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GERRY MCCANN'S DIARY BLOG, day 102, said "The campaign, as planned, will enter a quieter phase again. We have always envisaged that media attention focussed on Madeleine and us would quieten down and just occasionally we would try to remind people that Madeleine is still missing and that we are still looking."
 THE campaign not OUR campaign?
Why the distancing from the campaign to find their missing daughter?
Why not take ownership of the campaign either as a strong my or our to indicate unity, sharing and co-operation.

Why the campaign as planned?
 How far ahead is this campaign planned given their daughter was allegedly abducted and could theoretically be found at any moment?
Why will it enter a quiet phase?
Why should it should they even contemplate it entering a quiet phase?
This is 102 days after Maddie's alleged abduction, just over 3 months ( 3 we know is the liar's number -Mark McClish) is this the liar's number sneaking in by the back door?
If anything the campaign should be at full throttle, especially as it is the peak summer vacation season with people travelling the world over and with plenty of Brits travelling around Europe.
This isn't the time to quiet things down, this should be being pushed.

He says a quieter phase AGAIN.

What is meant by again?
When was the campaign quieter, apart from the first few days until the fund was up and running and donations pouring in.
This is a missing 3 yr old little girl, at no point should the campaign be quietening down.
This, then, makes me think, why did they feel the need for things to quieten down?
What was happening around this time that they wanted less media attention, especially given all their pressers, interviews and pleas for donations?

We have always envisaged that media attention focussed on Madeleine and us would quieten down.

It happens, especially over a long period of time, not after 102 days.

Given she was a adorable little 3 yr old allegedly abducted from her bed by a paedophile
Sorry, but the taken to be loved by a childless family story isn't even remotely believable.
In such cases it is a woman, often childless who takes a child to raise as her own.
It is always a newborn sometimes sadly, sometimes, even a preborn, as they have often pretended to be pregnant and claim the newborn as their own which is far more believable than turning up with a nearly 4 yr old and saying "Hi honey i just had a baby, it's a bit bigger than expected".
Even the dimmest of men and family members would notice.
Such women have often suffered miscarriages or problems conceiving and mental issues and desperation cause them to commit an act of abduction.

Since they envisage media attention would die down over time why be so accepting, so passive?

Innocent parents would be shouting from the roof tops, fully co-operating with the police, answering all questions, doing reconstructions, practically camping out at the station for any news or to tell LE if they remember anything no matter how trivial that could find their child.
We have them instead hiring lawyers and spin doctors as a priority.
Why would they need lawyers if they were innocent, unless of course they knew they could face charges, neglect resulting in harm at a minimum and homicide, concealing a corpse and filing a false police report as a maximum, along with the fraud from the fund ( obtaining money by deception)
Innocent parents would refuse to let it quieten down,
Guilty parents do, as it means the public and police eyes are not so focussed upon them.

and just occasionally we would try to remind people that Madeleine is still missing and that we are still looking.

This is quite a telling statement and indicates guilty language and knowledge.
JUST is used to minimise and weaken the statement in this case it is a qualifier word.
A qualifier is a word which when removed doesn't change the meaning of the sentence.
Here we have it next to OCCASIONALLY, a word which means infrequent or seldom and is entirely unexpected given it is in relation to finding a missing toddler.
Would is future conditional
Note also he tells us they would TRY to remind people, not that they would remind people.
Try means to attempt, it doesn't mean to succeed or complete.
They would try to remind people Madeleine is missing and THAT we are still looking.
THIS is close, THAT is distancing, why does he distance themselves from still searching?
How can they still be looking when kate has admitted they never physically searched in the first place?
Look comes across as a passive action, something done in passing ( the jogging and walks on the beach)
Search is an active word, it indicates a determination to find something that is lost.
You look for flowers, you search for a missing child.

Why would they only occassionally try to remind people Madeleine is missing?
Why not make a forceful and determined and prolonged effort to tell people Madeleine is still missing.
Why remind rather than tell?
He doesn't tell us we are looking for her or our daughter, he only tells us we are looking, he doesn't tell us what they are looking for.
 If they can't tell us what they are looking for, we can't assume or do it for them.

If you look back over what they have actually done, they have asked/demanded donations to their fund , supposedly to find Madeleine , but, which has in fact been used to pay the mortgage, lawyers fees, expenses and to support the family.
It has been used to pay for dodgy to none existent private eyes, a hugely expensive website, good quality wristbands, t shirts and other memorabilia with little spent on actual physical searching, 13% in the first year out of all their expenditure
They have never searched, they have jumped on sundry charity bandwagons and missing child cases, sued anyone who disagrees with their version of eventsand generally end their financial worries.

Instead of searching they played tennis and went jogging, travelled the world. (would she be hiding under the Pope's cassock?) and generally left it up to us the public and the police to actually get down and dirty searching.

The brain knows the truth and wants to speak it.
Words spoken or written are thought of a microsecond after being thought.
The words used tell me what is at the front of their minds, what they are thinking, what is important to them.

I suspect he wanted the money to keep rolling in whilst avoiding direct media and public attention on what they are actually doing to find their daughter.
There is a lot of distancing between him and kate towards their daughter.
Why would this be the case?


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  2. Just occasionally.....every so often when their funds aren't rolling in as fast?

  3. Good analysis Hobs, please keep posting similar. Thank you.


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