Friday, November 15, 2013

kate mccann "The dread of knowing what happened"

from a statement kate mccann made at a missing people fund raising dinner

At the gala in London Kate, who is an ambassador for Missing People – a group led by Jo Youle – said: “The highs are when you think there is news. And the lows… the dread of knowing what happened and the dread of not knowing what happened.”

We all know order is important, it tells us the priority the subject has for what happened, what they know, who they know and how they feel.

What caught my eye was the above telling comment, in particular

the dread of knowing what happened and the dread of not knowing what happened.”

Innocent parents would say this in reverse, the dread of not knowing what happened to their loved apart from the fact they are missing, knowing what happened would be to them they were somewhere and they didn't come home, or they were at home and then they weren't.
The dread of not knowing is their priority, they think the worst and pray for the best,

Here kate tells us she knows what happened and she dreads it.
Given it was an alleged abduction despite no evidence, forensic evidence of a death in the apartment and a corpse in the hire car, tainted clothing and child's toy.

Previously they have told us they don't know what happened (this never makes sense if they have reported a missing child as abducted, this means they know (believe) what has happened.

She talks about the dread of knowing what happened, how can she know this, if , Maddie was abducted all kate knows is that an alleged someone took her daughter, she cannot know what has happened since.
To know is to state something as a given fact, otherwise words like think or believe appear which allows others to think or believe otherwise.

Kate knows what happened, she doesn't think she knows what happened, or believe she knows what happened, these would be weak statement.

Kate knows the dread of what happened.
There are no qualifiers, no ifs' maybes, thinks or believes all of which would weaken her statement.

Kate knows what happened and it is eating her alive.

She explains the last few months as rough due to sleep deprivation, which coincides with the reopening of the case in Portugal, a new investigation from the Met and the libel trial.

The excuse isn't due to waiting waiting on news ( the highs - what does she mean news? news about what? not being made arguido, not being hauled in for questioning, not being arrested? any day they aren't arrested etc is a good day)

 She and gerry are facing a 3 pronged attack whereas before it was only 1.

The libel trial is going down the pan hence their previous attempts to buy Dr. Amaral off which he refused, the crime watch programme backfired on them spectacularly, tanner's sighting was explained away which promptly blew gerry's alibi out the water and the Smith's e-fit looked like gerry.

It also came out they had sat on this evidence for 5 years.
Does this count as hindering the search along with the 48 question?.

We have not been informed if the mccann's are now arguidos, i suspect they are since the case was reopened and thus it would naturally be reimposed on them to give them legal protection.

They can't spin this in any good way,, it means they can refuse to talk about the case citing judicial secrecy, it means though they are now considered 'suspects' which means no donations, thus we have silence and old sightings and suspects rehashed.

Kate McCann reveals she's "exhausted" as renewed hope of finding daughter Madeleine means she can't sleep.


  1. There entire life revolves around the deception that there Maddie was stolen.

    Greiveing Parents are in bits not cofured an off to visit the Pope.

    An launch a Career out of your dead Daughters Name Maddie an you would have to be gullible to the max to believe there Mad scenerios.

    I think Scotland Yard are profile ing them as an on going process anyliseing there every word action an demeanour.

    They often bring there suspects into the fold an indulge them.

    To disarm them an let them drop the barriers .

    An then pounce gives the liason officers excellen insight into there dynamics
    Theree life style an when there most vulnerable to be arrested.

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    2. Exactly and welcome Ecossie Possie.
      I will bet they have body language experts and possibly even forensic linguists/statement analysts watching them at pressers. It is a common tactic these days to invite the family to make statements and making sure the suspect is there and talking.
      Look at the philpotts.
      The police suspected them from the get go so they got them to do a presser and watched and listened closely.
      Mick philpott gave himself away with his words and mairiead with her body language.
      I had suspicions from the get go from witness statements and his own words, what was spoken and just as importantly what wasn't.
      I knew and the presser simply confirmed my opinion.

  2. Hi Hobnob b t y..................

  3. This case is a perfect example of statement analisis .

    Watching the husbands words Fadee an his strange behaviour after the slaying of hisWife.

    Fadee Nasri Is text book.


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