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Thursday July 12th: I hate the person who took MY Madeleine - kate mccann

Thursday July 12th: I hate the person who took MY Madeleine, the same one who caused all this trouble, who made us feel worthless and mistrustful and mainly who has frightened MY beautiful Madeleine. I will never forgive that person/those people. NEVER 

She takes ownership of the statement with the strong first person singular I.
She is speaking for herself.
She also uses the strong pronoun MY in relation to Madeleine.
This is maternal instinct speaking (apparently she does have some)
It is expected that when speaking for herself in such a stressful situation, she would take ownership of Madeleine.

She uses person which is used to conceal gender and identity.
It is unexpected given the alleged sighting of a man carrying a child away from the apartment as stated by jane tanner, one of the tapas 7 group of friends.

Why does she use person rather than the expected man, given what is already known and also given the claim Madeleine was abducted by a paedophile?

Why not say she hates the MAN who took her Madeleine?

Does she instead use the identity and gender concealing  noun person because she does, in fact, know who removed Madeleine from the apartment and to reveal this would be incriminating not only to herself but to others involved as well?

Same one  - She doesn't say the same person, she instead changes PERSON to ONE.
A change in language is a change in reality.

person took Madeleine, One caused all this trouble.

This trouble. This is close, that is distancing.
She minimises the taking of Madeleine (abduction) to trouble.

What trouble does she refer to?
She doesn't tell us the trouble is making them feel worthless and mistrustful.
She tells us trouble, then  worthless  and finally mistrustful.

What other trouble is there then?

The trouble is, no one buys their story of abduction.
There is not one iota of evidence to indicate someone ( a man) broke into the apartment and abducted Madeleine from her bedroom.
The tanner sighting which at the time  seemed unfeasible and impossible given what she claimed she saw in poor light at a distance of 50 metres,  who was unseen by both gerry and Wilkins as she walked round them to go to her apartment.
There were no prints of any kind form an unknown source (the alleged abductor) no fibres, no hairs, no skins cells or sweat,  nothing to indicate an unknown source removed Madeleine from her bed and away into the night.

The discrepancies in their stories regarding not only the supposed checks done nightly, but also who was doing what and when on which day, even to getting the weather completely wrong.

The breaking of the laws of physics in regard to open and slamming doors and whooshing curtains.

The refusal to answer 48 questions by kate even though she admitted that by not answering them, she was hindering the search if that's what they think.

The refusal to take part in any kind of reconstruction by  the group, although the mccann's by law were compelled to.
If the tapas group refused to cooperate than by default the mccann's wouldn't have to since it was reliant on all of them being present.

The bolting back to the UK on being made arguidos and promptly hiring high priced extradition lawyers ( really? is this the behavior of innocent parents ?)

The muzzling of the media on pain of being sued and the suing of Dr. Goncalo Amaral because he dared to question their version of events.

The trouble that despite their books( i count the latest one by summers and swan as one of theirs else it would never have been allowed to be published if it didn't absolve them of any involvement) their mockumentary, their multiple interviews on TV, radio and the press, nothing clears them of involvement in the disappearance (death) and subsequent cover up of their daughter.
Even Leicestershire Police say they cannot be cleared

"Who made us feel worthless and mistrustful and mainly who has frightened MY beautiful Madeleine" .

Notice the placement of the pronoun and the name Madeleine, look at the order.
Us is the 3rd word in, it has priority, Madeleine is the last word, 15th out of 15, about as far as you can get from US.
Considering she claims this to be her main priority, why does she place Madeleine last, the lowest priority?
Her priority is them (US) feeling worthless, followed by mistrustful followed lastly by frightened and Madeleine.

No mention of harm or hurt, no mention of abduction, scared or terrified.

No mention of Madeleine being made to feel worthless or mistrustful

The trouble must then refer to something else not related to the person taking Madeleine or to them feeling worthless and mistrustful.
Madeleine is, as always, an afterthought.

