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‘Mommy got a spanking with the belt’: North Carolina boy, 3, says boyfriend attacked mom before she disappeared.

‘Mommy got a spanking with the belt’: North Carolina boy, 3, says boyfriend attacked mom before she disappeared
The little boy was reportedly interviewed by Charlotte-Mecklenburg police after his 31-year-old mother, Bianca Tanner — who had recently moved in with her boyfriend, Angelo Smith — disappeared on June 7. Police have since made the case a homicide investigation.

Monday, June 16, 2014, 1:37 PM



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  Facebook Bianca Tanner’s 3-year-old son told cops that her boyfriend ‘kicked mommy’s butt and made her cry’ before she was reported missing on June 8.

The 3-year-old son of a missing North Carolina teacher told investigators that he hadn’t seen his mother since her boyfriend “kicked mommy’s butt and made her cry,” it was reported Monday.

The little boy was interviewed by detectives after his mother, Bianca Tanner, 31, disappeared from her Charlotte home on June 7, WSOC-TV reported.

Tanner had recently moved in with her boyfriend, Angelo Smith, after getting a job with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, the news station reported.

Smith told investigators that he had an argument with Tanner when she was drunk before she left the apartment carrying a bag, according to warrants obtained by the news station.

But the case turned into a homicide investigation after cops talked to Tanner’s son, who said his mother was attacked.

  Facebook Bianca Tanner, 31, disappeared just weeks after she moved in a Charlotte apartment with her boyfriend, Angelo Smith.

“Mommy got a spanking with a belt,” the unidentified child told police, the documents show.

“Angelo kicked mommy’s butt and made her cry.”

The toddler later said that “Angelo is mean to mommy and hurt mommy in the face.”

Court papers show that investigators are searching for a belt or paddle, cellphones and the clothes Tanner was wearing during the alleged assault, WSOC-TV reported.

  WBTV/WBTV Police say Tanner disappeared from her Charlotte apartment just weeks after she moved to the area.

Police are also searching for any evidence of blood inside the Druid Circle apartment.

Smith — who had an outstanding warrant for domestic battery in Arkansas after trying to smother his girlfriend during a fight — was not named as a suspect in Tanner’s disappearance, the news station reported.

Tanner moved in late May from Greensboro, where she taught second grade at Reedy Fork Elementary School in Greensboro.

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So, a three year witness to a crime was gently questioned by police and he told them what he saw in his own words and clearly speaking from personal experience

“Mommy got a spanking with a belt,” the unidentified child told police, the documents show.
“Angelo kicked mommy’s butt and made her cry.”

A spanking to you and i would be with the flat of the hand on the butt, here he tells us spanking is with a belt.
That's not spanking that is beating or whipping.
This would lead to the question being asked what is a spanking?
Get the child to describe what spanking is, in his own words.

He introduces kicked mommy's butt, this is something he heard used probably frequently and in relation to domestic violence either on or to himself or his mother.
This would suggest physical assault especially when coupled with the statement he hurt mommy in the face.

The police having listened to the child have turned the case from that of a missing person to that of a homicide.

Using analytical interviewing techniques and using only words introduce by the subject to describe what is meant by a certain word or phrase, the answer to which is used to guide the interviewer and thus get to the truth.

This was a 3 yr old little boy.

So, kate and gerry, Why did you refuse to let trained police gently question the twins as to what they did that day, what they saw, what they heard?
Whilst you were away getting happily smashed ( if we go along with your neglect claim on leaving the children home alone and the abduction claim) who is to say they didn't wake up between checks, that they didn't see something or hear something?
You allegedly weren't there all night just the occasional brief visit, who knows what they did.
Common sense  and innocent parents would have demanded to have their children checked out in a hospital especially since they slept through the whole damn thing.
Common sense and innocent parents would have begged the police to ask if their children saw anything, hell even you would have asked them if they saw or heard anything, right?


kate and gerry, you didn't demand they be taken to hospital and checked over for sedation or signs of abuse, you may have been doctors along with the rest of the motley crew but you didn't have the equipment or facilities to make sure they were unharmed in all ways.
Despite being a trained anaesthetist kate simply stuck her fingers under their noses and placed her hand on their backs to check respiration.
I don't think that is part of medical training.

If i didn't know better kate and gerry, the reason you didn't have them checked out in a hospital was because you knew exactly what they had been given and when.
You didn't have them checked out in hospital because you knew they had not been abused by any abductor.
Given payne's predilections for bathing other peoples children and that interesting discussion between gerry and payne regarding what Maddie would do, as witnessed by the Dr's Gaspar is it possible that another reason they weren't allowed to be checked is that possible signs of abuse would have been revealed?
If new then you could blame the abductor, if old, then you have some very awkward questions to answer.
The problem with blaming the abductor is given the time between alleged checks and the alleged sighting by tanner of a man carrying a bundle which morphed in a man carrying Maddie, a window which even kate admitted was brief, the old whoosh cluck, a window of approximately 90 seconds, it would have been impossible for the man to break in, sedate the children abuse the children, grab Maddie and exit stage left without leaving an iota of forensic evidence, not a fingerprint, not a footprint, not a hair or skin cell, absolutely zilch, bugger all. nothing.
Forensically cleaning the apartment on top of all that would make even superman knackered.

Now, we know the children were babysat each night by the missing adult, even you and gerry have told us this when, in reference to the crying incident, you wondered if it was when they were being bathed or put to bed, questions which would not have arisen if you were the ones doing the bathing and putting to bed.

If they were being babysat then there was no neglect

If there was no neglect then there was no abductor.

No abductor means awkward questions as to what you did with Maddie and game over.

You bang on about pieces of information, pieces of the puzzle, someone knows what happened and they need to come forward.

