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Two Revealing Quotes From kate's Diary That Reveals More Than She Wanted


Well, not surprisingly I was very upset and I went out to the rocks on the beach. I cried a lot and spoke to Madeleine and to God.
Hmm, I wonder if Maddie was dumped somewhere in the area?
I wonder if kate was close enough to where Maddie was to talk to her?
She links talking to god with talking to Maddie.
God is a spirit, she doesn't tell us she prayed to god, rather, she spoke to god.
She also spoke to Maddie in the same way.
Does this mean she is telling us that Maddie is dead?
I believe so.

How could she speak to Maddie if she was alive?
Maddie wouldn't hear her mom or see her mom nor could she respond.
However, speaking to a dead Maddie is possible if kate believes she has a soul.
Since she links Maddie to god and she spoke to them both, although inconsequential Kate believes Maddie and god can hear her and perhaps respond in some way.
Kate tells us she cried a lot, were these tears of guilt and remorse for what she had done to Maddie?
Was kate begging forgiveness from Maddie and god for what had happened?
Was kate genuinely sorry for what happened to Maddie or was kate only crying for herself?
Was kate feeling the burden of guilt now that the weight that had been lifted from her shoulders on Maddie's death had returned, when it started to become clear that the PJ were not buying their version of events and were now getting a bit too close for comfort regarding the truth of what happened?
Was kate close to cracking?

Kate told us they had hidden Maddie really well, I wonder if it would be worth checking the rocks in the area for Maddie's remain, perhaps a small cave or inlet that would be difficult to get to but not impossible, a place that had very few visitors due to its location and difficulty of access.
Was Maddie placed there or dumped close enough that she would be washed in and then grounded on the rocks?
If placed perhaps in a small cave deep enough that no one could accidentally see a tennis bag (especially given the color of the bag)
No one would be likely to come across Maddie;s remains by accident such as by an owner trying to catch their dog or local wildlife predating on Maddie's remain and dragging them out to the entrance or where they could be seen.

Then we have this revealing and damning statement from kate


I had a 'moment' while we were having lunch. I saw a woman who looked pregnant and I began to think about when I was pregnant with Sean and Amelie.
And then it hit me. (Kate then remembers a touching scene from the past.) Madeleine was coming to visit us later that evening,
Here we are told that Maddie was not living with kate and gerry when kate was pregnant with the twins.
I was pregnant with Sean and Amelie.
And then it hit me. Madeleine was coming to visit us later that evening.
So kate, who was Maddie living with since you tell us she was not with you when you were pregnant with the twins?

Why kate, was Maddie not living with you whilst you were pregnant?

How long had it been since Maddie had lived with you as a family?

Why had Maddie been handed over to live with someone in your extended family?

What reason had you given to the family member Maddie was living with?

When did you move Maddie back into the family home?

Was Maddie moved back into the family home at all?

If Maddie continued to live with someone in your extended family, what was the reason given?

If Maddie continued to live with someone in your extended family, did you at some point plan to have her move back in to the family unit?

Since you tell us Maddie was not living with you whilst you were pregnant with the twins, does this explain the clear lack of maternal bond between you and her particularly and the distancing between gerry and Maddie?

Does this mean that you and/or gerry may not the bio parents of Maddie?

Does this also explain the distancing from Maddie by all the extended family?

Would this explain all the subtle demeaning and disparaging comments from yourselves and the extended family in relation to Maddie?

Does this explain the questions from the PJ regarding handing Maddie over to a relative or possibly even foster care?

What was so wrong with Maddie that you couldn't have her live with you whilst you were pregnant?

Does this explain why you positively blossomed and glowed as if a weight had been lifted off your shoulders when Maddie disappeared?

Maddie disappearing (died) removed a source of trouble in your family life, did you expect things to die down regarding the investigation of your involvement given the political support you were bringing to bear?

Did you think the actual physical searching would die down over time and all you would need to do is on certain holidays make a little statement, "oh woe is me..." and carry on with your new perfect little family and the donations would continue to come in prompted by carefully controlled MSM interviews?

