Monday, May 7, 2018

Darn It, Nailed Again. If It Wasn't For That Pesky Sandra Felgueiras...

Oh dear kate, yet another foot in mouth moment.
This one brought to us courtesy of the lovely Sandra Felgueiras.

It is called leakage and she does say "and that is when i noticed Madeleine was there"
More leakage from you kate that Maddie is dead and you and gerry both know it.

This means that you are guilty at least of child neglect resulting in harm, possibly culpable homicide or the Portuguese equivalent.

Concealment of a corpse and filing a false police report.

Then there is the financial side, fraud, obtaining money and services by deception, false representation.
Here in the UK, there is the fraudulent fund, obtaining money and services by deception, perjury (remember the Leveson Inquiry) which carries a life sentence remember, then the money obtained illegally from the media organizations whom you sued when they said you hadn't been cleared by the PJ and which later proved to be correct.

Then there is clarrie, bless him, who told us to send money in envelopes address to kate and gerry and it will get there.
I wonder how many sent cash and how much of that was actually placed in the account and declared?
I wonder if clarrie regrets that little statement.?
Perhaps he will join you in the dock since he too has leaked that Maddie is dead and he knows it whilst merrily dropping you both in it.
I would have paid to hear that chat.

Then there may well be other countries where you sought donations such as America and who do not take wire fraud lightly.

Then possibly everyone who donated via PayPal and now wants their money back because you lied and did not use the money for searching.
Then those who bought the book because they thought you were innocent or were led to believe so, then the publishers wanting there money back because you lied (more so when you are found guilty of involvement)
Then the tapas chums wanting their 'donations' back to pay their own legal fees and return of the money to the media along with costs.
Oh, and i nearly forgot, lumbering Sean and Amelie with legals fees and costs for losing your claim against Dr. Gonçalo Amaral repeatedly.
If you haven't, it will be so much fun when you finally tell them that mommy and daddy sued the now ex lead detective tasked with finding their sibling and lost, won, lost again several times and, because you were/are avaricious little buggers, added them to the suit and lumbered them with thousands of pounds in debt.
University fees will have nothing on that bill.
That you were so avaricious that you even tried to add their sister to the suit but were not allowed to.
I wonder if it was because Maddie was made a ward of court by kate and gerry?
Along those lines, i wonder if the twins are or were wards of court giving the self claimed child neglect?
That information would not be made public
Hmmm something to ponder on.

Still if you are going to commit crime  then go big and make the jail time (and subsequent bankruptcy at least  worth it)

That £500,000 you have ring fenced, legally the only purposes for doing so are to be used either for work tools or property and since you aren't running a business (using tools) then it looks like it relates to property will be gone, your house will be repossessed and sold, you will both be jobless and unemployable in pretty much any job in the UK and limited elsewhere in the world due to you not being granted permission to visit let alone emigrate.
That's the problem with having a criminal record, especially one so serious.

You will lose custody of the twins probably to a family member although given their enthusiasm for taking in Maddie, that may not be possible or simply because of your involvement in the homicide, concealment of a corpse and filing a false police report along with all the other charges not desirable and only when the twins reach 18 and become adults they can make the choice to visit you in jail or not, also depending which country jail you are ensconced in at that time.

We know the truth of the lie, you know that we do and trust me, you will blink first and throw one another or one of your chums under the bus to try and escape justice.

I suspect the twins know the truth or are pretty damn sure.
They aren't stupid, they will have heard your rows and that infamous temper of yours kate.

They will have seen and heard the news on TV and radio, read the papers either in print or online, they will have seen all the groups in FB and the various bloggers, analysts, experts in criminology, statement analysis, body language and profiling. The posts and comments from serving and retired police officers all revealing the truth, your dirty little secret.

You may have succeeded to some degree in policing the internet and their access to information concerning Maddie and the vacation and the subsequent years.
Kids being kids though, they will have used their friends cell phones, school computers, home computers and their own cellphones to google themselves as everyone does and then their missing sister.

