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Cuddlecat. A Favorite Toy Or An Early Birthday Present? And Introducing A Child's T shirt And Those Checked Pants

What was cuddlecat?
A new toy bought by an uncle and given to Maddie as an early birthday present just before she went on vacation


Her favorite toy that she had had for a long time?

It cannot be both as they are mutually exclusive.

If it was a new toy as claimed, an early birthday present from an uncle i believe, how could it have been contaminated with cadaverine?

Was it from kate taking it to work with her in the week or weeks prior to the vacation?
Was it given to Maddie and then confiscated, perhaps as punishment by kate who then took it to work?

If it was an old and favorite toy as was claimed to be by the parents, how did it become contaminated with cadaverine?

If it was an old and favorite toy, why was kate carting it around her work?

Why was it not with Maddie or in  the house awaiting Maddie's return?

Who thinks to take their child's favorite toy to work with them?
Was it perhaps confiscated by kate as punishment for some perceived crime and then taken to work by kate so Maddie  couldn't get access to it?

Was it confiscated out of spite?
It would fit in with the family dynamics, especially kate's anger issues.
best, they would have a screaming child who won't go anywhere without it and has a meltdown until reunited with the toy.
At worst,
it ran the risk or being lost along the way, or damaged by the working environment such as a factory floor, chemicals etc.
As kate was only a part time locum 1.5 days a week, how often did she come into contact with a dead body, especially as it was claimed by family members she had had contact with 6 corpses prior to the vacation.

Who told her family she had been in contact with 6 bodies before the vacation?

When were they told?

Who tells family members they have had to deal with dead bodies that week?

It isn't exactly dinner table conversation?

"You'll never guess what I had to deal with this week, 6, count 'em 6 bodies.
Dropping like flies they were.

The nursing home seemed to be having its spring clear out.
I had barely got home after certifying one.
I was sitting down to a nice cuppa and a couple of cookies and bam, blow me down if I didn't have to go off and certify another one.
Still they weren't going anywhere so I told the staff cover them up and I'll be down in a bit.
One goes, they all want to go, it's like they were gonna miss out on something exciting like bingo."

It's not something you ring your mom about and let slip  you have had a busy week dealing with a surfeit of dead bodies, especial if you are only part time doing 1.5 days a week and not on maternity leave as has been suggested.

I doubt even harold shipman had that much nerve.
How many deaths were there in the short period of time that kate had access to prior to the vacation?

Is it a case of the surgery ringing up and asking kate "to do them a favor and nip over to whoever's place and confirm a death for us please?"

If she was on maternity leave as has been mentioned, how did she come into contact with a corpse, let alone several corpses?

Why would she come into contact with corpses?

It couldn't be from gerry since his patients tended to arrive alive and leave alive after a consultation.
Questions also have to be asked as to why kate would be carrying around Maddie's favorite toy whilst she was at work, and exposed to corpses should she not have been on maternity leave?

What was she doing to the said alleged corpses that resulted in cadaverine contaminating her daughter's favorite toy?

According to BMA guidelines:

This guidance aims to clarify the distinction between confirming and certifying death in relation to GPs’ obligations.

English law:

does not require a doctor to confirm death has occurred or that “life is extinct”
does not require a doctor to view the body of a deceased person
does not require a doctor to report the fact that death has occurred
does require the doctor who attended the deceased during the last illness to issue a certificate detailing the cause of death

If the death occurs in the patient’s own home, it is wise to visit as soon as the urgent needs of living patients permit.

If the death occurs in a residential or nursing home and the GP who attended the patient during the last illness is available, it is sensible for him or her to attend when practicable and issue a MCCD.

If an “on-call” doctor is on duty, whether in or out of hours, it is unlikely that any useful purpose will be served by that doctor attending the nursing or residential home. In such cases we recommend that the GP advises the home to contact the undertaker if they wish the body to be removed and ensures that the GP with whom the patient was registered is notified as soon as practicable.