How did you feel when you learned that many, if not the majority of the public no longer believed your story given the forensic evidence, evidence that should have been there and wasn't and evidence that shouldn't have been there but was?

Almost 11 years down the line and you  owe tens if not hundreds of thousands of pounds in legal fees and costs of the defendants and your own expensive lawyers.

You have been publicly revealed as being not cleared of involvement in the death, disposal and filing a false police report of Maddie.

You have no clue as to what is in the unreleased files of the PJ regarding this case and this worries you.

UK police can prosecute you for fraud, obtaining money and services by deception etc plus given you did interviews overseas and had donate button for said countries you could also face charges in those countries.

Given all that, it would be better for you to come clean, admit the truth and try and come to a plea deal to minimize your prison time or perhaps claim you were suffering from diminished responsibility and post natal depression and perhaps end up in a hospital.

By coming clean it sets an example to the twins and will allow them to begin to heal and also get help for the emotional trauma you and gerry put them through.
it also means you will get the help you clearly need.

As it stands kate, you will never again be a doctor or GP.

All the years you spent studying, training to qualify and then going into practice is now for nothing.

You can continue to pay for your name to stay on the register but  that is now what all those years of studying and training have got you, a name on a list and nothing more.
How long will you continue to pay for your name on the GMC register?
A name on a list that confers no benefits.
A honorarium that no longer carries any weight, any meaning since you will never again practice.
A doctor in name only.
I still wonder why you never returned as a GP when gerry went back to work.
Did they tell you no to return, even though it was only 1.5 days a week as a locum?
After all, who would want to be treated by a self confessed child neglector?
As a GP you would be compelled to report if you felt a child was being neglected or abused, can you imagine the comments if you reported someone and they lost their children for something you claimed you did every night and had a child allegedly abducted by a paedophile but who we know died in apartment 5a?

You and by default the practice would be a laughing stock.

Did you jump before you were pushed?

Did you consider returning as a GP in a different practice or perhaps going back to work in a hospital?
Did you apply for any jobs?
If so when?
If so where?

Were you unemployable since you would be coming into direct contact with patients whilst gerry spent most of his time examining scans etc and reading and writing reports and test result and having little contact if any with patients?
You came up with excuses as to why you didn;t return to work, at what point did you decide you were never going to return or be able to return?
Was it made clear that you would not be made welcome?

We know the staff at Glenfield Hospital hated gerry with a vengeance, he was person non grata given the claims about paedophilia with payne floating around and the self proclaimed neglect and non searching.
The jogging and playing tennis, the highly unexpected behavior that anyone with any kind of sense could see was not that of an innocent person but that of a very guilty person.

Kate, you are a has been.

Your drop in status from practicing doctor/GP is such that you can't even tell us what your new job is except you work in medicine.

A qualified doctor now working as a cleaner or receptionist or phlebotomist or maybe a nursing assistant.

In fact any job below that of doctor, given all the years of study and training you did would be a huge drop in status and income.
You can't even practice should you emigrate as you would still need to be retrained and examined and peer reviewed.
Even in a 3rd world country, they still need up to date qualifications and paperwork and there is no way in hell you would consider emigrating to some hot, out in the middle of nowhere village or maybe a town.

Just think, 10 years of training all for nothing.
What are you remembered for?

'Hotlips healey' who was a renowned drinker and party animal and then the selfish, sociopath, narcissistic mother of a dead child.
A woman who publicly claimed she neglected her children every night of their vacation (they weren't neglected as claimed, she had to claim it to allow time and opportunity for an alleged abduction) and  who also publicly and freely admitted she didn't search for her daughter because it was dark and they were incredibly busy.
You thought you had removed the millstone from around your neck called Maddie and life would be perfect but, 11 years down the line Maddie is still there a burden, a millstone around your neck heavier than ever and will remain so until you come clean and confess the truth of what happened.

In the meantime, everything you say and write can and will be analyzed and the truth revealed.

Your own words condemn you


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