Saturday, May 30, 2015

What I Believe May Have Happened To Madeleine McCann

I believe that Maddie died sometime during the vacation before Thurs may 3rd.
That cadaverine was found behind the sofa means she lay there for at least 90 Min's if she died in the apartment since that is how long (depending on the manner of death and the environmental conditions - temp, humidity etc)
This would blow away their claims of 30 min checks on the children that night since they clearly didn't notice her missing for at least 90 Min's.
Given also the fact the apartment was almost forensically cleaned, to the extent there was little evidence there were 3 children present and we all know how wet and sticky children can be especially at their ages, there was little to no DNA that Maddie was ever present.

Forensics look for what is there that shouldn't be and, just as importantly, what isn't there that should be.

This tells me that time had to be taken to clean the apartment, something not possible in the time frames given for Thurs, May 3rd.

This then tells me Maddie died sometime earlier in the week.
Looking at the statements and how much is written concerning each day of the trip, I and others have noticed there seems to be a lot missing from one day of the week (it might be the Mon or Tues, i can't recall off the top of my head)

This is noted in all the statements from the group.
We go from quite detailed to obfuscation and i can't remembers, which makes the day sensitive and thus requiring further information as to why the sensitivity.

If she died much earlier in the week as is probable, then there is plenty of time for the clean up, laundering and hiding of the body.

Think about this for a moment.

Thursday was the very last night they could have had the abduction, since on Friday they would be on their way home.

They would not have announced it earlier since they needed time for the cleanup, sorting out time lines and concealing Maddie's body.

Also, since this is the mccanns and chums, why spoil a good vacation by calling out the faked abduction any earlier?
Thus Thursday was the only day they could have used.
They knew they would have to stay in Portugal, the interviews by the PJ, the alleged searching plus the free accommodation for desperate ' innocent' parents and it also meant they could fly family and friends out for a freebie as well under the guise of helping and support.

Now, Why did the mccanns act the way they did?
Innocents parents act a specific and expected way.
Guilty parents act a specific and expected way (as in unexpected for innocent parents)

The two are mutually exclusive.

Innocent parents, had there been an accident, would have called 911 even, if she was long dead.
The parents are in denial and will always hope for a miracle.

Even though they are doctors, they would have still called 911 simply because a hospital has the equipment and staff, something the parents and chums didn't have.

The fact they didn't call 911 means that there was something they could not explain away as accidental.
If they found her dead, there was evidence that could not be explained away as accidental.

This could be current injuries, old and healing injuries, evidence of sedation (especially long term sedation - think Shannon Mathews and the hair tests) and signs of sexual injuries and abuse either old or new.
If injuries then if old, medical records would show if she had been treated in hospital or by a GP.
If signs of long term drugs, then medical records would indicate if they had been prescribed and who by.
Sexual injuries would result in a lot of darn awkward questions as to who had access to the children and when, any criminal records or history if not charged)

If it had been, for example, drug ingestion then they could have claimed she found the 'candy' and ate it and they didn't notice and only realised when they found her unresponsive or dead the next day. 

This though would have meant them calling 911 as would be expected, since they didn't know or hear anything and thus could not have been charged.

If she had fallen and banged her head and died, again they could have claimed to be sleeping the sleep of the intoxicated and only found her the next morning dead behind the sofa.
Again the expected would be they called 911, since they didn't know or hear anything and thus could not have been charged

They didn't call 911 so this begs the question why not?

What was done that they could not explain it away as an accident either falling whilst they were asleep or eating medication again whilst they were asleep.?

The obvious conclusion is that they could not allow an autopsy because of what would be revealed.

Evidence of physical injuries, sedation or sexual abuse would result in arrest and prosecution since none could be explained away.
This would also account for why the medical records were not released.
Evidence of injuries, UTI's etc and no visits to the hospital or GP.
The GMC would also be involved if they were self medicating and self prescribing.

If sexual abuse was present (likely the most obvious reason) then it points straight to gerry and also to the men of the tapas group and, given the previous statements from the Dr's Gaspar, david payne would be high on the list as well as matthew oldfield since he too checked on the children that Thurs. night (allegedly)

If it was recent then they could have blamed the paedophile abductor if Maddie had been found within days and, again, dependant on the condition of the body.

If the injuries were old and Maddie was found within a few days, again it points straight to gerry and anyone who had access to the children.
It would not account for a paedophile abductor since the injuries would be older than the timeline could account for.

