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Yay, It's That Time Of Year Again. The mccanns And Media Circus Comes To Town.

 Let me Make this clear and to the point.

Kate and gerry have told us Maddie is dead, we should believe them.

kate when she spoke of pressing a button and they would ALL be together.
They could only ALL be together is she knew Maddie was dead as would be killing the twins (not good) and gerry (justifiable ) and leaving Maddie an orphan.
What innocent mother or any parent would kill their surviving children if there were any, their partner and themselves?
They wouldn't.

Guilty parents or even acrimonious divorcing parents might and the grounds of if they can't have them no one can.
Or, they could do it because they didn't want their remaining children to suffer parental loss or shame etc, an altruistic reason

This is also a huge red flag as to kate's mental state and she speaks of willing to commit murder-suicide, not the behavior of an innocent parent, rather definitely expected of a guilty parent.

Gerry also told us they played no part in Maddie's death!.
Heck even dear old clarrie threw in his penny's worth and told us Maddie was dead.

Gerry also told us if it was an accident why would they cover it up?

Since they clearly covered it up, by default it was non accidental which then speaks of premeditation or the result of death during another crime, I'll let you guess which one.

Kate and gerry have often told us they are grieving.
You grieve for dead people not live people.
Kate told us Maddie visited her at night, this is called haunting.
Live people don't haunt the living, dead people do.

From the get go, their language and behavior has not been one of innocent parents calling out to their missing child, it has been of guilty parents.
Innocent parents call out to their child, reassuring them, telling them they will be found, that they are loved and missed.

The mccanns have never called out to the alleged abductor without prompting and a script.

They have tried in passing and vaguely but only whilst crying about hard done by they are, how much they are suffering from the police investigating them and how Dr. Amaral has said Maddie is dead and it is stopping people from searching and more importantly, handing over their money for cheap tat..

Everything was and is scripted, even the initial press conference where gerry had to have a script in order to play the desperate dad and failing miserably, this soon after Maddie had allegedly been abducted.

They have never physically searched, kate's own words, they were busy doing other things
They have never shown any love or emotion for Maddie, why would they?
She is far beyond anything they can say and do to her.
Maddie died long before the Thurs night, the mccanns had had time to process her death and also, with some help no doubt, do an almost forensic clean up of the apartment.

You see dear kate and gerry, that is where you really messed up.

Police look for what is there that shouldn't be.
They also look for what should be there and isn't.

Now for the alleged abduction, there should be forensic evidence, when you go somewhere you take a piece of it with you and, more importantly, you leave something behind, EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Now there would and should have been fingerprints even if smudged from gloves, hairs, fibers, DNA, even ear prints,and foot prints (by the way care to explain the woman's size shoe print in blood in 5a and on the trunk of the hire car?

Then there should have been DNA from Maddie and the twins everywhere.
They are and were sticky toddlers who touched everything  leaving delightful DNA laden trails of dribble, snot, urine and faeces from diapers, then there is the DNA that would have been from the clothes Maddie wore that day, which surprisingly enough you  seemingly didn't hand over to police, you gave them a towel which could have been from anyone.
You wanted the police dogs to search for her as tracker dogs are amazing, well, up until other dogs found something else whereupon they became useless dogs.

Another thing.
When the blood dogs reacted to blood and body fluids, you didn't scream and cry wondering what the abductor had done to your daughter that cause her to bleed?
The expected of innocent parents.

You didn't even scream and cry when the cadaver dog reacted wondering if your daughter was dead at the hands of a paedophile killer/abductor.
Although if he killed her in the house, why take her body thus increasing his chances of being caught?
When they reacted to the hire car you didn't scream and cry out demanding to know why there was such evidence in the car and  did it mean the alleged abductor had killed their daughter and taken her away in the very hire car you had just hired?
You didn't demand to know who had hired the car before you.

All the expected language and behavior of innocent parents.

