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Once More The Sound Of Rattling Sabres To Indicate The Presence Of The Panicky mccanns

It is all well and good the mccanns rattling their sabres and threatening to sue anyone who sells the book in the UK, how do they propose to fund the costs for such litigation?

They already owe hundreds of thousands, if not millions in legal costs, even the twins are liable for costs thanks to kate and gerry.

I am sure the twins were ecstatic when they found out mom and dad had left them a doozy of a legacy

They lost this last appeal and are liable not only for all their own costs, they are also liable for all the costs incurred by the multiple defendants in the various cases..

This is on top of their outgoings to the pink princess and carter-ruck, whom i cannot believe would do pro bono work for people suspected of homicide, concealment of a corpse and filing a false police report along with said clients self professed claims of nightly child neglect, regardless of the clients jobs, fame or infamy.

It boils down to money.

As long as you can pay they will do your work, if you don't have the money,or are likely to be unable to pay then it is no thanks and on your bike.

Given the rapidly mounting costs, i suspect carter-ruck are only used as and when the mccanns need an official letter.

I do wonder about all their other lawyers, the extradition ones, the Portuguese ones though.

Are they on a retainer?
Are they paid on an as needed basis?
I suspect so with the extradition lawyers.

All the mccanns had to do was have a nice chatette with a lawyer and make it known they 'hired' said lawyer (it was actually just a what can we do if they call us back chat)

Ditto for the Portuguese ones though they may have ID on a fixed fee and making sure they are getting their monies worth.

She may have initially seen it as a platform to get her name out there and get a lot of business as a result thus she would charge a reduced/discounted rate.

What about dear old clarrie, who has suddenly gone very quiet?

Is he on a retainer to get wheeled out every so often at anniversaries or when anything painting the mccanns in a poor light is about to come out?
Is he seeking legal advice regarding his own rather precarious position regarding the fund?

Remember the comment on the radio show regarding donations?

With thanks to hideho4

“Just put money into an envelope and send to Kate and Gerry McCann, Rothley, it’ll get there”. 

Obtaining money by deception, even if for a 3rd party is very naughty, especially if it doesn't go through the banks or directly into the fund.
After all, who would find out how much was donated that way?

Then we have the perverting the course of justice and obstruction of justice when he opened mouth and inserted feet comment we he told us:

"I believe Kate and Gerry are not responsible for Madeleine's death"

As well as all the back tracking regarding the alleged smashed shutters, door hanging off details as uttered by various family members and friends.

The mccanns simply do not have the money to sue anyone.

The fund was stated not to be used for legal fees at its inception.
This lead to a very annoyed gerry who  complained about having all this money and not being allowed to use it

 By Sarah Nuwar
09 September 2007


The McCanns now fear the cops may be about to arrest and charge them. Gerry told us: "Our lawyer said the weight of it is that, under the Portuguese legal system, they've got enough to move forward against us."

Then he revealed they may consider flying in a crack legal team from the UK to assist their Portuguese advisor.

But he confessed he is frustrated they are not allowed to use any of the £800,000 Madeleine Fund— boosted by celebrity appeals including Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling and soccer star David Beckham—to pay their mounting legal bills.

"It seems like a disaster that we've got this huge donated fund and now we're not allowed to use it for legal costs because we're under suspicion," said Gerry.

This may have changed since the mccanns had a clear out of directors and pretty much now has them doing what he tells them or else.

There would be public outrage about them using the fund for legal fees as well as all costs to date.
Remember the outrage when it was leaked they took 2 months mortgage payments?

At this time, the mccanns really won't give a chit, it is all or nothing now.

They effectively bankrupt, they have and will lose everything.

They have nothing left to lose and they know it.

The question is, do they have a backer who will pay their not inconsiderable legal fees and costs plus compensation?

Will the backer also pay back all the money obtained fraudulently, the awards made to the media out of court, the very media who will now demand their money back plus interest?

What about the tapas 7 who allegedly gave their awards to the fund?
Will the tapas 7 now demand the return of their money in order to pay back their own money plus interest to the media as well as all the court costs etc?

I am not talking a few thousand or even a few hundred thousand.

This is likely to run into millions.
Is there seriously going to be some mega rich benefactor who will cough up multi millions to protect the mccanns?


Possibly if the mccann's have something on said benefactor and threatens them.

However, depending on the reason, said benefactor could say"sod that for a game of soldiers", refuse the money and whatever happens will happen.

I do expect to see the ol' begging bucket back out in force appealing for money to fight their battle against the nasty ex detective who is trying to make their two surviving, innocent children homeless.

Forcing them to live on the street, wear rags and live on a diet of pot noodles and crisps.

Their hypocrisy would be simply astounding if they went down that route, given that was exactly what they were trying to do to Dr. Amaral, even to suggesting he get divorced.

I also fear that the mccanns, now painted into a corner of their own making, especially kate, to perhaps looking to press the button she spoke of, killing the twins, gerry (justifiable) and herself.

The game is coming to a close and they know it.

Everything they worked for is down the pan.

Kate is unemployable in any medical position and probably in any skilled or unskilled role given she is a self confessed child neglector and a suspect in the death, disposal and coverup of her daughter Maddie.

Gerry's ego knows no bounds,when push comes to shove, it is him in the lifeboat first.

I fully expect him to throw kate and the tapas 7 under the bus, whilst painting himself as the heroic father trying to keep his family together despite his wife's mental issues (not guilty by reason of insanity, or not guilty due to (insert mental disease here)or not guilty due to diminished responsibility.

Kate goes to a hospital or maybe prison.
He is viewed as the loving, protective and caring husband who fought to keep his family together, even to covering up for his wife (and chums?)

He gets custody of the twins, a book and movie deal, possibly roles on boards, maybe political office when the furor dies down and finally an honor or two for services to whatever.

Will it come to first past the post wins the prize?

Will divorce rear its head?

If it does and there is a custody battle, then the fun will start as they blame each other for whatever happened to Maddie.

They won't stop to think or to listen to their lawyers.

It will be "there is no way you are getting the kids" and possibly (though i hope not) "If i can't have them, nobody can", particularly relating to kate.

We know she has a vicious and violent temper, the bruises on her wrists and arms from allegedly beating the wall, the kicking out and smashing of furniture showed us that.
Personally i saw them as restraint bruises on her wrists and upper arms.
How would she manage to get them in those locations from beating a wall, a wall which apparently had fingers.

Will she open mouth and insert feet not caring about the consequences.
She won;t mind doing time if it means gerry does as well and he doesn't get the kids.
The grandparents can fight it out between them.

Time will tell.
I see this are coming to a conclusion sooner rather than later.
I hope the tapas 7 are seeking advice regarding their legal position in relation to the events that week in PDL and subsequently.
How much they could be liable for.
If they can arrive at some kind of deal perhaps to minimize the impact on their finances and their lives.

I have a front row seat and plenty of popcorn.
The support acts have been and gone, it is almost time for the main feature.

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  1. I only hope you're right Tania. If the money keeps flowing their way now it will be doubly interesting to identify the source. As for the 'restraint bruises' it all adds up doesn't it but there's still the vexing question of why did they receive the immediate high level of protection? This is a multi layered story that will go on and on ..................more of a ten part series than a main feature so yes, PLENTY of popcorn. required.


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