Unexpected (“sudden”) deaths

If death occurs in the patient’s home, or in a residential or nursing home, we recommend a visit by the GP with whom the patient was registered, to examine the body and confirm death, although this is not a statutory requirement.

Unlike expected deaths, in the event of an unexpected death out-of-hours it would be helpful if an OOH GP does attend, therefore helping to prevent the potentially unnecessary attendance of the emergency services.

The GP should then report the death to the coroner (usually through the local police).

In any other circumstances, the request to attend is likely to have come from the police or ambulance service. It is usually wise, and especially in the case of an on-call doctor, to decline to attend and advise that the services of a Forensic Medical Examiner police surgeon be obtained by the caller.

Basically, kate would have little to no contact with an actual dead body.
How then did she get cadaverine on her vacation pants (the checked ones) and cuddle cat?

If it was a new toy, given to Maddie just prior to the vacation, kate would not have been in contact with any dead bodies (especially if she was on maternity leave)
How then is there cadaverine on cuddlecat?
What was the source of the cadaverine it became contaminated with?

Did she lend it out so someone  who was coming into contact with dead bodies?
Were there corpses lying around the nursery, children who had been sent to the naughty corner and forgotten about or had got stuck in the Wendy house and was now part of the fixtures and fittings?

A genuine skeleton in the cupboard perhaps, you know how it is with medics especially medical students.

Had it been in contact with a dead body prior to it being given to Maddie as a birthday present?
That's a whole new slew of questions.
I would love to hear the answers to those.

Then we have the little problem of the child's red t shirt.
It certainly wouldn't fit kate, no matter how scrawny she got.
It would be way too big for cuddlecat and cuddlecat is not exactly built to wear t-shirts, unlike dolls and teddies.

Perhaps she took the t shirt to work with her and it got contaminated that way, except, wouldn't someone have noticed kate brandishing a red t shirt and asked what the heck was going on?
Was it part of some new way to confirm death?
Touch the corpse with either cuddlecat or a t shirt ( it has to be red, to hide any blood or body fluids you see) and if the body moves because it tickles, then the person is still alive.
If they don't react, then the person is dead and come back tomorrow for another try.

Instead of cuddlecat, did she perhaps take one of the children wearing said red t shirt to work with her, one of those 'bring your child to work days' and said child was introduced to the wonderful world of the GP certifying a death.

Just what would that entail?

"Here honey, touch the dead person, they won't bite, especially if they don't have their teeth in.
See how cold they feel?
See how cold they are compared to mummy?
What else can you tell me is cold?
What color is their skin?
Is it the same color as your skin?
Can you see where the skin is a different color?
It is  is where they are lying down.
It is when the blood collects in the body when the heart has stopped beating for a while.
It is caused by gravity pulling the blood downwards, just like when you throw a ball and it falls to the ground.
Can you see if they are breathing?
Put your hand on their chest and see if the chest moves.
If it isn't moving then they are not breathing.
See how stiff they are.
This means they have been dead for a while.
If they have been dead for a while, the body becomes all limp again.
All these things put together mean the person is dead.
They are not alive like you or me.

Congratulations (insert childs name here) you have just done your first confirmation of death.
Now sign this bit of paper here and off we go to the next one.

A whole new meaning to playing doctors
.I can't wait to see the mccann version of Operation!

No more believable than kate attending 6 corpses prior to the trip and that is how her pants, cuddlecat and the child's red t shirt got contaminated, especially if she was on maternity leave as has been claimed.

The other obvious conclusion which everyone supporting them is desperately trying to ignore is:

Maddie was wearing said red t shirt for whatever reason and died whilst wearing it.
Since the 'abduction had to occur at night, was she swapped out of the t shirt into something else or just left naked (especially if they were going with the paedophile abductor claim)
Questions would be asked as to why Maddie was in a t shirt rather than the expected pajamas.

