Thursday, June 18, 2015

Kate McCann finishes charity bike ride with 'Madeleine on her mind'

Oh dear kate, you simply can't stop opening mouth before engaging brain and then inserting both feet into that delightful mouth of yours.

At 25 seconds in, you tell the world the truth.
Once again you leaked a marble of truth despite your best efforts:

"Yeah I mean,  I think it, I know this won't help Madeleine "

Let me repeat what she says again:
"I know this won't help Madeleine"

Lying is stressful, the brain doesn't like being stressed and it will tell what it knows in order to relieve the stress.

Let me ask you this dear kate.
How do you know this won't help Madeleine?

Given you keep telling everyone and their pet rock (dogs are off limits and we all know why that is) that she is alive and findable, as proven by the recovery of a handful of missing children who were all adolescent or pre-pubescent as opposed to being 3 years old.

Despite all the evidence and statistics to the contrary  showing that children of Maddie's age abducted by paedophiles are dead within a couple of hours.

Despite your claim  to Lorraine Kelly during 
ITV's Lorraine on 02 May 2012 where you told the world:
''We are realistic. We don't know what has happened but we know there is a very good chance that she could be alive - there is no evidence to the contrary,''

The first marble is:

We don't know what has happened.
You do know what happened.
You told Law Enforcement and the world that Maddie had been abducted from her bed by a paedophile.

The next marble is the qualifier VERY.
A qualifier is a word that when removed doesn't change the meaning of the sentence.
A qualifier weakens the statement rather than making it stronger.

You then have another marble, the qualifier, COULD which further weakens the statement.

Then the last marble makes its appearance.
e have the classic comment that reveals you for the desperate liars you are:
"there is no evidence to the contrary,''
Except, there is, no matter how much you deny and

There is the evidence of blood and body fluids in the apartment and hire car.

There are the reactions of the blood and cadaver dogs Eddie and Keela behind the sofa, in your wardrobe, the child's red t-shirt, your black and white checked pants oh, and not forgetting, Cuddle Cat.

If, as you say, there is not evidence to the contrary, why then did you, your family and friends and, even dear, dear clarrie come up with explanations for what was found.

Dirty diapers, sweaty sandals, rotting meat and fish, garbage.
Maddie falling over in the apartment hurting herself (you can thank gerry for that contribution) though it would not be your fault.
"And if Madeleine had hurt herself inside the apartment – why would that be our fault"?
Nose bleeds, even the laughable coming into contact with multiple dead patients before your vacation hence the contamination.

What there is no evidence of, even after eight years and investigation by both the PJ and SY, is abduction.
Not one fingerprint,  palm print, foot print even ear print.
Not one fibre
Not one hair
Not one skin cell, drop of sweat, tears or semen by a stranger.

No reliable eyewitness.
No one hearing the sound of a shutter being raised or lowered on a quiet night standing feet away from the apartment.
No one hearing the sound of someone walking away quickly in a silent street.
Nothing, zilch, nada!

Nothing that shows a stranger got into the apartment and abducted Maddie.

Remember it is not only what is there that shouldn't be.
It is also what isn't there that should be

I do wonder though how your coming into contact with multiple dead bodies would result in cadaverine on a child's red t-shirt and cuddlecat.

Contact transfer wouldn't work since all items that came into contact with your clothes would have been tainted.

Claiming that perhaps you took Cuddle Cat to work with you is just plain unbelievable.

If it was Maddie's favorite toy, her comforter, why would you deprive her of it and take it to work?

How could you have taken it to work prior to the vacation if it was an early birthday present from a relative?

Why would someone claim it was an early birthday present when perhaps she had had it for some time and was her favorite comforter?

Did he not remember his script?

Was it in fact an early birthday present, perhaps given to Maddie just prior to the vacation and you had to come up with some possible explanation for why it had cadaverine on it?

It still doesn't explain the red t-shirt though

If you took that to work,  why?
How did it become contaminated with cadaverine?

When a doctor is called out to certify a death, it is usually an expected death at home or in a residential home/nursing home.

All you would need to do pretty much is  check for a pulse or depending on the time between death and you arriving and it being a nursing home is look at the body and a brief touch to check the temperature, if that.

Contact with the body is minimal.

Did you perhaps tickle the cadaver with Cuddle Cat and if they laughed or moved they aren't dead?

Cuddle Cat a new tool for the testing for death perhaps?

The NHS version of a portable CAT scan?

Then we have the reports from neighbors of the trunk being left open night after night.

Why was that?

To try and remove the stench from a rotting corpse who was perhaps thawing out?

What would you have said and done if the car had been stolen?

Then we have your chum Michael Wright who said of the hire car:

"I noted some disagreeable smells on a number of occasions which I judged to have come from the twins’ nappies. I have no knowledge of anything spilling from any article nor of any cleaning of the car after such a hypothetical spill."


