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Ding Dong, Ding Dong. Cue The mccann's Annual Christmas Begging Bowl Sob Story.

Madeleine McCann's parents to launch new private search with appeal fund's remaining £750k

Kate and Gerry McCann have set the money aside for another private search for their daughter with the £12million Scotland Yard operation set to wind down

Getty Kate and Gerry McCann
Still searching: Kate and Gerry McCann with an image of how Maddy might look now

Madeleine McCann’s parents are poised to launch a new ­private search for their daughter with the remaining £750,000 in their appeal fund.
Kate and Gerry, both 47, aim to begin a fresh initiative to solve the nine-year-old mystery as the £12million Scotland Yard investigation winds down.
Plans are under way to use what is left of the No Stone Unturned fund, boosted by sales of Kate’s book Madeleine, to hire private detectives to probe several unanswered questions.
A source told the Sunday People : “There is £750,000 in the account. That money has been ­preserved because Kate and Gerry knew they may want to reopen an ­investigation at some point.
“They have always said they’ll do ­anything they can to keep going. That ­commitment remains.”

PA Madeleine McCann
Missing: Madeleine McCann vanished from the family holiday apartment in Portugal in 2007
The number of British officers working on the ­investigation , named Operation Grange, has been ­reduced from 29 to four.
Read more: Gerry and Kate McCann reveal the reasons why they miss Maddie
The operation has cost £10million since it was launched four years ago following intervention from the Prime Minister.
A further £2million has been ­guaranteed by the Home Office until April.

PA Gerry and Kate McCann
Not giving up: Gerry and Kate McCann
The source added: “We don’t know exactly when Operation Grange will end but while it continues it has the finest technology and analysts.
“Private investigations are expensive and do not have anything like the range and capabilities available to the Yard.
“The McCanns still feel there are a lot of questions that remain unanswered but they still have full confidence in the Metropolitan Police .”
Madeleine disappeared from their ­ holiday apartment in the Portuguese resort of Praia da Luz in May 2007, shortly before her fourth ­birthday. Since then her parents have campaigned tirelessly.


“They have always said they’ll do ­anything they can to keep going. That ­commitment remains.”
As long as it does not include kate answering the 48 questions.
Kate, gerry and all the tapas 7 taking part in a police reconstruction.

Note there is a limitation as to what they can do to keep going.
They will do what they can rather than doing everything to keep going.

The limitation on what they can do is due to guilty knowledge, guilty involvement and fear of the consequences such as arrest, prosecution, jail, loss of custody of the twins, loss of their job, loss of their home, loss of their status.
THIS is close, THAT is distant.

For there to be a THAT there has to be a THIS as well

A source told the Sunday People : “There is £750,000 in the account. That money has been ­preserved because Kate and Gerry knew they may want to reopen an ­investigation at some point.

For source read clarrie.

That is distancing, this is close.

That money has been preserved (£750,000) what about any other money?

Why did they know they had to 'preserve' that money?

Given the PJ and the Metropolitan Police were investigating the case and currently still are, how did the mccanns know they would need the money to reopen an investigation?

Did they know Maddie would not be found?
Did they know no 'abductor' would be found?

Not the inclusion of the qualifier MAY

A qualifier is a word then when removed doesn't change the meaning of the sentence.
Here we have a considerable weakening of the sentence and statement as a whole.

He doesn't tell us that if the investigation is closed by the PJ and the Metropolitan Police the mccanns will then pay to hire investigators to try and find where they dumped Maddie.

He tells us only that they MAY reopen
AN investigation.He doesn't tell us they would reopen THE investigation, only AN investigation.Any investigation by the mccanns investigators has been restricted to only looking for an alleged paedophile abductor and that the mccanns and friends are not to be investigated at all.

Because is highlighted in blue making it sensitive.
Because is used to explain why something happened or was done.
It preempts the question 'Why was the money being preserved?'
The are thinking ahead and answer the question before it is asked which makes it sensitive and warrants further questioning.

“The McCanns still feel there are a lot of questions that remain unanswered but they still have full confidence in the Metropolitan Police .”Note, he speaks only of the Metropolitan police and fails to mention the Portuguese investigation in relation to having full confidence.

This indicates sensitivity.

They may have some input/control over the UK investigation, they have none with the Portuguese.

