Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Childless Couple Scenario

The childless couple scenario just isn't remotely plausible.

Why abduct a child when there are so many options from IVF in its various types through surrogacy through to adoption and fostering?

All the above are legal and there would be no reason not to hide the child away.

Why would a childless couple abduct or cause to have abducted a nearly 4 year old child who can walk and talk, who would have to be smuggled out the country, who could never be shown in public, never go to school, visit a hospital or dentist etc?

Why if anything, not take one of the younger children,  less talkative and who could possibly be explained away as an adoption if discovered?

Childless couples, invariably, it is the woman, will abduct a newborn or a preborn in some cases.
They often have a history of infertility or miscarriage or still birth
They will even go as far as to faking a pregnancy in order to facilitate their plan.
Come the day they decide on they will abduct a newborn from a hospital maternity unit or, in worst cases, their victims home, kill the mom and removed the child from their womb.

They will turn up at home claiming they have just given birth and  revealing the new baby, claiming it as their own.
They will have no scans of their own, no record of pregnancy, no visits to hospital during the birth or soon after, all of which are par for the course in a normal birth when the immediate family come and visit.

They are soon caught out when a suspicious family member reports the mother and their suspicions, the mother realizes babies are selfish demanding buggers  not all quiet and happy as per the ads.

Desperate wannabe moms will abduct the child they believe they can pass off as their own, it is hard to pass off a nearly 4 yr old as a newborn  even with being overdue.

It isn't plausible, it's not remotely believable, it smacks of desperation when such a scenario is introduced.

Nearly 4yr old missing children are either a victim of their own parents neglect/abuse, deliberate or otherwise or a victim of a family member or family friend or, more rarely, a sexual predator, in which case they are usually found dead within a matter of hours.

There is no evidence to indicate anyone broke into the apartment and abducted Maddie.

There is evidence of a death and subsequent clean up in the apartment
There is evidence of blood, cadaverine in the apartment and cadaverine and body fluids in the hire car.

There is evidence of cadaverine on certain personal items of kate mccann, a child's t shirt and Cuddlecat.

In all such cases, the parents  are the prime suspects and need to be cleared before the investigation moves on to the next circle of suspects.

In some cases depending on crime, location. alibi, this is instant, in others it may take a few hours or days (especially if there are family issues such as divorce etc)Next in line are those who had access to the missing person such as family members, neighbors, family friends and so on.

The parents have  not been cleared and due to their own language and behavior, cannot be cleared.

This is the downside to not co-operating.

If you don't co-operate, you cannot be cleared and questions arise as to why you won't co-operate and what you are hiding.


  1. The Portugese Police did say they were cleared. After seven years, they are further from arresting them than ever.

    Your assumptions about abductions are based on generalizations that aren't even true. In the US, about 58000 children are abducted by non family members. Of all ages. That's 6 per hour. It happens and it could have happened to Maddie.

    Your why steal a child when the IVF argument is about as logical as- "it doesn't make sense the money was stolen when you can get a job and earn it."

    The McCanns answered plenty of questions in May in July on and on. Where did all the statements in the LENGTHY police file come from?

    It's amusing your contradictions. OMG- the McCann's won't cooperate! OMG- look at page 4006 of the police file! OMG look how I can manipulate ALL these statements the McCanns made- and if that's not enough here are more things they said! Oh but too bad they won't say anything! They refuse to answer police questions! Look how the police found inconsistencies when they answered all those questions!

    OMG- they don't look for her! OMG- did you see all the things on the site they made encouraging people to look for her!

    I think they might have done it but you ma'am are nowhere close to proving it.

  2. You have said many intel length and correct things in your blog. So there is no need to manipulate statements to prove your point when there is already enough real things to prove said point. It discredits you when you have many things to say that should be heard.


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