It is clear that Maddie is dead because you tell us

So, what is the THIS you are referring to?

The 500 mile charity cycle ride for missing people?

Since you claim Maddie was abducted by a paedophile and that she could still be alive, surely this cycle ride for charity could have helped Maddie even if indirectly.
It can be the slightest thing that can solve a case and bring the missing person home.

It could prompt someones memory, someone who was in Portugal that week, though perhaps not in PDL

It could prompt someone with knowledge of the crime to break ranks and tell what they know.

It could perhaps bring in more donations to your fund to pay for your next vacation, legal fees, mortgage,PR men I mean continuing search for your missing daughter by hiring the best detectives with a good track record of actually  finding a missing person.

The only way you can know it won't help Maddie is because she is dead.

She is not missing (since you, or at least gerry at a minimum, know where she was dumped, although you could claim a technicality if she was dumped in moving water) 

However, if she wasn't abducted by a paedophile, and instead she was perhaps found dead by you, then the claim makes some kind of sense.

Perhaps you don't know what happened to cause her death, such as a fall off the sofa over sedation, assault by another member of the tapas group or maybe the result of a physical assault as alluded to by gerry when he said:

 "Kate killed her in frenzy, Madeleine was sedated by us, she fell down the stairs, in which case you would have thought they'd have found her body.
I've heard all that.

What I want to know is, who told them all that?"

This is an interesting quote and telling.

Order is important and here you have kate killing Maddie in a frenzy first

Then you have Maddie being sedated by US second

Finally you have Maddie falling down the stairs.

Gerry then put the onus on the Police regarding finding her body.

If she fell down the stairs gerry then surely you, kate or any of the tapas group would have found her body on one of your checks since dead bodies tend not to get up and walk around (except in the movies)

I can then discount the falling down the stairs or accidental death.

Embedded is the admission that 

"kate killed her in a frenzy and Madeline was sedated by us".
He doesn't say they claimed or alleged that we did that, nor does he distance you from the killing and sedation.

He doesn't deny their claims.

He didn't  say  kate didn't do this or that or we didn't do this or that or, the allegations are false.
Instead of a strong reliable denial, gerry's priority is:

I want to know is, who told them all that?"

This is sensitive to gerry.

He wants to know who dropped you both in it by telling the truth.

Notice he says 
"all that"
Notice he says told rather than claimed or alleged.
Told is stronger than said.
Told speaks to being definite, of having knowledge of.

Someone in your group of friends broke ranks and now he is not a happy bunny.

However, I and many others have noted that you and gerry, oh, and not forgetting dear dear clarrie, have all said, using the process of free editing, that Maddie is dead.

You even helpfully told the listening world that is was murder rather than the possibly expected accident which was allowed for by Dr. Goncalo Amaral.

When you said using the process of free editing:

"Police don't want a murder in Portugal and all the publicity about them not having paedophile laws here, so they're blaming us."

The more you talk kate the more I and others and of course LE know about what happened and who did what.

Heck, several of us who look at the words you speak even have the how and why, that can be placed at the feet of gerry who happily told us the how and why.

"Kate killed her in frenzy, Madeleine was sedated by us"

Pass on my thanks to gerry for that little nugget of information.

You can also thank him from me for this little quote as well

"There's no evidence that Madeleine is dead and there's no evidence to implicate us in her death"

Then we have you admitting Maddie is dead when you said this rather disturbing quote:

"It really isn't easy," coping. "Some days are better than others. ... There's days when you think, 'I can't do this anymore,' and you just want to press a button, and we're ALL gone, and it's all finished, and we're ALL TOGEATHER and gone. Wherever. But you can't, you know. Just occasionally you'll have a -- if you're having a really bad day, which we do. And you can't help but think that."

The key word here being
You can only all be together after pressing a button (murder-suicide) if you know Maddie is dead, otherwise you just committed murder-suicide and made Maddie an orphan.

Then we have you talking to your mother.

Susan, said: "She told me she has difficulty sleeping and wakes during the night. I asked: 'Do the twins come and wake you up?'

Kate said: "No, it's Madeleine. She comes in."

Once again we have a leaked marble of truth.

Live people do not, cannot haunt anyone or anywhere.
Dead people can haunt anyone and anywhere.
Is this perhaps your guilty conscience making its presence known?

Kate I know you are under a huge amount of stress.

You were the moment you couldn't conceive and had to use IVF

Maddie was born almost perfect

GERRY MCCANN: She came out screaming. She was a McCann. There's no doubt about that. She was very loud. But she came out almost perfectly formed. There's really, she was instantly beautiful.

I wonder what he was going to say after "There's really" before he self edited?
It is also worth noting he includes there was no doubt she was a mccann.
Is this perhaps a  sensitive topic to gerry since Maddie was an IVF baby?

