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What I Believe May Have Happened To Madeleine McCann

I believe that Maddie died sometime during the vacation before Thurs may 3rd.
That cadaverine was found behind the sofa means she lay there for at least 90 Min's if she died in the apartment since that is how long (depending on the manner of death and the environmental conditions - temp, humidity etc)
This would blow away their claims of 30 min checks on the children that night since they clearly didn't notice her missing for at least 90 Min's.
Given also the fact the apartment was almost forensically cleaned, to the extent there was little evidence there were 3 children present and we all know how wet and sticky children can be especially at their ages, there was little to no DNA that Maddie was ever present.

Forensics look for what is there that shouldn't be and, just as importantly, what isn't there that should be.

This tells me that time had to be taken to clean the apartment, something not possible in the time frames given for Thurs, May 3rd.

This then tells me Maddie died sometime earlier in the week.
Looking at the statements and how much is written concerning each day of the trip, I and others have noticed there seems to be a lot missing from one day of the week (it might be the Mon or Tues, i can't recall off the top of my head)

This is noted in all the statements from the group.
We go from quite detailed to obfuscation and i can't remembers, which makes the day sensitive and thus requiring further information as to why the sensitivity.

If she died much earlier in the week as is probable, then there is plenty of time for the clean up, laundering and hiding of the body.

Think about this for a moment.

Thursday was the very last night they could have had the abduction, since on Friday they would be on their way home.

They would not have announced it earlier since they needed time for the cleanup, sorting out time lines and concealing Maddie's body.

Also, since this is the mccanns and chums, why spoil a good vacation by calling out the faked abduction any earlier?
Thus Thursday was the only day they could have used.
They knew they would have to stay in Portugal, the interviews by the PJ, the alleged searching plus the free accommodation for desperate ' innocent' parents and it also meant they could fly family and friends out for a freebie as well under the guise of helping and support.

Now, Why did the mccanns act the way they did?
Innocents parents act a specific and expected way.
Guilty parents act a specific and expected way (as in unexpected for innocent parents)

The two are mutually exclusive.

Innocent parents, had there been an accident, would have called 911 even, if she was long dead.
The parents are in denial and will always hope for a miracle.

Even though they are doctors, they would have still called 911 simply because a hospital has the equipment and staff, something the parents and chums didn't have.

The fact they didn't call 911 means that there was something they could not explain away as accidental.
If they found her dead, there was evidence that could not be explained away as accidental.

This could be current injuries, old and healing injuries, evidence of sedation (especially long term sedation - think Shannon Mathews and the hair tests) and signs of sexual injuries and abuse either old or new.
If injuries then if old, medical records would show if she had been treated in hospital or by a GP.
If signs of long term drugs, then medical records would indicate if they had been prescribed and who by.
Sexual injuries would result in a lot of darn awkward questions as to who had access to the children and when, any criminal records or history if not charged)

If it had been, for example, drug ingestion then they could have claimed she found the 'candy' and ate it and they didn't notice and only realised when they found her unresponsive or dead the next day. 

This though would have meant them calling 911 as would be expected, since they didn't know or hear anything and thus could not have been charged.

If she had fallen and banged her head and died, again they could have claimed to be sleeping the sleep of the intoxicated and only found her the next morning dead behind the sofa.
Again the expected would be they called 911, since they didn't know or hear anything and thus could not have been charged

They didn't call 911 so this begs the question why not?

What was done that they could not explain it away as an accident either falling whilst they were asleep or eating medication again whilst they were asleep.?

The obvious conclusion is that they could not allow an autopsy because of what would be revealed.

Evidence of physical injuries, sedation or sexual abuse would result in arrest and prosecution since none could be explained away.
This would also account for why the medical records were not released.
Evidence of injuries, UTI's etc and no visits to the hospital or GP.
The GMC would also be involved if they were self medicating and self prescribing.