All along it has been and is, all about how they feel, what they are going through, what they are experiencing.
Not once has it been about what Madeleine is feeling or experiencing or going through.
They have to be reminded to make mention of her.

There has been minimal statements made in public to Madeleine saying they are looking for her, telling her not to give up.
There has been little to no pleas made to the alleged abductor begging him to release Madeleine, to leave her in a safe place.

Why is this?
It is all unexpected.

Ia it because there was no abductor and the Madeleine is dead?
They know this and so there is no point making pleas and requests for her safe return or reassuring  words to let her know they will find her, why waste valuable publicity time on the impossible  when the time can be better utilised to get money from the gullible and  sympathy for their own situation.

Assistant Chief Constable of Leicestershire Police (2007): “While both or one of [the McCanns] may be innocent, there is no clear evidence that eliminates them from involvement in Madeleine's disappearance.

What it boils down to is the trouble being they cannot clear themselves of involvement in the death, disposal and subsequent cover up of their daughter Madeleine McCann.

They cannot clear themselves because  the forensic evidence points to a death in the apartment, their daughter is missing, there is no evidence of any kind to indicate abduction except the discounted word of one of their own group who could not have seen what she claims from where she claimed, circumstantial evidence  points to the involvement of one or more members of the group being involved including the parents, including statements from the Dr's. Gaspar regarding a conversation between david payne and  gerry mccann suggesting sexual activity with a child possibly Madeleine Mccann, their own statements which have told us Madeleine is dead.

The trouble is of their own making, the fact they are not believed by law enforcement and a large majority of the public.

Order is important
Here she puts herself and gerry as the priority.
He made them feel worthless and mistrustful.
As her second and last priority she mentions Madel
AND MAINLY who has frightened my beautiful Madeleine.

Madeleine should be her priority since it is she whom is the victim, yet here she puts the feelings of herself first.
She puts her feelings of being worthless and mistrustful over that over Madeleine being frightened..

Note the order here.

First comes worthless lastly comes mistrustfulThis is unexpected.

I would expect her to say mistrustful first since he allegedly abducted their child from an area, an environment they felt was trusted, was safe.

Instinct would cause them to doubt anyone who had access to their children, this would include each other, the tapas 7 friends, OC staff, other guests, locals and expats, in fact anyone within a drivable distance who could have had access to their apartment and their children.

Matt oldfield would by default be the  obvious first suspect since he was the last one to check the children allegedly visually.

Before that it would then have been gerry, as the last parent to see the children and  who took longer than expected on the supposed check.

Before that it would have been kate and david payne and their 30 second to 30 minute get together ( a couple Min's discrepancy would be expected over a longer visit, 30 seconds would literally have been hi are you coming down with the kids? No )
The fact there is such a huge discrepancy requires further investigation ( it would also explain why kate had both a shower prior to payne's visit  and and bath when gerry got back)

Note also the minimising word frightened.
No mention there of who has abducted Madeleine, who has harmed Madeleine, who has terrified Madeleine.

Is this because she has to stick to the script that there is no evidence that Madeleine has come to any harm?
To admit to her being more than frightened, giving she was allegedly abducted by a paedophile, would be to indicate serious harm, given what paedophiles do to their victims.
She isn't terrified, or scared, she is merely frightened.

As always it is me, me, me, kate and how she is feeling, what she is experiencing, that gets priority over that of her missing daughter.

I will never forgive that person/those people. NEVER.
She claims she will never forgive that person/those people. NEVER.
Yet, she forgave the abductor and took out her rage and spite on the cop who was trying to find her daughter.

Never clearly has a time limit for kate.

We know they aren't devout catholics, they admitted as such.
It isn't unknown for the extremely devout to forgive the perpetrator, they however bear no grudge towards the cops who are trying to solve the crime, even if it takes years, or sadly never to solve the case.
They feel no anger as they know the cops are doing their best.
Any anger felt is towards the person(s) that committed the crime against their loved one.

