Thursday, March 10, 2016

Kate's Accidental Leak Of What Really Happened To Maddie.

Breaking down in tears, distraught Kate said of the Portuguese police:

“They want me to lie – I’m being framed.

“Police don’t want a murder in Portugal and all the publicity about them not having paedophile laws here, so they’re blaming us.”

The problem is, kate doesn't leak that it was an accident where they panicked and covered up.

First she says:

"I'm being framed."
This then implies that evidence exists proving Maddie is dead.
This evidence has then been found by someone, probably the PJ, and then placed in locations and on items that would link kate to a dead Maddie.
The only evidence found that would frame kate are the body fluids in the hire car and in the apartment behind the sofa,and the reactions of the blood and cadaver dogs.

The cadaverine scent could come from any dead person, dogs cannot tie a specific cadaverine scent to a specific person.
The body fluids are a different matter.
They can be tested and blood group and DNA learned.
Even in cases where the sample isn't ideal, a lot can still be learned to exclude certain groups of people, male or female.
In this case we learned that 15 of 19 markers showed it could have come from Maddie, 4 markers were too damaged to be conclusively identified.
This does not exclude Maddie as being the donor despite what their supporters claim.
This was a big help to the mccanns.
Portugal requires a 15/15 match.

Only a select number of STR markers are used in forensic DNA profiling (10 in the UK and 13 in the US)
In the UK they would now be cooling their heels in a prison cell.

Kate tells us though that she is being framed.
This means that she has told us that the evidence found in the apartment and hire car does in fact belong to Maddie.
This also tells us that, at that point, Maddie was in a physical condition that would allow for samples to be taken and then placed in the hire car and apartment.
What would not be known is when said samples were obtained from Maddie's remains.
They could have been obtained at some point early in the investigation within a couple of days of her alleged abduction or, they could have been obtained any time up to the point the cadaver dogs were brought in.
The problem here though is, if the samples had been obtained early on within a couple of days, how would they know to plant the incriminating evidence in the car which would become the car the mccanns hired 25 days later?

The police could be the ones who planted the evidence.
However, it could also be gerry or another member of the tapas 7.
Even gerry's family admitted they were expecting charges to be filed against kate.
It would suit his needs perfectly and fit his personality if he planted the evidence on kate's pants, the child's red t shirt and cuddle cat as well as in the apartment and hire car.
Should arrests be made then kate was the fall guy, the evidence implicated on her as nothing was found on any of his clothing.

If the samples had been obtained early on in the saga, how would the samples have been placed where they were found without attracting attention, especially the hire car?
The first thing done would be to see who had hired said car previously and who had access to it.
It still doesn't explain why if the samples were obtained to frame kate, why no mention was made of finding her remains or anything relating to Maddie
Since this is what kate is claiming, why then did the PJ not go the whole hog and announce they had found Maddie's remain and that charges would now be filed against those involved in her death and subsequent disposal.
If the PJ had found Maddie's remains, why did they then conceal her remains again after getting a few samples and then plant said samples to frame kate?

The case would have been solved within days or weeks.
Millions would not have been wasted on chasing imaginary sightings or following a specific remit limiting the investigation of both the police and private investigators to that of an abduction of a live child.

Kate would be cooling her heels in prison, gerry gets custody of the children and probably a book and movie deal, maybe more.

He disappears into the sunset, away from public view perhaps to be tempted out and back into the limelight with a role on some important board or maybe with a political role, maybe even a position in the House of Lords, an institution worthy of his knowledge and expertise.If she tried to implicate him, he could plead  that he was as deceived as us, he was shocked when he learned the truth, or, that he lied to protect his children and kate's  mental health issues.\


He tried to get her the help she needed figuring that since Maddie was dead, no good could come from admitting what really happened.
He was doing what any loving father and husband would do.
Cue the tears and a new fund to provide the twins with a secure future and perhaps a new book or movie deal showing how much he suffered yadda yadda.
We know the PJ have made no such announcement then or since.
We still get so called sighting cropping up in the media which are swiftly debunked, usually when something  that paints the mccanns in a bad light or is sensitive to them such as Dr. Amaral's  damages case.
Since the PJ have not announced finding her remains nor produced her body, the obvious conclusion is that kate was not being framed as she claimed.
She has admitted  that the evidence found, specifically the body fluids, are in fact from Maddie, the child they claim was abducted and is still alive contrary to all the statistics.