I wonder, kate and gerry, what questions have the twins asked?
I know they have, it would be abnormal if they didn't.
What lies did you tell them?
Did they believe you?
Do you think they believed you should really be the question?
What happens when you slip up and leak a bit of incriminating information, something you do so frequently?

Do you think they heard it?

Do you think they realized the importance of it?

Can you really trust them to support you?

Can you really trust them not to talk to a teacher, a friend, another parent or worse, the police?

When they talk about Maddie, what do you feel inside?

Do you feel safe and secure, or is there a frisson of fear that maybe the ones you have to fear are not your tapas 7 chums or the UK police (who are really only able to nail you for the fund) but your surviving children Sean and Amelie?

What if they tell you they want to talk to a nice policeman?
What if they tell you the have talked to a very nice policeman?

What if they tell you the remember that week in Portugal and don't remember seeing Maddie anytime after say Sunday/Monday or Tuesday and before that Thursday night when Maddie was allegedly abducted?

You may have controlled them now but once they reach 18, they are adults and there is nothing you can do to control them in further.

The twins will have talked to each other about Maddie, things you don't know about, it is simply between them, the same as siblings will have discussions about thing behind the parents back.

How long can you hold the tide back ?

Unsolved homicide by whomever cases are never closed. they get shelved and reexamined every so often.
This is why we hear of homicide cases being solved decades down the line, forensics improve almost yearly and what was undetectable or damage back then is now easily examined.
A microscopic drop of blood on a jacket  caught two of the killers of Stephen Lawrence

You almost cleaned up the crime scene but you could never remove every single drop of blood or body fluid.

The walls, the floor tiles, the hire car, your trousers kate, the child's red t shirt, cuddlecat, the curtains, the shelves.
Your family came up with an almost plausible excuse for the cadaverine on those black and white checked trousers of yours kate, i don't recall any plausible reason explaining the presence on the child's t shirt or cuddle cat though.

Six deaths?
So specific.

Not bad going for a p/t locum GP
Shades perhaps of harold shipman?

I wonder, as i do, what  your ex employer would have to say in response to said claim?
I wonder, is this something you told your parents or something they thought up themselves?
I suspect the former.

Perhaps those excuses are still being  thought out or, more likely, you have no excuse , nor do your family so instead you are staying silent and hoping we will forget about it.

Sorry darlings, no can do on that.

I would love to hear how you  could explain those away, will it involve dragons perchance?

Evidence that shouldn't be there and is and, more important and showing evidence of a clean up, evidence that isn't there and should be.
Not cleaned up enough can be as incriminating as cleaned up too much.

A crime once done cannot be undone especially when a death is involved.
Words said cannot be unsaid

The voice in your head is getting louder.
All those people who see you, do you wonder what they are thinking?
Do you wonder what is being said behind your back?
We are not afraid to said it to your face.
I am not afraid to say it to your face.

I would love to have a chat, to hear what you have to say, to watch you squirm.

Have a nice day kate and gerry, you may not have many left.


  1. I'm really torn...
    You are correct, the pair will have to live a lie in front of the twins. :( It won't be easy, and might be nigh on impossible to get away with it forever.
    However, *you* are coming across as a big fat bitter ginger bitch, and should hide your big fat ginger face if you want anyone to take notice of the facts...

  2. Great post Tania, getting closer to the truth its making them uncomfortable. I don't know anyone who believes the many versions of their fairy tails.

  3. Well I don’t know why that first poster is insulting you Tania, but I for one look forward to your analysis regarding this case.

  4. I found this video disturbing, as Kate shows the actions of pushing up the shutters and then uses actions sliding the window to the side , I believe that is what she did, ? Why does she need to show actions instead of just speaking about it ? . When you are talking about something you talk, there is no need to show actions , am I right in thinking this ?

  5. Tania I have found I have a lot to say in answer to the above blog but restricted by characters so I will number my comments 1,2,3 etc:

    1 - Tania, as a statement analyst what should I read into your veiled threats in the blog above?

