Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Yet Another muslim Atrocity. Much Handwringing And Words Yet No Actual Action Will Be Taken As Per Usual.

Yesterday, there was yet another terrorist act by muslims.

Straight away came the platitudes from our governments.
Lots of words telling we, the public that such acts are by extremists, islam is a peaceful religion and so on.

Donald Trump went on
ITV's Good Morning Britain and said;"When they see trouble they have to report it. They are not reporting it. They are absolutely not reporting it and that is a big problem."Absolutely is a qualifier word, a word which when removed makes no difference to the meaning of the sentence.
Absolutely can mean  completely,
used for ​addingforce to a ​strongadjective that is not usually used with "very" or to a ​verbexpressingstrongemotion
Here he uses in relation to muslims seeing trouble and not reporting it.
They are not reporting it.He then repeats the words with the addition of the qualifier They are absolutely not reporting it
Making the non reporting of trouble sensitive.
He then explains the sensitivity by telling us
that is a big problem.For there to be a that, there has to be a this as THAT is distancing and THIS is close.
Given he is still campaigning for the Republican nomination, it could explain the distancing language.
If he were the President, then he might have said THIS as he would now be privy to information he is currently not privy to and could take action as he deemed fit.
He tells us not only that it is a problem, it is a BIG problem.
He is aware of  what is happening in the muslim community, that muslims are protecting their own.
It is a them and us situation.

We then had our very own Teresa May then tell us, via the commons:

"I understand he said that Muslims were not coming forward in the United Kingdom to report matters of concern.
This is absolutely not the case - he is just plain wrong."

Firstly this is a weak denial.

She takes ownership of her words and understanding what Mr. Trump has said which the inclusion of the first person singular pronoun Absolutely is a qualifier word, a word which when removed makes no difference to the meaning of the sentence.
A strong sentence would be "This is not the case, he is wrong"
I would then expect a reason explaining why this is not the case.
Instead she weakens her denial with the qualifier word
absolutely.May is minimizing  the allegation that muslims are not coming forward.
Why would she need to do so?

What would be the consequences of the public learning that muslims are withholding information that could prevent atrocities being committed in this country?
Civil unrest?
Legal action from victims of such atrocities blaming the government for doing essentially nothing?

Legal action from muslim groups claiming for hurt feeling, racism, 'islamaphobia'?
Islamaphobia (
dislike of or prejudice against Islam or Muslims, especially as a political force.) bandied about by apologists, the liberal left, Guardian readers and pretty much anyone unwilling or too scared to speak out about all that islam and muslims are doing and demanding in this country.

How come we never hear of Christianityphobia?

How come it is deemed permissible for muslims to publicly revel in their dislike and prejudice of Christianity, Christians, especially as a political force?
Allowances are demanded by muslims and we bow down and allow them for fear of offending someone.
Christmas becomes holiday, Easter eggs become eggs, halal meat is served in state schools without notifying parents and pork is removed from the menus , again without notifying parents and asking if that is OK with them?
Fast food chains in certain areas serve halal meat and no pork products are permitted even if the rest of the customers aren't muslim.
Schools are taken over by muslims staff and indoctrination begins, lessons become sharia based and genders are segregated.
All this and nothing is said or done.
Secondly,  we then have two more qualifier words JUST and PLAIN
Just is a word which is used to to compare and minimize downwards.

If i wanted to sell you a car i would show you a more expensive car which would be out of your price range, eg. $20,000.
I would then say i have this car here which is just $15,000 which would be more likely to be in your price range.

She then goes on to tell us he is not JUST WRONG which minimizes downwards his being wrong, he is JUST PLAIN WRONG.She weakens her statement regarding Mr. Trump's assertions as being wrong (strong) to the considerably weaker JUST PLAIN WRONG.
She doesn't tell us what she is comparing his assertion to in order for it to be just plain wrong.
I would expect  examples to disprove his comments.

I would expect her to give anonymous (for obvious reasons since a muslim speaking against another muslim to the hated Christian guaranteeing an interesting and painful death) examples of when  a muslim gave information that prevented an atrocity or reported suspicions about a fellow muslim.

In fact i would demand to know of examples  when muslims have reported other muslims?

I suspect she would find few if any such examples.

If Mr. Trump is so wrong, i would expect May to tell us why she is so right.

As it stands Europe is being invaded by millions of people who want us all dead.
Europe doing nothing will soon no longer be an option.

We would clamp down and jail/deport nazis for their ideology why not islam which is also an ideology, one  which has not changed in 1400 years nor will it ever reform.