Instead you said you couldn't explain it.
Then a relative (presumably on your behalf) explained it as you kate, had come into contact with 6 corpses in the weeks before the vacation and that why you had cadaverine on the dreadful black and white checked pants.
Although that didn't explain the t shirt and cuddle cat etc.
Then it was said that there was blood from meat, fish and dirty diapers in the car, although. how sea bass came to be behind the sofa and in the wardrobe.
Perhaps it was there the same time as the blue bag which it was said you didn't have, was photographed in situ
Sea bass was the fish to blame, a fish it seems Sean had taken a liking to.

Then the lack of DNA in hairs in the hair brush which would have been findable they just took hairs and found the ones that did not come from the twins or yourselves.
Then the laughable excuse that they all shared 1 toothbrush!
Tut tut, surely you could do better than that?

No, Such was the lack of DNA from Maddie in apartment 5a, gerry had to rush home to get some DNA from rothley towers, allegedly Maddie's pillowcase.

Does this not tell us something that, despite being in the apartment for the best part of a week, you could not provide police with anything with her DNA on, not even her worn clothing or sandals?

After 11 plus years there has not been one atom of evidence, apart from your say so, that there was ever an abduction of Maddie from 5a let alone an abductor in the apartment.

There is however, ample forensic and circumstantial evidence that there was a corpse in 5a and weirdly enough, a corpse in the car hired several weeks after Maddie vanished.

There was and is no report of a death ever in 5a nor reports of a corpse, zombie or otherwise in the hire car.

Plus of course your own words spoken in interviews and the wonderful prosecution exhibit-1, aka the autobiography of kate with passing mentions of Maddie, who didn't even warrant her name being capitalized on the front cover even though yours, kate, was.

This shows us your priority and in the book, it was kate, kate, kate.
Oh woe is me, waily waily woe and the infamous story of how you couldn't make love to gerry.
Oh how the twins must have suffered when that hit the newsstands.
The embarrassment.
And then the infamous page 129 in the first editions of the book about Maddie's perfect genitals torn apart.
I am not sure how the twins felt when they read that in the book your writing for them and allegedly Maddie which was supposed to say how you all searched for her until she was finally found alive.
The twins would have been eaten alive at school no matter how much you tried to prevent them finding out anything about the case.
I bet it was fun dropping them off at school, the sniggers and looks from other parents.
What about gerry at work?
There would have been giggles and sniggers, muttered comments some meant to be heard by gerry.
Was he called into the office about it i wonder?
I bet that was a fun day at work, the staff, the patients, visitors.
Front page on the newsstand in the shop.
Oh they joy.
I wonder, did he know you had spoken to the media about your sex life or was it a surprise?
Was he a happy bunny or was it yet another row as you made him a laughing stock.
It is so much fun we like to mention it every so often so it doesn't disappear from the public memory.

This makes sense if Maddie died on the Sunday as, after that, we have no reliable independent sighting, even the creche records are laughable and unbelievable with forged signatures (important, when faking a signature  rule 101 is get the damn name right healy became mccann then back again.

Then we have you knowing at least one of the nannies beforehand, Handy when it came to the creche records don't you think, oh and the visit later on to rothley towers for a cuppa and a cookie or two.

Then we have the missed, paid for breakfasts at the millennium to have breakfast in the apartment, strange given how money grabbing you are.

Then we have the lunches in the apartment rather than with the whole group and finally dinner with the adults only, excluding the one who was missing each night that was babysitting the children in whoever apartment.

Could it be that you had to skip breakfast and lunch with the group since someone, Diane Webster would have noticed Maddie not being in the group with the rest of the children and asking awkward questions and people would have kinda noticed a missing adult as well as a missing child and that would be super hard to conceal.

There is however, despite your claims of no evidence, plenty of forensic evidence that there was a body in 5a and the hire car.

The dogs reactions, the blood and body fluids in the apartment and in the hire car, the body fluids you claimed did not exist in the Leveson Inquiry (perjury) yet you had excuses for- blood from meat and fish and the bad smell, bad enough you had to keep the trunk open every night blamed on rotting meat and dirty diapers.
The 15/19 markers which matched Maddie was blamed on her clothing and sweaty sandals.
In the UK 15/19 would have had you in court and now in jail.
Portugal it had to be a full match.
It wasn't that 4 markers did not match, they were too degraded to be matched, though, with advances in forensics this may now change.

