Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Costa Condordia - Passing The Buck Using Spin Doctoring As Perfected By The mccanns

As you will know a ship sank whilst doing a salute as it sailed past an island near Italy.
The captain is currently being tried for manslaughter and various other offenses

 This got me to thinking, as is my wont

The captain of the cruise line is certainly to blame but he is probably not the only culprit.
Hence the need to reconstruct all that evening’s communications and in particular the orders given by his superiors at the Costa company.

Investigators want to know what advice Captain Schettino received when he spoke to Roberto Ferrarini, the man in charge of Costa’s crisis unit and fleet management.

Me being me i couldn't help having a slight dig at the captain, the spin and buck passing that we have seen and will continue to see.
It seems to have worked so far for the mccanns, will this also work for other cases?

 I am waiting for the claim that it was some strange swarthy gypsy looking/mediterranean man who snuck onto the bridge being unseen by any member of staff (they were all helping and mingling with the passengers) who, then after abducting the ship dumped her on a reef when a crew member having returned from taking a pee (after checking the bridge for swarthy looking abductors before leaving)  caused him to flee out an open porthole with jemmied shutters with the door smashed open.

The crew member who spotted said abductor thus informed the captain who decided that he had better order his dinner and continue to chat with a lady who would later claim she was not his girlfriend or anything to do with the ship even though she didn't show on the passenger list.

She however noticed a vague figure of a man leaping from said porthole but thought maybe it was the first officer in a playful mood after a few glasses of vino.

The captain subsequently claimed that if the ship hit the reef and sank how was it his fault?
He has been advised he was a responsible captain and many other captains have done the same thing.

As for him sitting in a lifeboat whilst other passengers remained on board well, he accidentally fell in along with 2 other crew members when he was gallantly lending the lifejacket he wasn't wearing to a passenger who wasn't there.

Once aboard the lifeboat he suddenly realised that he could not get back aboard the ship as that would mean climbing a ladder and thus ruining his uniform bringing shame to the company ( no mention was made of the state of his underoos)

Faced with such a scenario he decided he would do the right thing and stay with the passengers and crew members in the lifeboat.

It would, he said, make up for the fact they would miss dining at the captains table, sailing in the captain's personal lifeboat would be far more exciting and newsworthy.

On reaching land he was contacted by some snotty nosed official who asked where he was and demanded that he then return to the ship.

Did he not understand how hard it would be to relaunch his lifeboat and get back to the ship and then attempt to re-board it whilst it was sinking.

It was dangerous and under health and safety rules he was obliged to wait until rescue services declared it safe to enter, also, his mom would get very upset if her precious li'l sailor man got hurt whilst boarding a sinking ship.

When pressed for information he admitted he may have messed up but he knows a good washing powder that will get his underoos sparkling white again as recommended by the now unemployed laundry crew.

Kate and gerry mccann have sent a letter of sympathy to the now ex captain reassuring him they would have done the same thing in that situation and they are willing to be character witnesses on his behalf at his trial.

They managed to lose a child, he managed to lose a ship, everyone can see the similarities and thus clear him of involvement.

They will start a fund up on his behalf with pictures of Madeleine superimposed on the hull of the ship asking if anyone has seen this abductor (they will squeeze in all the e fits of the suspects they can make up)

They will claim the captain was lucky because the abductor had to abandon his attempt to abduct the ship.

First Madeleine, then a ship who or what will he target next?

The Statue of Liberty, Ularu, Christ the Redeemer, the Washington Monument and the Vatican have all been put on high alert for swarthy looking strangers eyeing them up and lurking with intent possibly taking photographs and notes and acting in a suspicious type manner.

The Eiffel tower hasn't been warned (since it's French and no one likes the French) and Interpol have been told to keep an eye open but not to act if the abductor steals away France.(apparently it's abduct 2 get one free)

I will now go and sit in the corner for 5 mins to reflect on my behavior

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