Saturday, October 26, 2019


Every constituency where the voters decided to vote leave and their MP is one who is a remainer should call for them to be deselected and a leave MP/leave candidate should be voted in/chosen to stand.
The country voted to leave in every possible way,
it is only the MP's stopping the will of the country and those MP's should be deselected and a leaver supporting MP chosen.
It is the remainer MP's that have caused delay after delay.
If it had been the other way round and the remainers had won there is no way in hell they would have allowed the leavers to carry on the way the remainers are at the moment.

If we had a 2nd referendum and the leavers won with an even bigger majority, they remainers would still be demanding we stay and we should ignore the results of the referendum or demand a 3rd one till they get the result they want.

Personally i would be more than happy for Boris on Oct 31st to say to the EU so long and thanks for all the red tape, we are out of here.

No more money will be coming from us regardless of what was said or done before.

Have a nice day :)

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