a -- if you're having a really bad day, which we do. And you can't help but think that." CTN interview, Informe Especial - Late August
Mom: Madeleine Had "Sense Of Danger" CBS News

This was at her most vulnerable, most fragile at her darkest moment.
I think if she had been interviewed at this point without gerry controlling her every move with hand signals, she would have cracked and the truth would have poured out.

An opportunity missed.

It is likely she was medication at that point and may even be on something today to keep her together.
She may even be visiting a counselor or having therapy.
She looks rough, I mean really rough.

I think they only thing that has kept her going to date is her intense and implacable loathing of Dr. Amaral.

Personally I think all the court cases against the ex lead detective are pushed by kate, a woman scorned.
She and by default gerry have spent a minimum of tens of thousands and heading towards hundreds of thousands, trying to silence him, to break him so he feels worse than kate.
It will never happen.
He has right on his side, he has justice on his side and he has Maddie's voice on his side
A woman in the depths of a hell of her own making, there is nothing she can say or do to make her nemesis Dr. Amaral feel bad, feel shame or feel guilt.
Kate spoke of being visited by Maddie.
She didn't tell us what if anything Maddie said.
She told us nothing of what she felt.
She told us nothing of what she said to the shade of Maddie, her ghost.
Living people do not visit loved ones as a ghost, only the dead have that ability.
Right there, once again kate told us Maddie was dead.

Maddie ghost visits mum Daily Star (Express Group have removed all online links)
19 October 2007
Tormented Kate McCann told last night how she is visited in the night by the spirit of her missing daughter Madeleine.
The anguished GP says she is regularly woken up by visions of the four-year-old in her bedroom. Kate, 39, revealed the visions to her mum, Susan Healy, who was worried about her daughter’s lack of sleep
Susan had assumed Kate and husband Gerry were being kept awake by her two-year old twins, Sean and Amelie. She was stunned when Kate revealed it was missing Madeleine who was haunting her.
Susan, said: "She told me she has difficulty sleeping and wakes during the night. I asked: 'Do the twins come and wake you up?'
Kate said: "No, it's Madeleine. She comes in.'"

Kate and gerry have used the media for their own ends, not to find Maddie, not to repeat or promote the reward amounts, not to call out to the alleged abductor, they have used the media for their own selfish needs, to paint them as loving, caring albeit distraught parents.
To advertise the fund, to advertise kate's book, to advertise kate as an ambassador for charities, with only one taking the bait.
They used the media to hijack charity runs and races, flaunting Maddie in front of runs for other charities.
They used the media to hijack a charity cycle ride for missing people when both they and we know Maddie was never a missing person apart from the say so of her parents and then used the media to tell the world that

“I know this won’t help Madeline but I’d hate to think that any other child would have to go through this and their family would have to go through what we’ve been through

Once again telling Maddie was dead and beyond any help.

They just can't help themselves.

When the media write nice things about them, supports their version of events, lauds them, praising their strength they are all over the media, almost as if the media was some great lolling puppy getting pats on the head for being a good dog.which is surprising given their dislike of dogs.

If the media start getting above themselves, perhaps allowing anti mccann comments to remain on a page or even allowing comments at all or, heaven's forbid, a story that suggests Maddie was not abducted, then come the phone calls and interesting letters and emails, their supporters wake up and start with the comments and vitriol on websites and forums.
They could not keep up the pace for 11 years and now the circle is complete and they are releasing and rehashing old news stories dressed up as new, splashed across front pages why?

What could prompt such a flurry?

I know when the trolls get kicked and woken up, when stories come out treated as new lines of investigation or breaking news.

When their sullen grotesque faces are splashed across the front page with sometimes 2 page spreads and old discredited stories are waved around as new, something is coming out or soon to be that will put the mccanns in the bad light they deserve.

What could it be that would prompt such a flurry i ask myself?

Could it have been perhaps that the fragrant duo had lost their Leveson Inquiry stage 2 case?

Would that have been enough?

Perhaps then this could be a diversionary tactic to some other news perhaps?