Well kate, you have 48 (technically 56 questions, damn those compound questions) when can I expect you to answer them?

When will you and gerry and chums do the full police reconstruction in PDL?

When will you allows specially trained officers to talk to Sean and Amelie and see what, if anything they remember?

You, yourself, told us how shocked you were at what they remembered from the vacation.
Did they perhaps remember sleeping in a different bedroom with their friends?
Did they remember perhaps bath times with payne?
Did they remember perhaps being put to bed and watched by aunty or uncle...?

Is it possible your downfall could be at the hands of Sean and Amelie?

That would be quite ironic and wonderfully delicious karma.

After your public tantrum outside the court, you made it quite clear what and who your priority was and is.

It wasn't and isn't and never will be Maddie.

It was and is and always will be, your own slimy skins.

The public saw the real you outside court and it was sickening.

All the money spent on spin doctoring and high priced lawyers went down the pan the moment you whined about having to organise childcare.

You claimed he had postponed it 4 times, nice try at spinning.

Tthis was Dr Amaral's first time, other times were for legal and medical reasons and were times when you weren't even required at court.

You turned up on the off chance you could be allowed to testify after the car crash of your witnesses, despite knowing you would be refused due to not having given sufficient notice, and then kate dearest, when you were allowed to, you wanted to testify by letter, so desperate were you to avoid actually having to take the stand and answer questions.

That was a huge red flag.

The other huge red flag was the fact you refused to return to Portugal whilst the police searches were going on, despite the fact Maddie allegedly could have been found alive at any moment or her remains found.

Ben Needham's mom went back to Greece when they searched again for her son, even after all these years.

However, you couldn't get there fast enough if you thought a million quid would be in your grubby little paws.

Once again your priority is revealed and it is Money not Maddie.

Not even your tapas chums came out to testify on your behalf or to offer support, just how close are you these days?

Couldn't you afford to bribe,  pay for them?

Are they even talking to you these days?

Why would they?

You cost them tens of thousands when they settled out of court and they 'donated' the money to the 'fund'
The fund meant to find Maddie and which, instead has been used to keep you and gerry in the manner to which you would like to become accustomed.

What happens if they get sued by the press and have to repay the money plus interest and legal fees?

Will you return it to them from the fund, or will you batten down the hatches and pretend they don't exist, just like you pretend there was no cadaverine or body fluids found by the dogs and forensic science officers, whilst at the same time coming up with excuses as to why they exist.

That just screams desperation darlings.

One day the twins will reach the age of majority and then watch out, you may find yourself being blackmailed by your own children, do this pay that or else, or, they may decide they want justice for their elder sister and tell LE what they know.

Imagine all the conversations and rows etc they have heard over the years, things you thought only you and gerry know about.
Well guess what, children hear everything and they remember, especially the fights and rows.

What will you do if you learn the twins are going to talk to LE?

Press a button?
Have a convenient abductor to hand and, oh woe we were targeted again, cue fund mark ll?


Tick Tock


  1. Hi Hobs,
    I'm just wondering if you'd mind elaborating/providing a link about a certain part of your blog as I've never come across this before..

    You cost them tens of thousands when they settled out of court and they 'donated' the money to the 'fund'

    How did they cost the Tapas friends money and when? You follow this from insinuating they where bribed before, which surely suggests they paid Tapas off not costing them money?

    Thank you for your time :) x

    1. The tapas 7 sued certain of the media and won an out of court settlement ( they only reason they won was because the media didn't want to reveal their sources)

      The tapas 7 instead of keeping the money, which they were entitled to, was instead 'donated' the the find Madeleine fund (as we know the money was spent pretty much on everything but)
      The tapas 7 for whatever reason announced they were donating it all to the fund.
      Whether this was simply out of a genuine belief the fund would be fit for purpose and used as intended which was to find Maddie, whether the mccanns told them to donate their winnings to the fund because no one should make money out of Maddie (except them) or it was a caseof hand ove the money because you were there, you are involved in the death/coverup and if you don't then we will be suggesting to LE you are suspects/hiding something or whatever else they decide.

      AS it stands, they all lied about what hapened that week who did what and when and to whom.
      it may be that the media wiil decide to sue the tapas 7 for perjury, fraud etc and want their money back plus interest and legal fees.
      Should this happen the tapas 7 are screwed since all their money went to the fund to be spent how the mccanns wanted including supporting their own family.
      They wouldn't have the wherewithall to pay the money back and i doubt there is enough money left in the fund to cover a refund plus costs etc , along with the fact that the gruesome twosome would be looking at the fund to pay thir own not inconsiderable legal fees.

      Ifit were me i would be demanding my money back so i would have enough for my defence and hopefull not end up bankrupt and in a jail cell.

      it could end up with the gruesome twosome being sued by thei friends and the gruesome twosome suing the tapas 7.

      Something was going on during that vacation that resulted in a missing child and a pact of silence.
      What was so bad that the tapas 7 lied to cover up a homicide, concealment of a corpse and filing a false police report.

      What do the gruesome twosome have on the tapas 7 that has resulted in them being compliant and lying to protect the mccanns?

      Swinging wouldn't be the reason, the public doesn't care who bangs whom as long as it doesn't affect the work of the participants or cause harm to others or things like national security.

      This then leads us to think about illegal activities.

      Whatever it is, they were only aquaintences at best, 7 years down the line do they ven speak to each other?
      the only thing keeping them togeather is a shared guilty secret and as time passes and relationships and priorites change is it probable that one or more of the group will decide to end the charade and talk

  2. I do so like a fellow? who tells it like it is, well done.

    Re the Tapas lot, some of my thoughts can be found here.

    Includes a little parallel thinking at the very end.



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