“Police don’t want a MURDER in Portugal"
This is the big open mouth insert feet moment.
The leaked admission of what happened to Maddie.

The mccanns and chums, their extended family and not forgetting clarrie, all claim Maddie is still alive and not seriously harmed (what do they think paedophiles will be doing to Maddie if she were alive?)
Now, if Maddie was still alive as alleged, what kate would and should have said if she was innocent of any involvement is:

“Police don’t want AN ABDUCTION in Portugal".
An abduction is what was alleged to have happened and would be at the forefront of kate's mind.

Since she has already told us there is evidence to show Maddie is dead and that the Police are framing her with said evidence, the next expected statement would be:

“Police don’t want a DEATH/CHILD'S DEATH in Portugal"
This allows her to admit Maddie is dead and that evidence exists proving such.
It allows for her to claim it was an accidental death, a death allowed for by Dr. Goncalo Amaral.
This could be that she fell off the sofa after being sedated, banged her head or broke her neck or whatever and died.
They found Maddie dead, panicked because of what an autopsy would reveal (long term sedation or signs of abuse of some kind) and concocted a plan to fake an abduction.
An autopsy would reveal things they didn't want revealed, things that could result in loss of the twins, loss of their medical licenses, their jobs, their home, their friends and status.
Better to admit to a lesser crime and, if needs be try and wangle a plea deal than have the truth come out.
Reputations though damaged would eventually be repaired, they would be just another footnote in the pages of history.
Forgotten by the public in the next big story involving a child, more so the more years that pass.
Perhaps a passing mention in future media stories decades down the line..

However kate didn't say that.

Kate leaked the truth of what really happened.

Kate told the world it was a MURDER.
Not manslaughter.
negligent homicide.
Not a death caused by accident, such as kate and gerry having yet another row and when it got physical (remember all the bruising on kate's wrist and arms?) and Maddie just didn't get out the way quick enough, was hit, punched or roughly shoved resulting in her falling and banging her head or breaking her neck.


We don't know if this murder was preplanned, especially given the demeaning language when referring to Maddie.
The distancing language by apparently the family and extended families.
This would provide a motive.
Maddie was no longer wanted, no longer considered a apart of the family.
She was perhaps considered a burden,
The fact that Maddie's body had to be disposed of.
The fact that kate refused to answer the question about handing Maddie's care to another family member.
If her murder was a direct result of another crime being committed against her such as physical or sexual abuse.
Perhaps kate had simply had enough of a demanding, attention seeking Maddie, a child who may have pressed one of kate's buttons once too often and kate lost it and lashed out in the temper we know she has.

We know Maddie was a victim of murder, of a homicide, whether deliberate or accidental for kate has told us so:

"all the publicity about them not having paedophile laws here, so they’re blaming us.”

Their laws are lax, this is a given, however the UK also has a dubious track record for dealing with paedophiles, especially high ranking ones such a politicians, celebs, sports stars, the media and such like.
Kate has to blame it on Portugal in order for the abduction claim to have any chance of being believed.
The mccanns have to blame anyone except themselves and members of the tapas 7.
The publicity strangely enough has pretty much all come the mccann camp.
We were being responsible parents by allegedly leaving our toddlers home alone in an unlocked apartment and it was Portugal's poor laws that allowed a paedophile to get into our unsecured apartment and abduct Maddie.
It is all Portugal's fault not ours.