Kate introduced the word MURDER when using the process of free editing.
Words are thought a microsecond before being spoken.
MURDER is what was at the forefront of kate's mind when she spoke.
This then precludes an accidental death, otherwise she would have said accidental death or even death.

Lori Campbell In Praia Da Luz

Daily Mirror Interview.

"They want me to lie - I'm being framed.

"Police don't want a murder in Portugal and all the publicity about them not having paedophile laws here, so they're blaming US

It is worth noting she takes ownership of lying and being framed ( the assumption is by the police but she doesn't tell us the police want her to lie or to frame her.
She could be referring to the members of the group including gerry)
The pronoun US shows unity and shared cooperation, often found when the guilty want to minimise their own role in the crime  and spread the guilt  - ask anyone with children and teenagers and the ever popular, everyone else was doing it as well excuse #1)

Both kate and gerry and even clarrie have told us Maddie is dead, though not how or at whose hand, that I can see, although the tapas group have indicated Maddie was bumped on the head (an active action, something done deliberately as opposed to having bumped her head which is passive and done accidentally)
They also leaked that there were several doctors in the group who could have resuscitated her.

This then indicates a violent action occurred, something that could not be explained away such as her falling and bumping her head such as off the sofa.
This would lead me to ask where the injury was, that it could not be explained away as an accident.
This would include things such as finger marks (remember the bruises on kate's arm) jewellery marks, the location of the injury etc.
Perhaps even to multiple injuries perhaps caused when someone loses their temper and beats the victim.

They may not have set out to kill the victim, they just couldn't stop themselves until they either exhausted themselves or were pulled away by someone (again the bruises on kate's arm and wrist)

Whatever the cause, whoever did it, the parents could not allow an autopsy to be performed because of the consequences to themselves.
If it was a member of the group, why would they not point the finger?
Their daughter killed by a family friend.

The guilt would lie solely with the guilty person not the parent.
They would have sympathy and even donations for the funeral.

Unless, of course they knew about said friend's 'little peccadilloes' in which case questions would be asked as to how much the knew, and why they allowed said person access to their children and then an investigation into whether they themselves had 'little peccadilloes'.
There is also the risk the guilty person would drop them in it as well, on the grounds of if I am going down, I am taking everyone else with me.

There is a huge secret being hidden, swinging it is not since no one cares what you do with your sex lives if it is legal and consensual, although you may find your friends who aren't into each other putting a lot of distance between them and you (and a good many more introducing themselves)

Saturday, May 9, 2015

I am putting my money where my mouth is.

I am putting my money where my mouth is.

People tell you who they are if you take the time to listen carefully.

The mccanns have told me who they are.

The mccanns have told me the truth about Maddie, they have told the world the truth about Maddie.

 They didn't realize at the time and, they still don't realize it now.

They have told me they are users and abusers.

They have used lawyers and the media to stifle any investigation, any discussion, any questioning  of their version of events.

This is why we are here today.

They fear the truth being known as there will be consequences.
The consequences they face now  will be worse than if they had told the truth at the beginning

They have abused the innocence of their children by telling them a fairy story about a non existent stranger boogeyman and they have abused the goodwill of the public who bought into their deception at the start, believing in a faked abduction of a little 3 yr old girl.

Today,  there are still those, a tiny minority who, for reasons known only to themselves, still  buy into that self same deception.

Innocent parents behave and act in a certain way.

Guilty parents behave and act in a certain way.

The two are mutually exclusive.

We the public have become the parents, the carers, the voice to a little girl betrayed by her own parents.

We are the family she didn't know she had and never knew she would need.

We are the voice of a silent little girl with no voice of her own.

Gagged by her own parents in their quest for money and fame and desperate to evade justice.

Remember this kate and gerry.

A crime once done cannot be undone.
Words once said cannot be unsaid.

You have spoken the truth as to what happened, even though you tried not to.

Every time you try to deny, to explain away, you leak the truth.

Lying is stressful and the brain does not like stress.

The brain will try to relieve the stress by telling the truth.

We who listen, discern the truth of the lie.

Kate you even helpfully put it all in a book, a book which will become evidence against you.

I wonder if you were advised not to do so by your highly paid lawyers, who knew what would happen when justice arrives.

Did greed overcome common sense?

You refused to answer 48 questions whilst the 49th, asking if you knew by not answering the questions you were hindering the search?
To which you replied:

"Yes, if that's what the investigation thinks".

I  bet you felt smart, your lawyer advising you not to answer for fear of incriminating yourself.

Hmm, if you were truly innocent, how could you have possibly incriminated yourself?

Is this because you weren't innocent?

