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The Three Little Burglars

Firstly three is the liars number (Mark McClish)

Secondly, the Met and the PJ are not going to release info as to what they are doing or who they will be arresting shortly since that then gives any guilty person a chance to leg it post haste.

The PJ operate under judicial secrecy, it is the law, they cannot, and will not, divulge any information regarding the case.

Since the PJ reopened the case on the basis of new or compelling evidence , it is also probable that kate and gerry and possibly robert murat have had arguido status reinstated, hence the silence from the mccanns.

As a witness, they cannot lie, or refuse to co-operate with any investigation on pain of jail time.
As an  arguido they are protected by law and can lie to their hearts content and refuse to co-operate with any enquiry.
What i don't know is, if it was reinstated automatically, if they requested it thus giving them protection to carry on as before, or, if the PJ reinstated it to give the mccanns their legal protection.
What it means, which, despite the mccanns protests, is they cannot say anything about the case to anyone except the police and their lawyers, it gives them a big get out clause if asked an awkward question as we saw all too often especially gerry's little tantrum, when he stomped off in a huff.

Anyone familiar with the case will know there have been leaks all over the place, from the mccanns via a 3rd party such as family member or, their beloved spokespoodle clarence mitchell.

Leaks pertaining to the upcoming arrests of 3 burglars have not come from the Met or the PJ, rather they came from a  family spokesman, IE clarence mitchell.

I wonder if he will face charges of peverting the course of justice because of all the 'leaks' and the misinformation.

Since their libel trial against Dr. Gonçalo Amaral has gone bosoms up (hence their desperate offer to buy him off and end the trial (it is almost unheard of for a plaintiff to want to drop their case) and the fact they already lost their attempt to ban his book on appeal, and then again in the supreme court (which they kept real quiet) we were expecting either a new sighting or a new suspect as per normal when things are looking bad for them.

We were treated to the Crime Watch debacle which they had demanded way back, in which it was revealed they had sat on e-fits for several years on the grounds it would confuse the public and show them in a bad light, tanner man did not exist per se and she didn't see a man abducting Maddie, and they gagged their PI's to stop them revealing their findings to anyone.

The e-fits only leaked out when the Met made a request to the fund's board of directors to get access to all the files. Tee hee(they couldn't exactly refuse now could they)

We then had a spate of new suspects in the media courtesy of the pink princess (mitchell) we had tractor man who was conveniently dead.
He was allegedly sacked from the complex and thus took Maddie as payback, just like we would do the same if we were sacked.
Rather than steal office supplies or screw up the IT we steal a non related child.
You get the point.

Except , this was a rehash of an earlier story where it was allegedly a sacked chambermaid who took Maddie.

Now, we have 3 burglars who allegedly broke in and rather than taking the valuables which would be easy to sell and would not warrant much attention from the local plods,, instead, decided to abduct a child,just  like burglars do, after noticing the children were left allegedly home alone and left the property with Maddie and nothing valuable like passports cameras, watches, cell phones etc which weren't being worn or carried on the night, all very strange, especially given all the alleged checks that were taking place and especially leaving not one iota of a trace of their presence and somehow managing to leave cadaverine and body fluids everywhere.


I know the kids weren't left home alone each night and the rest of the world is coming to realise this.

In fact gerry almost admitted this before stopping himself in the process of free editing. he leaked a lot more than he thought he did if you know where to look.

During that week there was one night, errr… and we can't give too much detail because it's part of the investigation file but there was one night where Madeleine came through and one of the other, errr… twins were crying, so, you know, and when she did mention to it… it to us and we asked her about it and she just dropped… she was completely fine and we thought, 'Was it when they were bathing, getting them, you know, first putting them down in that period when they're really tired.

 Firstly  he was going to say children before realising they were supposed to be home alone so he stops just before he says the magic word and changes it to other twins.
Now Sean and Amelie were the only set of twins in the group, there were no other twins.
Next  we know that one adult was missing each night due to being sick.
That adult was the babysitter thus the children were not left alone.

Gerry tells us this is so when he refers to  Madeleine asking why they didn't come and it is highly damning.

 'Was it when they were bathing, getting them, you know, first putting them down in that period when they're really tired.

 Now, if Maddie cried and they didn't hear her (which is why she asked the question) who was bathing her and the twins?
Who was putting them down for the night if it wasn't kate and gerry?
(this also makes kates story about the bedtime book etc a load of bollocks, the perfect emotions in the perfect place.)

We have a few options here.

