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"Taken A Little Girl Away From Her Family'? - Why The Distancing kate?

'it's not us that's committed a crime, it's the person that's gone into that apartment and taken a little girl away from her family'?
A crime and not THE crime?
Was there more than one crime and if so what crimes were committed?
A crime implies there was more than one crime.
Abduction is a crime, neglect is also a crime, something they admitted to in order to facilitate the the theory of abduction.
There could be no abduction if all the children were being watched by an adult.
 No abduction leaves them trying to come up with an explanation for their missing daughter.

This is close, that is distancing.
For there to be a that there has to be a this.
Why distance themselves from the apartment?
Why use the article THAT rather than the expected OUR apartment?
Was Maddie not in the apartment as claimed by the parents?
This would fit in with all the children being in one places watched by the missing member of the group each night.

It would explain the lack of evidence Maddie had even been in the apartment that week, in fact there was barely any trace of 3 toddlers ever having been there it was so forensically clean.
It would also explain the confusing statements about the twins being on the bed, in travel cots (plural) and cot singular, the missing bedding, the comment of moving them back to the apartment, the statement from oldfield in which he says he saw things in 5A that weren't there but rather another apartment and so on.

One has to wonder, given the lack of forensic evidence ( apart from cadaverine and body fluids in several spots) if the mccanns actually stayed in the apartment at all.

Is it possible they swapped apartments between the group according to their needs rather than as booked and that another apartment would show evidence of the mccanns staying there?
It would explain a lot of the discrepancies and statements.

"taken a little girl away from her family'?
This is concerning, there is a huge amount of distancing language here which is unexpected especially coming from a mother.
Why does she say A LITTLE GIRL rather than the expected MY DAUGHTER/ OUR DAUGHTER or even MADELEINE?
Why does she not take ownership of Maddie?
Such distancing language such as child/little girl etc can be an indication of abuse.
It doesn't mean there is, it must however be noted and probed deeper.
We need to see where the language changes, if it does, and if it applies to one child or many.

A parent distancing themselves from their child is never a good sign, especially in missing child cases.

IVF can be stressful for the prospective parents and expensive.
The resulting child may not be as they expected, especially if there are health issues, something which is common in IVF.
The parents may struggle to bond with their child as it may not be fully biologically theirs depending on method of IVF.
There is also a huge financial cost which some parents may regret or in effect blame the child for any family problems.

The fact she had at least 2 rounds of IVF and probably more means a lot of expense, a lot of stress,  fluctuating hormones and the blame game as to who is at fault.

It could be that Maddie was a twin since most clinics implant a max of 2 eggs to ensure a good chance of pregnancy, clearly this was the case with Sean and Amelie,

Is this perhaps why they refused to handover the medical records for the family , as, again, it could lead to awkward questions if Maddie had in fact been a twin.

Questions such as where is the other one?

Was Maddie really Maddie etc. 

Unlikely but given the circumstances, the non co-operation, the discrepancies etc it cannot be discounted.

"From her family'? 

Who is HER family?
Why the distancing language referring to HER family  rather than OUR family or the closer US 

Does kate not think of her, gerry and the twins as part of Maddie's family?
If so, why not?
Again this leads then to who is Maddie's family if not the mccann's?
Was Maddie the  'red haired step child'?
The odd one out, after all, Sean and Amelie were the perfect family, it fitted in with their perception of the perfect family.
Blondie haired boy and girl twins, 2 good jobs, a big house, a high social class.

Maddie was the odd one out.
In their own words , she was born almost perfect, not unexpected in an IVF child.
She had a coloboma, something they said used as a good marketing ploy, despite being told it could put her at risk.
First it was noticeable then minimised as a small fleck by the parents and if true not something they would notice the moment she was born.

Gerry made a comment that she was still active, something strange to say the least, given she was still a toddler.
Why would she not be active in the future unless there were other health issues, hence the refusal to hand over her medical records.

We also know she had a temper, was demanding and could be a screamer.

This is very concerning when parents and family demean a missing person, it is unexpected.