The mccanns have persecuted Dr. Amaral through the various Portuguese courts, winning initially which led to them and their supporters crowing in almost orgasmic delight, only to have a bucket of ice cold water thrown over them with loss after loss all the way to the Supreme court.

It was then announced with almost royal fanfare that they would be going to the ECHR to stop them having to pay costs and legals fees for Dr.Amaral and those others they sued.
We were told repeatedly they were suing Dr. Amaral and taking him personally to the ECHR.
Except they weren't

The ECHR does not get involved in civil suits between people, nor does it cancel or overturn the verdicts of the Supreme Court.

All the mccanns can do is take their case and sue the Portuguese state.

Since the Portuguese Supreme Court cited the ECHR in its final verdicts explaining their ruling.

Various members have been keeping an eye on the listings of what cases are listed and so far, no mccann V Portugal.
Most of the submissions sent to the ECHR fail at the first hurdle as their case is not relevant or applicable and put straight in the bin for recycling.

This is their final final throw of the dice and it isn't even against Dr. Amaral however much they demanded it or implied it.
Kate would have been raging knowing no matter what she said or did or claimed.
She could not break him, she could not even get him angry.
He stayed calm, tight lipped and when he did respond, he was polite, exceedingly so, compared to kate calling police officers "fucking tossers" repeatedly.

This is a tactic I use repeatedly myself.

The more the other person rants and raves, I stay calm and polite, exceedingly so and then repeat what I was saying.
It makes them madder than hell and they sign out or stomp off and you know what?
It is amazing how much a raging person leaks when faced with a wall of calmness, politeness and then my favorite thing which is virtually guaranteed to send them ballistic is to say, have a great day and if applicable a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year or whatever.
When said person returns after calming down and them realizing i won't bite, helpful discourse follows and whatever the issue was it gets sorted to everyone's satisfaction.

Job done.

We know kate has a vicious temper from reading her words, seeing those oh so interesting bruises on her wrists and upper arms shaped just like fingerprints and explained away as her smashing stuff and beating walls and railings, although how beating walls with fists results in upper arm bruising or bruises on her wrists rather than on her hands where they would be expected would be an interesting story..
The best way to deal with kate is to stay polite, correctly address her, stay calm repeat a question till she responds in whichever way she chooses even if it is silence.
She wants to provoke a response, perhaps even a physical one judging by the bruises, possible restraint bruises, restraining from whom?
Restraining why?

It is so predictable, the flurry of non stories, non sightings or comparison with another missing child or person.
A child went missing for 5 minutes 20 years ago in Spain and the media claims it is a Spanish Maddie.
Every time a child goes missing the media (often with the help of a  source close to the family) claim it is a a (insert country/state here) comparison to Maddie.
Should a missing child be found however long it is after they went missing, we get the media
(often with the help of a  source close to the family) claim it is a  cause for good hope and proof that Maddie could still be found alive yadda, yadda, yadda.

Age is immaterial as is the outcome, they can't be cuter, more photogenic than Maddie, it is another bandwagon for the mccanns and clarrie to jump on.

Millions spent in the UK allegedly investigating a crime that did not exist in Portugal as if it did exist in the UK.

Millions spent one a little girl who died in Portugal when a pittance is spent on other missing children who are known to be alive, those abducted by the non custodial parent or a relative.
Money which could have been spent solving crimes which did take place in the UK.
Why has so much been spent on a non existent crime with no one iota of evidence to indicate a possible abduction had taken place apart from the words of her parents who should have been considered prime suspects and the tapas 7?
Why so much money spent searching for an non existent abductor and a live Maddie when there is ample physical evidence that Maddie died in that apartment early that week of the vacation?
Why so much money spent when the prime suspects and their chums have not been questioned under oath (good luck with that if they tried to haul them in)?

Why so much money spent when the parents of Maddie, kate and gerry mccann have told us on numerous occasions that Maddie is dead?

Who or what is delaying this case?

