Saturday, December 22, 2018

Was kate Leaking Information To Help Maddie's Remains Be Found?

I wonder if kate was the one leaking info via 3rd parties in order for Maddie's remains to be found and allowing her to thus be able to grieve publicly with Maddie's death laid firmly at the feet of the alleged paedophile abductor.
Presumably there would be injuries found which would point firmly to a paedophile otherwise why not just blame stranger abduction or abduction to be cared for by a childless family as one thesis purported.

The alleged paedophile would be blamed even if never found, whilst the blame for the real perpetrator or perpetrators would never be assigned to the mccanns or tapas 7.

They had to make the claim to cover their tracks and any incriminating evidence found.
The delay before other explanations came out such as the sedation would be blamed on the abductor keeping Maddie alive for a length of time before she died or was killed.
This is why initially they claimed no sedation nor did they have the twins tested that night since, long term sedation signs as revealed in the hair could not be blamed on an abductor, but 3 months odd down the line they came out with the maybe the abductor did sedate the twins, knowing that pretty much any evidence in their hair had been cut out and anything in their blood was long gone.

Had Maddie been found after a few months which would fit in with kate's vision, her dreams etc then the abductor takes the fall and the mccanns and chums are scot free.

The problem they have is that if Maddie was cremated along with the old lady who was laying in the church, there is no way they can blame anything found on any abductor, there is no body to reveal anything that could clear the mccanns.

Finding a body in whatever condition could be explained away although for some things they may have a problem or two, especially if evidence is found on or in the body or in and around the immediate area such as hairs or fibers, perhaps linking the body to the hire car or maybe the missing blue bag that gerry didn't have or the disappearing pink blanket. Both would point the finger of guilt at the mccanns and chums.

Kate wants it over as the guilt is eating her alive, the stress of the guilt is so strong she told us she was willing to commit murder suicide to escape it all.
Gerry being the great I am wants to maintain the charade.
He sees the money and fame (infamy) He believes he is smarter than everyone, even to the extent that he leaks clues believing the Plod are too dumb to see them or understand what they are seeing and hearing.

Kate wants it over and he doesn't.

At one point they both wanted the same thing, especially as money was pouring in and they were in financial difficulties long before the vacation.

Now, as time has passed she is getting tired.

Perhaps they both thought a few months of suspicion , a few interviews, they get cleared and they are free and easy.

Instead, despite all their claims and even law suits, they have been publicly revealed as having not been cleared of involvement.

They are now resorting to the ECHR where they are giving the impression to the media and their few remaining supporters that it will be them against Dr. Amaral when it is not so.

The ECHR cannot and will not get involved in lawsuits or civil cases, nor will it cancel verdicts or judgements enacted by the courts right up to Supreme Court.

Those verdicts will stand and the mccanns and the twins are liable for all court costs for themselves and of those they sued.

This could runs into tens if not hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Carter-Ruck are not cheap and i can't see how or why they would do pro bono work in what amounts to a homicide, concealment of a corpse and filing a false police report as based on the PJ files and in Dr. Amaral's book.

The mccanns can only make a claim against the state of Portugal claiming their human rights have been harmed.
Given that the PJ bent over backwards in accommodating the mccanns and chums even to allowing them to leg it back to the UK post haste in the case of the mccanns and not demanding they be extradited back or having them and the tapas 7 arrested and a warrant  issued forcing all 9 back to Portugal to take part in a reconstruction or answering questions under arguido status, where they are allowed to lie and refuse to answer questions, when under a non arguido status, as witnesses, they are not allowed to lie or refuse to answer questions under penalty of a couple of years in jail.

Had they come clean the 11+ years ago they would now be likely out of prison.

Granted they would have lost their jobs and their children, possibly living with family members or maybe not given that some of them given their statements and distancing may have other issues making them unsuitable, their home and friends.

They would be free with what ever terms the courts laid down regarding probation or on license, then again they would then be facing charges over the fund if it had even be started or at least a small proportion of what it reached.

They could start over, in work of lower pay and of lesser skill since no one really wants to employ a child killer/child molester or a job where they are restricted contact with children or vulnerable adults.

They would have to sell the house to pay their legal fees of course so back to living in a private rent or council house.

Free yet in a prison of their own making.

Kate would get the help and therapy she clearly needs.

Instead 11+ years down the line, they are in the same situation now as they were when they first started the alleged abduction story, still suspects in Portugal in homicide, concealing a corpse and filing a false police report.

On top of that they are likely facing serious fraud charges relating to the fund, instead of things getting easier as they perhaps planned, things have gotten harder.

She is no longer a GP, something she spent a lot of years working hard to get and d now working in medicine but doesn't say what as, and no one has says they have come across her in their role as patient which points to a back room job.

He is no longer a heart consultant, he was trapped in a dead end job with no prospect of promotion and consigned to the back room reading scans with minimal involvement with patients, hated by the staff he worked alongside and now jumped before he was pushed?