If sexual abuse was present (likely the most obvious reason) then it points straight to gerry and also to the men of the tapas group and, given the previous statements from the Dr's Gaspar, david payne would be high on the list as well as matthew oldfield since he too checked on the children that Thurs. night (allegedly)

If it was recent then they could have blamed the paedophile abductor if Maddie had been found within days and, again, dependant on the condition of the body.

If the injuries were old and Maddie was found within a few days, again it points straight to gerry and anyone who had access to the children.
It would not account for a paedophile abductor since the injuries would be older than the timeline could account for.

Kate introduced the word MURDER when using the process of free editing.
Words are thought a microsecond before being spoken.
MURDER is what was at the forefront of kate's mind when she spoke.
This then precludes an accidental death, otherwise she would have said accidental death or even death.

Lori Campbell In Praia Da Luz

Daily Mirror Interview.

"They want me to lie - I'm being framed.

"Police don't want a murder in Portugal and all the publicity about them not having paedophile laws here, so they're blaming US

It is worth noting she takes ownership of lying and being framed ( the assumption is by the police but she doesn't tell us the police want her to lie or to frame her.
She could be referring to the members of the group including gerry)
The pronoun US shows unity and shared cooperation, often found when the guilty want to minimise their own role in the crime  and spread the guilt  - ask anyone with children and teenagers and the ever popular, everyone else was doing it as well excuse #1)

Both kate and gerry and even clarrie have told us Maddie is dead, though not how or at whose hand, that I can see, although the tapas group have indicated Maddie was bumped on the head (an active action, something done deliberately as opposed to having bumped her head which is passive and done accidentally)
They also leaked that there were several doctors in the group who could have resuscitated her.

This then indicates a violent action occurred, something that could not be explained away such as her falling and bumping her head such as off the sofa.
This would lead me to ask where the injury was, that it could not be explained away as an accident.
This would include things such as finger marks (remember the bruises on kate's arm) jewellery marks, the location of the injury etc.
Perhaps even to multiple injuries perhaps caused when someone loses their temper and beats the victim.

They may not have set out to kill the victim, they just couldn't stop themselves until they either exhausted themselves or were pulled away by someone (again the bruises on kate's arm and wrist)

Whatever the cause, whoever did it, the parents could not allow an autopsy to be performed because of the consequences to themselves.
If it was a member of the group, why would they not point the finger?
Their daughter killed by a family friend.

The guilt would lie solely with the guilty person not the parent.
They would have sympathy and even donations for the funeral.

Unless, of course they knew about said friend's 'little peccadilloes' in which case questions would be asked as to how much the knew, and why they allowed said person access to their children and then an investigation into whether they themselves had 'little peccadilloes'.
There is also the risk the guilty person would drop them in it as well, on the grounds of if I am going down, I am taking everyone else with me.

There is a huge secret being hidden, swinging it is not since no one cares what you do with your sex lives if it is legal and consensual, although you may find your friends who aren't into each other putting a lot of distance between them and you (and a good many more introducing themselves)


  1. Thank you. This post has been put on Facebook group "Madeleine McCann: Abduction or Scam?".
    I didn't know about any bruises on Kate's arms. She's one of those skinny people who would likely bruise easily. What would be useful to know is if she is as unhealthy as she looks as she's just a poor specimine or if she's actually quite strong and fit and has a haggard face from too much hard work and drinking too much. A lot of doctors age badly, and of all the professions they die the youngest; largely due to guilt and access to harmful medication that they are inclined to self medicate.

  2. You're absolutely spot on but of course the big question is, why the cover up by parties in authority? The McCanns are being shielded without doubt and this leads to the question, just WHO was at PDL that week that was so important?

    1. yes Ive read her blogs before and she strikes me as the most on the ball!Madeleine died, and nobody could see the body as it bore injuries, I feel both parents abused her, Kate smashed a bed had a punchbag at home, had an unpredictable temper, G had been upesetting her of late, flirting with the quiz woman,? Kate was feeling stretched and feel she blew a fuse and let rip and this is the consequence! of course they would have to work quck to get rid of ant evidence, no dna could be found in apt 5a, Kate had black and blue bruises on her wrists restraint in my view I feel as Gerald stated once this crime arose out of a moment of madness! and the body couldnt go to pm because of repercussions!

