Saturday, October 19, 2013

Perfect or Imperfect, which one is Madeleine?

 It strikes me as interesting  the mccanns obsession of perfection, everything being just so.

We have them describing Maddie as almost perfect, almost perfectly formed implying their was some obvious defect that was visible at birth yet at the same time in kate's bewk we have her describing Maddie's perfect genitals torn apart.

Does this mean that Maddie was faulty, defective, apart from her genitals?

Often in cases where a parent, family member abuses or kills their child, we see subtle demeaning of the victim, thus whatever happened was deserved by the child, they brought it on themselves by being imperfect in some way.

We have Maddie describes as a screamer, having a temper, being clingy, being demanding, requiring comforting for however number of hours, given we know all this and kate expressed concern Maddie was going to turn out like kate ( why would a mom worry her daughter will turn out like her? usually that's a compliment unless there was something physically or mentally wrong with the mother which she saw in her daughter, and why Maddie and not Amelie?)

We know kate had to have a lot of help with her children to the extent it seems she was never really left alone with them, this leads me to ask was this because the family knew there were problems and were trying to deal with it within family and possibly close friends?

I have seen subtle and even blatant demeaning of Maddie but none of the twins, why is this i wonder?

Given they were all IVF the obvious questions is parentage.

The twins will share the same parentage for obvious reasons, what is worth asking is, if the twins share the same parentage as Maddie?
Do they share both gerry and Kate as parents?
Gerry and a donor egg?
Kate and donor sperm?
Donor egg and sperm?

Remember when choosing IVF parents will invariably choose donors who bear similarities to themselves such as skin, hair and eye color, height, nationality even perhaps even intelligence, they want their child to be similar enough to them in looks so that the child won't stand out like a sore thumb when presented to family and friends, although not a certainty as genes are complicated things and throwbacks can and do occur which is why you may get a blonde baby in a family that usually has dark hair or vice versa and when they look back through family pics and history they find a blone/dark haired relative.

They aren't going to choose a white donor if their family is non white or a non white donor for a white family, The child would stand out like a sore thumb and questions would arise , especially if the family didn't know the child was IVF or it was against their religion.

IVF children also have a higher risk of genetic defects resulting in  either physical or mental issues.

We know Maddie had a coloboma and that there are various other health issues linked with it from mild to profound.
First they said it was pronounced and a good way to identify her as well as being a good marketing ploy, later on they minimised it to a mere fleck.
Why then the change in description?

Is this why medical records for Maddie were not handed over? 
Was it because it would reveal some truths they wanted kept quiet?

The clinics where kate had IVF would have records as to donors even of the parents, number of cycles, number of eggs harvested and so on, her GP would also have access to Maddie's records such as health issues, vaccinations, checks from the midwife etc.

Should it be that gerry wasn't the father, it is no big deal half the time it is the dad that has the problem, it might mean that the donor is no longer allowed to dontate (especially if other offspring have health issues) Could it be that gerry doesn't want to be seen as less than the perfect man, a blow to his ego that he fires blanks or his swimmers need assistance ( depending on the type of IVF used in each case) 
Could he blame it all on kate which would fit in with his arrogance and ego.

What was so different about Maddie that she never fitted in with their idea of the prefect family i wonder?

They have the perfect family blonde blue eyed twins a boy and a girl, a big house, professional jobs that are respected ( doctors)  cars, upper middle class ( up from working class roots) social climbers with good connections, the right social circles and connections in high places. Did Maddie not fit in with their future plans i wonder ( hence kate refusing to answer the question about handing Maddie over to another family member or even possible adoption)

Given all the work involved and money needed for IVF why then decide you don't want to keep the result?

It's not like you can take the baby back and ask for a refund or replacement because it is faulty.

Giving her to a family member is more acceptable but still questionable as in why get rid of her and keep the twins, why not hand them all over as a group or why not one of the twins?


  1. Yes! ... in all my years as friend, auntie, mum and gran I have never heard anyone describe one of their children as being "almost" perfect at birth. Very very alarming ..........

    1. My daughter was born in the USA. She was our first. At that time babies were kept in a nursery and only brought in to be fed. My husband took various friends up to look through the window. He said "She's better looking than all the American babies". That's what a new parent says; no criticism of the new born allowed.

  2. You know nothing about the twins because they didn't vanish and they're private about them.However had it been one of them who knows what you'd have read about them.Btw Gerry is a Gemini they tend to be arrogant and don't give a fuck what ppl think I'm married to one he agrees with me lol

  3. I hate the way those two refer to their daughter ''almost perfect'' if Madeleine was as they say less than perfect, the perfection they sought certainly wouldn't have come from them. No wonder they ended up needing IVF, I just hope the twins don't grow up to be just like them.


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