Now a professor  in Leicester Uni  hated by the students he teaches, disliked by other staff members basically tolerated at best.

Also, he may be on a fixed term contract and also a probationary period before being made permanent usually 3 years.

From Lecturer level most university positions are permanent. There is normally a probation period of three years for all permanent positions, after which the position is permanent but not tenured. This means that you are not secured promotion and also that you can loose your position if the department shuts down or funding runs out (although the loss of position due to redundancy is fairly rare).

If he is on probation it will be interesting to see if he is made permanent given he has not been cleared by the Portuguese police of involvement in the homicide, concealment of a corpse and filing a false police report as well as creating a fraudulent fund and other benefits gained through fraud.

If, for example, he is on probation and they decide because of Maddie not to make him permanent, what would his options be?
Fixed term contract at the same uni?
Fixed term contract at another uni?
Try to get work in another UK hospital?
Try and get work at another uni abroad?
Try and get work in a hospital abroad?
Working behind the scenes in medicine a la kate?
Shelf stacking in Tesco?

Time will tell

Tick Tock kate and gerry, Tick Tock


  1. Sometimes I think everything that happened occurred prior to their Portuguese trip. There's definite signs of pre-planning, also there's the clear evidence of the much ignored Wayback Machine.
    CEOP were already ready and waiting prior to the 3rd, which is no big surprise considering Jim Gamble's involvement throughout this strange case.

  2. Well Tania you have written another load of garbage. From beginning to end it is completely and utterly a lot of tosh.

    So many inaccuracies I don't even know where to start but having tried to get you to chat on facebook messenger, you know exactly what is wrong with this blog of yours.

    You tend to get everything inside out & upside down and I wonder what a statement analyst would make of your blog. What would it tell them? Has Peter Hyatt analysed it? Not that I believe he has any kind of authority on such a thing.

    The PJ would have extradited the McCanns if they had any evidence they were involved in Madeleine's disappearance. I won't say demise as we have no proof she has died and Kate's terrible, nightmarish visions any mother would have suffered not knowing what their little girl was going through. We can only hope and pray that it wasn't what took place for Madeleine's sake.

    The fund is transparent and online for anybody to peruse...filed at Companies House. You seem to be under the misapprehension that the auditors are committing fraud. I don't think you should actually be putting it down in black & white though. They may well take exception to your accusatory tone as the McCanns may well find your accusations about them a little too much to tolerate for very much longer.

    You want Kate to talk to you, you say. then may I suggest you write to them and ask them to answer your queries? I bet you wouldn't dare!

    The tick tock is more likely the clock ticking until the time something is done about this online harassment of the family 7 Tapas friends.

    Read up on Sabine O'Neill who harassed and accused 4 families of all manner of horrible things and is now at age 74 serving a reduced sentence of 9 years for her actions.

    1. "The PJ would have extradited the McCanns if they had any evidence".....No. If they have SUFFICIENT evidence, The PJ already have evidence , tons of it- AS YOU WELL KNOW.
      "The fund is transparent" does the absolute legal minimun - AS YOU WELL KNOW.
      What the auditors do or think is none of your damn business.
      The rest of your diatribe is an embarrassment. Nothing short of harrassment and intimidation. It won't work. You should have learned by now.

  3. pamelar Also known has pamela gurney the PR paid troll all you spout is utter rubbish the precious McCanns will get arrested we shall see to that happens. tick tock

  4. Blah blah blah Pamelar! Still spouting the same old crap I see �� when will you ever stop hhmmm? Tick Tock.... Cannot wait to see this lying stack of cards come tumbling down and the lying duo #mccanns thrown to the wolves

  5. They will re-locate to theyre new home in Canada! Next door to The Besties,Mr n Mrs Hubbard.I dont believe KM was ever a GP and what happened to M"s medical records? Also Kate is unable to locate her MR! There is allegations concerning Kates gender and why they used IVF in Amsterdam.Kate and Gerry do not appear as most parents would...because they arent! I dont believe any of the kids (8) were in anyway related to Tapas 7 adults. I would argue that the whole group of mainly girls (one boy) were take to "order". One cannot ignore the symbolic refs to "secret" societies and gestures of a particular group affiliation,where perhaps one would be coerced into a "Pact".Pagan celebrations etc....Its all in the Public domain.research Satanic Ritual Abuse. And they are looked after because of "who" they are covering for! IMO

  6. Ps....script and production thanks to BBC Crimewatch Team. Just happened to be on holiday and known to K and G.Jez Wilkins and partner are production team that also "Jill Dando" was presenter on.IMO the link is in what JD was about to reveal on her show!!

  7. My word!!! The students in his class�� will they ever graduate? If it was me...I would just look at that face and despise them even more. I think they can never give any clues.The whole world knows they are guilty!!!Shame for the twins. They will forever be connected to this thriller. I do hope that one of them will have the guts to search for the truth.


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