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The Mccanns, Social Workers And Coming Of Age

Remember when they were visited by social workers?

The mccanns described it as if it were they who  invited them over for a chat and a cup of tea rather than the more damning, the social workers visited because they lost one child due to self proclaimed neglect and as a result the social workers visited to see if the children were at risk from neglect in the home.

Something which would have further condemned them in the public eye.

Also, after the social workers visited and did whatever they needed to do, the press stopped showing the faces of the twins, insisting their faces were now concealed such as being pixellated.

Children on the at risk register or are part of a criminal investigation as victims or as perpetrators are banned from having their faces shown and, in some cases banned from any form of identification such as from a relation committing a crime and pictures are shown of said perpetrator and any children in the photo are pixellated or blurred out.
Victims of sex crimes are also not identified especially if victim of a close relative such as a parent where surnames are redacted to prevent identity of the child.

In this case, the mccanns had used the twins as photo opportunities to portray their innocence and new found parenting skills, especially after being told the twins were no longer welcomed at the creche, and now the mccanns had to rely on friends and relatives to babysit whilst they went swanning off around the world.

I do not know what rules the mccanns had to follow after the social workers visit, nor do i know what other sanctions were laid down or how many other visits the social workers made.
The mccanns mentioned one as they suspected or know that one would be made simply because they claimed alleged neglect by leaving their children home alone.
The would not mention any further visits as that would damage their reputation and reduce donations.

No mention is made either of social workers visiting the other tapas 7 members as they too claimed they left their children home alone each night although managing to not lose a child due to alleged paedophile abduction.

Social workers are forbidden from disclosing any information they got from the group as a whole to the general public including media.
Privacy is first and foremost in relation to the privacy of the children.

 Yvonne Warren Martin, Social Worker and Child Protection Officer.heard about the alleged abduction of Maddie on the TV and decided to offer her services.when Maddie vanished,
On 4 May 2007, at around 7.00am, she heard about the disappearance of an English girl from Praia da Luz, Lagos, from SKY News or the BBC. Having worked for 25 years in the area of child protection, she felt obliged to offer help to her compatriots and went that very morning to Praia da Luz. At around 9.00am, she met the McCann couple, next to the apartment from where the child had disappeared, accompanied by a third person, a male, who seemed quite familiar to her.
The male turned out to be david payne but she could not remember  where she knew him from in relation to her work not knowing if it was as a suspect/arguido or witness.
Yvonne saw a group of three people, the mccanns and an unnamed male.
Yvonne noticed that the couple seemed upset, kate was agitated and crying intensely causing Yvonne to ask
When Yvonne noticed that the couple began to have doubts about her capacity and she immediately showed them her official documents and credentials, issued by the British government, to calm them down. gerry took her documents and showed them to the third person and told him that they were authentic and were certified by the police.
At one point Yvonne tried to get kate away so she talk to kate in private, kate became quite aggressive and said they could talk in the street. The mccanns and payne got into a huddle with whispered conversation  when a journalist showed up.
He then said the mccanns would not be talking to her or anyone else. He clearly did not like her asking questions of kate and took kate away.
The question i have here is, how did david payne know the documents were authentic and certified by the police?
Had he come into contact with them at some point?
If so what was the reason?

This clearly then was the first time social worker(s) came into contact with the mccanns in what seems an unofficial manner.
The question then becomes this:
Given the mccanns had claimed a paedophile abduction of Maddie when the children were allegedly left home alone (they weren't) whilst mom and dad and the tapas 7 had dinner in the tapas bar whilst allegedly doing half hour checks, and that the parents had then admitted to what would be classed as child neglect with harm coming to a child, were social workers then becoming involved?
In the UK especially given the age of the children, kate and gerry would have been arrested and charged with neglect resulting in harm coming to a child.
This was a risk the mccanns were prepared to take, a fine, community service, maybe even a short time behind bars if they could get a deal.
Far less that serving time for homicide, concealing a corpse and filing a false police report.
They knew also that if charged with neglect (the children were never left home alone, they were babysat by the missing adult from the table each night) They could not then be charged with the more serious crimes of

homicide, concealing a corpse and filing a false police report.
All they had to say was that an adult from the group was babysitting all the children in one room so no neglect.
They walk free knowing they could not be charged in Portugal.

I am not sure if they could still face charges in the UK.
They could then claim Maddie had an accident such as swallowing pills found on a table, the mccanns panicked and disposed of her remains.
Their name and reputation are mud and in tatters but they are out of jail.

At what point did the social workers become officially involved as involved they would be given the self confessed neglect of three very young children and ending up with one missing.
Did it end up with the children never being left alone with kate or gerry thus the need for all the friends and relatives coming out?
They didn't come out to physically search, they were all observed hanging out around the pool and having what could generally be called a freebie spring vacation.

Who decided Maddie would become a ward of court?
I know of no other child abduction case where the missing child is declared a ward of court.
Was it voluntary or was it a case of if you don't we will and you could lose your remaining children?
Was it simply a way of trying to get access to the police files to learn what evidence the police had against them and thus allowing them the option of retrofitting the time lines etc?
Now, since Maddie became a ward of court the mccanns are no longer legally responsible for her nor can they make decisions for her or on her behalf, it all has to go to court for permission.

I am not sure if this also limits what information they get since they are no longer her legal carers.
They may now be restricted to getting the same info that we the public get.
They may be allowed to make announcements to the public and appeals after they seek the courts permission.
In effect they may be like us, interested bystanders.

Once the twins reach 18 and become adults, they may decide to speak out for themselves rather than have their parents speak on their behalf.

I suspect that their coming of age may be something kate and gerry, and i suspect kate more than anything dread.
Up till now the twins have been effectively gagged by their parents.
They are restricted on what they can see and hear in the home, probably restricted on what they can see and do on their computers and phones.
I will bet the twins have been active online  seeking out info about themselves (everyone does this) their parents, the tapas 7 and Maddie and the case in general.
Searching out info their parents haven't told them.

The mccann may have reason to fear the twins coming of age.
The can no longer restrict what they can see and hear, nor can they stop the twins from talking out in public.

This may be the time that kate told us about in relation to pressing a button and they would ALL be together.
This tells us that kate knows Maddie is dead as this the only way they could all be together, otherwise she has committed murder and suicide leaving Maddie as an orphan.
No innocent parent would ever contemplate committing murder or suicide if their missing child is alive and could be found at any moment.

Kate's own words and behavior tell us the truth.

I wonder what the twins will do?

More importantly, what will kate do?


  1. The twins may well be he catalyst in this long standing crime! they are bound to ask questions about their sister, and demand truthful answers, they have been lied to all their lives! I feel n almighty ow, could blast this case aprt!

  2. Tania, I suggest this may not be one more coincidence that the social worker turns up exactly at the right time ? The whole affair, it seems, is orchestrated (by the FO)

  3. Tania maybe you could address the issues I have with this blog here if you won't speak to me in PM?


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