Only those with something to hide refuse to answer innocent questions.

Still, kate, you knew better, after all you are, or, should i say were, a doctor.
What a waste of all those years of hard work and study, all down the drain, as you are now unemployable by your own hand.

You always know best, isn't that what they say about mothers?

Shame you wrote the book, all the interesting nuggets of information.

Who needed the 48 questions and a bothersome attorney and their fees, when you  oh so helpfully put it all in a book and got paid for it as well.

Oh, how  i bet your lawyers laughed when they found out, Ho Ho Ho

Still kate and gerry, as i said, People tell you who they are if you take the time to listen carefully.

Dr. Goncalo Amaral has told me who he is.
His words and his behavior tell me who he is.

It is clear he loved and cared for Maddie  more than you ever did.
He has become her voice, the voice she didn't know she would ever need.
He seeks justice for her, justice she didn't know she would ever need.
She became one of his children, the moment you stopped being her parents.

Think on this mccanns.

Cold cases are never closed.
They may get shelved but the investigation will still go on, being taken from the shelf and reexamined.
Criminals being caught years, even decades down the line.
All those advances in modern technology.
Advances in science and forensics.

All it takes is a single print, a single fiber, a single hair, A SINGLE CELL.

Maddie's voice will never be silenced until her killers come to justice.

Dr. Goncalo Amaral is her voice.
We are her voice.

You cannot silence us.

You do not have the money, you do not have the power.

The only thing that will silence us is when we hear the pronunciation of guilty.

Think on this as you go to bed at night.
Think of this as you wake in the morning.
Your last thought and your first thought each and every day.

Is today the day it comes crashing down?

Dr. Goncalo Amaral has my trust, our trust.

Tell me kate and gerry, who can you trust?

Dr. Goncalo Amaral I am right with you, We are all with you.

Boa sorte meu amigo

Good luck my friend

The west, the blame game , islam and radicalization

The current blame game of the moment is blame the west for what is going on in the middle east.
Yeah right.

What is conveniently being forgotten is that the middle east has been at war with not only everyone else, it has also been at war with itself.
Vvillage against village, tribe against tribe,  religion against religion (shia versus sunni) for thousands of years.

It isn't going to stop, ever.

What is also being carefully avoided mention of, is all those poor asylum seekers coming from islamic countries who want to kill off all the infidels (you and me) and enslave those they don't kill.

However that thought is not politically correct.

We have all seen what is going on with daesh,  we have all seen what is going on in the various muslim countries.

We have all read how it is the fault of the big bad west.
Even our own leaders are saying it is our fault in a roundabout way.
It is not politically correct to point out what muslims are doing to their own people and have been doing for centuries.

If it was all the fault of the west and we are the bad guys, why are they killing fellow muslims, blowing up mosques, schools, malls and markets?

Why aren't they targeting western embassies, ex pats and the like?

We have all the do-gooders bleating about letting all the poor (alleged) asylum seekers in.
We must offer them sanctuary and protection and we must believe every claim of them facing threats etc back home.

No mention is to be made about economic migration.
No mention is made about all the criminals who are coming in and who then commit horrendous crimes and who then cannot be deported back to their home country because of their human rights.
No mention is made about terrorists coming in with intent to commit atrocities.

OK let's go with that for a minute, open borders and unrestricted muslim immigration with no checks.

We allow every one in, no checks no nothing, c'mon in the door is open as is our wallet.

Where do we put them?
where will they live?
Where will the children be educated?
Where will they get free medical treatment?
How will they survive?
Who will feed and clothe them?
Who will protect its own citizens from people who want to kill  them, enslave and rape them?
Who will protect the rights and privileges of its citizens?

Will you be a happy lil camper if you can't get a house even though you waited  umpteen years to get social housing because all the housing has gone to immigrants?

Will you be a happy lil camper if your kids can't get the school you want them to have because it is full of immigrant children and if you do get a school place, your child is a minority because they can speak English?
The food is halal and all christian festivals are out the window because it might offend a muslim?
That your child is forced to learn about islam?

Will you be a happy lil camper if you have to wait 6 months for an appointment because the surgery is swamped and your operation is cancelled endlessly because it can't cope with the demand of all the immigrants who arrived and there isn't the money to provide even basic health care due to the sheer numbers of patients making demands?

Will you be a happy lil camper when that nice job you had no longer exists, you get made redundant and then workers are hired at a fraction of the salary you were on?

Will you be a happy lil camper when you can't get benefits  because there are too many demands being made and there is no money?

