Sunday, February 21, 2016

Subtle Demeaning

I have seen much subtle demeaning of Maddie from not only the mccanns, her grandparents and aunts and uncles have subtly demeaned her as well.

It would be Maddie's fault she died.

If she had only listened, done what she was told.
Didn't do what she did do.
Been quiet,.
Been obedient.
Been perfect.
Possibly been gerry's (The IVF would reveal the truth as to who was the parent to whom, this may be one reason why their medical files were sealed)
Had gone to live with relatives.
Had not had a favorite parent.
Had stayed in her room.
Had not had a tantrum.
Had not argued or any number of other excuses and reasons.

The expected when someone dies, even if they were horrible killers or something else, friends, family and neighbors will always try to find something positive to say about them, even if it was they were a quiet neighbor, they always said hello, they took in a stray/rescue etc.

With Maddie it was all about tantrums and jealousy and screaming and hitting her siblings with a toy.
Maddie is not remembered for all the positives she brought into her parents and siblings lives, she is, instead, remembered for the negatives.

This is unexpected and revealing.

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