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Cadaver and Blood Dog Reactions Plus Inexact Science Minus Body Equals Relaxing Thoughts for kate

Dr Kate McCann, in her book ‘madeleine’,
On pages 249-250 of ‘madeleine’, for example, she writes:

“At one point [during the screening of a video of the cadaver dog Eddie alerting to the scent of a corpse in the living room of the McCanns’ apartment] the handler [Martin Grime] directed the dogs to a spot behind the conch in the sitting room, close to the curtains. He called the dogs over to him to investigate this particular site.

“The dogs ultimately ‘alerted’. I felt myself starting to relax a little. This was not what I would call an exact science”.

 An interesting comment to make and telling indeed.

 Kate spoke about junk science and relaxing when the cadaver dogs reacted. 

 If, as claimed, the parents are innocent of involvement in the disappearance of their daughter, why would kate tell us she relaxed when the cadaver and blood dogs reacted in the apartment (and subsequently the hire car)

This is highly unexpected. Put yourself in the same situation for a moment. 
Your child goes missing ( you aren't involved) blood and cadaver dogs are brought in along with normal search dogs. 

The search dogs don't react but the blood and cadaver dogs do. 
Your first and instant reaction wouldn't be oh it's junk science, nor would you relax. 

Rather than relaxing at what was indicated, the innocent parent would be terrified for their child, hysterical with the worry their child was injured and in pain or worse was dead removing any hope of a safe return

Your first instinct would be does this mean my child was hurt?
They were bleeding? 
Does this mean my child was killed in the room before being removed? 

You would be demanding they recheck, they retest. 

You would be hysterical, knowing or believing the abductor could have injured your child whilst abducting her. 

You would be hysterical wondering what was done to cause the bleeding. 

You wouldn't be oh well it was a nose bleed or a grazed knee, especially given the locations. 

You would be demanding answers and more help to find your child.

You would be out physically searching, even to looking for possible drops of blood leading away from the apartment. 

Your child was hurt and scared, they were bleeding,
You want to get to them and make everything better. 
This is normal parental instinct. 

Guilty parents on the other hand would be looking for any excuse to denigrate, demean and minimise the actions of the dogs since to admit the dogs were correct would be to implicate themselves.

 Instead we get explanations and excuses.
No physical searching.
Insults and demeaning of those trying to find their daughter.
Comments all about themselves and how they feel, what they are doing and general chitchat and drivel rather than what their daughter could have been going through. 

The guilt would be enormous that their child was abducted possibly injured and they weren't there to stop it.
But then, innocent parents wouldn't have left their children home alone in the first place. 

It is well known gerry researched cadaver dogs (why?) and pointed out in the case of eugene zapata as a false reaction and thus the dogs was unreliable. Although the evidence was excluded from Zapata's first trial, police said corpse-sniffing dogs indicated the scent of human remains at the Indian Trace home and two other homes occupied by Zapata as well as a storage locker and a rental car. Based on Zapata's statement, the locker and car indications were correct.
For more than 30 years, he maintained that Jeanette Zapata just disappeared. He kept the secret until earlier this month, when he confessed to Madison police.
Zapata's confession came Feb. 5. 2008 He gave a detailed account, as required under a plea agreement he reached with prosecutors to avoid another trial
Strange to say after that the mccanns went real quiet on cadaver dogs.

 It is interesting to note that dogs are used not only to track scents they are used to detect drugs,explosives, fruit and veg, pirated DVDs, cash, human remains, trapped people in earthquake zones as well as in avalanches and much more.
Skills which are taken for granted the world over, yet, when cadaver dogs reacted in the apartment, to clothing and cuddlecat and the hire car, rather than the expected is my child hurt? we instead see, ignore the dogs they are wrong.

Their families even went so far as to claim she had dealt with several dead bodies in the weeks or so before their vacation and had included taking cuddlecat with her (the, if they don't move when she touched them with it then they are dead school of diagnosing death) sea bass (Sean's favorite meal) which allegedly produces a smell like cadaverine, rotting meat, dirty diapers and sweaty sandals and according to gerry's sister philmacakehole i mean philomena the PJ had gone so far as to plant DNA evidence from Maddie!!

This then is the other problem. 
Medical people are hyper vigilant of their children.
They know what can happen in a split second, even with a parent right there. 

The children were never left home alone. 

Each night they were all placed in one apartment and an allegedly 'sick' adult watched them. 

