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"I know that what happened is not due to the fact of us leaving the children asleep. I know it happened under other circumstances" ~ Kate McCann

"I know that what happened is not due to the fact of us leaving the children asleep. I know it happened under other circumstances" ~ Kate McCann

So, if it wasn't when the children were left asleep, it must mean the children weren't asleep.
The children were awake.

If the children were awake, then why did they not ask the twins what they heard and saw?

If the children were asleep, how come they were so deeply asleep that they didn't wake up with all the noise and disturbance?

Notice she says asleep and not when they were left home alone and asleep or even left in the apartment alone.

The brains knows the truth and wants to spill the beans since lying is so stressful.

How do you know kate, it was under other circumstances?

What were those other circumstances if it wasn't the children sleeping in an unlocked apartment?

The only other circumstance, which you and gerry and other witnesses have said is that the twins were not left sleeping home alone in 5a as you claim, they were in fact being babysat by whichever missing adult from the tapas bar whose turn it was (as you told us)

This then means where was Maddie, whilst the twins were sleeping in whichever apartment all the children were in?
If it were a genuine abduction why not say it was in apartment whatever and the abductor snuck in to do the dastardly deed whilst the babysitter was distracted?

Unlikely but more believable that the claptrap you are currently spouting.

Since you have stuck with the abduction in 5a why are the tapas 7 backing your claim?

Surely they should have been asking where Maddie was on that night? (if we go with your abduction claim)

If she was ill. why not say, since sundry adults and children were getting sick,
Why not have her babysat in whichever apartment perhaps not with the other children?

Is it the case that the tapas 7 knew Maddie was dead at some point during the week prior to Thurs?

If this is the case why did no one call 911?
Even though they are doctors, they would not have had access to the medical stuff necessary should she have collapsed.

This implies then they knew she was dead and did nothing, called no emergency service and are thus complicit in her death as well as the filing of a false police report, the subsequent disposal and cover up.

Is this why they are silent?

At the time they didn't understand the ramifications of what they were doing, perhaps they were reassured that they wouldn't be involved etc and then, once the ball started rolling. it was too late.
They became aiders and abettors and could well face the same charges as the mccanns and the same penalties.

Is this a case of too late mate, if i go down for this i am taking you all with me.

They are scared of the consequences knowing fine well kate and gerry will blame it all on them saying the tapas 7 told them to dispose of the body and lie etc whilst minimizing their own roles.

The thing is folks, if you did not actually do the deed, if you did not dump her body, if you know or suspect were she is or was, if you know anything, then now is the time to start talking.
You may be offered a deal by the Portuguese if you can bring an end to this charade and give a little girl a decent and dignified burial.

The same goes for the UK police, they will listen and if you help them then the courts will look favorably on you.
Heck even we the public will be forgiving if you speak out and tell the truth, if you be Maddie's voice.

There will be consequences, it can't be helped.

Your reputations will be damaged, you may have social services involved to make sure your children are safe, you may face loss of your job or restrictions on it.

Better that than a long spell in jail whilst kate and gerry swan around.Better that and a clear conscience, than a lifetime of wondering when the knock on the door will be, if someone will beat you to the prize and get immunity, the fear of wondering if you will be blamed, the lies you have told your children, your family and friends.

The truth always comes out, better now than later.

Do the right thing and tell the PJ what the circumstances were since it wasn't when the children were left sleeping.



  1. So what do you think happened?

    1. My personal believe is that the children were probably given Calpol (which was not the non-drowsy type back then), to deliberately make them sleep better while the parents went out every night.
      I believe that Calpol shouldn't be given to small children over lang periods of time without a break, and I believe Maddie was overdosed (accidently).
      I believe that as doctors, they would face investigation by the Police, the General Medical Council and Social Services for the death of a child in their care, even though non-prescription medicines were used.
      I believe that they irrationally (though correctly) thought that by making it look like an abduction and disposing of the body, they could manipulate sympathy in their favour. I believe that most of the Tapas group also probably gave their children Calpol too, hence the group silence as they all realised that it could have happened to any one of their kids too.
      I believe the body was temporarily hidden on waste ground a few blocks away, then moved by hire car to be disposed of on 3rd August, somewhere between Praia da Luz and Huelva. Somewhere close to the main highway.
      I believe the McCann's to be guilty, Amaral to be a decent man, and Maddie's remains to be found someday.

      RIP Maddie.

  2. That is great, to the point and hits the nail on the head, I just wish the British media would start printing articles like this, that would start the Tapas 7 and running scared.

  3. I can buy all that, but why the blood hits though?

    1. I forgot to list it. Thanks for reminding me.

      I believe that when the body was moved, it was damaged (cuts or abrasions) and blood leaked out onto the body itself.Anywhere that the body came into contact with, and anything else that contacted that surface also had blood transfer on it, hence the blood-dog alerting.

      I believe the body to be within a 30-45 min drive of Huelva, close to the road they drove there from Praia da Luz. I believe that the McCann's wouldn't have been familiar with the area along that road, and used the journey there to look for a suitable place, then went there during the missing two hours.

  4. Not a bad article m'dear, but I think it falls down on two points. Appealing to the better nature of the Tapas lot, lots have been there, done that.

    Accepting a deal might have been viable, except for the small matter of £375K damages received from the Express. Somehow I have the feeling that Dirty Desmond might want his money back, and several pounds of flesh. Not to mention, five to eight in the slammer for fraud.

    My own thoughts, starting: These were my thoughts at the time, having watched the Tapas Seven outside the High Court.

  5. Appreciate your postings and analysis, thank you; your thoughts are a great help sorting through mccann history and behaviour.


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