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Have The mccanns Leaked Where They Dumped Maddie's Remains And Perhaps Even A Motive?

Peter Hyatt ( )
was thinking they would have leaked where they dumped Maddie's body in their statements.
I agree.
They were fixated on the hill and their jogging times (19 mins)
Kate also told Police Inspector Ricardo Paiva, in a tearful telephone conversation that she had a dream that Maddie was dead and was on a hill and that police should search for her there.
Gerry then said later that kate had NOT had a dream.
Now, why would gerry tell us kate had not had a dream about Maddie being on a hill?
Rather, why would gerry tell us kate did not have a dream at all?
He wouldn't know what kate had dreamed unless she had told him.
Was he privy to kate's dreams?
He wasn't even in the country when she called the Police Inspector
What was so important about this dream that gerry had to deny its very existence?
Clearly the dream was sensitive to kate and even more so to gerry, so much so he issued a statement denying his wife had had a dream.
Gerry says: - 'I'd like to make it absolutely clear that Kate has never had a dream that Maddie has been BURIED somewhere, and I don't know if something has been lost in interpretation, but that didn't happen -not with those words, that's for sure".
What words were used then gerry?
Kate didn't use the word BURIED, she used the word ON.
What caused you to use the word BURIED gerry?

If it was only a dream and nothing more, then gerry would have no reason to deny its existence, after all it was just a dream from a clearly distraught mother about her missing daughter.

That he denied its existence makes it sensitive to gerry especially.
Now why would it be sensitive to gerry?

Could it be that Maddie was dumped on a hill?
Is there a well on hill she was dumped in?
Not buried but on/in?

Could it be that the hill the mccanns ran up regularly even to making a note of the time taken and put on his blog is the hill kate is talking about?
Kate began running according to her diary 11 days after Maddie was allegedly abducted. She also tells us she slept well.

MONDAY, MAY 14: I slept well last night after a not very good end of the day, frustration with the FLO (Portuguese police family liaison officer) asking me where would my little M be.

After getting back I decided to go running—for the first time since THE day (already 11 days ago). I knew that it was going to be physically difficult, but I also knew that I wasn't going to give up, because it was for Madeleine and also because the level of pain is far higher now.

No cameras or journalists, which was great. I went running towards the beach and then along it and again climbed that hill so steep —without stopping!

Her daughter has been missing for 7 days, allegedly abducted by a paedophile according to the mccann and by default the tapas 7 version of events.
What innocent parent would sleep well or even confess to sleeping well after a week?

Innocent parents would be out every day, every night searching until they dropped.
They would not be sleeping well if their child was missing.
Parental instinct is strong, maternal instinct is even stronger, They would literally need sedating to stop themselves from killing themselves with exhaustion.
Instead we have gerry sleeping the night Maddie went missing and kate sleeping well a mere 7 days later
How better to check on if Maddie's remains had been disturbed by animals, remember the pack of dogs kate spoke about in her diary?
Why does she think it great not to have cameras or journalists there?
Would it have revealed something the mccanns did not want revealed?
How better to discuss Maddie than whilst jogging?
It would be hard to eavesdrop them whilst they were running, either from journalist, camera men or worse, the Police.

MONDAY, JULY 23: I got up at 7.00 and went running. I was surrounded by a pack of dogs (more or less 12)

Could this be any relation to the reaction of the blood and cadaver dogs?
Animals, especially wild or feral predators would be attracted to what, gruesomely, could be called a free dinner.
Could this also be an explanation perhaps for the bloody footprint in the apartment?

Kate also wrote twice in her diary about Maddie's fear of pain.
It's interesting that she uses fear of pain twice making it sensitive.
FRIDAY, JUNE 1: Quite fed up...I can't stop thinking about Madeleine, about her fear of pain.

SATURDAY, JUNE 2: ... Cried again in bed—I can't avoid it. I need her close to me. Thinking about her fear of pain breaks my heart.

Why would thinking about Maddie's fear of pain cause kate to be fed up?
Aren't all children scared of pain?
Why does kate feel the need to include it not once but twice making it doubly sensitive
Was Maddie having some form of treatment that involved some form of pain such as injections or physical therapy?
Is kate subtly demeaning Maddie?
Is kate blaming Maddie for what happened to Maddie?

WEDNESDAY, MAY 30: (After trip to see Pope detailed above) The kids went to bed again around 9pm!!!

FRIDAY, JUNE 1: Quite fed up...I can't stop thinking about Madeleine, about her fear of pain. How can I go on knowing that her life could have ended like this?

This week I have been quite overtaken by black thoughts. Please, God, bring her back.

Bedtime is becoming more and more of a challenge.

