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Why Do We Continue? Posted The mccanns

Why do we continue?
There is absolutely nothing to suggest that Madeleine has been harmed.
Madeleine is still missing and someone needs to be looking for her.
She is very young and vulnerable and needs our help.
We love her dearly and miss her beyond words.

Firstly: Who are they asking the question of?
Are they asking themselves why they continue?
Why would they even need to aak this question of themselves?
If they were innocent then they would continue searching till they find her or till they die, it is a natural instinct, one that does not need to be questioned.
Are they asking us?
That they are asking it makes it sensitive to them.Is the sensitivity due to guilt or something else?
Guilt would be the main reason since why would a guilty person search for their victim when instinct would be to distance themselves from the dump area.
The exception being those who want to make sure nothing has been disturbed either by weather or predation or other environmental concerns, another would be to gloat, to relieve the crime perhaps even to commit further abuse.
Other to dump their next victim.

Some perhaps even to apologise or celebrate a life event such as the killers of Kiesha Abrahams who went to her dump site to wish her a happy birthday. 
The killers were her mom and stepdad.

It it perhaps sensitivity due to them not having physically searched as per kate mccann's interview.

Thier subsequent refusal to take part in police reconstructions or fully co-operate with the PJ or, in kate's case, the refusal to answer the 48 questions despite admitting on question 49 when told by not answering the questions she was hindering the investigation, to which she replied "Yes, if that's what the investigation thinks"

There is also the sensitivity about the fund.
Is the only reason they are continuing is so they can continue to get donations and live the lifestyle to which they would like to become accustomed?

If they discontinue then the fund  comes to an end.
No more donations.
No donations and a bucketload of legal fees to pay off means pauperville in their eyes

Secondly: Absolutely is a qualifier, a word that when removed, doesn't change the meaning of the sentence.
Here they claim there is absolutely nothing to suggest Madeleine has been harmed.
This is a blatant lie since Maddie is still missing plus we have the reaction of the cadaver dogs in the apartment and hire and to items of clothing and cuddlecat.
We also have the presence of blood and body fluids in the apartment as well as her DNA in the hire car.
Blood which would cause an innocent parent to fear their child was injured.
Body fluids which would also cause an innocent parent to not only fear their child had been injured but would also cause them the terror of wondering if their child had been killed and if they had suffered.

Instead we have them coming up with implausible explanations for why blood and body fluids and DNA were found from nosebleeds, to sweaty sandals, rotting meat, fish, dirty diapers and kate dealing with several corpses before the vacation.
Madeleine was harmed simply by being removed from her family. they claim absolutely no evidence of harm despite acknowledging the blood and body fluids and DNA in the hire car by coming up with explanations
WE have kate relaxing when she saw the dogs reacting and telling us it was junk science.

This is unexpected.
The expected from an innocent parent would be to ask what it meant?
Did it mean their child had been hurt?
Did it mean their child was dead?

It would cause hysteria as the innocent parents confronts their worst fears.

Instead we have kate ignoring the reactions and responses and thus the implications.
Why would she do this?
Is it because she knows what happened to Maddie and seeks to minimise and ignore the reactions of the dogs?
This is the behavior of the guilty or those with guilty knowledge.
Demean and pour scorn on the investigators and the investigation.

Thirdly: We then have them telling us SOMEONE needs to be looking for her.
This is telling in that they they don't say they (WE) need to be looking for her.
The onus is not on the parents to keep looking instead it is on the wider world to look.
Someone needs excludes themselves which is unexpected.
Why would they not need to be looking for their daughter?

Is it because they know where she is and thus they do not need to look?
Is it because looking for her would result in consequences to them?
If she were found dead and they were innocent, there would be no
consequences to them, they would be able to give her a dignified burial and be allowed to grieve.
If however she were found dead and they were guilty, then there would be consequences.
it would explain their passivity and non urgency in relation to searching.
It would also explain their non co-operation and rampant litigation.

The finding of Maddie brings consequences to the mccanns and probably the tapas 7 as well, along with clarrie for perverting the course of justice and obstruction at a minimum.

They could also possibly faces charges of accessories after the fact.

Fourthly: They tell us she is young and vulnerable and needs their help.
Yet they have done everything in their power not to help.
They refused to cooperate with the police.
Refused to answer 48 questions - kate
Refused to take part in a police reconstruction via the tapas 7 setting so many demands and restrictions it was not possible for it to take place.
Ran back to the UK as soon as they were made arguidos and promptly hired high class and expensive extradition lawyers.
Sued or threatened to sue anyone who didn't agree with their version of events.
If that is them helping, i would hate to see what their hindering would be like.