She wasn't perfect, she was almost perfect.
What was wrong that gerry noticed she wasn't perfect, only  ALMOST perfect?

Maddie was a handful.

She like any baby and toddler was demanding, selfish, noisy and messy, not at all like the pictures in magazines and in the TV adverts of perfect laughing, sleeping, quiet,clean babies and well behaved toddlers.

Maddie had a temper on her.

Eileen McCann: "That girl could throw a tantrum if she wanted to"

It is interesting that she refers to Maddie as THAT GIRL (distancing) rather than Madeleine or even she.

It is also unexpected since in missing persons cases, especially children and with deaths, no matter how bad the person has been they will always find something positive to say about them, even if it was  they were polite, or they always said hello.

Often what is seen in a missing persons case and there is guilt or guilty knowledge there is often subtle demeaning of the victim, as if the deserved what happened to them.
What is noticeable in this case is that we are told Maddie had a temper.

"She would run up and down screaming in the background, shouting for my attention."
"She would run around 'screaming...shouting for my attention'"She cried practically for 18 hours a day. I had to permanently carry her around."
"The worst thing is that she started to demand lots of attention, especially when I was breast-feeding them.

Then you had IVF again not that long after Maddie was born and this time it was twins.
A boy and a girl, the perfect family.

Maddie was still demanding attention, she was loud, she had a temper, she was a toddler, this is what they do and you couldn't cope.

This is why ever time any family member had some spare time, they would come down to help out.
I wonder if you had PND?
I wonder if you had 'other issues' that perhaps warranted family keeping a close eye on you in case something happened?
Depression perhaps?

I wonder if this is why the PJ asked about you handing her care over to another family member?

This would also explain why gerry made his comment about  not being here to have fun.
Was it because he would have to be a dad to his children?
He couldn't leave them with you and go off all day.
Is this why he had payne come visiting?
To make sure they children were OK or was it something a bit more sinister?

I noted that after Maddie vanished, rather than the expected thin, unkempt, desperate mother, exhausted by searching for her missing daughter, not eating or sleeping, not caring about her appearance, aged beyond her years, I saw a woman, a mother who looked like the weight of the world had been lifted from her shoulders.
You glowed, you blossomed.
All was well in your world, your problem had gone and you could now live a happy life, the life you always dreamed of.

Your language, your behavior, your appearance was unexpected.

Today after eight years of stress you look now like you should have done when Maddie went missing.

The stress of your guilty knowledge is eating you alive.
You are trapped with a man you don't love, your marriage was in trouble before that fateful vacation.
Now you are trapped as to leave would leave you vulnerable.
 Fighting for custody of the children and all the mess that comes with divorce, the risk of  the truth coming out  and blame laid at your feet  in the battle for control.

I know you want to end the stress, the lies to your children, your family and friends, the world and yourself.

So far you have had eight years of hell and it is never going to end until the truth is told.

Each day new advances in forensics can reveal what happened.

Each day the fear of the dreaded knock on the door and the invitation to have a chat at the station.

Each day the questions from your remaining children.

What do they remember?
What did they see?
What did they hear?
Who have they told?

Sooner or later kate you will break down.
It is a given.

It is better for you to speak now and tell the truth.
The relief will be instant, no more lies, no more stress.
It is never as bad as you think it will be.

You will get the help you need, you will finally be able to grieve openly for your child.
You will be able to move on and start anew on a fresh page.

The truth will always reveal itself.
Even now i can see you are desperate to tell the truth, your brain leaks the truth a marble at a time to we who listen.
Like a game of Kerplunk, one marble here, one marble there.
Then we get a couple here and there and then finally, the one straw is pulled and they all come tumbling down
This is what is happening now.
At some point, kate, you will bite the bullet knowing what will happen.
You will pull that straw and let the truth come tumbling out.

You will have instant relief, you will feel so much better.
No more hiding, no more lies.
No more wondering if you are being watched or listened to.
No more worrying about emails and phone calls being intercepted
No more worrying about having to watch your language and behavior.

Until you take the first step kate, I and millions of others, Law Enforcement, lawyers, the media, statement analysts, criminal profilers, body language experts the world will be watching closely, noting every word spoken, every deed done, every penny spent from the fund, the lawsuits, the threats from your lawyers and your supporters.

By continuing this charade you are talking yourself into a long prison sentence.
By being truthful and open about everything from the very start then the courts will be merciful as will the public.

Think on this kate.

I don't like seeing people suffering even if it is their own fault
I don't like seeing people stressed, stressed people do things they may regret.
Think about Sean and Amelie.
They are of an age now where they can access the internet without your supervision.
Can you look them in the eye and lie even though  you have always taught them to tell the truth?
If you believe in a god, can you  continue to live a lie?
Can you make confession and not be truthful?
To be absolved of your sins you have to be honest and truthful.
You cannot be absolved otherwise.
By keeping it secret you cannot be absolved.