Maddie had cuddlecat with her either at her death or at some point later and it became contaminated after 90 minutes had passed and cadaverine had been produced enough for a trained dog to detect

If it came into contact with her corpse, was this when she was dead and it lay in situ until Maddie's body was found?
Was it when Maddie was moved and became contaminated that way?
Was it placed on Maddie's body at death or when she was subsequently found to act as a comforter perhaps before her final disposal?
A comforter for Maddie or for kate, who perhaps had a maternal moment.maybe?

Was kate wearing said checked pants when she was with Maddie, either immediately prior to, during or after Maddie's death and after a minimum of 90 mins, long enough for the scent to develop and contaminate, or did the contamination occur at a later date, perhaps when she was moved to her final resting place or when the pink blanket/blue bag went walkies.

Perhaps this could explain the alleged crying Mrs Fenn heard for 75 mins, another 15 mins and we then have enough cadaverine to be detected by a trained dog.
If kate was wailing and crying Maddie, only calming down enough not to be heard whilst still holding Maddie's body, it could explain the cadaverine.

This could also explain those interesting bruises on kate's wrists and arms, having to be restrained or perhaps dragged away from her dead daughter.

What would be interesting to know is, when was kate ever seen wearing those distinctive pants?

They are a poor fit lengthwise and who would wear pants that looks like something a chef would wear?

Would she seriously wear them to work?
I know i wouldn't be impressed if my doctor turned up wearing chefs pants that didn't even fit properly.

They are unforgettable as well as unforgivable.

The days she was seen wearing them, especially that week could be very revealing.
They indicated for cadaverine, therefore they came in contact with a corpse.
What day was she seen wearing them?
Did she change into something else that day?

When did she wear them prior to being made an arguida?
Who was with her on those days or at those times?
Where was she seen wearing them?

What is clear is, the excuses put forward by the mccanns, chums, spokesman and families to explain the dogs reactions and the blood and body fluids found in the apartment and the hire car do not match the forensic evidence.


  1. Hi Tania
    I have over the years searched high and low for a first person (Kate) account of the dead bodies story. To this day I have found nothing.

    This came to my notice recently, and again, no amount of searching came up with anything remotely like what Paulo Pereira Cristovão is quoting in his book A Estrela de Madeleine. I can find nothing at all in the PJ files that would confirm what he has to say.

    On the tv monitor, Eddie can be seen sniffing over Kate's clothing and marking that it had been in contact with a cadaver. The reactions of the dogs in the vehicle that had been used by Madeleine's parents can also be seen.

    At the medical center where I work, in England, before we came on holidays, people died whom I had been in contact with... you must be forgetting that I am a doctor...

    Yes you are - João Tavared replies - and the death rate at the medical center where you work twice a week is extremely high...

    It's true - the arguida replies.

    There are of course references around the web for third party utterances, but a direct quote?

    There's always Cuddle Cat I suppose.

  2. A favourite toy is easily identifiable by the degree of dilapidation. My daughter had a Holly Hobbie doll that she kept until it disintegrated (she was by then in her twenties). How long had Madeleine had Cuddle Cat? Soft toys get soiled and subterfuge is needed to abstract them, secretly wash and dry them (and do any running repairs). Cuddle Cat looked absolutely new. And was not Madeleine's early birthday present the rag doll?

  3. Tania
    Perhaps I should have stressed that I am well aware the piece I quote is a work of fiction. But the dialogue contained therein, particularly concerning the number of supposed cadavers, does have a definitive ring to it.

  4. A somewhat rambling blog, but good observations.

  5. I can't remember if I have commented before, but I have been intermittently checking on the McCann case every so often. Since Day 1 I have not believed the parents. I can't remember how I came across your blog, but I want to say it is just excellent. Your logic and reasoning are just logical and reasonable. Keep it up.

  6. Hi Himself.
    The mccanns do their best to avoid being pinned down to a specific during interviews.
    This is a good idea since they contradict themselves frequently, even to the same interviewer later during the interview.
    They love when they pretty much have a script to follow and can control what questions are asked.
    They decide before hand who says what and both are willing to interrupt the other when they get stuck.

