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Kate, Prayers, Describing A Corpse, Facts And The Unexplainable Unexpected

‘Thank you God for bringing Gerry, Madeleine, Sean and Amelie into my life. Please keep them all safe, healthy and happy. Amen.’ Please keep them all safe. It must be said that when I’d prayed for their safety I’d been thinking: please don’t let them fall off something and bang their heads, or please don’t let them be involved in a car accident.

Order is important, here I note kate tells us she prayed and in her prayer she included 2 specific items to be protected from.
'fall off something and bang their heads, or please don’t let them be involved in a car accident.
Here she puts falling off something and banging their head before being involved in a car accident.Why did she put falling and banging their head before a car accident?
It was at the forefront of her mind.
Of all the things she prayed for, specifying safety as an example, her first thought was falling and banging their head.
It is so specific which leads me to think that this is what happened to Maddie.
She had also previously spoken about falling when talking to Mrs Fenn
‘Oh, I see,’ almost as if she’d just been told that a can of beans had fallen off a kitchen shelf.'

Now, we know Maddie is dead.
Kate and gerry have told us this, as well as clarrie

We know they couldn't allow an autopsy to take place  which is why the body was concealed, a crime scene  was firstly almost forensically cleaned and then staged and then a false police report was filed claiming Maddie had been abducted.
The question yet to be answered is why did they have to prevent an autopsy?
What happened to Maddie that she could not be allowed to be autopsied?

We know the children were sedated especially as the twins did not wake up despite all the noise and disturbance, with the mccanns claiming initially that the twins were deep sleepers which later changed to sedation by the abductor.
When a claim of theirs is proven not to be possible or a denial is shown to be untrue and that , for example, the deep sleeping twins had to have been sedated to sleep all the way through, only then do the mccanns change track and make new claims that maybe the abductor had in deed sedated the twins and Maddie.

The problem is once they change tack and come up with an explanation for  one thing, they are then left with  gaps and contradictions which need explaining.
There will always be holes in their stories as their story is built on lies.

We know kate had issues relating to Maddie when she told us Maddie was demanding and attention seeking, had tantrums and so on and required help to manage the children, even to family flying down to help  when they had time and co opting one of the nursery workers to help out at home.
We also have statements from extended family members telling us Maddie was a screamer, had a temper and other demeaning comments, all of which are huge red flags.
When someone dies family and friends will say positive things about them even when they were killers.
Things such as putting out neighbors bins, feeding stray cats etc.
It is the expected, always trying to find something positive about the deceased.
What is unexpected, especially with a child, is to see and hear belittling comments, subtle demeaning and the like.
That they are belittling Maddie is a bad sign.
Maddie it seems was not seen as part of the family.
Given all 3 children were IVF and the twins would have come from the same donor, why is Maddie always shoved to the back, does not belong, was seen as a threat to the twins?
Maddie was a UK IVF baby and the twins were from the Dutch IVF.Is it because Maddie wasn't part of the family?

We know kate was focused on sleep and the children's bed times, only seeming happy when they were all abed.

We know kate and gerry did the unexpected when they did not demand the twins be taken to hospital and examined for injuries and also what they had been sedated with, despite both being doctors and other doctors were in the group, they did not have the facilities to do the tests at hand.

We know they had private tests done 3 months later we kate claiming they were left nearly bald with all the hair she claims they took, when all that was needed was a couple of strands.

We know she claimed no drugs were found, there wouldn't be in the blood as that would have cleared the system within hours  and in the hair it depend how long the hair was before the hair cut which could have removed anything they had been given and also we were not told what drugs they were tested for.
If they tested  for ABC and the children had been sedated with D it would not show up.

Hair would however show if long term sedation had taken place and with what.
Remember Shannon Matthews whose hair showed long term sedation.

We know both kate and gerry and clarrie have told us Maddie was dead.

We know the children were babysat each night by the adult missing from the table, kate and gerry have told us this.

We know the mccanns, their tapas chums and all the family members that came over did not search for Maddie.

We know kate and gerry did not call out to Maddie or the abductor unless prompted first and when they did it was lack luster monotone with no expressions or emotions towards Maddie.

We know about the Drs Gaspar statements indicating inappropriate  behavior towards Maddie.

We know payne likes to bathe other people children.

We know a social worker recognized him in relation to her work. She could not remember if he was a witness or a perpetrator.

We know payne has been publicly called out as a paedophile and has failed to deny or make any response concerning said allegation, possibly the worst thing you can call a man.

We know that 15/19 factors in the fluids found in the hire car 3 weeks after Maddie vanished match Maddie, with the remaining 4 too degraded to use (at that period of time)

We know that the PJ need a 19/19 match to identify the person and be used in court whereas in the UK 12/19 would be allowed and they would currently be in jail.

We know blood and body fluids and the scent of cadaverine were found in the apartment behind the sofa and in the parents wardrobe and also the hire car.

We know a sample on a bedspread was initially identified as semen and subsequently changed to saliva and blamed on a previous young boy guest.

We know the mccanns and chums refused to answer all questions and cooperate with the police in taking part in a reconstruction.

We know the mccanns lied about only using the fund to allegedly find their daughter, instead using it to pay their mortgage, hire investigators who had no experience in finding missing persons, engaged in money laundering, drugs etc and were not allowed to investigate in Portugal.

We know they never sued kevin halligan for the money he stole from the fund, money he supposedly used to search for Maddie but who spent it on his lifestyle.

We know they hired 2 ex detectives who created their company only after being hired and used a nearly identical company name as one in America a genuine private detective company with an excellent reputation and experience in finding missing persons in order to make them look better than they were and had no idea on how to do an investigation even to not interviewing people.

We know the mccanns used the fund to sue anyone who disagreed with their version of events including Dr Amaral the now ex lead detective in the case to find Maddie.

We know the mccanns have never acted the way genuine innocent parents of a missing child would act nor have they spoken the way innocent parents would speak, even to using a script for their first appeal.

We know the mccanns have acted the way every guilty parent acts when claiming their child has been abducted whilst in reality they have killed their child either deliberately for whatever reason or accidentally during the commission of another crime.

We know the mccanns described Maddie as almost perfect, something unexpected from a parent who regards every child of their as perfect.

We know Maddie was described at birth as almost perfect apart from when she died(allegedly abducted) whereupon  the description of perfect focused solely her perfect little genitals torn apart
This, in a book written for the twins and supposedly Maddie when she was found.

We know kate describe exactly how a body looks when kept in a cold environment after a couple of days "I was crying out that I could see Madeleine lying cold and mottled, on a big grey stone slab

WE know the mccanns ended up getting rid of persons on the board of the fund who probably disagreed with what the mccanns wanted  to do with the fund and instead made themselves directors and had family and friends on the board who then admitted they used the fund for their legal costs.

We know the mccanns have told the world they are taking Dr Amaral to the ECHR to try and avoid paying legal costs as well as getting the verdicts in his favor overturned.
The problem is, the ECHR does not interfere in civil suits, they cannot and will not overturn  verdicts issued by the Supreme Court.
The ECHR will only listen to cases against the state.
The ECHR will simply refuse to listen to their application.
Whilst searching the ECHR the mccanns are now trying to sue the Portuguese state.
That is the only entity they can sue.

The mccanns are claiming that they will have to pay Dr Amaral £350,000 when they won't, all they will have to pay is the legal costs of those they sued and their own fees which could be quite substantial since they are using carter-ruck (who are claiming to be working pro bono which begs the question why if they have read the case notes)

Kate and gerry have told us Maddie is dead.
Clarrie has also told us Maddie is dead.

Believe them

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