Will you be a happy lil camper when taxes soar because the money to support a massive rise in population without a commensurate rise in income from taxes etc?

Will you be a happy lil camper when your town basically becomes a no go area because of all the muslims who refuse to integrate into British society and instead  speak their own language, insist on full veil for women and anyone not dressed modestly gets attacked by gangs of men because that is their law? (it is happening already in several towns)

Will you be happy knowing gangs of muslim men are grooming and raping you r daughters because your daughter is an infidel and that is all they are useful for?

Will you be a happy lil camper when, before you know it, you are in a minority, you have to follow their rules and laws to get anything?

Will you be a happy lil camper when you find out too late that all those nice men from syria who were welcomed with open arms and no background checks decide to blow up hospitals, military bases, parliament, schools, malls etc and then tell you that you either convert or die and then kill you anyway simply because, or, if you are lucky decide to enslave you and then rape and abuse you before passing you around like a pass the parcel?

I bet right now more than a few of you are tutting and calling me rude names, that's fine, I've been called a lot worse than anything you can think of and that's in my day to day job, currently and in the past.

All the media and governments don't want you to question what is going on.
They deny it is religious terrorism when even the dumbest can see it is when they slaughter Christians because they are Christians, they enslave and rape children because they are Yazidi or Christian.

I see what is happening and it is like nazism all over again except this time it is not just the jews, the homosexuals,gypsies, the disabled and elderly being targeted, it is every single person who is not a member, follower or supporter of daesh.

How do you deal with people who want you dead simply because you are not of their faith, who will rape you even if you are a child because it says they can in the koran.
Who don't care about dying in this life if it means they get eternal paradise in the next
BTW if men get 72 female virgins if they die a martyr, do women get 72 male virgins if they die a martyr or in childbirth? (the only ways to get guaranteed paradise)
Do they get 72 female virgins?
Do they get 72 virgins of whatever is available?

Hard as it may seem, every country needs to turn back illegal immigrants as who knows who they could be letting in.
If they want to leave their country so badly because of how it is, they can change their country from the inside (rather than emigrate and change their host country into a home from home)
We need to do checks on every single immigrant so we know who they are, any criminal history and then ensure only those are allowed in that pass all the checks.

As things stand, we are heading  for WW III
We ignored nazism and we know how that panned out, we believed all the spiel from hitler and his apologists.
We do the same at our peril this time round.

This time we aren't fighting people who would rather live than die and will surrender and play nice.
We are dealing people who actively want to die and, if they do surrender, will rapidly come up with interesting ways to kill as many as possible even if it means their own death.

It scares me that people are believing all the hype about them being extremists and radicalized.

If you look at the koran, daesh are doing exactly as it commands, murder, slavery, child rape, the works.
Islam is anything but a peaceful religion.
Christianity preaches peace and forgiveness, tolerance and acceptance.
It doesn't demand its believers to kill non believers.

Islam is a religion of violence towards women and non believers.

It is a religion of intolerance.

'Moderate muslims' you will note are saying nothing, no protests or demands for it to end, they can't because to do so would be to go against their god.
For them to say and do something, they would leave themselves open to charges of blasphemy and that would mean death.

The west won't admit that Islam is a violent religion, that the acts it perpetrates against innocents are permitted and even demanded by their religion.

They talk of radicalization when in fact it is normal, expected, demanded of its believers.
Why do they minimise the  religious atrocities committed against non believers and even believers but of a different sect under the guise of sharia law?

Do governments fear the consequences if the truth were revealed?

Remember also that it is ordered that muslims lie to infidels (non muslims)
It is allowed for them to be deceitful and do things that would perhaps be frowned up as a openly devout muslim if it means the laws of islam are propagated.

They are forbidden though from lying to other muslims.

Something to ponder.

If for example  daesh succeeds,  islam becomes the rule of law and religion.
Every infidel (that is you and me) is either dead, enslaved or converted by force.
It won't end in happy families.

Oh no.

It will one branch of islam against another, until one wins outright and they stand amongst the ruin of the planet (assuming of course that  the various countries haven't decided that we are going to fall and we will be wiped out, lets take the buggers with us and then let rip with every nuclear bomb going)

Think about this if you want  unlimited immigration, open doors for all asylum seekers as it is the right thing to do.

Think about this if you agree to all the demands and restrictions from muslims in case you offend them.

At what point, after what atrocity will the world wake up and realize and accept that islam is fighting against every other religion in an attempt to wipe out every non believer?
That islam wants to kill off democracy, that islam wants to destroy equality between the sexes.

At some point, even you will have to say no more.