Friday, August 23, 2019

Some Survey Sites I Use And Reccommend That Pay Out Reliably And Consistently And Something To Do if You Have A Few Spare Minutes.

If you are stuck at home bored or looking for something to do whilst traveling to work on the train or bus or as a passenger in a car bored then have a look at my suggestions below.
You can earn points or cash  for a few minutes checking a box or giving your opinion and heck it soon mounts up and you can treat yourself or, if feeling generous treat someone else

For those who fancy a chance of money for nothing either by joining the below site that randomly picks member postcodes which is what is shown, or having an opinion and seeing it as part of an survey mentioned in the news or sometimes even getting to test a product and keeping it such as a food item, something for your pet/child or even and this is my best one, a steam generator worth several hundred pounds which I got to test for free and then wrote a very detailed report on it as well as having 2 people from the company fly out from Germany to watch me use the product and answer their questions as well as providing suggestions, ideas and  general advise for things such as descaling.

Your actual postcode is not drawn, it is your membership number which is drawn at random in the various draws and links to your postcode so, in some cases you are the only person in that postcode  and thus get dabs on the money, sometimes a postcode will have a couple of people who have signed up and their membership number gets drawn and the postcode gets shown and it is first to click on the big green collect prize button who wins the prize.
It doesn't even have to be your home password!
You can use your work password, a business password such as your favorite store or even a made up one.
In one case and this was apparently a question on The Chase, the post code for Buckingham Palace was drawn, well the member's number who used that as their postcode!
There are 9 draws a day, one at 9am and again at 9pm and the rest at 12pm plus at 6pm there is another  bonus draw right at the bottom of the page.
For some of the draws if they aren't claimed then it rolls over to the next day which could end up being a couple of thousand quid.

I won on this a couple months back and got almost £60. I got £20 in the bonus draw plus the almost £40 in my bonus. The plus side apart from it costing nothing is. that if you win the amount in whichever draw  your win will be the X amount for which ever draw it was plus your bonus and you still keep your bonus afterwards to keep building up.
I had been a member for only a  few months as well.

For those of you who enjoy surveys, I am in a couple of sites which do pay well.
Some you get paid in cash such as Yougov below, once you hit 5000 points which sounds a lot but it does mount up quite quickly depending on your demographic and what is going on in the news such as Brexit, politics sport anything in the news etc. You can also use some of your points in draws but I much rather save up and get the £50 cash.
To date I have had £700 from them as I save all my points till i reach the 5000 or more.
It is a great way to get your opinions known and also to see the results of surveys you have taken part in  in the papers and in the news and knowing you had a say in that.

Another couple I use are Toluna who have surveys on all sorts of topics including the occasional product testing (which I love getting)
You amass points which soon build up and you can then exchange those points for things like PayPal, amazon vouchers, M&S, Costa, John Lewis and many others  or exchange your points for entries into the daily lottery which I would suggest avoiding.
Just save your points for the vouchers and they can come in handy for Christmas, birthdays or treats for oneself.
Personally I exchange my points for Amazon vouchers and I have had about £400-£500  which means if I see something on Amazon I like I have the money there already.
Toluna is a very reliable site and pays out although occasionally the Amazon vouchers run out in which case I wait till they are back in

Another I use and which pays out using BACS when you have enough points.
So far I have had almost £400 which helps come Christmas time.
They have some fun and interesting surveys.

All you need to do if you are interested is click on the link or copy/paste it into your browser and start earning and saving, personally I would suggest save your points and don't waste them in the draws.

Just remember when you sign up, if you choose to, be honest with your demographics, and honest in your survey answers as they will know if you are fibbing.
You may find that you will get a whole bunch of surveys one week and then none the next simply because they are either looking for people who fit a certain demographic such as  marital status, gender, age, location, religion or political leanings.
others you may get several a day but some you will be able to complete and others  you get disqualified partway through because you are not what they are looking for which can be darn annoying.

Yougov does have  sites in other countries i think otherwise these are all for UK residents only, sorry.

Good luck if you decide to sign up using the referral links above (and thank you) and have a wonderful day and a great weekend and if it is going to be sunny where you are, slap on the sun screen

Hugs and smooches all round xx

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