Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Terrorism or Islamic Terrorism, Minimization or Outright Denial Of The Truth?

There is no such thing as radical islam
It is simply islam

There is no such thing as radical islamic terrorism
It is simply islamic terrorism

The additional qualifier word of radical allows for supporters, both muslim and others to pretend there is a difference between the terrorist version of islam and the one they want people to believe exists.

They refuse to believe or accept that islam is a violent and sex based ideology that demands the extermination of every non believer, the abuse, enslavement and rape of women and young children, even the very young children.
They demand Jizya from those they do permit to exist, solely to support islam and its followers.

They refuse to accept that islam cannot and will not change.

It will not and cannot reform unlike other genuine religions.

It believes that their prophet was the perfect man and everything he said and did is how it must always be, for to change even one letter of it would be to imply that their prophet was imperfect.

Islam is trapped in the 6th century, a time when it was possibly the top civilization of the time, when new ideas, advances in science and maths were occurring.
It cannot and will not ever move on from that period of time.
In the 1400 years plus since, the world, our world, has moved on.
We have made great advances in all area.
We have learned from past mistakes.
We learned tolerance to a lesser or greater degree.
We have learned to question everything, to find out the whys, hows and whens.

Nations have progressed and advanced, they have learned

Islam in the mean time has stagnated, it wants to relive its glorious past, failing to learn it can never do so whilst it follows the ideology of a cross dressing paedophile with a penchant for rape and murder.

Those that question its ideology are slaughtered in interesting ways.

We in the West cannot understand this concept, we continue to call it a religion rather than what it is, an ideology.

We come down hard on those who follow the nazi ideology, telling them it is wrong and how and why it is wrong, yet we refuse to do the same for islam which is many times worse than anything the nazis could come up with.

We punish those that espouse nazism yet excuse those who espouse islam.

This is the start of world war three, the world against the creeping and even blatant ideology of islam.

If we don't stamp it out now, if we allow uncontrolled migration and thus the insidious (and sometimes even blatant) islamification of our countries from the inside, then, one day we will wake up and it will be too late.

We are fighting a war with an ideology that is 1400 years old, where it's followers are more than willing to die for their cause in the belief they are rewarded with perpetual sex with perpetual virgins for ever.

How can you fight with people who don't want to live to fight another day, who are willing to suicide and take out others including innocents such as women and children and followers of a different islamic sect?
In war the expected is that soldiers will surrender, their instinct for self preservation taking over, in islam this doesn't exist.

Get taken prisoner?

Fine load up with a suicide belt and blow yourself up taking your captors with you.

It will be a case of complete and total eradication, nothing less will do as even a single follower will carry on where others left off.

It is all or nothing and eventually , should islam win, they will then proceed to wipe out every other sect until there is one survivor standing on a blasted and dying planet, wondering what went wrong and why do they feel sick and have hair and teeth falling out?

Radical islam and islam are one and the same.

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