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Have the mccanns been made arguidos now the PJ reopened the case?

 Have the mccanns been made Arguidos now the PJ have reopened the case in Portugal?

I can't be sure, but, based on the fact the PJ reopened the case based on new and compelling evidence (they said the case could and would only be reopened on new and compelling evidence) then i would assume arguido status would automatically be  reinstated.
It was only suspended when the case was shelved IRRC.

This would explain the deafening silence from the mccanns.

They are not going to announce the status has been reinstated since that paints them in a really bad light, as we saw when it came out the first time round.

Given they are so fixated on their public persona and how they are perceived by the sheeple, they are not going to announce they are arguidos since they know we will see it and think aha, suspects in the case of their missing daughter.

We saw how the public and media responded, donations plummeted and much muttering went on.

Rather than lie to the public  since lying is stressful and the fact that under pressure they leak bucket loads of marbles, rather than say anything in relation to their status, which would be checked by the media (I am not sure if the PJ would say they are arguidos since they won't discuss anything to do with the case in public) Rather than being caught in an outright lie, no we aren't, only to have the PJ say yes they are, they are staying silent.

Their own lawyers announced they had been made arguidos first time round, probably because all the media were aware they had been called in by the PJ and they would be asking awkward questions, it also meant they could hide behind the status when asked awkward questions which could result in incriminating comments from them.

It was a two edged sword, on the plus side it gave them protection legally since they could now lie and refuse to co-operate without fear of penalty whilst as witnesses they had to answer all questions and co-operate on pain of jail.

I don't know if their lawyers made the request or if the PJ did it as a matter of course, the moment they refused to answer a question (or 48 in kate's case)

The minus side is it now made them appear publicly as suspects since clearly they weren't talking or co-operating, which given the nature of the crime was entirely unexpected as parents of a missing child.

Unless someone asks them outright if they are now arguidos, they are not going to say, the same goes for their lawyers.

The fact they are silent is telling, especially given how they behaved once the case was shelved.

They are now in effect hiding, in the mistaken belief out of sight out of mind.

It doesn't work that way.
Their silence speaks volumes, given when things were going bad we had statements from them spinning their story and sightings and new suspects.
None of us were buying the spin and eventually, they had to capitulate and try something different, something the public would buy.
Sightings weren't doing the job any more.

This is why i think we had the gamut of new suspects, an effort to divert attention away from what was going on in Portugal with the libel case, the reopened investigation and also the SY investigation.

A battle on 3 fronts.

We know the PJ won't say anything in relation to the case due to their laws and also because they want to see what the mccanns are driven to do when they don't know what the PJ are doing, who they are talking to or what info they have now gotten access to such as medical records, cell phone records, financial details etc.
They do know the PJ have new and compelling evidence, they don't know what that evidence is and it is driving them nuts.
They don't know if anyone has talked and if so who.
Although the PJ cannot offer deals, the prosecutors can and there is the fear that one or more of the tapas 7 may have taken one up and talked.

Scotland Yard is not going to say what they know, who they are talking to, what new information they have and from whom and what the PJ have told them.
SY will also be investigating the fund as part of the case, they may not be able to nail them for homicide etc but if they can prove the mccanns knew Maddie was dead (and the mccanns have told us repeatedly she is by word and action) then they can prosecute on fraud charges etc.

Since neither the PJ or SY are talking except to each other, any story that comes out in the media therefore, has to come from the mccanns via a 3rd party.

The mccanns as above cannot talk about the case as arguidos, they therefore have to leak info via a 'family friend"/source close to the family aka clarrie.

This is why we had the rehashed stories of a disgruntled ex employee  originally female than rehashed as a male, the 3 burglars according to phone ping activity (not the phone ping activity from the mccans then?) New suspects in a variety of ages, color and sex.

They weren't happy when the e-fit they had sat on for so long was released, they couldn't prevent it since the police had made a request to the fund directors for all the info and the directors are not going to say no (if they had tried then a warrant would have been issued and it would make not only the mccanns look guilty as hell for hiding info that could find their daughter, along with them not answering questions or doing a reconstruction) it would also makes the directors look bad as folk would be wondering why they were obstructing the investigation and could lead to possible charges at a later date.

The mccanns are in effect painted into a corner.