If you have confessed knowing the sanctity of confession did the priest tell you you can only be absolved by telling the truth and confessing as to what really happened?
If you believe in god, can you really continue to carry this guilty secret, this sin on your soul till they day you die?
Can you keep the knowledge to the bitter end and then stand before your god and hope to get into heaven?
If you have a faith then you know what you must do.
It is better to be done now whilst your children are still of an age to understand and to forgive.
They are of an age where they will love you regardless.

There will come a day when it will be too late.
The damage is done and you will have lost not only Maddie, you will have lost Sean and Amelie as well.

I don't want this to happen, no one does.
It would be losing your child all over again.

We the public, see what you want us to see, hear what you want us to hear.
We see your public persona, the mask you hide behind..

We do not see the real you hiding inside your head, although we do see a brief glimpse now and then when your mask slips.

Come out of hiding kate, it is time to take off the mask.

You have been leaking the truth marble by marble.

I know you want to.

You know you want to.

All it takes is one small step.

A phone call, an email, a text,  a word with a loved one or trusted family friend, a neighbor or even a stranger who is simply a name, a voice on the internet who will do  their best to help you


  1. One thing I'm absolutely sure of, there'll be no confession from Kate while under the control of Jerry! My observations as far as Kate is concerned, childish in many ways, she needs to be guided by Jerry because without him the game would have been up long ago.

  2. A powerful piece of writing, Tania. We know this blog is monitored by Team McCann. Maybe Kate herself reads it? Although this last week has been "all about me". "It was my bike ride too...."

    Anyway, I hope she does get to the end of this before throwing her laptop across the room. A dam can only withstand so much pressure.

    I also agree with commenter above. Notice how Kate often grips her own wrist or generally fiddles during sole interviews. I suppose the routine is the same, whoever is coaching... And as for Gerry, well he was allegedly there at Tower Bridge cheering though inspite of most of Fleet St being there, nobody appears to have captured a happy family moment.

  3. Kate's chosen charity in the biking fundraiser is "Child Missing Alert" an app (free thanks to charities) used in the UK. It sends alerts out after a child is abducted in the UK. It does not send out an alert

    1. 8 years after an abduction.
    2. In Portugal

    Therefore, the funds raised, wait for it...

    Will not help Madeleine.

    1. Neither will the fighting fund by the sound of it!!

    2. Thanks for clearing that up, St john... I knew there had to be a simple explanation rather than overinterpreting her words into a homocidal conspiracy theory.

    3. Of course Kate McCann was referring to that app. And of course this won't help Madeleine, a manipulative platitude from the ever so altruistic Kate. Shame about the transparacy. NL

  4. Great post Tania. I would hate to be in their shoes, living with guilt every day and lying in bed at night haunted by Madeleine. What a truly shocking way to live your life.

    1. Guilt only applies if you have a conscience!!

  5. One day I hope the truth about what happened to Madeleine comes out (whatever it is, I don't know) because she deserves no less than that. The circus that her parents have created in her name was unsuccessful in finding her. I could even say it's on par with their parenting skills.

    I am angry at the media in it's portrayal of Snr Amaral and that they get away with it. Anyone care to remind me how much has been paid out to the McCanns, Tapas chums and Robert Murat for things printed about them once upon a time?

    How can it be that those searching for the truth about a little girl are vilified and ridiculed yet the ones who neglected their children are awarded money...which gives them more power....sigh!

    S + K Mum

  6. Whilst I do believe the McCanns are up to their neck in lies I am pretty certain that the quotes regarding the work clothes and Cuddle Cat were actually made by relatives of the couple. ( Kate's mother and Philomena McCann respectively if my memory serves me well.) The McCanns are very guarded in what they actually do say preferring relatives and friends to talk for them so that later anything that needs denying, can be, without incriminating the pair in any way.
    Of course the very big question is: Why are they being protected by the establishment? I doubt if Kate would be allowed to spill the beans even if she wanted to clear her conscience . There are bigger issues at stake here and vested interests must be keeping a VERY close eye on her.

  7. The massive pile of evidence against the Mccans speaks volumes to the mass public... The very fact that those files were made public tells us that there are people higher up who think they are guilty of covering up their little girl's death - their was even a payment made to mr amaral's cause from the police force, as they thought it was disgusting how a senior police officer was being treated. The fact that the Mccans (or a name better suited is Mccant- get-away-with-it-forever) wanted "damages" paid out instead of just stopping the book being sold, is a big sign of how greedy these two are. Also Gerrys duping delight, a deceptive facial expression which shows his thoughts when an interviewer asks of any sightings of Madeleine. He knows it will never be her.
    These people are psychopaths.


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