It cannot reform, for to do so would be against everything islam and it's prophet stands for.
It is an ideology which links sex with violence and violence with sex.
Commit jihad and you get rewarded with 72 perpetual virgins who never drink, cry, excrete or anything a normal woman would do.

Basically 72 mobile sex dolls.
No other genuine religion rewards violence with sex.
No other genuine religion rewards sex with violence.
No religion allows, nay demands the death of every non believer.
No religion permits and demands paedophilia.
No religion permits or allows for slavery.
No religion demands the death of the person if they wish to leave said religion.
No religion subjugates women to the extent that are to be used and abused, are worth less than a man.
Their prophet is deemed to be the perfect man, a man that every muslim male aim to be, wants to be.
He was a paedophile cross dresser and every muslim male wants to be just like him?
The paedophile bit?
The cross dresser bit?
When muslims are in the minority they make demands after demand until they pretty much have taken over their host country, whereupon they then ignore,refuse and crush any demands by other minorities.
Why is it when disaster hits a muslim nation, other muslim nations do nothing?
It is the west that sends aid.
The reason is, if it is a non islamic country hit, then, as  they are infidels and going to hell anyway. why waste money?

If it is an islamic country, then it was allah's will that the country be punished, hence the natural disaster.

Why is it every muslim immigrant wants to live in the west and yet do not seek refuge in neighboring muslim countries?
Why will no muslim country accept refugees?

We need to deport every single muslim regardless of age or gender, close and demolish every mosque, ban islamic clothing such as veils, niqabs and burkas, ban the koran, ban halal and ban the islamic ideology.
If you wish to be a muslim then you can do it in an Arab country.
If we don't then we will be exterminated by the very ideology we permitted free reign to.
Commit a terrorist act, mandatory death no appeal.
Support a terrorist organization in any way, mandatory death no appeal.

Many thought world war three would be between The West and Russia.
Heck, even China was a possibility.
North Korea is doing a lot of sabre rattling and aggressive rhetoric and we pretty much pat them on the head,  stop pocket money for a week and tell them not to be silly.
Iraq and Iran had a squabble for a while then settled down, before Iraq decided it wanted to own Kuwait which is where we came in, well the first time round.

I hear bleating about the situation in the Middle East all being down to us naughty people in  The West, the great Satan as they refer to us.
How if we had not interfered it would be happy families all round.


 Muslims have been at each others throats, committing all sorts of atrocities against other muslims since islam was created.

Mohammad showed up on the scene and went from mild mannered man with no power to a tribal warlord with an interesting predisposition regarding little girls and women's clothing and then to the big I am prophet of a violent ideology (a so called religion)

It was neighbor against neighbor.
Village against village.
City against city.
Tribe against tribe and so on up the scale to today's  situation of them against the rest of the world and then one sect against another sect until, finally, one sole survivor who will die of some interesting disease, starvation or drought.

Islam tells us exactly what it means, what its intentions are and how it will get what it wants.

Burying our heads in the sand, kowtowing to their demands in the hope they will play nicely.

They won't

The so called extremists are not scorned or disowned, they are praised and held up as examples of what every muslim must be.

Every muslim is permitted and, in certain situations, expected to lie.

Taqiyya - Saying something that isn't true as it relates to the Muslim identity.

Kitman - Lying by omission.

Muruna - 'Blending in' by setting aside some practices of Islam or Sharia in order to advance others.

Tawriya - Intentionally creating a false impression.

Would you trust someone who speaks nicely to your face, when you know that behind your back they are wanting to either kill you outright, enslave you if you are a woman or girl for sex, or force you to become muslim.

Could you ever trust anything a muslim says when you know they are expected to lie to non muslims?

If you were a muslim of one sect would you help a muslim of another sect, sunni and shia as examples?

Islam is stuck in the 7th century and always will be.
They are forbidden to reform.
This in their mind is a continuation of wars that happened centuries ago, hence their language and referring to crusaders.
For them, the war never ended, will not end and cannot end until islam is the only religion.

We ignore and minimize the threat to us today at our own peril.

Out of all the so called 'refugees' that are in Europe today, better labelled as migrants, how many terrorists are there?
How many supporters are there?
All the hundreds of thousands of men of fighting age pouring into Europe.
How many home grown terrorists are there waiting in the wings?

All those who head to syria wishing to join daesh, should have their passports and citizenship immediately revoked.
They can stay there.
How could we trust someone regardless of age or gender, who returns from syria claiming they were wrong?
Can they ever be rehabilitated as some claim they are trying to do?
What would being seen as rehabilitated involve?
Can you truly undo the ideology of someone has been brought up from birth in said ideology?
Can you ever rehabilitate someone who is brainwashed?            << This site can contain some graphic images            << This site can contain some graphic images

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