Monday, May 2, 2016

Signs Of Desperation?

Regarding the 'news' that Dr. Amaral wanted all links to the translations of his book into English removed smacks of a pro kate and gerry supporter trying to get the links removed to stop people learning the truth of the lie.

It may have been on the orders of the mccanns themselves directly or via a third party.

It could have been some zealous supporter doing their little bit threat wise, hoping the threat of being sued would have the desired effect of 'banning' the English translation of the book they have repeatedly failed to have banned in Portugal.

As i have said before, when the mccanns and chums start shouting and distracting attention, there is a reason for it.

The reason is almost always because something has come out or will come out that paints saints kate and gerry is a bad light.

In this case, it was because his book was unbanned and is now available for sale in a variety of languages apart from English at the moment.

This will change and an English copy published.

Since they couldn't get the physical book banned and know they will lose their appeal should it even gets accepted in the first place.

Their only other option is to put it out on the net that Dr.Amaral wants links to his online English translation of his book removed.

They were trying to portray him in a bad light.

They were trying to make him look ungrateful and avaricious just like their heroes kate and gerry, making it so that people would have to pay to read his book either physically or perhaps via the internet such as an e-book.

Unlike the mccanns, Dr. Amaral has said he has no issues with links to the English translation.

What it is is, the mccanns think everybody is the same as them:
Avaricious, shallow, self absorbed, egotistic, ungrateful, and full of their own importance.
Their supporters seem to have similar characteristics to their saints.

They will now use every dirty trick in the book, and, probably come up with some new ones in order to get at Dr. Amaral.

I suspect it is kate behind all this.

She has an intense loathing of Dr. Amaral.
She wants him gone, not only from her life, also from the world as well.
She wants to destroy him and everything he stands for.
Her rage knows no bounds.
She is compelled to attack him, it is he that has thwarted what she thought would be the perfect life.

I wonder if kate lashed out verbally or even physically when she was told NO?

When she was denied what she considered to be her dues, what was owed to her, what she wanted at that moment, did she have a meltdown?

We all saw the bruises on kate's wrists and upper arms.
Those were never from hitting walls.
Had she gotten them from the alleged battering of walls etc, it would be the sides of  her hands which would be bruised or swollen.

What would not be bruised is her wrists.
Try it yourself,.
Make a fist and place it on a wall, your hand is the only thing that touches the wall, wrists don't and upper arms certainly don't.

The bruises on her wrists and upper arms were restraint bruises.
Either someone restraining her from attacking them face on or pulling her away from someone (Maddie?)

Right now i have visions of her having a massive meltdown as once again, Dr. Amaral has thwarted her.
He has simply refused to do what she demands.
He has refused to kowtow to her.
He has stood against her once again and won.

How dare he.

Given her propensity for violence  both verbally and physically, i wonder how much stuff kate demolished?

I also have concerns for Sean and Amelie.

When kate is in full meltdown, nothing is sacred, if it gets in her way or appears to refuse her.or says the wrong thing she will lash out.

Woe betide whoever is her target.

They could have claimed an abduction to  try and explain away Maddie's disappearance (death)
The same excuse wouldn't work a second time.

The way things are now, the house being a veritable tinderbox and gerry keeping well out the way at work, it is the twins who will be on tenterhooks, i can see kate being hospitalized voluntarily or otherwise, for her own safety and the safety of others.

This victory for DR. Amaral could be the straw that broke kate's back.

If kate is hospitalized for any reason, expect all their chums and supporters to immediately blame Dr.Amaral, the so called anti-mccanns (us) and the media.

This especially if they are told they cannot appeal to the supreme court.
Since it deals only with points of law, seeking to clarify rather than criminal or civil disputes.

It will definitely be the straw that broke the camel's back.

The hundreds of thousands possibly even millions they will have to pay in court costs, both their own and for the costs of the defendants, which was already considerable from their previous attempt to ban Dr. Amaral's book.
The won the first round and his books were seized.
Dr.Amaral appealed and won and the books had to be returned, all 10,000 or so of them.
They were liable for both their own costs and that of Dr. Amaral, a not inconsiderable sum.

There will be all the legal fees for all their lawyers in both countries.
More so if they manage to retain their lawyers, who on seeing which way the wind is blowing, may decide they want some money upfront in case (when) they lose again and the mccanns may not have the money to pay.

Then there is the likelihood of the media demanding their money back, money which was awarded to the mccanns and chums in an out of court settlement.

Then will the tapas 7 who could be facing the same demands, demand the money they gave to the fund be returned so they can pay  the money back to the media as well as their own costs etc?

When they and their fans start stirring and agitating, pay attention to what may be coming out that they don't want us to see or hear..

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