Finally We love her dearly and miss her beyond words.
Actions speak stronger than words.
If they love and miss her so much, why have they done everything they can to hinder and obstruct the investigation?

If they love her and miss her so much, can we expect them to answer all questions asked of them including the 48 kate refused to answer despite admitting by not answering it hindered the search?
Can we expect them and all the tapas 7 group to take part in a police reconstruction?
Can we expect them to cooperate unreservedely with the PJ and Scotland Yard?
Can we expect to actually physically search for their daughter?
Can we expect them to use the fund to put up a reward for the  recovery of Maddie dead or alive and/or the arrest and prosecution of those involved in her murder, disposal of her remains and subsequent cover up?

Currently i do not think there is any reward since the NOTW went bosoms up and they provided £250,000 of it with the rest of the £2.5 million coming from Richard Branson, Steven Winyard,
Sir Philip Green and Everton FC owner Bill Kenwright.
It was also reported that the NOTW gave the money from the reward to the fund in April 2011

From a press officer
Thank you for your enquiry.
I can confirm that the funds raised by the appeal were donated in April this year (2011) to the official Madeleine Fund and the fund created by News of the World is no longer active.

Since the reward was donated to the fund, why has the fund not used said money to offer a reward?
Is it because the fund is instead being used to pay all their legal fees and also possible fines and compensation from their failed lawsuits?


  1. Madeleine McCann: Portuguese detectives lied to Gerry McCann about DNA evidence Telegraph

    Portuguese police tried to force a confession from Gerry McCann by lying to him about crucial DNA evidence in the investigation, a friend of the couple has said.

    By Caroline Gammell in Portimao
    Last Updated: 8:54PM BST 04 Aug 2008

    Portuguese detectives knew there was no conclusive evidence against the McCanns three days before they interviewed them and made them suspects, official files disclosed.

    Officers had been told in an email from the Forensic Science Service laboratory in Birmingham that no conclusive traces of Madeleine's DNA had been found in the family's hire car.

    But detectives went on to tell Mr McCann, during an eight hour interrogation, that his daughter's DNA had been found in the boot of the vehicle, which was rented more than three weeks after she vanished.

    A friend of the couple said: "It was pretty clear they were seeking a confession and were prepared to do this (put forward false information) to achieve that.

    "Serious questions need to be asked about why this was put to Gerry as fact. It was sloppy at best and deliberately manipulative at worst.

    Deliberately manipulative. Hmmm.

    It was clear to the public in 2008 that the Portugese police lied about DNA evidence- there was no match to Maddie's DNA.

    The obvious next question is : Why in 2015 are you still repeating this lie? Are you so desperate to "prove" the MCCANN'S "guilt" that you will knowingly repeat information that has been proved as a lie for almost 7 years? Is the only way to make the case for arresting The MCCANNS by repeating lies?

    Obviously so. And it's not the only MCCANN lie you continue to spread.

    And you claim to be some sort of expert on finding the lies of liars?

    Physician, heal thyself.

    1. I make no claim to be anything.

      I suggest you read all the police files plus read the mccanns own words where they tell the world Maddie is dead. Kate even tells us it was murder.

      have a nice day

  2. "Tanis," I have read the files. If you had you would know

    "We also have the presence of blood and body fluids in the apartment as well as her DNA in the hire car."

    That Maddie's DNA was not found in the hire car. The police lied to the McCanns about the DNA being a match to Madeleine, it was established as a lie, yet you still repeat it as though it were true.

    So don't tell me to read the files when you are lying about the DNA results which are a part of that file.

    If the McCanns are guilty, why the need to lie about the DNA?

  3. There was !5 of 19 markers found with 4 markers too degraded.In the UK this would have resulted in them being hauled in and charged In Portugal they needed all 19.
    Though this cannot and was not claimed to be conclusive proof it was Maddie's blood and fluids in the car, neither could it be excluded.

    The mccanns were forced to admit it was body fluids in the car by claiming it as rotting meat, dirty diapers, sweaty sandals and the like.
    They also admitted it was Maddie's blood in the paprtment when gerry on asking for the blood question to be asked again via his lawyer, he came up with the explanation that Maddie was prone to nosebleeds.
    He also famously said, "And if Madeleine had hurt herself inside the apartment – why would that be our fault?"

    Note also the excuse given for the reaction of dogs to kate's pants and cuddlecat that she had been on contact with several dead patients before the vacation.
    No excuse was given for the chilld's red t shirt

  4. Just read the complete page. I adore your mind. You were such a pleasure to read. Thank you.


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