If the children were in 5a and kate and gerry never heard her crying where were they?
Who was in 5a bathing the children and putting them to bed since it clearly wasn't kate or gerry, if it were them then the question would never have arisen?
I'm looking at you david payne.

If the children weren't in 5a and kate and gerry were, in whose apartment were they and again who was bathing and putting them to bed (david payne yet again?)

What is obvious is all the children were in one apartment

Gerry mccann : The twins were still sleeping in their cots. So... you'd be trying to leave it as undisturbed as possible, and they slept very soundly until we moved them out of the cots into their own apartment which does make me wonder about whether there was any substances used to keep them asleep.

This is telling.
He just told us they moved them out of the cots (Not their cots?) into their own apartment.
Since their own apartment was 5A whose apartment did they move them from?

Since all the children were in one apartment and being watched by an adult there could be no abduction.

If there was no abduction , how do they explain their missing daughter?

No paedophile is going to try and take a child whilst there is an adult watching their possible victim, they are not going to risk injury or being caught, arrested etc.
They will leave and perhaps try somewhere else or go home.

As the children were being watched, there was no abduction and thus a whole bunch of awkward questions as to what they did with Maddie.

The mccanns and chums had to claim neglect to allow for there to be an abduction.
The charges could result in a max 10 stretch, possible loss of their licences  and perhaps their children or at least they would be monitored on the at risk register.

A good lawyer could plea bargain down to maybe a couple years max or probation and a fine.
This was the best option given they could be facing homicide charges as well as concealing a corpse and filing a false police report.

When found guilty it would mean serious time, loss of their licences and children, loss of everything.

They had everything to gain by claiming what they did and nothing to lose.

This explains why they were never prosecuted.

Firstly if charged with neglect they could not then be charged with homicide etc.

Secondly, there was no evidence of an abduction, no body, yet cadaverine was detected as were blood and body fluids.

The PJ did not know what if any crimes had been committed and they couldn't charge them for a crime they couldn't decide on or prove happened.

This was a damn good reason for them to scarper back to the UK and hire expensive extradition lawyers.
If they were going to be charged, they were going to make it hard as possible to be extradited back to Portugal.

When they did return it was on the proviso they would not be rearrested.

Maddie died in the apartment sometime during the vacation.
No one can officially say they saw her anytime after the Sunday, the creche records are a mess with parents signing each others children out and fake signatures,

Maddie dying before the 3rd (the mccanns have the anniversary as 2nd may which is interesting)  would allow time for their panic to die down, for them to forensically clean the apartment and dispose of her remains temporarily and then move her again 25 days later to what was presumably her final resting place.

Anything you read in MSM  will be coming from the mccanns and the pink princess, not the Met or the PJ and as such must be taken with a mountain of salt.


  1. "you'd be trying to leave it as undisturbed as possible"

    I don't know why this sticks out to me?.

  2. If you expect people to read this, provide more detail instead of assuming everyone is as obsessed with this case as you are.

    1. ^ if u don't like hobnobs views/opinion there are many "other"blogs around. :)

    2. Why don't you do your own research then? Plenty of people will read this and understand it.

  3. Please,,,,,do a"sa"on Ken barlows statements???(me)from s.a. :)


  4. Playing the percentages no visits to Vatican and private tete a tete with the Pope
    If accidental death ocours due to GP Parents self medication of one or all of the Children.

    The perfect babysitter cheap effective an guaranteed to KO the kids.

    Heck the Tappas set probably all had uses for the babysitting pills.

    That's why there conspiracy of self preservation Imagine the scandal back home if sedatives wher found in all there Childrens systems?

    Forgett about G Ploseing there licances to practice .
    Your talking child services an removeall of kids.
    An even Jail.

    An Now Maddie whom was Hyper an been in the teribble TWOS Stage since 18 mnths an was getting worse .


    They arrive back to discover there medication has overdosed Madelene .
    What to do ?

    Tell the truth a face the consequnces of there selfish dangerous hypocrite actions..

    We all no what there dessision was..

  5. Latest press release from anon source


    The keys to the entire complex were stolen presumably by a disgruntled former member of staff.

    And this happened before Maddie disappeared an this vital important an bound to be relevant to alleged dissapearace was not disclosed by whom ever YAWN ..

    pEOBABLY BECAUSE AS THE MISSING KEYS WERE DISSCOVERED an thefts detected .All locks were changed mnths before Madelens disappeared poohf into thin air.

    But of course anon doesdnt bother to add that bit of RELEVANT INFO..

    Wonder whom anon is spinning tales for?


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