I bet you got a real shock when the PJ made the files public, well some of them, they have a whole bunch they kept secret and that's the really juicy stuff.
You sued to access to the files, you made Maddie a ward of court to get you access (2 weeks after she 'vanished') and got back 81 files out of what, 11000 released ?

The funny thing is you won, well kind of.
You got back the 81 files that your lawyers had handed over to the police so net gain was a healthy zero.

As an aside i know of no other case where the innocent parents of a missing child have made their child a ward of court  ever, let alone after 2 weeks.

This tells me that you knew Maddie was dead.

Maddie was no longer legally your child, you had handed over all responsibility to the courts.

You got rid of her which would also explain why you looked so happy, as if a burden had been lifted from your shoulders.
You bloomed with a healthy glow and an appetite for life.
You reported sleeping well and felt so good you wore make up, changed jewelry and coordinated your clothing with gerry, oh, and you were jogging within days.
Maddie was no longer your problem except, instead of fading away and you being cleared and  moving on, She stayed as a millstone around your neck, always there, just like your guilt, plus, you got to like the money, the fame, the freebies.

Maddie was a burden in life to you as you have told us.
You thought once she was gone the burden would be lifted.
It wasn't.

However, 11 plus years on Maddie is a burden weighing heavily on your shoulders, a weight growing each passing day, hour, minute and she will continue to be until you speak the truth and give her a dignified burial.
You language and behavior are all highly unexpected and red flags.

Innocent people speak and act a specific way.
Guilty people speak and act a specific way.
We know this from decades and centuries of statements.
Both are mutually exclusive.
You both come over as classic guilty people.
It is almost as if you have read  how to kill a child 101- a parents guide.

Casey anthony, deborah bradley and jeremy irvin, justin dipietro, shawn adkins and billie jean dunn, jessica mitchell and deorr kunz Sr, misty cummings, mark redwine (charged), lena lunsford (guilty of murder LWOP) kristi abrahams (guilty minimum 16 years) and robert smith (plead guilty max 16 years) elisa baker (15-18 years) karen matthews (guilty 8 years) here her daughter Shannon was luckily found alive and well with her uncle albeit having been regularly sedated prior to and during her alleged abduction.

In each case the parent claimed their child was abducted from their bedroom/home,campsite or crossing the street.
All sounded the same and used the same words.
Some were found guilty or pleaded guilty.
Some had the remains found.
Some, the remains have not been found.
Some had enough evidence such as a lot of blood around the room or other blood evidence in vehicles.
Some had cadaver dogs reacting to certain places.
Some had evidence of other crimes such as child porn and bestiality videos.
Some we know they did the crime such is the actual evidence and circumstantial.
A few have still not be arrested and charged despite all the evidence which bemuses more than a few of us, even for the child porn etc they are still free.

None searched.
None showed concern for their missing child.
None called out to their child or the alleged abductor
Some started gofundme's or other fund raising.
Some the remains were found weeks, months, years down the line.
One couple got caught when they went to the dump site of their missing child/step child  to celebrate her birthday.

Other not named here claimed one crime done by stranger when it was themselves who indicated for involvement.

Gerry cited one case regarding the dogs reacting to cadaverine, a man called eugene zapata.
He claimed the dogs were wrong and gerry used this case to  deride the dogs as unreliable, all well and good until zapata confessed and admitted the dogs had been right all along.
Cue deathly silence from dear gerry.
Hmm, i wonder why?Perhaps this would explain in part your refusal to answer the question about handing Maddie over to a family member.
Should Maddie ever be found alive, well aliveish as she would be a zombie since she is currently dead and likely to remain so for the foreseeable future, you would not get her back, you would have no say in what happened to her, who got custody of her, it would be for the courts to decide.

It also meant that when you sued Dr. Amaral on behalf of the twins , yourselves and Maddie, the courts refused to allow Maddie to be included, because she was a ward of court and no longer were you legally responsible for her or anything on her behalf.