Here though, we have kate who later forgave the 'abductor' venting her spleen and raging against the one guy who was doing his best for Madeleine, who was trying to find her missing, allegedly abducted daughter, and reuniting them.


It simply makes no sense.

An innocent parent will not blame those helping to find their missing child, they will lay the blame solely on the perpetrator.

A guilty parent, scared of being caught, will blame the cops, will blame those seeking their missing loved one.
They will block all attempts to help, refuse to cooperate, pour scorn on, deride and smear and yes, even take legal action against those who are seeking justice for the missing child.
For the guilty parent to remain free they have no option than to smear and obfuscate and lie and sue and use any method possible to hinder the search and paint the lead detectives in as bad a light as possible.
Only that way can they hope to evade detection and arrest.

Kate and gerry exhibit the classic behavior of narcissistic sociopaths involved in the death of their daughter.
Every time they open their mouths or put finger to keyboard for the blog or website they reveal their guilt, they reveal their priorities, they reveal their narcissism.
From the get go, they have admitted their priority was and still is, themselves,
If Madeleine hurt herself, how was it their fault?
It was their holiday to.

It concerns me just what the atmosphere is like in their household, it will be toxic to say the least.
They have an emotionally abusive father and mother (all the lies and half truths), They have a mom who has threatened to press a button and kill them and herself and gerry.
What happens when they see a headline or a post that reveals their guilt, their refusal to cooperate?

What happens when they have a bad day in court?

What happens if they see a news item that paints them in a bad light?

What happens if Sean or Amelie ask any question relating to that vacation or worse if mom and dad are involved in some way?

What happens if they ask mom and dad why didn't you do the reconstruction?

Why didn't you answer those 48 questions?

Why didn't you search for Madeleine?

Why have you sue those who tried to find Madeleine?

Is Madeleine now a banned word?
Don't mention Madeleine or else mom will throw a massive tantrum.

I wonder if kate and gerry believe their children buy their version of events?

I wonder if they strictly monitor their web access?

I wonder if they face a grilling when coming home from school as to if anyone mentioned Madeleine?

If they looked on the Internet for anything mentioning Madeleine?

Will it be the dirty little secret between the twins, that they search their sister online though the school Internet access or friends cell phones?

Given their age they aren't stupid, they will have seen and heard things kate and gerry would rather that hadn't.

Will the twins decide to tell someone trusted such as a friend's parent, a teacher or even a cop what they have seen and heard?

Will the downfall of the mccann's be at the hands of their own children?


  1. Excellent Tania, They do provide us with some great material to work with :-)

  2. Quote; 'There has been little to no pleas made to the alleged abductor vegging him to release Madeleine, to leave her in a safe place.' (Vegging?)

    There has been no offer of any reward either. With all the money they have garnered throughout the whole affair, it would cost them NOTHING to offer a (very big) reward for any information leading to the recovery of their daughter.

    Ted (S. Yorks)

  3. Hi Ted, i have corrected my typos (my spellchecker is on strike again)

    It is telling that they never mention any reward.
    Rewards are mostly based on the proviso of the safe return of the victim and in this case there was never going to be any safe return of Maddie since she i dead.
    They often include provisos such as the succressful prosecution of those concerned, again this will make kate and gerry nervous sine it would involve them being found guilty of involvement in th death and subsequent cover up of Maddie.

    They make no mention of it because when offered enough money, one of their chums or family member may decide they like the look of that and spill th beans.

    if they dont mention it then maybe noone will know of it.

    it isn't just what they say and do that incriminates them, it is also what they son;t say and don't do which points the finger of suspicion right at them.

    Personally, if they arrested all the group and clarrie and said obstruction of justice, perverting the course of justice means serious jail time as well as loss of your children , jobs etc, it might be an incentive to start talking and do a deal.

    Remember first to talk wins the prize.


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