It is akin to blaming the victim for what happened to them or as gerry said so succinctly "
The situation Madeleine finds herself in"
It also provides a possible motive as in altruistic murder, where the killer feels they are putting the victim out of their misery, preventing further suffering.
It is not unknown for the parent to give the child a last happy day, this would fit in with kate's reference to Maddie saying she had the best day ever.

This would explain why she had to disappear and the abduction story dreamt up.
No body , no autopsy.

This leads then to consequences.
Is it likely kate killed Maddie?
Her own words tell me kate knows Maddie is dead and it was non accidental
Remember kate's own words spoken using the process of free editing

"They want me to lie - I'm being framed.

"Police don't want a murder in Portugal and all the publicity about them not having paedophile laws here, so they're blaming us."'

Not the order and pronouns, I'm being framed, not, WE'RE being framed.
Then she introduces MURDER making it sensitive.
Why bring in murder when they were claiming abduction and the PJ were investigating an abduction in public.
Why would the Portuguese blame the mccanns for Portugal not having paedophile laws?
Given they were claiming abduction by a childless couple etc why does she introduce paedophilia, again making it sensitive?

Why the s change in pronoun from I'M being framed to  blaming US indicating unity or shared co-operation

Is this in relation to the actions of payne and gerry as reported by the Dr's Gaspar?
Is this relating to payne being recognised by a social worker in relation to child abuse?Is this isn relation to payne liking to bathe other people's children?
Is this in relation to payne outright being called a paedophile, including in a letter from Dr Amaral's wife Sofia.
Why has payne stayed silent given such allegations given they are pretty much the worst thing you can call someone?

Is it because there is a basis of truth and to deny would open a large can of worms including what did the mccann's and the rest of the group know oe suspect, and if they knew or suspected, why let him  near their children?

Was Maddie killed by accident such as a fall or accidental ingestion of pillsas often happens? 
Was she  a victim of an assault gone
to far, such as loss of temper?
Was she a victim of accidental overdose of sedation either coming round and falling or she simply stopped breathing
Was she the victim of sexual abuse which could not be explained away as accident and so she had to vanish?

 Was she killed for an altruistic motive ( which could lead to time in a hospital rather than jail) 
To prevent her suffering etc

Or for another reason?

Only the mccanns know the truth and possibly one or more of the tapas group.

A crime once done cannot be undone.
It then becomes a case of WHEN it is solved, not IF?
Modern science and forensics are advancing in leaps and bounds

It may be tomorrow it could be  weeks, months, years, decades or even centuries.

The truth will out,

Criminals such as murderers and rapists cannot escape, even after death.
Look at jimmy saville as a prime example.

The mccanns will face justice, it is a given, as will their friends and anyone else involved in the cover up or the fraudulent fund if they knew or believed Maddie was dead.

Whether they bite the bullet and admit the truth to spare the twins or if they are woken by an early morning knock on the door and an invitation to visit the local nick.

I don't know,


  1. 2 weeks ago at a premier league football game (Everton)the parents "laughed"and posed like "celebs".Quite revolting

  2. Very well thought out, especially the apartment arrangements, as in, the children were cared for in another apartment rather than their own.
    Are these children of particular group that would have been under observation by say, scientist?
    Are they all IVF kids?
    Do they all share a common bond, where they had to undergo, test by say, a Porton Down Scientist, of which: one was present. in the group at Russell O Brian also being a research Doctor.
    Very good blog.

  3. Great post. Thanks.

    Anyone seen the Sun today. 2nd Sep. Met Bill soars but not a single arrest.
    Fast approaching 11million of tax payers money spent over the past 4 yrs.... MY god, only 4yrs. Shes been gone for 8 yrs and the sodding police investigation has been dragging on for these four years, there are currently 30 police and support staff working on the hunt for Maddy. There are currently 155 missing children on the missing kids Uk website including Maddy and research shows an average of £2,415 is spent investigating a missing child. Are they less important than Maddy. FFS the MacCanns need to be taken to task. Give the bastards a polygraph.. Make them do a reconstruction at the scene and make that tapas lot accountable too. Its sad but the child is dead, we all know that. These scum mccanns have been getting away with murder and benefitting from a fund that they said would benefit other missing children. What a laugh.


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