Tuesday, April 12, 2016

They've taken her! Shouted kate

They've taken her!
OK Kate, which her would you have been referring to, since you allegedly had two girls sleeping in the same bedroom?

Words once said cannot be unsaid.

Excited utterances are admissible in court

You may have thought you could cover any oopsies by changing your statements and alleged utterances when you realized how incriminating they were.

You found it clearly impossible to remember who told what to whom and when, hence all the changes and 'corrections' in the media and during subsequent interviews.

Your actions however are too late.
We saw and heard what yours and gerry's initial words were.

We saw, and heard the almost word for word identical statements from family and friends who you called in those first few hours.

We saw, and heard them telling the open window, shattered shutters and open door version of events, something they had all had to have been told, since no way would they have all come up with the same scenario on their own.

The PJ saw immediately the lie you were telling, as did MW when they checked.

No shutters were smashed open, the window was closed and the door was undamaged and not hanging open.

Crisis moment.
It was all going to come crashing down if you didn't get the all new and shiny 'corrected version' out, and blaming your families for getting it so wrong, when in fact what happened was...

Even with the now amended story, it still didn't work.
Even clarrie was forced to admit that maybe it hadn't been a forced entry after all, and kate was reduced to admitting maybe it was a red herring (never a truer word spoken there kate. Man, i love leakage)

Perhaps you thought the media wouldn't interview the families, the families wouldn't open mouth and insert feet (philomena i am talking mostly to you)

Maybe the grannies saw the truth of the lie and had to be exiled back to the UK to stop them asking awkward questions, or worse, opening mouth to the PJ and the Media.
Especially when mom healey called you out on it and said she could shake you (as you so wonderfully demonstrated when you spoke about Maddie allegedly crying and asking why you didn't come, and then she dropped it. Such wonderful parenting skills there kate.)

I wonder, kate did you inadvertently show us what you did to Maddie?
As a GP you would be well aware of shaken baby syndrome.
It can affect children of any age.

Perhaps it may be why you never returned as a GP?

Did you resign your part time job even though you were in financial straits?

Did they ask you not to return given you had allegedly left your three children home alone every night for a week and then losing one whilst not admitting any guilt?

I bet that went down well with the staff at their next meeting.

Do we really want to employ a self confessed child neglector, who may come into contact with abused and neglected children in the line of her work?

What would happen if she reported a parent for neglect as obliged by law ,and the parent then uses the excuse , well the doctor did it and she lost one?

Not good for business that.

Was it a case of jump before we push you out?

Is this perhaps why you have let your license lapse?

It would be hard to find any practice that would take you on, and what to do if a parent complained?

It's a shame really.

All those years of hard work, studying hard at school to get the grades and then Uni and then all the on the job training, getting experience and specializing all for it to go poof.

Unemployable in the healthcare system in pretty much anywhere in the world (maybe some of the poorer nations might be willing to take a chance)

Everything you worked for is gone, never to return.
Now you are famous but for all the wrong reasons, or should that be infamous?

Not a world renowned doctor, or a world class GP

Not the go to specialist for difficult anaesthesia cases.

Not even a bog standard doctor who did OK in the practice.

Instead, you and gerry are famous the world over for allegedly leaving three children home alone every night (which i don't believe but you had to claim it to allow for an abduction)

For you, kate, refusing to answer 48 questions despite admitting it would hinder the investigation.

Both of you refusing to cooperate in a police reconstruction even though you were legally compelled to.

Instead, you got your tapas chums to set all sorts of impossible demands knowing if they didn't take part, you wouldn't have to either.

Running straight back to the UK on being made an arguido and then hiring expensive extradition lawyers.

Suing pretty much anyone who didn't buy your story.

Threatening anyone else when money was tight and complaining to the Leveson inquiry and anyone else you could  get to when  people were posting and commenting on every discrepancy in your story and inconveniently pointing out how good cadaver dogs are when they find bodies in canals or hidden under a dead pig  several feet below 

I won't even go into the emotional damage you have done your surviving children  (though i believe emotional abuse is now a crime)

What a legacy to leave behind, forever the black sheep of your families through all the decades  and generations to come.

Now is the time to come clean, before it is all taken out of your hands and things end up worse than you could ever possibly imagine.


  1. Hi Tania

    The potency of your observation is enshrined in your opening question:

    "OK Kate, which 'her' would you have been referring to, since you allegedly had two girls sleeping in the same bedroom?"

    The use of 'her' (pronoun) signifies that those to whom KM has just made the announcement must have been made particularly aware, already, of the object (grammatically speaking) to which said pronoun related, i.e. Madeleine must have been identified to them beforehand for some reason. Why? What could possibly have isolated Madeleine as significant above the McCann twins, or any of the other children in the party?

    (Answers on a post-card to DCI c/o the Metropolitan Police, London).

  2. Absolutely! It's obvious that they were all aware that (1) Madeleine was a contender for abduction or (2) that the abduction scenario had already been arranged . The very fact that Kate doesn't qualify exactly WHICH daughter was 'abducted' speaks volumes. Come on OG, you're having a laugh and really a child disappearance is NOT funny one bit.

  3. But HAS worked. No charges. No arrest. Still walking around free. What do you mean, it hasn't worked?


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