Friday, October 11, 2013

Wendy Murphy Speaks the Unspeakable

Wendy Murphy Speaks the Unspeakable

Oh dear, Wendy certainly put the cat amongst the pigeons yesterday when she told America and pretty much the whole world, that the latest 'sighting', the latest e-fit from Scotland yard and the upcoming 'reconstruction' is all a PR stunt to draw attention from the libel trial which is ongoing in Portugal between themselves and
Gonçalo Amaral the now ex lead detective in the case of missing Madeleine McCann.

Their claim is that he libelled them in his book  A Verdada da Mentira, ‘The Truth About A Lie’, and also by default in his documentary.

This is despite his book being based on his own knowledge of the case as lead detective with access to all the files and also reaching the same conclusions as the Files

10 September 2007
(Processo: VOL ,X, p. 2587-2602)

"....we conclude that:

- The minor Madeleine McCann DIED in the apartment 5A of the Ocean Club resort, on the night of May 3rd of 2007

 - It was performed a SIMULATION of kidnapping;

 - Kate McCann and Gerald McCann are INVOLVED in the occultation of the cadaver of their child Madeleine McCann;..."
Gonçalo Amaral:

At the end of his book, he delivers the conclusions of his work and that of his team. That can be summarised as follows:

 - Maddie DIED inside the holiday apartment on the night of 3rd of May, 2007;

- There was a SIMULATED abduction;

- The parents are probably INVOLVED in the concealment of the body;

As per usual in such cases when a statement  or comment is made by anyone not actively supporting the mccanns, and, which in fact, clearly points out any discrepencies, contradictions, actual facts based on actual physical evidence, new sightings or spinning of a clarence mitchell type, they either show rage, outrage, shock, anger, fury or other suitable emotion or as has been seen today, according to the pink poodle clarence mitchell "couple will not dignify' ex-US prosecutor's comments with a response"

They won't dignify it with a response because it brings up the 48 questions which kate refused to answer despite her answering the 49th one admitting by not answering she was hindering the search.
It would also draw attention to their libel trial in portugal whic is doing a darn good impression of a car crash, which might expalin why they tried to do a deal with Gonçalo to stop the case coming to court (it is almost unheard of plaintiffs to offer to do a deal to end the case since they are the ones looking to get the money, whilst the defendant would often come to a deal so they minimise the financial hit)

America also has the first amendment  right to free speech, which, much as they would like to shut her up, they can't plus who would pay their legal bills should they try?

Their only option then is to say nothing and hope no one was watching and those that were will be mocked, threatened and derided as haters,  this will keep the trolls happy for a while.

Even better is the claim that both kate and gerry want to testify at the trial, obviously this goes against the advice SY gave saying it would create media frenzy and interfere in the case and their own attorney isabel duarte saying they didn't need to be there etc etc.

As we all know kate and gerry are allergic to courts and so far have managed to obtain a lot of money by threatening to carter-ruck the doubters, suing sundry media and coming to a deal outside of court and then doing statements along with their friends giving the impression they won in court.

Kate commited perjury in the Leveson Inquiry by saying there were no body fluids, despite coming up for excuses as to why DNA from body fluids could be found in the apartment, on items of clothing, cuddlecat and the hire car, so, which is it? There were body fluids which you had a good explanation for or no body fluids for which you also had a good expanation for?

Since everything their witnesses said in the trial so far counts only as hearsay and the nasty judge refused to let them write their testimony down to save them travelling back to Portugal, kate and gerry have been forced to step up to the stand so to speak.

Testifying though leaves them open to cross examination, a perfect opportunity to ask those 48 questions, to ask about their timelines, to ask about their refusal to do a reconstruction and so on.
As they will not be able to refuse to answer, and i would imagine this was pointed out real fast to them, it seems kate at least wants to write her testimony down and thus avoid the risk of being questioned.

So much for wanting to clear her name ( hasn't she been telling the world and it's dogs they were both cleared of any involvement)

So far all they have succeeded in doing is promoting Gonçalo's book and documentary as well as the PJ files which have been translated into english.

They demanded a crimewatch reconstruction and refused to do a Portuguese one saying it would not be helpful, was too late and that it wouldn't be televised.

All well and good they thought, let's not ask for the case to be kept open as is our right, lets leg it back to the UK and hire expensive extradition lawyers and lets have SY do a review.

Unfortunately SY said ok it's years down the line  but we think we have enough evidence to reopen  the case, to reinvestigate it,  yay went the mccanns.
Then they got their 2nd wish a police reconstruction on crimewatch.
Oh dear this couldn't be allowed to happen as all the discrepencies and such like would be revealed to the UK public.
A compromise was reached, the reconstruction would go ahead except it would be in Spain not Portugal ( cos it might anger the Portuguese cops who desperately want them to do the reconstruction in PDL)
they wouldn't take part themselves because it was too upsetting but clearly not upsetting enough to stop them doing their own reconstruction in their mockumentary even though the actress playing kate was cut from the whole thing because, in gerry's own words, " her story wasn't believable"

So now we have a non reconstruction, taking place in a nonexistent  location for a non existent crime, with actors so if it proves unbelievable they can blame the actors/crew/location.

The timing of all this has been forseen to mask the disaster taking palce in a court in Portugal.

Every time there is any news that paints the mccanns in a bad light, there is the predictable sighting or on story about a recovered memory of seeing Madeleine, a suspicious man/woman/egg lurking in PDL weeks or months before  Madeleine went missing.

Still they bang on about someone having one piece of the puzzle, one piece of info that could bring Madeleine home, forgetting to mention kate has 48 pieces of the puzzle.
When they lose this libel case can we expect to see gerry suing kate for hindering the search?

Statement analysis shows that Madeleine is dead, kate, gerry and even the pink poodle have told us this.

Wendy Murphy has stated the obvious, she has told us,the public, what the mccanns don't want us  the public to hear, what British MSM are too scared to broadcast.

She is a voice for Madeleine, the same as all of us demanding justice for a little girl, justice her parents are desperate to see denied


  1. Gotta love Wendy Murphy and Pat Brown.

  2. Hell yeah.

    Clarence their spokespoodle announced they weren't going to dignify Wendy's statements wit a response failing to see the ridiculousness of him responding and telling us there wasn't going to be a response


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