At best, in the UK they would face charges in relation to the fraudulent fund, other charges may be possible in relation to  neglect
of the children both in Portugal and also since they returned to the UK and social services got involved.

In Portugal they would face charges of homicide, concealment of a corpse and filing a false police report, other possible charges could relate to fundraising in Portugal, the boxes and buckets, obtaining money and services by deception and so on.

It is
interesting to note he mentions a lot of questions that remain unanswered.


Until kate answers those 48 unanswered questions, they will hang round her neck like a millstone.

The word "but" should always be observed carefully, particularly observing the words that follow the word
"but" in comparison to what preceded it.
It can refute what preceded it, or can be used to compare, or even negate what preceded it.

The claim she was advised not to answer the 48 questions by her attorney on the grounds it may incriminate her is in itself incriminating and implicating.

If she and gerry were innocent of involvement in the death, disposal and subsequent cover up, then there would be nothing incriminating to arrest and charge them.

Innocent parents do not have to worry about saying anything incriminating.
They would answer each and every question put to them.

However, guilty parents do have to worry about incriminating themselves.
Their attorneys will advise them to say nothing, to not answer even the most innocuous of questions as there is great risk of open mouth insert feet and incriminate oneself.

Kate is between a rock and a hard place.
If she refuses to answer the questions she implicates and incriminates herself.
If she answers the questions she implicates and incriminates herself as all the discrepancies are revealed.

As it stands, her refusal to answer the 48 questions makes her look as guilty as heck, especially with the excuse given.

It has, and will, continue to haunt her until Maddie is found and all those involved are behind bars.

also the qualifier FEEL which weakens the statement.

I would ask what questions they feel have been unanswered?

I would ask if they consider the questions unanswered include the 48 asked of kate?

I would ask if kate would be willing to answer the 48 questions she refused to answer as well as any new ones.

I would also ask gerry and the tapas 7 the exact same questions along with any others i could think of.

I would also ask gerry why he answered all his questions yet kate, who allegedly discovered Maddie was missing refused to answer all hers bar one.

If i wasn't such a suspicious Hobs, i would think it was so their answers could not be cross checked and all the discrepancies revealed in all their glory and a swift end to the investigation.

Now, this wouldn't be something akin to the truth would it?


  1. We're all suspicious, so it's not just you Hobs..! Yet another great post. It's definitely a hint at filling the coffers but i wonder how much they were charged to advertise this fact? Once again money being used from the 'fighting fund' that was supposedly to be used to look for poor dear Maddie. I've often wondered if everyone is waiting for the coffers to dry up to see if they will sell that mini mansion of theirs to fund even further searches. I really don't think so myself. They all need to be dragged back over to PDL to do that reconstruction and to give Maddie some of her dignity back.

    1. I wonder how much they got for that story..enough for the twins Christmas presents...the £750 .000 that's left (should there not be more than that) should be donated to the genuinely missing people charity and be done with this farce Madeline McCann is not a missing person she is a hidden person

  2. I'd like to know where they intend to carry on searching because as far as I know they've never done any! They've even admitted
    They don't know where she is, so where do they start? Maybe they'd be kind enough to inform a TV company so they can go along and film them.. I'm sure they would oblige and waiver the fee It would be most interesting!

    Maybe the remaining funds they have left will be used to visit her final resting place, who knows! but as sure as eggs is eggs I believe they know her whereabouts.Even when the investigation ends I think they should be watched closely.

    1. They should have asked that guy who's just landed in space to have a look out for Madeline that's how ridiculous this whole sorry saga has become..dont know where they get the brassneck to still look people in the eye and the msm for playing along with them

    2. That's what exasperates most people that have took an interest in this weird case! They sit there smirking, especially Gerry, knowing they are practically bullet proof they can lie through their teeth and can't be held accountable for anything. Why is it that not one person has the backbone to really get to the bottom of this, I'll tell you one thing If I was interviewing them I'd probably loose my job by asking Gerry why he finds the disappearance of his daughter so amusing, yes I'd go that far because I care enough about a little girl who although I've never met deserves some respect, they're the most shallow uncaring parents I've ever come across in all my working life.I just hope the new year brings some justice for Madeleine, It's long overdue.

      Thanks to you Hobnob for all your hard work and dedication in trying to make some sense of all this! Have a lovely Christmas.


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