So is used to explain something was said or done.
Here she is blaming the Portuguese for what happened to Maddie rather than accepting any kind of responsibility.
Responsibility is something neither of the mccanns nor their chums have accepted or admitted to.
The mccanns even claimed they were advised that they were being responsible parents.
They have, to date, declined to tell just which esteemed and expert personage told them this.

Perhaps they shopped around until they found someone who, given enough incentive, said what they wanted.
Kate is preempting the question she thinks is coming, she is using words thought by the mind a microsecond before being spoken.
Here she is thinking paedophile laws and how lax they are and why the Portuguese are blaming herself and gerry and possibly the rest of the tapas 7.

Perhaps this is why Portugal was chosen for the vacation, the very early season where there wouldn't be too many tourists around sticky beaking into private business and what was not their concern.

Whatever happened to Maddie, kate has admitted Maddie is dead, that it was a murder.
It is worth noting the pronouns kate uses.
I and ME in relation to lying and being framed thus taking ownership.It is first person singular.

Note the change in pronoun though when it comes to the publicity about not having paedophile laws.
Here the pronoun changes to US.
Here she indicates unity and shared cooperation.
It is a first person plural pronoun.
It shows the spreading around and sharing of involvement or guilt.
Often seen with children and teenagers when caught and they say we all did it or everybody was doing it.It minimizes their own personal involvement whilst implicating others.
It minimizes her own personal involvement whilst implicating others.

Is this perhaps the reason for the choice of location, the time of year and the people invited to share the vacation with them?

Every time one of them speaks, they leak more marbles of truth.
I wonder if sometimes kate leaks deliberately in order to hasten the end of all the stress, the lies and to allow her to grieve openly and publicly as Maddie then gets her dignified burial.
Even though she is involved, she can begin the process of healing as can the twins, who will have to deal with the emotional fallout of knowing their were lied to for the last 9 years by their parents, their extended family, those they trusted

I hope all concerned accept the help that is offered.
It is the first step to healing.
The first step in the process of being allowed to finally grieve.
It is the first step in finally accepting responsibility for their actions and accepting the consequences.
It is the first step in beginning a new future.


  1. I'm leaning towards Madeleine being a sacrifice (murder) in a 'big do' - a Satanic type one. It would explain why 'so many [certain] people were in PDL that week. Check out the Coleman Experience blog post on that. The 'Elite', underground organised ancient 'religions', organised child abuse and sacrifice, Masonic pulling together and covering up.

    1. I agree with this being a ritual murder, the dates line up with satanic ritual dates, explains why they have alibis with tapas 7 and creche nannies.

  2. Hitting nails on the head as usual. Thanks Tania :)

  3. Hi Tania

    It couldn't be clearer. Both barrels today (yours and mine). With the Ides of March fast approaching!

  4. After reading this, together with A Nightwear Job by Dr Martin Roberts it really is well and truly (as if it wasn't already) time for a Kenneth Wolstenholme moment - 'Some people are on the pitch!...They think it's ALL OVER!...IT IS NOW!!. Kate has being throwing jigsaw pieces right from the very beginning, I wonder how many are left, it can't be many. The ides of March indeed Mr Roberts, who will get in the back first and by whom?

  5. I believe it was an accident and Kate was holding her when she died or after she died, hence the odour on her clothes. In this scenario Gerry then realizes the enormity/consequences of what has happened, Kate "Gerry you've got to help me" as Gerry is pacing around the apartment. Now we all know others opinions of the type of person Gerry is. He then takes control and forms a plan with the help of others (I don't believe ALL of the Tapas 7 were involved). Kate is then at Gerry's mercy. She has to go along with this plan or else !! In the beginning it was always Gerry and hired help in control. Kate was advised not to answer those questions as she was most likely the one to give it away. Gerry answered them without a problem. Over time realising this plan is working Kate has been allowed to become more involved but at a price.


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