Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Innocence and Deception, The Truth and The Lie.

In cases of a missing child or loved one, innocent people will have the memories burnt into their minds if they are innocent.
They will remember what they experienced that day, the exact moment they found out, what happened afterwards.
They will be able to retell their statement forwards, backwards and from any time point.
There will be minor discrepancies, perhaps a few minutes out time wise, what they did just prior to and on learning what happened as shock kicks in.

Guilty people have NOT experienced the event they are talking about, if they are proclaiming innocence and why they couldn't have done it, when in reality they did the deed.

They have to create an event, a timeline to show how they couldn't have done it, they have to create alibis, timelines, locations of an imaginary event.
They have to come up with explanations as to why they wouldn't have done it.
Since they are creating a fictional story rather than telling of an actual event they have experienced, the discrepancies are more pronounced.

There are temporal lacunae, there are truth shaped holes and minimization and the ever popular "I don't remember".

When a truthful person is interviewed, by multiple people at different times and after periods of time have passed, the story will stay the pretty much the same, sometimes with a bit more clarification as they remember seeing or hearing something, perhaps jolted as a memory on hearing a song, seeing a picture, a particular smell.

It will however, be consistent, even when years and even decades have passed.

Deceptive people have no such recall, they struggle to remember who they told what to, who and what they saw, what they heard, timelines etc and, when said discrepancy is pointed out, they then change their version of events to explain away said discrepancy whilst revealing a discrepancy elsewhere.

They will be inconsistent.

As time passes their stories change, often drastically, as they struggle to remember what their initial version of events was, who they told said version of events to, where they were at what time.
It is hard enough to remember their story after days or weeks have passed.
As months pass, inconsistencies stand out as the guilty subject leaks marbles, perhaps marbles such as subtle demeaning of the victim, blatant demeaning of the victim although this is less common (tammy moorer speaking about murder victim Heather Elvis)
Marbles such as denying responsibility for the victim's death whilst telling the world their daughter is still alive and findable.

Originally there is denial of being at a certain place, making a certain call, owning certain items, seeing certain people or things.

As time passes and the stress of being deceptive takes its toll, the guilty subject will want to tell the truth as per the brain which hates being stressed yet, at the same time, they need to remain deceptive to protect themselves from the consequences of the deed.

The subject finds themselves in conflict with themselves.

With truthful people, the jigsaw puzzle pieces will fit exactly and the picture of the truth is revealed and the subject is shown to have no involvement.

With deceptive people the pieces won't fit or the wrong piece fits in the space and thus stands out as unexpected.

The picture of the deception is revealed in all its disjointedness.

Many pieces will fit together exactly, however, the pieces concerning the event will be the wrong pattern, the wrong color, the wrong shape and, no matter how much they try to get the piece to fit, it won't.

It can't.

They can try and replace a specific piece with what appears to be the exact same piece from another puzzle, it won't work.

There will be subtle differences in the pattern, the shade of color, a minute difference in the shape of the piece, either too small or too large.
The deceptive piece has a minute gap which is detected and then investigated or it is a  fraction to big and has to be squeezed into a too small space.

The piece gets squeezed out of shape or it bulges out slightly, breaking the smoothness of the picture.

With kate and payne and the showering, she tells us one version and he tells us one version, the time difference is too much to be explained away as a slight mis-remembering.

Kate then forgets what she has already told us and then speaks of having a bath when gerry returned along with the story time and happy perfect family moment.

I would ask kate about the bathing and to explain the discrepancies.
How could she remember they had a bottle of NZ wine but not remember she had already showered and now needed another bath?

Why has david payne remained silent over the allegations of him being a paedophile?

The Drs Gaspar reported he and gerry performed inappropriate actions in relation to a discussion about Maddie.
Being accused of paedophilia or being a paedophile is probably the worst thing you could call a man.
The connotations are so bad, the instinctive response by normal people is hatred and disgust.
Instinct would compel anyone accused of being a paedophile to make a strong first person singular, event specific denial.

I am not a paedophile.

I did not sexually touch a child

I am not sexually attracted to children

The denial would be strong and specific
Silence would not be an option.

More so given the nature of his job and the patients he would come into contact with.

Instead he says nothing,
There is an unexpected silence.

What is preventing him from speaking out?
Fear of the consequences perhaps?

What is preventing any of the tapas 7 from speaking out given the accusations flying around, the multitude of discrepancies?

After nearly 9 years why is there still silence as to who did what that night?

By not answering the questions, they answer the questions.

Why have a shower before payne visited and then a bath when gerry got home?

I would be asking (since water is mentioned) if she and payne had a sexual encounter?
I would be asking if sexual encounters between others took place.


  1. Wow!!! Well worth the wait.I wish you had more recognition re your knowledge.

  2. I have often described the whole case with the same analogy of a jigsaw puzzle that doesn't' fit together, or whether the puzzle is in fact from the same box, yet alone missing pieces. What you have done, is amazingly clear - when using the jigsaw puzzle analogy, that the now famous T9 mercurial timeline, can not accommodate every twist & turn of scenarios, since they are not part of a singular whole, i.e. one puzzle, the truth.

    As for the Gaspars statement, the tardy nature of the LP's submission to the investigation, complete with NO substantiating reporting by the LP renders the statements useless. By 'david' and 'gerry' making no comment, the royal type silence is deafening, but to the great British public and MSM it has worked, so far!


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