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Would You Be happy With Their Behavior And Inaction If It Were Your Daughter The mccanns Lost?

I have read in a certain forum (hello fans, coooooooeeeeeeeeeee) that the mccanns have the full PJ files, translated at a cost of £100,000 pounds etc and that the PJ files we, who aren't buying the abduction story, have read that has been translated by our Portuguese friends at no charge and with ample goodwill and are taking our facts and theses from are wrong due to mistranslation, cherry picking of details etc.

This got me thinking, as is my wont.

We all know how litigious the mccans are along with their chums, surely if our translations were wrong, translations the media have been using are also wrong then why have the mccanns never corrected any of the files which have been wrong translated?

As it stands our translations of the rog statements, witness statements etc have proven their statements etc to be highly contradictory or down right impossible.

Surely they would point out the inconsistencies and say we didn't say this we actually said that and it proves we did this, or said that and didn't do this or didn't say that.

It would be in their interest to correct any mistranslations if it would put them in the clear or show their innocence in a particular event or prove they did what they said.

Instead we have heard nothing from them, nothing to say the files released to the public and translated by fluent Portuguese speakers are erroneous, not even a threat to sue if said translation isn't retracted/corrected.
Instead we have a deafening silence, which must mean the translated files we have and use are in fact correct in all details.

If the mccanns don't sue or threaten to sue then they totally ignore in the belief it will go away, a kind of if we can't see it, it doesn't exist.

As soon as they had arguido status lifted they could have spoken yet didn't.

David payne has been outright accused of being a paedophile, both from the Drs. Gaspar statements, his bathing of other peoples children and a social worker involved in child abuse cases who recognized him in relation to her work but she wasn't sure in what capacity either as a witness or a perpetrator.

This is pretty much the worst thing you can call a man and yet he stays silent not even making any kind of denial or even reference to the allegations.

Is it because if he responds, checks can and will be made and the truth or the lie will come out?

 Remember also under Sara's law anyone whose children he has contact with can ask if he is registered offender even though they cannot divulge that info to the public.

Come to think of it the same can be applied to all the group including gerry and kate.

Perhaps this explains their CATS file (19309)

It would be interesting to ask if innocent parents of a missing child have had a CATS file allocated to them, if not, then we have an answer.

We also have payne's interesting statement describing Maddie where, apart from using past tense, which is unexpected and a huge red flag, given the length of time she had been missing and the fact they were claiming it was an abduction, she was alive and no evidence of serious harm befalling her.
 (What is their definition of serious harm if abduction by a paedophile doesn't count?)

We have interesting descriptions of Madeleine and what fun can be had with her!

In statement analysis we say by not answering the question you have answered the question.

By the way, the website with a paltry few members, instead of snickering and name calling as you do, why not explain why you believe the mccanns and chums are innocent of involvement?

The rest of us explain why we believe in their guilt/involvement, referring to the files and their own statements, press releases including those from clarrie aka family friend, source close to them, police source and their interviews to support our belief.

You don't do anything except name call and snicker like kids behind the bike shed or in the playground

I wonder if you would let your kids sleep over at the mccanns house or any of the tapas 7?

Would you let any of the group baby sit your kids?

Would you go on holiday with them with your young children and let them do their checks as they claimed?

Would you leave your toddlers home alone in an unlocked apartment whilst you made merry out of sight and sound of your children, even to going to Chaplin’s?

Would you do all that or would you use the evening creche or babysitter or take them with you or even eat in?

If kate and gerry were looking after your kids for several days whilst you had a long weekend break, you come home to find one of your children missing and learn that kate and gerry had gone to the pub down the road and popped back to check every 30 mins or so would you be happy with them?

Would you be blaming some alleged abductor who left not a trace of his existence, no prints, no hairs, no fibers no anything?

You find the curtains have been washed and the mccanns standing around calling sky news and their family and then sitting in the house not helping to search whilst you are scouring the streets even though it is dark, calling your child's name fully co-operating with police, giving them every detail of where you went, what you found when you came home, what the mccanns were doing which is claiming they were being responsible babysitters and everyone does it.


Would you be screaming for their blood, demanding to know what they have done with your child, why they went out leaving your children home alone in an unlocked house whilst they were getting drunk,

Demanding they help search and answer every damned question the police were asking.

Would you be happy with their explanations?

Would you be happy if they refused to answer all the questions?

Would you be happy if they refused to do any physical searching?

Would you be happy if they refused to do a police reconstruction on the grounds of it wouldn't be of any help?

Would you be happy if they went traveling the world at your expense, meeting celebs and the Pope?
Would you be happy if they hired expensive lawyers?

Would you be happy if they sued you because you claimed they were involved in the disappearance of your daughter?

Would you be happy if they gagged you so you couldn't say anything in regard to their behavior that night or their poor babysitting skills?

Would you be happy if you found out they let one of their friends bathe your children, a man you barely knew by name only?

Would you be happy if your children were staying over with them and one said why didn't they come when she and her sibling were crying last night and when you ask kate and gerry, they reply maybe it was when they were being bathed or put to bed, whereupon you ask if they were doing the bathing and bed then they would have been be there and they would know why they cried and the question wouldn't have arisen?

Since it did arise and they told you it might have been when they were being bathed and put to bed and it wasn't them, then who was bathing them and putting them to bed?

If on hearing that and they spoke of it as a passing remark and they would watch more carefully next time and then your child goes missing the very next day, would you be oh that's alright then?

Would you be happy if on arriving home to one of your children missing and your remaining children sleeping through all the noise and lights etc and the mccanns said oh don't worry they have been sleeping really deeply here, they don't need to go to hospital, they are fine?

Would you be happy to accept their version of events even though there is no evidence to show an abductor ever existed?