So, i know you did it, pretty much everyone else knows you did it apart from a handful of die hard supporters who will be mightily pissed when charges are laid and you confess, well, you can try and come to a plea deal with the Portuguese courts, they may not be willing to accept given the crap you have done in the 11 plus years.

Then comes the fun bit.

You see since you know and knew Maddie was long dead, that makes the fund fraudulent and the UK police can prosecute you for that.

All those millions and, even better, the media who you threatened into paying up would be entitled to sue for it back, plus interest plus legal costs.

Then, tee hee, the tapas chums would also be facing fraud charges for the same thing and they too will have to pay it back, plus legal costs plus interest.

The fun really starts when they sue to get the money they allegedly donated to the fund, returned so they can then pay it back to the media.

If you decide they can't have the money, are you will to risk them deciding to have a nice word in the ears of some very nice policemen?

You may have a super(inaudible, we know what that means, Diane Webster slipped up there when she let that little nugget of info slip out.

Ohh i bet kate had a major tantrum when that came out.
She seems to have anger management issues, quite a lot it seems.

It may stop them talking to the public, it does not apply to the police and, if they make it public, that drops you right in it.
What are you hiding? will be the question and threaten all you like  what have they to lose if it means you are in jail for a very long time in Portugal and then facing trial in the UK for fraud, obtaining money and services by deception, obstruction of justice, perverting the course of justice, perjury at the leveson inquiry (which carries a life sentence) obtaining money and services by deception.

What about the celebs who gave you money and services like a private jet?
They could be entitled to sue you.

Still it means that gerry loses his job as a lecturer in Leicester uni, where i have it on good knowledge that his students detest him and kate your job in medicine which could be anything such as phlebotomist, receptionist, porter, though i doubt any of those since you aren't in contact with the public.
We would know, they would talk. It would be guess who i saw today..., so you are out the back somewhere doing a miserable job with people who loathe you and at a paltry wage compared to what you could have been earning.
All those years of training down the Swanee, All for nothing.
You will lose the twins of course and your friends and your family (possibly)
Bang goes the fancy house to pay all your fines and legal fees plus, if they decide to sue, and there are so many who could, compensation.
Your social life non existent, your circle of friends empty.
Everyone distancing themselves from you though, your relatives and maybe former friends such as the tapas 7 may sell their stories to the press, some big money there.
Those who were at uni with you, we know you had a reputation as a heavy drinker and party girl "hot lips" Bet they could tell us some interesting stories.
What if a relative decides to write a book?
Better still what if your other half writes a book, especially if they get a plea deal and throw you under the bus?
My life with XXX.
Why i covered up for them, why i protected them, How they lied to me, how they used emotional and even physical abuse.
Remember those bruised wrists and upper arm kate?
Those weren't from trashing your room you would have had bruises on your hands and hitting walls would not cause the bruises on your upper arm kate.
You should know that being a doctor, well ex doctor.
Those were restraint bruises so, what were you doing when you had to be restrained?
Fighting with gerry after he was making eyes at the quiz mistress.
Fighting gerry for another reason, after all we know you have a temper?
Being pulled away from Maddie after injuring her accidentally or deliberately?
Being pulled away from her as she was being removed from the apartment?
Restraint for pleasure and/or pain?
Your excuses don't work.
I wonder if the reason for the bruising is in the unreleased police files?
Hey ho it's not important currently but it does have possibilities down the like.
If it was for the latter then nobody cares.If it's between consenting adults  then it's legal and  worth 5 mins of discussion and titters before moving on, plus you may get strange looks from the public and students and maybe mom and dad might have something to say about it.

It also means that once you leave the Portuguese jail they will try you in the UK and you will have a super fun time courtesy of Her Majesty.

By the way during the Leveson Inquiry, you had to take an oath.
you kate lied after taking said oath.
This is perjury and it may surprise you to know it comes with a life sentence which means once you are released you could be on license which means if you are naughty they can recall you to prison.
Currently you are trying to get the verdict against you regarding the legal costs etc against Dr. Amaral overturned in the ECHR.
It won't work since they do not accept civil cases such as you against Dr. Amaral, they can only accept cases against the state, in this case Portugal.
The problem you have is that the Portuguese Supreme Court referred to the ECHR multiple times in their decision, which also mentioned that neither you, kate and gerry had been officially cleared of involvement in the disappearance of Maddie, nor have several senior UK officers who have said you are not cleared of involvement.