Now they are staying silent and staying hidden hoping the  public and then LE will forget about them.

Out of sight, out of mind.

Given they both love being the centre of attention as we have seen, even to the extent of hijacking charity events, this is going to drive them wild, especially gerry who i suspect has pretencions of grandeur and looking for some kind of role in politics, not as an MP, the sheeple, even the most ardent of their supporters, isn't gong to buy that.
Maybe an Honor or two or an adviser on various committees.

Kate will never return as a GP, no one will trust her especially if children are involved.
She never returned to work,and given she was only a locum doing minimal hours a week and apparently still on maternity leave, i would ask why?
Given the twins are now 8 or so she could have returned since they are at school.

I wonder if kate was 'asked' not to return?
Was she given an option of resigning before she was fired i wonder?
Did the surgery know or suspect she had issues and decided for the safety of patients she  could not be allowed to work unsupervised, especially if they read the book?
This is my own opinion of course, but it would explain many things.
Why not return given she was so determined to succeed?
Being a doctor requires determination, drive to succeed, why waste all the years she spent studying, training in hospitals etc to become a stay at home mom?
It simply doesn't fit in with her mindset, what she wants she got.

Al those years wasted, nothing to show for it.
Even allowing for a break for child rearing why not go back and carry on where she left off?
It is now nearly 7 yrs  since Maddie vanished and medicine has progressed in leaps and bounds, she would probably have to redo whole courses to get back up to date.

Is she perhaps unemployable?
Does she have issues that wold be revealed if she went back to work?
Would employing her cause loss of customers, staff or both?

We saw what happened when she became an ambassador for missing people, there is now way in hell she could work any place that involved children either directly or otherwise, would she be stuck as a shelf stacker or in a fast food place?

How has all this affected her mentally?
we saw how she looked on CW, she looked dreadful, she looked scared, she looked ready to run.
She looks now like she should have looked the day Maddie vanished (died)
She looks ready to implode, a lit fuse waiting to go bang.

Gerry looks smug, the permanent sneer on his face.
The staff where he works cannot stand him, he isn't welcome there and should he leave they would be a lot happier.
Things though aren't working out for him either.
There is a cloud of suspicion over him that will always be there until they are charged and, even then, should he be found not guilty (expect him to blame it all on unstable kate and he did it to keep the family together and he didn't know she was involved etc etc) the suspicion will still remain that he knew.

I also wonder what Sean and Amelie ask them, as ask them they will.
They will have access to the Internet, at school and with friends, at home it may well be restricted and monitored.
The twins will be told stuff by their friends, they will either ask their friends to look up something or the friends will do it off their own bat and say lookie what i found.

There will be a lot of awkward question from the twins and as we all know, kids can be persistent li'l buggers.
Will their questions cause kate more stress?
Will she lash out at them for daring to ask questions?
For not buying the truth according to mom and dad?
What do the twins remember?
What do they know that they haven't told kate and gerry?
What have they overheard or seen?
Will they talk to LE once they reach 18?

So many questions, so few answers.


  1. You should post this on HiDeHo. Excellent read as usual :-)

  2. I am reporting this blog to lawyers. It contains numerous highly defamatory and libellous statements. I suggest you take it down or get legal advice

    1. Shut up"Gerry"u murderer.

    2. I "suggest"you stop hiding babies .

    3. Is that you Clarrie? Lol

    4. Make sure you get the right lawyers. I don't think they can afford Carter-Ruck any more, 'cos they'll need lots of money for that nice extradition lawyer, Mr Caplan.

    5. gurney? is that you ? lol

  3. Excellent ... well said.

    1. The blog post I mean .... NOT the threat, lol!!

  4. Excellent post!

  5. The McCann's wouldnt dare sue another blogger. They dare not face a courtroom.

  6. Gerry you stated that you would get 2 years in prison should you break the conditions of arguidos status. Then unbelievably went on to say you would get the same sentence for disposing of a childs body. What were you thinking ? GOT SOMETHING ON YOUR MIND GERRY MCCANN ? #justsaying

  7. Why have the McCann's never mentioned nor challenged the statement of Doctor Gaspar where within it is suggested that Gerry McCann and Dr David Payne have unhealthy sexual interests in small children. Just what are you hiding Kate and Gerry McCann ?

  8. These 2 should face a polygraph.


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