Thursday, October 2, 2014

Why Were The mccanns Never Charged With Neglect?

They were never charged with neglect because, as the PJ said, they didn't know what crime(s) had been committed. 
Also, if charged with neglect, they could not then have been charged with homicide, concealment of a corpse and filing a false police report.

The mccanns and the rest of their group never left their children home alone any night, medical people tend to by hyper protective when it comes to childcare since they know what can happen in a fraction of a second, even whilst standing next to their child.

Each night, an adult member of the group was absent, allegedly with an illness or looking after/changing a sick child.

Oldfield on his check, described a completely different apartment.
I wonder which apartment fitted his description?

The twins were missing initially when the alarm was raised according to at least one witness and were reported in one of the 'rogs' as being taken back to their apartment (how can you take someone back to their apartment if they are already there?)
Also their bedding was noticed to be missing.
We also have statements from gerry of them sleeping on a bed, as well as them being in cots, so, which is it?

If the children were being babysat each night by one of the adults , then there could not have been an abduction.
No abductor is going to break into an apartment to abduct a child and come face to face with a parent.

For there to be an abduction as claimed, they had to claim neglect , as in leaving the children home alone and doing checks.

No neglect - no abduction.
No abduction - What did you do to Maddie?

If the PJ had gone for neglect then the following is what would have likely happened.

Charged with neglect the mccanns and chums appear in court,
The mccanns and chums plead not guilty.
Trial commences.
The mccanns and chums stand up and openly admit they didn't neglect the children, they were all in fact sleeping in one apartment each night watched by an adult member of the group.

Verdict is NOT GUILTY since there was never any neglect.

The mccanns and chums walk free.

The mccanns cannot then be charged with homicide, concealment of a corpse and filing a false police report.

They walk away free and easy

It is a risk they are and were prepared to take.
Their lawyers would have advised them admit to the minimum offense and we can probably plea deal down to probation and a fine or minimal jail time.
They get a fine and possibly sanctions on their medical licenses which could include retraining and/or supervision.

It is unlikely they would lose their licenses,

I am not sure if the UK police could bring charges since they were already tried in Portugal.

This would be something they would look into,

If no charges could be laid, they could publicly announce Maddie did die in their apartment, they panicked and hid her etc and nothing would happen.

Nothing could happen.

Those who are pro Maddie will not change their minds so they don't count.

Those who support the parents may or may not change their minds, they don't matter either.

What matters is they have a nice little fund.

If they could face charges in the UK then they may decide to risk the child neglect trial and whatever outcome as it would still be less than homicide etc in the UK.

Basically win win for the mccanns.

They were never charged because you cannot charge them on the basis they have done something but you don't know what, nor how, why, when, with whom or where.

Currently this is as best a position they can have since no one knows what the truth is or isn't and confusion reigns which as gerry says is good.


  1. Hi again, Tania.

    Just what charges would they face NOW, assuming enough evidence had accumulated to charge them?

    As well as the original accusation of covering up a crime, concealing a body, etc., they would be charged with wasting police time & resources, obtaining money under false pretenses, perverting the course of justice, issuing wrongful lawsuits; and no doubt a few others.

    Everyone they have sued would want their money back, along with a suitable recompense.

    Having conned well-meaning people out of so much money, supposedly for such a 'noble' cause, and kept up the pretense for so long, they would become more despised than Fred & Rose West. (At least Fred had the decency to top himself when found out, saving everyone a lot of time & money.)

    Everyone connected with the affair, especially those in high authority, would also have some serious questions to answer.

    So, for the sake of argument, let's assume they are guilty, and know exactly what's likely to happen if found out:

    Having made such a big deal so far, they know they can't just fade into the background, & hope everyone forgets about it. So..

    The priorities then become:

    Make sure we're NEVER found out.

    Keep up the pretense at all costs.

    Silence any and all doubts / criticisms by whatever means possible.

    Censor, discredit, or minimize indisputable facts which point to our own guilt.

    Use all means to divert attention away from any suspicion of our own involvement.*

    And to anyone who cares to look, that appears to be EXACTLY what they are doing.

    *No doubt you can think of a few others.

    Ted (S. Yorks)

  2. Hi Tania.

    I know I'm preaching to the converted, and there's probably nothing I've said that you don't know already, but I only started researching the Madeleine McCann story after reading of the suicide of the 'troll' lady.

    And yes, once the facts are known, there is really no other conclusion than that Kate & Gerry McCann are guilty of some form of serious misdemeanor (or serious mental illness).

    There is only one way K&GM can put an end to all the suspicions and accusations, and that is to establish their innocence once and for all by being 100% open and honest, answering all questions openly, and co-operating with the police in every respect, even if it means going to trial. In other words, by actually BEING innocent, not just acting the part.

    Pardon me for not holding my breath on THAT.

    Ted (S. Yorks)

  3. hello Tania. i share your view. keep up the great work!

  4. Great website, you seem to have legal knowledge, is that right? I think you have hit the nail on the head and I believe that they will eventually admit they know more than they are saying. I hope one of their friends get sick and tired of being portrayed as a villain and confess everything. That will bring the whole pack of cards tumbling down. These people are inhuman, no remorse, no empathy for a little girl with no voice. One alternative view is that she was never in Portugal, that is why they had to pretend that all the children shared the same toothbrush and why G had to fly back to UK supposedly to get something with M's DNA on it. He brought back a pillow case, but he was not supervised by police when he collected it it seems. If she had been in Portugal there would be something such as a hair bobble, shoes, socks, clothes, but there was nothing they could use. Why was that either washed or got rid of? M might have been alive and there was a good chance she would have been found. Pie in the sky! Either she was not there, or she had been there but all traces had been whooshed away and hidden. At the end of the day this couple know what happened and for that reason alone they should be arrested for concealing evidence from the police. They could also be arrested for fraud if it is revealed they knew all along that she was dead, but still set up the fund. Fraud of the century! Which unfortunately so far they seem to have got away with. With help from their friends in high places of course. That is my opinion and I will stand by it.

  5. Although you have a strong argument against prosecution if they had ben in the uk and on benefits they woukd have been all over the press and MP's would be calling for their prossecution. Class plays such a big part. They left their children to go out for a meal. Even if they went back every 30 minutes it is not acceptable.

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