Thursday, November 21, 2013

Murder on kate's mind

'Breaking down in tears, distraught Kate said of the Portuguese police: "They want me to lie - I'm being framed.
"Police don't want a murder in Portugal and all the publicity about them not having paedophile laws here, so they're blaming us."

The brain thinks the word a microsecond before they are spoken or written down.
She tells us what is on the forefront of her mind as she was speaking.
She is the one who introduces the word murder in regard to her daughter during the process of free editing.
If she were innocent of involvement  and given the claims of abduction by persons unknown although paedophile is touted, why didn't she say abduction?

Abduction, if she were innocent, wouldn't be at the forefront of her mind, she would be thinking my daughter has been abducted, not, my daughter has been murdered.

She would know the fact of 'abduction', it happened.
 Maddie is not where she should be.

Murder wouldn't cross her mind if she were innocent, for, to think and say murder ends all hope of her still being alive, even if they are spouting the evidence shows the longer she is missing the more chance she has of being alive and statistics show she is alive ( yeah right, on what planet?)
Until confronted with irrefutable proof of death such as a body or other proof which shows beyond reasonable doubt she is dead ( large amounts of blood in a location which matches Maddie's DNA, items of clothing all bloodstained or cadaverine tainted or bones etc, innocent parents will believe and hope their missing child is still alive, they minimise the possible options thus they hope it is a childless couple wanting a child to love, or even a child to be used to steal or beg.
They may even go with abduction by paedophile horrible as it seems because it means their child could still be alive ( depending on the age of the child, older children  such as prepubescents and young teens stand a better chance of survival, really young children quickly grow and leave the paedophiles preferred age range and may be passed on but more often than not an abducted child is dead within a few hours.)

Children who have been found after many years are often the older ones, they learn to survive and often, particularly with girls, the abductor has a reason to keep them alive for a long period of time.

To think of their child dead is the worst scenario possible.

All hope is gone, they blame themselves and each other for not doing something different that day, for not protection their child from danger, for not being there when they were scared or hurt, for not being able to comfort them or say goodbye.

 Not having a body regardless of how much time has passed and the statistics gives them that glimmer of hope that their child could be one of the lucky ones.

If it is a custody battle their child is alive and they will fight to get them back regardless of how long since children grow up to become adults and can make their own choices.

Kate introduces murder which leads me to think accidental or pre-meditated?

We know the children were sedated.
We know the children were all in one apartment,.
When they talk about checks it is always checks on Madeleine and not checks on the children.
Gerry spoke about his checking on Madeleine and, after a pause adds the twins.
Maddie was not where the rest of the children were that night which begs the question why?
Was she already dead perhaps the night  with all the crying?
The why didn't you come was to lead us to believe she was alive the night of the 2nd.

No independent witness can positively say they saw Maddie the 3rd, cleaners were turned away etc.

Dying the night before  or earlier allows plenty of time for the cleanup and disposal, it allows them to grieve and then control their behavior to normalish (yes, people can commit  horrific murders and then carry on as normal especially if they are psychopathic or sociopathic - like kate and gerry)

Would kate think of it as murder if Maddie died of an overdose?
I think so since it wasn't accidental.

Had it been an accidental overdose, they could have claimed she ate the pills thinking they were candy, the same if it was a fall.

Whatever happened they couldn't allow an autopsy.


Signs of long term sedation,  injuries such as cuts , bruises and fractures old or new which couldn't be explained as  normal rough and tumble.
Signs of sexual abuse which could never be passed off as accidental.

We know Maddie had health problems associated with her coloboma along with the fact kate and gerry both described her as almost perfect when she was born (since the coloboma was only a fleck what else was visible that they knew right away she wasn't perfect?

 IVF babies also have a higher risk of disability and deformity)

The fact gerry described Maddie as still active, why wouldn't she be as she was 3 unless there was something wrong that meant at a future point of time she would no longer be able to be active.

The other possibility is that someone did something to Maddie that resulted in her death, again this would be murder  even if accidental as a result of something else.

Whatever it was, kate told us Maddie is dead.

What we don't know is how she died, where she died a, when she died and who was present when she died or found her dead.

We know the dogs didn't react in any other apartment only 5a.

This doesn't mean she died there, only that 90 Min's or longer after she died, she was behind the sofa and then in the parents wardrobe.

If she died elsewhere and was moved before 90 Min's had passed so detectable cadaverine wasn't left, there would be not trace in the place she died in.

Depending on cause of death, we know there was leakage of blood, what i would suggest is luminol every apartment the tapas group had access to.

Washing and bleach doesn't remove it as we have seen in multiple crime scene photos where there has been a clean up yet when luminol is used we see where the blood was.

If it revealed  larger areas of blood than could be expected from a nosebleed or small cut then they have some interesting questions to answer, the same if there is blood splatter in unexpected places like walls, furniture even ceilings and also the pattern, again it  interesting questions to be asked, for example if there is a spray pattern on the wall or ceiling it could indicate a striking  action, with blows the first blow is free, subsequent blows cause the blood to splatter. the angle and direction indicating who was where.

Kate was thinking of murder, was it at someone else's hand or her own?
If her own did she think her actions caused it and if so, what were her actions?

Kate has a temper and anger issues  as she tells us in her bewk and witnessed by others, Maddie had a temper as well, did kate lash out in anger and thus she thinks murder because she didn't stop?

Time will tell.

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