Monday, March 28, 2016

Islam, The West Minimises Or Ignores The Truth Behind The Ideology.

No one will say the 'dirty word' muslim.
No one will blame the 'dirty word' islam

As always, it will be minimized and blamed on radicalization, a couple of extremists who do not represent what islam is and what muslims believe.

As always it will be the left wing, the liberals, the do-gooders who will blame everyone except the ones who should be blamed.

As always The West is to blame.

If we hadn't done this or that, then muslims would not be killing people.

They are only defending themselves against the great satan which is The West

They fail to mention that the Middle East has been at war with itself for millennia, long before The West even realized there were other countries.

Blaming Christians for crimes committed during the crusades (so helpfully pointed out by muslims who refer to crusaders and the crusades today) whilst failing to point out that the Christian church in its various names and denomonations has reformed and today preaches love and tolerance, whilst islam which is still living 1400 years in the past,  will not and cannot reform, ever.

Maybe they think if The West bows down to islam and muslims, accedes to every demand, lets sharia law become the norm etc, that islam will become peaceful.

What they can't and won't accept that in islamic countries where islam has become the dominant religion, there is anything but peace, love and tolerance.
Instead they simply turn their rage, their ire, their hatred on muslims from another sect.

How do they think we will manage, how we will survive, if muslims can't even tolerate other muslims of a different sec,t let alone a different religion or no religion at all?

I wonder, if nazism came about today, hitler was doing his thing in Europe, genocide, war crimes, invading countries and so on, would we be accepting of what he was doing to millions of Jews and thousands of gypsies, homosexuals, disabled etc?
Would we be saying , "oh it's only a few extremists committing the atrocities, it's their culture, it's all the Jews fault  for being greedy, manipulative, the Germans are only defending themselves from other nationalities, If we hadn't had world war one then Germany would have been a peaceful nation.
We deserve it because of what we did to them, and other excuses and blame shifting."

Would we be accepting nazi migrants knowing they wanted the destruction of pretty much everyone except aryans?

Would we be clamping down on far right extremism, deporting them, banning them from entry to our country or would we welcome them in knowing they wanted us dead?

Nazism is an ideology.
Islam is an ideology.

They are the same.

This is world war three.

It was thought that Russia would be the one to fight against us, the Eastern bloc then it became, China, even North Korea with its saber rattling was considered.

Instead the enemy is the one we have welcomed with open arms, it isn't even a country.

It is an ideology.
We minimize it and blame the atrocities on a few extreme people.
An extremist religious belief.

It works, as it is portrayed as a fewrogue muslims against Christians.

The issue is that it isn't religion, it is an ideology.

It covers every aspect from birth to death.

Pretending it is a religion achieves nothing, it enables more atrocities.

Germany is screwing itself into the ground and getting nowhere.
The scars left by world war two, the extermination of millions of Jews and other 'undesirables' prevents them from action.
To make up for the guilt caused by the war, they now submit, bellying up to islam.
It has paralyzed itself due to guilt.
It cannot and will not do anything for fear of being seen as what it was under hitler.

The only way this will ever end is with the complete obliteration of islam.

I got into a debate as i suggested bombing the *&(& out of Syria, wiping out everyone.
They said what about the innocents?
What about the children?

I asked if they had seen what daesh children were doing, decapitations, warfare, explosives and so on?

Could we ever trust a child who has been trained to kill every non believer?
Who is trained from birth to hate everything non islamic?
Who are trained from birth  to happily rape young girls when the boys have grown up, safe in the knowledge that sex slaves are a reward from allah.
Who are trained from birth to have hatred for women, even their own mothers and sisters, who see women as 3rd class citizens to be used and abused.
Where domestic violence is the norm rather than the exception.
Who are trained from birth to accept sex is linked to violence  and, violence is linked to sex.
Where violence is rewarded with sex, either ibn this life or in their paradise when they are rewarded with 72 perpetual virgins
Who are trained from birth that paedophilia is accepted and even demanded.
Who would turn their parents in for some perceived or imagined crime?
That their prophet  was the perfect man and thus, all men must emulate him, be like him. (Cross dressing paedophile, although the cross dressing bit might not go down too well in certain locations)

The same goes for those who want to return.
Can they be trusted or, would we be suspicious that they have been trained and will commit atrocities if given the chance?
Should we be suspicious?

Especially since we know they will lie, it is demanded and expected of them.

Muslims are allowed to lie to unbelievers in order to defeat them.
There are several forms:

Taqiyya - Saying something that isn't true as it relates to the Muslim identity.

Kitman - Lying by omission. An example would be when Muslim apologists quote only a fragment of verse 5:32 (that if anyone kills "it shall be as if he had killed all mankind") while neglecting to mention that the rest of the verse (and the next) mandate murder in undefined cases of "corruption" and "mischief."

Tawriya - Intentionally creating a false impression.

Muruna - 'Blending in' by setting aside some practices of Islam or Sharia in order to advance others.

Time and again we are told terrorists are radicalized, they are a minority, islam is peaceful.

Islam is anything but.
In countries where they are the minority, they make vocal demands continuously in order to get more power and more control.
As they gain power and become the dominant group, they then ignore all demands from the now minority host citizens and eradicate anything non islamic, religions,
laws, buildings, everything.
We see this in the middle east where christianity and other non islamic religions are crushed and eradicated to almost extinction.

Christianity and other religions have reformed and what was is the beginning such as the Old Testament, was overwritten by the New Testament.
The laws and demands of the Old Testament which was all hell fire, damnation and an angry , jealous god, became the New testament of peace, love, tolerance of all others, charity and all things nice.
Islam is not like this.
The koran starts off backwards to our eyes.
It was peace and tolerance whilst mohammed was powerless and up and coming.
As he became more powerful, a warlord,  the rules and demands of the koran became more violent and intolerant.
Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.
There is no time limit on what it says and demands.
What was done 1400 years ago is still to be done today and until the Earth is a cinder circling the ember that is left of our son.

We think islam can be reformed, that if we show them love, tolerance and charity, they will do the same to us.
Islam regards all other religions as weak, to be exterminated or used as a source of income and slaves.
Muslim countries will not send aid to other muslim countries as either the country is regarded as a land of infidels, they are going to hell so why waste money on them, or, the country is islamic but allah sent the disaster as a punishment , therefore aid will not be sent as it would offend god.

We ignore this mass invasion at our own peril.
There will come a time when they take control  and it will be game over.
It will be too late to do anything when we realize what is happening in our own countries.

We are expected to follow the laws etc in islamic countries, no matter how onerous.
They follow their own laws etc in western countries, Non islamic laws are ignored.

We see a pattern in Europe where sex crimes have exploded as islamic males of fighting age rape, abuse women and children because they can do so according to islamic law.
We see demands for better food, better housing, n more money, more this, better that.
They are not and never were refugees.
They are economic migrants at best and an invading force at worse.

Please note there may be some graphic images on the below links, images the government and media want to ignore or minimize.


  1. I have read your Mccann statement analyses with interest and respect your work, but I find your comments about Muslims and Islam as extreme as those you criticise.
    Please understand that the stated aim of ISIS is to eliminate the greyzone where ordinary Muslims and Christians live together peacefully and create a black and white world of us and them, hatred and destruction. You are giving them exactly what they want with your reaction here, please think again.

  2. Don't blame her, she's just repeating Peter Hyatt's paranoid, dishonest rants. She doesn't think for herself.

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