    You suggest to Kate & Gerry that they should have a nice day as they may not have many left? That smacks of a threat to the reader!

  6. 2 - I feel you have made the typical anti McCann hypotheses based on what exactly? Rumours/myths & innuendo. Kate never attended 6 corpses pre the Luz holiday. It is a myth brought about because of the PJ and why did it start?

    Certainly there was no cadaver odour on Kate's trousers, nor CuddleCat nor Sean's tee-shirt nor the hire car. Had there been such an odour detected, would the PJ, even under Amaral, have been so inept as to give these items back to the family, knowing they would be needed as forensic evidence? Of course not and knowing Amaral's deliberate attempt to have Kate arrested, would he not have used these items to try and prove a point?

    1. Cut the bullshit,there was cadaver odore on the clothes and in the ap.5A.And a familymember, i think Gerrys sister mentioned that Kate visited 6 dead patients.

  7. 3 - So we can dismiss the cadaver odour as pure speculation from some quarters and myth, which has grown arms & legs and circulated on the worst forums and been circulated gleefully! Very sad! I note you libelled Kate by comparing her to Dr Harold Shipman! Naughty! Never mind it is now EMBEDDED into the internet for all time.

    You jibe at Kate for remaining silent because she might incriminate herself further! I doubt Kate has any idea just what you have been accusing her of, as yet! Their silence is because they have nothing more to add and are allowing the police to do the work they were tasked to do. They hope for a conclusion which will, at least, give them some answers as to Madeleine's whereabouts if not a successful rescue of their daughter. Of course there is a chance she is dead but equally as much chance she may be alive. Madeleine has every right to that chance and of being found.

    1. She didnt answered on 48 simple question,incriminating or not ,if your child missing you just answer even 100000 +1 questions to help to find her.How about the lieying detector?How about the reconstruction?Why they dindt went back to Portugal?Was it to expensive to pay a retourticket for 9 people?Why they didnt use the money from the fund?

  8. 4 - It was Kate's dear mother who was put on the spot when asked why, by the interviewer, her daughter's trousers smelt of dead bodies and not knowing quite what to make of it, she fumbled for a reason but it wasn't even true. I have explained above how it couldn't have been true.

    What gives you, Tania Cadogan, a person of no importance to the world at large, the God given right to suggest the twins are talking about their parents behind their backs? How can YOU presume to know? Is this you telling the reader that you would do that? Why would Sean and Amelie be any kind of a threat towards their parents? Good parents. I am analysing you now! Are you a sneaky person who likes to cause discourse & disharmony. YES that is exactly what you attempt to do and YOU are REVEALING your true personality here for everyone to analyse and see through you.

  9. 5 - You mention DRAGONS and demons...what are you rambling about? Kate's former employers at Latham Houe were more than happy with Kate's dedication to her work there and a good GP she was too. They would never talk about what happened after Madeleine disappeared and would not be that disloyal to Kate as to start telling nobodies like yourself and Caroline Goodacre anything at all about any aspect of Kate's work there. It's hard to fathom YOU out in this. YOU leave the reader with more questions about yourself than about the McCanns.

  10. 6 - I will end by saying there was no "clean up" of apartment 5a. Nowhere has it even been suggested during the course of the PJs investigation. The PJ would have noticed the smell of cleaning fluids and tested for that and yet there was never a mention of it. Goncalo Amaral may have tried to cast aspersions in his book after he was dismissed from the case, but in the files themselves we have not read of this, in fact we find the opposite to be true. The apartment had hair and fluff and general muck from living in an apartment. The fact one witness stated the apartment was tidy and no vestiges of food in the kitchen didn't exactly mean there was no food in the kitchen but no crumbs and sticky mess on the worktops. That is fair enough as I am certain Kate was fastidious as I would be in that respect.

    Too many myths blown up around the internet and the gullible fools take it all on as if it were the truth!

  11. "Of course there is a chance she is dead but equally as much chance she may be alive."



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