Would you still be happy if blood and cadaver dogs were brought in and the dogs reacted to a wardrobe in their room, behind the sofa, in the garden, on kate's trousers, your child’s top and cuddly toy and you know no one has died in that house?

Would you be happy if they found traces of body fluids and it had a 15/19-marker match to your missing child?

Would you be happy to find blood from your child on their walls?

Would you be happy if body fluids were found in their car and the blood and cadaver dogs had reacted to it 25 days after your child had gone missing?

Would you be asking why they had to keep the trunk of their car open every night due to the smell, something observed by their neighbors and commented on by passengers in their car?

Would you believe them if they said the dogs reacted to dirty diapers, rotting meat, sea bass and sweaty sandals?

Would you be happy if they then ran to a foreign country and hid behind lawyers and refused to help in any way shape or form whilst their PR spokesman told the world how good they are as parents and babysitters and sued anyone who disagreed?

Would you be happy if millions were donated to a fund they set up supposedly to find your missing daughter and then learn it was spent on paying their mortgage, travel expenses, legal bills etc and in the event of your daughter not being found, used to support their family in any way they saw fit?

Would you be happy to learn they had a CATS file on them and that it had magically been emptied, even though they claim every missing child case has a CATS file allocated just in case?

Would you be happy to have the boss of an organization that supposedly is meant to help and protect children from abuse and neglect publicly supporting the babysitters who have admitted to neglecting your children every night?

Would you be happy to have them dump your children in a creche the very next day whilst they went off playing tennis and lounging by the pool?

Would you be happy if all their family came over to stay and not actually do any searching?

Would you be happy if you saw them out traveling the world at the expense of others and jogging and then boasting on their timeline about how well they did' whilst you and a myriad of strangers, friends and LE are out searching fields and beaches and everywhere no matter how unlikely it is she could have gotten there by herself?

What would you be thinking if you found out your missing child had in fact ran away on a previous occasion and hid for half an hour when you know your child has never done that before.

Would you be happy to hear that your child, who normally wakes during the night as children do and wants to come into your bed for comfort because she is scared suddenly goes to sleep by 7.30 pm every night and doesn’t wake up even to go to the toilet or ask for a drink of water?

That the babysitters boast of how they got the children in bed and asleep by 7.30 pm when you know it is at least 8pm after stories and drinks and all the usual palaver that children do, especially when they are staying with other family members or on vacation and are excited?

Would you be surprised to find that all the activities they had done on the visit such as painting and making models and stuff that they bring home weren’t actually available, the drawing she allegedly did that she would bring home for you to stick on the fridge door with pride, doesn’t actually exist?

Would you be happy to hear that apart from the day you dropped your children off with the mccanns, no one independent can verify they actually saw your missing daughter, and the ladies at the crèche fudged their records to cover up not only poor record keeping but also the fact they don’t actually remember seeing your child, and the ones that do sort of remember her, remember her having a totally different character to how you know she is?

Would you be happy to see the photo used to publicize your missing daughter is an old one not a recent one and the last photo allegedly taken by the pool on a warm and sunny day, couldn’t have been taken when claimed as the only sunny day was the beginning of their stay and the last day was cool and overcast?

Would you be confused when the poster has a picture of your young child and yet on the same trip there is a picture of a very much older and totally different looking child holding a bunch of tennis balls, this picture being more like your missing daughter?

The world is looking for a young girl who doesn’t exist, your child looked like that a year ago, the real child is much older looking and yet posters don’t show it.

Would you be happy to watch them snicker and smirk when asked about sightings of your child almost as if they knew there were no sightings of her because they know what happened to her?

Would you be happy to hear kate call the policeman who is searching for your daughter a f***ing tosser?

Would you be happy to hear kate grumping because the police car she was in had to turn around and speed back to the station because of some breaking news?

Would you be happy to see them grinning and laughing as they came out of church on what would have been your child’s birthday, looking almost as if they had just gotten married what with all the balloons and flowers and cheering crowds?

What would you think if the Vatican, which had had a picture etc of your missing daughter on their site, suddenly and with no explanation, removed it?

Would you be happy to hear the mccanns are suing the lead detective who is searching for your missing child because he says your daughter died in their home and they concealed the crime, disposed of her body and then filed a false police report, even though he allows for it to be accidental?

Would you be happy to hear kate mccann refused to let the police have her medical records even though it may have a bearing on the case, the same with their financial records?


I suspect you would be camped outside the police station demanding answers and constantly contacting the police with anything no matter how trivial if it would find your daughter.

You would be camped outside their door day and night demanding they talk and give answers to what they did with your daughter.

Them doing nothing to actually help the search and everything to cover their butts would not be an option..

You would be physically hauling them out to search, in their face demanding answers, doing everything you physically could to find your daughter.

What you wouldn’t be doing is supporting them, telling the world they were well within the realms of responsible babysitting and giving them money to carry on as they did before and that you are behind them 100% of the way and anyone who says they were involved based on their statements and behavior and the forensic evidence is a hater and a ‘forker who must be silenced and punished.

Even now, I wonder, how many parents in Rothley let their children go visit Sean and Amelie, how many let their children go over for tea or a sleep over, how many parents have Sean and Amelie over for tea, playtime or a sleep over?

How many parents let their children go to Sean and Amelie’s birthday party?

Are the twins allowed to have birthday parties they can invite their friends to or is it like Madeleine’s where it is only close family and friends of the mccanns?

Note the deafening silence from Rothley in relation to the mccanns. How no one talk about their friendship with them etc.

In such cases we hear from family and friends, old school and university friends about how they knew them, what they are like etc.

Instead we had a brief page or so about ‘Hotlips’ healey and New Zealand and that is it.



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