If they arrested the mccanns and chums all at the exact same time, took them all to different police stations, read them their rights and initially got them all to write down information about themselves birth date, education, family whatever they wanted to whatever depth.

Confiscate their cell phones so that they cannot communicate with any other member of the tapas group or the mccanns.
Answer any questions you can, keeping chit chat light and non sensitive

This prevents them comparing notes or refreshing memories that may not have been their own.

Then get them to write down everything they did yesterday from the moment they woke up to the moment they fell asleep..

Then do the same for a day last week, a day one month ago, one year ago.

All getting them used to writing and with nothing sensitive to the case.

It lets you see what their norm is, how they pace themselves, use of pronouns, slang, local dialect.

How they refer to others, social introductions.

I would ask them to remember any holiday they ever had and that was their favorite and to write down what they did each day from the moment they woke up till they fell asleep as best as they remember.

In all cases each new day starts on a new page.

In no case is Maddie or the mccanns to be introduced, it lets the subject relax, there is no pressure on what to include or say.

Any corrections are to have a single line crossed through so we can still see what was written and then to be initialed so both the subject and us know it was the subject who crossed it out and initialed it.

If the subject refuses to cooperate on these non relevant requests that is their choice, they must still remain incommunicado.

Once we have familiarized ourselves as to their writing style and internal dictionary we can then ask them to write down everything they did on that vacation from the moment they woke up to catch the plane from their house or the hotel to the moment they flew home whichever day that was.

Each day to start on a new sheet of paper, same as before a single line drawn through whatever needed crossing out and initialed.

Once done then all interviewing to start at the same time so answers for the same questions can be compared regarding timelines, who did what where etc and it also allows
for new questions to be asked after an interesting answer.

The information they wrote down regarding each day of the holiday will prompt questions such as one saying (named person) did this at that time on such and such a day and then the named person makes no mention of it.

It would allow a timeline of sorts between couples and the other members of the group,

Child care being important what prompt questions as to who did what and when.

As the time line builds up we would be able to see where there are gaps, some expected and some unexpected.

Some gaps would be verified by other members, tennis matches sailing etc and some gaps would be left unexplained.

Things such as changes to dining patterns especially since some meals were included in the price.

If ABC and DEF came to breakfast for the first 2 days and then decided to eat at their apartment the rest of the week.

If ABC and DEF + ghi, jkl and mno all had breakfast the Sunday Morning and Monday morning as it was included in the price and then they decided to eat breakfast in their apartment.

Lunch was agreed to be eaten in one of the apartments, whoever had the biggest and everyone children and all all ate together whilst ABC and DEF + ghi, jkl and mno ate lunch in their own apartment and then the various adults fed the children such as high tea and later maybe a some snacks and milk or whatever and the adults would then join the rest of the group in the tapas bar with the alleged half hourly checks on the various children.

As all these are written down, a timeline of sorts will appear, there will be gaps due to passage of time.

There will be blocks where someone will appear to be in two places at the same time these too are expected due to the passage of time but there will be spaces affecting most if not all of the subjects, it may be just one singular space, a small period of time, a minute or so up to a few hours possibly even a whole day where everyone will write a lazy day at wherever or they did this or that.

There will be little hot spots as due to the passage of time they may have forgotten exact times but remember doing a specific thing or have forgotten something they remembered clearly as it was important.

There will be a time, an hour or a few hours perhaps a day, where all the statements they wrote out clearly previously will become vague.

Compared to the previous day and the day after, their memories will be blurred.

Instead of a clear written day there will be a foggy written day with no willingness to be pinned down to a specific hour, location or activity.

It would be interesting to compare say Saturday and Sunday or Saturday and Monday, leading us to seek to learn what happened on the Sunday or, Comparing Saturday Sunday and Monday to Tuesday and then Wednesday and Thursday.

For all subjects to write almost by minute what they did on the Thursday from the moment they woke up to the moment Kate said Maddie was gone.

Where they went, at what time, with whom, what they did and during their dinner and once the alarm had been sounded

Once timelines have been pinned down then the fun begins

Once one cracks they all will in the race to save their own skins