You would still be liable for all the costs of yourselves plus those of the people you sued.

The ECHR cannot and will not change the verdict from the courts, you are still going to have to pay up.

That £500,000 you have in a restricted account will have to be used.
Strange that by the way, it means the money can only be used to buy tools and equipment for a business or property and, since you don't have a business requiring bucket loads of cash you have property so, is it buy to let or is it a bolt hole in case you have to sell up rothley towers?

I am also pretty sure the twins aren't going to appreciate being liable for some not inconsiderable sums of money since you included them in your failed case.

How about you come clean, you'll feel so much better, the worst if over, no more hiding and wondering if there will be the early morning knock on the door.
The twins may forgive you, they may not since you have screwed their minds up for the last 11 plus years.
Get divorced, get counseling, do your time, keep your nose clean, move to a country that will admit you if you can find one or move somewhere nice and quiet in the UK and get on with life.
Maybe in time the public can forgive you, especially if you come clean, say what happened even if it was an accident as a result of something else.
Tell us what you did with her body, it will give the twins completion and a chance to grieve and move on(plus a bucket load of therapy) if nothing else.
It is the little things that build up and we have 11 years of leakage and behavior to tell us what happened, who did it, when. and, if we look hard enough at your language, possibly even where you dumped Maddie although gerry preferred the word "dispose"

Words once spoken cannot be unspoken.
Words once seen cannot be unseen.
Your best friend today can be your worst enemy tomorrow.
Can you trust your now distant tapas 7 chums to keep the secret.
If more than one person knows then it is not a secret.

A crime once done cannot be undone and, it will sooner or later be solved.

Sooner or later someone will crack and  oldfield looks a likely candidate or maybe tanner

Payne is keeping his head down after the stories of him liking to bathe other peoples children came to light and the Gaspar statements which would link payne and gerry and the dreaded P word.

And in a divorce things get messy  when it comes to custody of the children and, since we know the marriage was in trouble before the vacation and you have now been forced together for 11 plus years, one of you will be more than happy to throw the other one under the bus if it means you get custody and all the perks that come with it.

Remember reading all those murderers found decades down the line, all the rapists all the paedophiles?
You have told us Maddie is dead in your embedded confessions, the interviews verbal and written and the book.
Now is the time to speak out, admit the truth and begin the process of publicly grieving.
If you want to talk i will listen.
There are others who would also listen.
You could have a friend or someone you trust to help you take those first scary steps but it will get easier.
The hard part is saying you have something to confess, after that it gets easier and you will feel so much relief, a huge weight lifted off your shoulders.

We would help you start the process to acceptance, confession, to grieve, to heal.
The ones you have to worry about are those few rabid supporters who say you are innocent and, when you reveal the truth of your involvement, they will be mighty pissed at being made to look foolish and gullible in public.

Even the media is turning on you, the subtle changing of certain words and inclusion of others such as 'Alleged'

They will not be your friends.
They cannot be trusted.
In the end, they will have their eye on the prize, be it a reward if one remains, 15 minutes of fame, interviews and articles in the press, reality TV here we come, or, the big exclusive story, World wide headlines, promotion, awards, their name forever known as the ones who solved the case.

We don't want that, all we want is the truth and a dignified burial for Maddie if possible.
All I want is the truth, Maddie's remains being found and given a dignified burial if possible.
I want you to get the help you clearly need.
I want you to be able to grieve openly, to begin the process of healing.
I want Sean and Amelie to know the truth, to grieve and heal.
I want them to get all the help they will need  to come to terms with the truth their sister is dead by whatever means and to get the counseling to help them become happy and healthy teenagers and adults.
It will all take time, years if not decades.

Maddie will never be forgotten.
She has touched the lives of many, some directly, some indirectly.

We are the family she never knew she needed.
The voice she never knew she needed to speak up for her

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