Saturday, May 9, 2015

The west, the blame game , islam and radicalization

The current blame game of the moment is blame the west for what is going on in the middle east.
Yeah right.

What is conveniently being forgotten is that the middle east has been at war with not only everyone else, it has also been at war with itself.
Vvillage against village, tribe against tribe,  religion against religion (shia versus sunni) for thousands of years.

It isn't going to stop, ever.

What is also being carefully avoided mention of, is all those poor asylum seekers coming from islamic countries who want to kill off all the infidels (you and me) and enslave those they don't kill.

However that thought is not politically correct.

We have all seen what is going on with daesh,  we have all seen what is going on in the various muslim countries.

We have all read how it is the fault of the big bad west.
Even our own leaders are saying it is our fault in a roundabout way.
It is not politically correct to point out what muslims are doing to their own people and have been doing for centuries.

If it was all the fault of the west and we are the bad guys, why are they killing fellow muslims, blowing up mosques, schools, malls and markets?

Why aren't they targeting western embassies, ex pats and the like?

We have all the do-gooders bleating about letting all the poor (alleged) asylum seekers in.
We must offer them sanctuary and protection and we must believe every claim of them facing threats etc back home.

No mention is to be made about economic migration.
No mention is made about all the criminals who are coming in and who then commit horrendous crimes and who then cannot be deported back to their home country because of their human rights.
No mention is made about terrorists coming in with intent to commit atrocities.

OK let's go with that for a minute, open borders and unrestricted muslim immigration with no checks.

We allow every one in, no checks no nothing, c'mon in the door is open as is our wallet.

Where do we put them?
where will they live?
Where will the children be educated?
Where will they get free medical treatment?
How will they survive?
Who will feed and clothe them?
Who will protect its own citizens from people who want to kill  them, enslave and rape them?
Who will protect the rights and privileges of its citizens?

Will you be a happy lil camper if you can't get a house even though you waited  umpteen years to get social housing because all the housing has gone to immigrants?

Will you be a happy lil camper if your kids can't get the school you want them to have because it is full of immigrant children and if you do get a school place, your child is a minority because they can speak English?
The food is halal and all christian festivals are out the window because it might offend a muslim?
That your child is forced to learn about islam?

Will you be a happy lil camper if you have to wait 6 months for an appointment because the surgery is swamped and your operation is cancelled endlessly because it can't cope with the demand of all the immigrants who arrived and there isn't the money to provide even basic health care due to the sheer numbers of patients making demands?

Will you be a happy lil camper when that nice job you had no longer exists, you get made redundant and then workers are hired at a fraction of the salary you were on?

Will you be a happy lil camper when you can't get benefits  because there are too many demands being made and there is no money?

Will you be a happy lil camper when taxes soar because the money to support a massive rise in population without a commensurate rise in income from taxes etc?

Will you be a happy lil camper when your town basically becomes a no go area because of all the muslims who refuse to integrate into British society and instead  speak their own language, insist on full veil for women and anyone not dressed modestly gets attacked by gangs of men because that is their law? (it is happening already in several towns)

Will you be happy knowing gangs of muslim men are grooming and raping you r daughters because your daughter is an infidel and that is all they are useful for?

Will you be a happy lil camper when, before you know it, you are in a minority, you have to follow their rules and laws to get anything?

Will you be a happy lil camper when you find out too late that all those nice men from syria who were welcomed with open arms and no background checks decide to blow up hospitals, military bases, parliament, schools, malls etc and then tell you that you either convert or die and then kill you anyway simply because, or, if you are lucky decide to enslave you and then rape and abuse you before passing you around like a pass the parcel?

I bet right now more than a few of you are tutting and calling me rude names, that's fine, I've been called a lot worse than anything you can think of and that's in my day to day job, currently and in the past.

All the media and governments don't want you to question what is going on.
They deny it is religious terrorism when even the dumbest can see it is when they slaughter Christians because they are Christians, they enslave and rape children because they are Yazidi or Christian.

I see what is happening and it is like nazism all over again except this time it is not just the jews, the homosexuals,gypsies, the disabled and elderly being targeted, it is every single person who is not a member, follower or supporter of daesh.

How do you deal with people who want you dead simply because you are not of their faith, who will rape you even if you are a child because it says they can in the koran.
Who don't care about dying in this life if it means they get eternal paradise in the next
BTW if men get 72 female virgins if they die a martyr, do women get 72 male virgins if they die a martyr or in childbirth? (the only ways to get guaranteed paradise)
Do they get 72 female virgins?
Do they get 72 virgins of whatever is available?

Hard as it may seem, every country needs to turn back illegal immigrants as who knows who they could be letting in.
If they want to leave their country so badly because of how it is, they can change their country from the inside (rather than emigrate and change their host country into a home from home)
We need to do checks on every single immigrant so we know who they are, any criminal history and then ensure only those are allowed in that pass all the checks.

As things stand, we are heading  for WW III
We ignored nazism and we know how that panned out, we believed all the spiel from hitler and his apologists.
We do the same at our peril this time round.

This time we aren't fighting people who would rather live than die and will surrender and play nice.
We are dealing people who actively want to die and, if they do surrender, will rapidly come up with interesting ways to kill as many as possible even if it means their own death.

It scares me that people are believing all the hype about them being extremists and radicalized.

If you look at the koran, daesh are doing exactly as it commands, murder, slavery, child rape, the works.
Islam is anything but a peaceful religion.
Christianity preaches peace and forgiveness, tolerance and acceptance.
It doesn't demand its believers to kill non believers.

Islam is a religion of violence towards women and non believers.

It is a religion of intolerance.

'Moderate muslims' you will note are saying nothing, no protests or demands for it to end, they can't because to do so would be to go against their god.
For them to say and do something, they would leave themselves open to charges of blasphemy and that would mean death.

The west won't admit that Islam is a violent religion, that the acts it perpetrates against innocents are permitted and even demanded by their religion.

They talk of radicalization when in fact it is normal, expected, demanded of its believers.
Why do they minimise the  religious atrocities committed against non believers and even believers but of a different sect under the guise of sharia law?

Do governments fear the consequences if the truth were revealed?

Remember also that it is ordered that muslims lie to infidels (non muslims)
It is allowed for them to be deceitful and do things that would perhaps be frowned up as a openly devout muslim if it means the laws of islam are propagated.

They are forbidden though from lying to other muslims.

Something to ponder.

If for example  daesh succeeds,  islam becomes the rule of law and religion.
Every infidel (that is you and me) is either dead, enslaved or converted by force.
It won't end in happy families.

Oh no.

It will one branch of islam against another, until one wins outright and they stand amongst the ruin of the planet (assuming of course that  the various countries haven't decided that we are going to fall and we will be wiped out, lets take the buggers with us and then let rip with every nuclear bomb going)

Think about this if you want  unlimited immigration, open doors for all asylum seekers as it is the right thing to do.

Think about this if you agree to all the demands and restrictions from muslims in case you offend them.

At what point, after what atrocity will the world wake up and realize and accept that islam is fighting against every other religion in an attempt to wipe out every non believer?
That islam wants to kill off democracy, that islam wants to destroy equality between the sexes.

At some point, even you will have to say no more.


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