SATURDAY, JUNE 2: ...Fed up again —poor M. Once again it took a long time before S and A were sorted.
TUESDAY, JULY 17: After a DVD and a story it was the twins' bedtime which didn't take too long tonight.
Also she seems to be fixated on getting the twins to bed and sleep.
Does children sleeping give kate respite?
Remember also the sleep chart they had on the fridge at home?
Could this be a reason for sedation?
Remember initially they denied the twins had been sedated, claiming instead the twins always slept deeply , when it was pointed out that the twins did not waken through any of the hullabaloo.
When that story didn't pan out (and that one or more of their family members had mentioned possible sedation) They then claimed in their mockumentary that the twins had likely been sedated by the alleged abductor.
They also claimed to have had the twins tested (and kate volunteered after claims she was on medication) several months down the line independently without telling us what drugs were tested for.
Rather pointless if they test for the stuff they know wasn't used and won't show up.
They could then claim all the tests came back negative.
Also they gave the hair samples several months down the line AFTER having a hair cut, which was something gerry told us about in his blog, making it sensitive.

SATURDAY, JULY 21: If I could go back in time, I would. I have clear recollections of that night. You were so tired. After your baths, you sat on my knee and put my wedding ring on your finger.
 We (me, you, Sean and Amelie) read "Mog" in the living area and then "if you're happy and you know it". We all sat down on your bed.

Then you counted the squares on the last page.
You were always counting things on pages...always laying your head on your pillow at the same time every night.
Was this an indication that Maddie was on the autistic spectrum?
Maddie had to have things done a certain way and at a certain time.
She needed a routine and would have a meltdown if anything was changed.
Could this be a possible motive?
Remember they told us also that when Maddie was born, she was almost perfect.
Parents do not call their children at birth almost perfect, they are perfect in the parents eyes.
What was seen that would cause them to describe her as almost perfect?
Again she talks about going back in time.
Previously she has told us that if she could go back in time, she would look around and take notes Not that she wouldn't allegedly leave the children alone and instead have dinner at home or use the creche or babysitting facility.
Here she tells us not that she would stay home or use the creche or babysitting facility, only that she would have clear recollections of bed time book and song.

"How can I go on knowing that her life could have ended like this?"
THIS is close, THAT is distancing.
Why did she not say "How can I go on knowing that her life could have ended like THAT?
Does this imply she knows how Maddie died?

SATURDAY, JULY 7: We had breakfast and got the children ready as usual. At 10.30 the four of us went to the Algarve Shopping Centre.

The plan was to buy sandals and some other things for the children. However the journey was a disaster. We had to stop three times on the way there, since Sean and Amelie were crying alternately.

I began to feel that it had been a wasted day, even though Sean and Amelie had some good goes in Noddy's car and Popeye's boat. The return journey was slightly more bearable.
Also she refers to them crying on a trip as a disaster.
The day was wasted according to kate.
The journey back was slightly more bearable>
Did they not cry as much?
Kate doesn't seem to be able to cope with the twins acting as young children.
Was this a reason why kate was never left alone with the children?
They had family coming down to visit on their days off.
They had  payne allegedly visiting briefly (30 secs to 30 mins depending on which version you believe) to bring the children down to the tennis courts to play.
Could it also explain  why kate looked as if she had had a huge burden lifted off her shoulders after Maddie vanished?

Also on that day kate wrote

At around 18.00 went to church. It was good... there was nobody else there. Later Gerry turned up and joined me and we went down as far as the rocks on the beach and talked a little about Madeleine.

Who was looking after the twins whilst they were doing this?
Spot the dropped pronoun relating to the church.
Who went to church at 18:00?
What was done in the church before gerry showed up?
What was said?
Why the need to go so far to talk a little about Maddie?
What was discussed?

Things she wrote in her diary using the process of free editing tell us what was important to her, what she felt important enough to write down.

What is missing is actual physical searching.
Actually going out and searching for her missing, allegedly abducted daughter.
Instead it is full of trivial minutia and self pity.

TUESDAY, JUNE 26: ... My darling Madeleine, I feel such fear and dread when I think of you.

This is a really strange thing to say about her missing daughter.
Why not say i feel such love and care when i think of you?
Thinking of Maddie should bring pleasure and happiness, someone she loves and who loves her back.

Instead she talks of fear and dread when she thinks of Maddie.
Why is that?
Is kate scared of Maddie?
Is kate scared perhaps of punishment perhaps because of something she (kate) had done?
Consequences relating to Maddie?

Clearly kate has a problem with Maddie and issues relating to the twins, especially if they cry and bedtimes.
Her diary also seems to focus on what kate is feeling rather than her concerns for Maddie.
These diaries were supposed to be the basis of a book for Maddie to read once she returned and the twins to read.
Reading her diary shows
her priority, kate.
Kate is the victim here not Maddie.
This ties in with her book madeleine (all in lower case) whilst kate is capitalized.
WEDNESDAY, JULY 18: It was suggested that Madeleine is dead and buried in an area close to the beach, behind the cliff.