The parents had to claim they were neglectful and left their children home alone in order for there to be an opportunity for abduction. 

There could be no abduction if the children were being watched by an adult. 

NO NEGLECT =NO ABDUCTION  and a lot of awkward questions. 

They knew if they claimed neglect they could plea deal down.
All the lawyers they hired within days of "the abduction" would have advised them on their options and how to minimise any possible charges.

They also knew if charged with neglect, homicide charges couldn't then be a later date.
 It was the lesser of two evils, a risk they had to take, hence the PJ not knowing what crimes had been committed. 
 You can't charged someone with a they did something but we don't know what charge, and if you don't know what crime has been committed you can't charge them full stop.

The PJ knew the children were all together and thus no abduction was even possible let alone took place.
They knew they get only one chance so LE will bide their time and get as much evidence as possible before pressing charges, both charges in Portugal and also in the UK , probably relating to fraud in regard to the fund, plus they may also face criminal charges in relation to the payment from sundry newspapers,

Maddie is not as risk nor can she be further harmed for she is long dead. 

This then begs the question ,why could the mccann's not allow an autopsy to take place? 
What would it reveal? 
What was so damning they were prepared to risk neglect charges? 
Were there signs of neglect and/or abuse be it regular sedation/ injuries old and new/ sexual abuse? 

Sedation over a period of time would result in charges and loss of their licences, ditto for old and new injuries- her medical records would reveal if they had been treated in a hospital if applicable and if not, again the consensus would be they treated her at home to keep it secret and again charges, loss of licence etc. 

Sexual abuse they could face charges if they couldn't show it was committed by someone else who had access (especially if recent plus medical records could show for example frequent UTI, DP anyone?)

This would make the statements from the Dr's Gaspar important since it was both gerry and david payne having the conversation.

Whatever it was they couldn't allow an autopsy since perhaps it would show non accidental death. 

If it was from a drugs  overdose they could have claimed she saw the pills and ate them thinking it was candy, it happens all the time, 

They could have left her in bed  and then claimed they thought she was asleep when she was instead dying or dead when they checked.
   She ate some pills and went back to bed or even  dying from natural causes, a possibility given her health ( the coloboma and any associated health issues

Again, if a fall they could have placed her/ left her in situ on the floor etc and claimed they found her when they woke up.
Maddie was known to be a wanderer, and, in a strange place she could have climbed onto the sofa  or something high and fallen, they have the star chart on the fridge that showed she would wake and wander as proof.

It would be passed off as yet another tragic accident that no one could have foreseen or prevented.

Clearly this was not something that could be explained away easily.

How would they explain sedatives in the body or evidence in the hair that perhaps showed long term sedation?

How could injuries be explained away such as bruises that weren't commensurate with an accident such as hand or finger marked shaped bruising or perhaps shoe marks, scratches etc.

Marks around the throat or signs of an attempt to resuscitate  such as tracheotomy or broken ribs from CPR.

This would lead to questions as to why they never called 911 even though they were doctors.

There is still no explanation why the twins were not taken to hospital to be checked out for  sedation ( since they slept deeply through the ruckus and kate kept checking their breathing by fingers under their noses and a hand on their backs or for signs of molestation.

Innocent parents in a similar situation would be panicking if their children never awoke and would be demand tests to make sure their remaining children were not at risk from overdose or had been injured in any way.
They would also be asking for their children's clothing and bedding etc  examined in case their was any forensic evidence.

That the mccann's never did any of this makes me realise, they didn't need to have their children examined since they knew what they had been given, how much and when and that there would be no evidence of  abuse ( or they didn't want the twins examined in case there were signs of abuse which would lead to awkward questions since the time line for any possible abduction was mere minutes, how would any abductor have time to abuse the twins and then scarper with Maddie in his arms. It would lead to awkward questions, well even more awkward questions regarding the checks and the timings of or rather lack of timings)

 Was there involvement of CPS with the family prior to the vacation perhaps? ( is it still ongoing?) 

Were the family aware that kate seemed to not be coping and obsessing over their sleep patterns? 

Was it true they were looking to farm Maddie out to a family member? 

If so why? 

Had anyone offered to take over the care of Maddie?

We know they dumped Maddie on her grandparents whilst the twins had their first Christmas, was this to see how she coped?

Would this become a regular habit with Maddie staying for longer periods?

Was this a one off or something else?

 The medical records of both Maddie and kate have a big role in this i think.



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