Sunday, August 30, 2015

Fraudulent Fund

Thank you to those who understand. 
Kate is a big proponent of supporting disadvantaged children
We have the audience on this page to help others and we will help as we see fit. 
Remove yourselves if you do not have the compassion to understand that we want to help all children. 
Missing children, poor children and any child we can help to have a better life.

Apparently that support doesn't extend to Maddie, Sean and Amelie who have the disadvantage of  having kate and gerry as parents.
Who seem to think that claiming they left their children home alone every night for a week is not disadvantaging,

Who think sedating their children multiple times is not disadvantaging.

That pretty much dumping them in the creche all day on a FAMILY vacation whilst they got on with their 'me time' is not disadvantaging.
That lying to the twins about the death of their sister at the hands of her parents or tapas 7 member whether by accident or design is not disadvantaging.

That refusing to take part in a police reconstruction either by getting their tapas chums to set impossible demands as they were compelled to.

Knowing no tapas 7 = no reconstruction.

By kate refusing to answer 48 questions despite admitting it would hinder the search.

Despite convincing the twins their sister was abducted and that the boogie man is still out there and might try and get them, and numerous other examples, all of which disadvantage the twins.

Sean and Amelie will spend the rest of their lives tainted by having kate and gerry as their parents.

They will be scarred for life because of the lies they have been told (boy will they get a surprise when the twins are old enough to google their sister and see all the lies mom and dad said and start asking real awkward questions. 
Kate and gerry can't control and limit the twins exposure to the internet especially once they are 18 and go to uni etc and, eventually get married and become parents themselves.

I bet, right now, the twins have been googling Maddie, their parents and their own names just like the rest of us do, they will have found the PJ files, the statements etc and seen the deception.

It may be that it is the twins who will talk to LE since adults have a nasty habit of forgetting children can hear when they fight or discuss Maddie etc.
They are like sponges, soaking up information especially information their parents don't want known.
They may also remember things from the vacation especially something so traumatic.

Should the parents think the twins will  talk to LE about what they know, what they heard etc and given kate's threats to murder-suicide, is it possible that they are at risk of 'abduction' or worse?

Once you have killed once, you have crossed the boundary and subsequent deaths are easier, as a desperate last resort. could another fake abduction be staged  gaining them public sympathy and a chit load of money whilst they blame the self same abductor who targeted them again in revenge?


  1. There once was a woman named Kate,
    Whom our Hobsie really did hate.
    In a rambling fit,
    Hobs peddled her shit,
    Right into an irreversible psychological state.

  2. I've learned a lot from you and Peter. Have you found any other blogs you'd recommend?


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