    Unfortunately for them, kate wrote the book, probably against all legal advice.
    Her lawyers knew it would be their downfall, it pinned her to a specific line of events and timings.

    I still wonder why the first night or so, they called the various family members and claimed smashed or jemmied shutters and doors hanging off.
    Was this a deliberate attempt to set up the scene, they knew what to say and said it without realizing that what they were claiming had been done, had in fact not been done.
    The damage was done.
    They had to rapidly backtrack, even clarrie down the line knew he could not maintain the charade given the photos and physical,or rather lack of physical evidence.
    Kate though continued with the windows and whooshing curtains story even though the photos showed the shutter was not open and the curtains could not have whooshed.
    Even the story about gerry checking the shutters was revealed as fake when the only prints found were kate's.
    Maybe gerry has psychokinetic powers, super heart consultant man (cue heroic music)
    The trouble is, once a script has been learned , it is very hard to go off script, entering uncharted waters where a wrong word could bring the whole edifice down.

    No one seems to have asked the questions they should have regarding who wore the red t shirt that week and when?
    When did kate wear those very distinctive pants?
    men may not have paid much attention, women however would have.
    They would have noticed the length for a start,neither capri pants length nor full length, just an awkward length in between which is not flattering, and the pattern and color would have caused rolled eyes and muffled snickers.

    I wonder if the surgery she worked at was contacted to find out when she worked last, what she did and if she had attended any deaths?
    I also wonder if kate was sacked from her job?
    They would not want the publicity caused for one by one of their doctors admitting to alleged child neglect and not accepting she did anything wrong.
    The first time someone came in with a child with unexplained injuries that kate would be obliged to report, her own behavior would be thrown back in her face.
    No patient is going to want to see at best a negligent mom and at worst a child killer.
    Depending on her contract, they may not have renewed it, or they may have given her the chance to resign with no blame attached or be sacked complete with all the details being officially recorded on her file.

    Someone needs to ask the specific question regarding the corpses she allegedly visited prior to their vacation.

  7. I believe Kate is pictured wearing those check pants at the twins' second birthday party in the kitchen at Rothley . Her Aunt Nora ( apparently ) is clutching a sad looking madeleine wearing a strappy red dress. So, let's see. The pants appear to be worn to work, to parties and on holiday you do!
    One of the first stories quoted in the newspapers was that Kate knew immediately that an abductor had taken Madeleine because Cuddle cat was placed high up on a cupboard and out of reach. When the photos from the PJ Files showed Cuddle cat in situ on the empty bed this story quietly died a death. The McCanns really didn't know the PJ Files were to be made public. They catch them out lying time after time.

  8. Here's a strange thing :
    In Amanda Coxon's statement she says..........

    ''.........I am a friend of Gerry and Kate, I used to work for them and also looked after the children.
    I got to know Gerry and Kate in the year 2000, I worked as a cleaner in their house in Queniborough, once a week. From the beginning they were always a very friendly couple.
    During the time I worked there, Kate had her first daughter, Madeleine. Kate asked me whether I would look after Madeleine twice a week when she returned to work part time. I agreed and she would leave Madeleine at my house and come and pick her up later in the day..........''

    Madeleine had her passport issued in August 03 ( barely three months old) so I'm presuming that this date would be very near to the date that the McCanns moved to Amsterdam. According to Amanda Coxon she babysat twice a week whilst Kate McCann returned to work up until the time the McCanns went abroad. So here we have kate working part time barely three months after her daughter's birth. And this is the daughter who suffered from colic and kept them awake at all hours of the night. Did she really need to work ?

  9. Something bothers me about Kate's statement: "we were really into friends" (or similar) - how does she square this statement with being absent at every lunch gathering from Monday onwards, being distant from the group and being annoyed that the group were all at the beach without them? Hardly what I'd call really into your friends!

  10. The only thing worse than a crappy killer mom is a crappy ginger cuntflap with stinky pubes hanging down to her knees.
    Lose some weight and stop eating Hobnobs........ging gi bitch


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