What can I say? I feel my body's on the verge of collapse. How much pain and emotion can one body take? I had a bad afternoon. I was very worried, desperate, extremely on edge. I don't think I can take any more of this, I really can't. How much longer will this suffering go on? I need Madeleine ALIVE

Is kate reacting to the thought that Maddie might be found where kate had her dream?
Is kate reacting to thought that the game may be up?
Is kate perhaps fearing the consequences?
No mention here of What Maddie might be suffering

Then there is the absolute classic written on

TUESDAY, JUNE 26: I’m so sorry if I/we let you down. I hope you know how fond of you we are and that we would NEVER do anything intentionally that would put you in danger—of any kind. Not even an admission of letting her down by allegedly leaving the three children home alone
that night (they didn't.
She can't even bring herself to admit they let Maddie down, she uses the word IF
introducing a conditional clause:
synonyms: on condition that, provided (that), providing (that), presuming (that), supposing (that), assuming (that), on the assumption that, allowing (that), as long as, given that, with the provision/proviso that, with/on the understanding that, if and only if, contingent on, in the event that, allowing that

Maddie is allegedly abducted by a paedophile because her parents allegedly  left her babysitting her younger siblings and kate only thinks they may have let her down?

They were babysat by the missing adult from the table each night)
Kate cant even bring herself to say she loves Maddie in this quote from  the diary.
She uses the horrible word FOND.A word used to describe perhaps an elderly aunt or a cream cake.

1.having an affection or liking for.
"I'm very fond of coffee"

Slightly up from like but far below love.
We would NEVER do anything intentionally that would put you in danger—of any kind. We indicates shared unity and cooperation.
Who is WE
Never does not mean did not.
It is interesting that she introduces the word intentionally in relation to danger which leaves it open to unintentionally put in danger.
She further defines it as danger of any kind.
However this flies in the face of their claim to have intentionally left them home alone each night and the parents doing regular checks ( the children were never left home alone each night. They were babysat by the missing adult from the table)
Doctors and medical staff are hyper vigilant when it comes to children.
They see on a day to day basis what can happen to a child in a fraction of a second even with the parent right next to them.

Here was have fondness linked to never doing anything intentionally harmful.
Since Maddie came to harm was there something other than fondness?
Was there no love?
Was there dislike?
Was there hatred?

Kate blossomed after Maddie vanished, as if a weight had been lifted off her shoulders.
This was unexpected.
She was feeling good enough in herself to color coordinate her clothing with gerry.
Wear matching jewelry.
Go jogging.
Wear make up.
Sleep well.
Eat well.
Have a birthday party for Maddie days after she vanished.(where have we seen that before?)
No physical searching.

Was kate glad Maddie was gone?
Her almost perfect daughter with her perfect torn genitals (page 129 in early editions of her book)
The perfect family blonde haired boy and girl twins and no troublesome demanding Maddie wanting attention.

Kate wants to speak, she wants to ease her guilty conscience.
Looking at her today, the guilt is eating her alive.
She looks now like she should have done when Maddie first went missing , allegedly abducted by a paedophile.
How long before the stress gets too much and kate decides to press a button so they can all be together?


  1. Hi Tania,
    I have read most of your analysis artickles over the past years..I agree, there is a lot if things that don't reconcile with each other, etc. But..what do you think of this proposal? - the Mccanns are lying..but not responsible for Maddie's death? Ok, it goes something like this - the starting point could be various scenarios (to be debated separately) - KM lost the plot and lashed out, etc, whatever, the result - Maddie runs out from the apartment..onto the road..where she is hit by a car (the driver speeding/drunk/ or just a VERY IMPORTANT PERSON WITH INFLUENCE. Now, Maddie is dead. Kate/Gerry/both run out after her and are straight at the scene. Maddie cant be helped. There is no opportunity at that very minute to dispose of body. THE VERY IMPORTANT PERSON, obv, does not want to be implicated in any way in the death, even if it was a true accident. The offer - "abduction", you, as parents of course are going to be under suspicion, but I/WE will cover your backs (hence help by UK government) and, ultimately, if yiu manage to stick to the "abduction" story - you will be OK. Same goes for tapas7 - maybe some veiled threat is used - you keep quiet, and everyone will be OK. Maddie is taken back to apartment for a while (hence cadaverine) until arrangements are made to remove her and the "abduction" show begins. Would not such scenario explain the protection, the silence, the cadaverine and the inconsistencies in their interviews, etc?? The time of the accident, of course, is debatable too (beginning/end of holiday), but in principle, what do you think? Thank you. Tara

  2. So, basically after all your years of research, you know squat.

  3. This week I've been over taken by black thoughts, ? Is the black thoughts the earth , buried , why not say i was overtaken by dark thoughts ?

  4. I would imagine their trip to see the Pope, was more about seeking forgiveness,rather than finding Maddie alive..

  5. Tara, that is a brilliant, you are definitely on to something in my opinion.x


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