    2. I don't think it's possible she was dead before thursday.she was at creche and how can you reply on Nanny's to lie for you.? I have always believed it was an accidental death.i believe that g.m asking his friend d.p. to check on kids very odd and the whole key.why does a mom and physician need to be checked on ? Was it g.m belief k.m impaired.k.m states she bathed her personal belief was kids all sedated and when k.m got twins out of tub m.m.accidently drowned..k.m tried unsuccessfully to resucitated CPR / drowning will cause blood tinged mucous .I believe resc took place behind couch which had already been pulled away from couch.i believe she died around 530 to 6 pm and her body lay there for at least 90 min and father hid her body Smith sighting..panic caused 911 to not be called accidental drowning when medicated with a sedative now becomes neglect.there is no evidence at all she had ever been sexually abused..usually the simplest explanation is the right drown accidentally in tub alot..sedated kids higher risk..I think bruises on k.m. are from g.m after finding his daughter drowned while in care of k.m

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  4. Just a quick question 'Hobnob.' Do you think Madeleine was taken to PDL for a specific reason or for a specific person even?

    1. Yes. It was planned. Remember gerry saying he wasnt there to enjoy himself

  5. Hi Anonymous.
    I don't get the feeling she was taken to PDL for a specific reason or for a specific person. There is nothing in their language to indicate this was the case.
    The only possible indication was when gerry said on the bus" f*** off, i'm not here to have fun"
    I cannot be sure if that was when they went to PDL ot something else.
    None of the group or the mccanns themselves have said anything regarding the clip.
    I would like to ask them about said clip and see what they had to say, this would be more revealing and perhaps reveal a motive or a possible hint as to who or why.

  6. I certainly think Maddie had a 'play-date' arranged with someone quite rich and important. But she died in an accident and he left in a hurry! He had nothing to do with it and quite naturally did not want to be involved! however. I DO think the play=date might have come about because of the 'Lolita' photos

  7. Never heard so much rubbish I'm my should be ashamed and this should be taken off facebook. Guilty of bad decision making and nothing else you stupid woman!!!!!!

    1. Is this Kate talking ?? Bad decision making ....are you for real no evidence of an abduction but plenty that poor little maddie died may she rest in peace!!!

    2. Don't you mean "you're"? - put your own house in order before you start calling people idiots.

    3. A bad choice, decision or error is ONCE this was EVERY SINGLE NIGHT if true so excuse me, that's not a bad decision its over and over and over that's just bad parenting

    4. Oh, and for the record, it would only be libel or wrong, if Kate and Gerry had been found innocent, they weren't and the supreme court stated firmly, despite what 'others' like to say is tho they're not saying they are guilty, the McCann's innocence cannot be proven either, so people do have a right for free speech. The PJ cleared them because of British police involvement and un-co-operation from the McCann's and the tapas lot, they didn't have a choice, it wasn't because they were innocent

    5. This isnt rubbish far from it! it makes complete sense! we all know Kate wasunpredictable, a punchbag at home, smashed bed! she was like a volcano waiting to erupt, she lost it imo!

  8. They're guilty as hell. Wake up.

  9. Read everything then come back and call her a stupid woman, you are the stupid one

  10. Yep! Guilty as sin! Watch embedded confessions on utube!

  11. Yep! Guilty as sin! Watch embedded confessions on utube!

  12. They were never 'cleared'. There was just not enough evidence to prosecute them at that stage. Operation Grange was a farce in my opinion, as their remit was to investigate an abduction and nothing else.

  13. You're all mad!! This has got totally out of hand.

  14. I totally agree with hobnob, Gerry is a control freak and imo sexually hurt maddie,Kate is a person with a short fuse, and has a very jealous streak ,even though they are both swingers,,they are both guilty....

  15. The Gaspar statements are the key.


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